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  1. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Dear Jools, it take a certain skill to misunderstand so much and get so much wrong in one sentence.
  2. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    No. That was not what you said, and nothing to do with what you said. You were then not talking about Barber supposedly being now more ambivalent about Brexit. You were claiming something entirely different and much more serious, that the FT's coverage of Brexit under Barber's editorship had been biased and that under the new editor (about whom I doubt you could say anything relevant at all beyond what you might hurriedly find on Wiki) the coverage would be less biased: 'Only when it’s been biased. I think you will find they will report in a more even handed way after the departure of Barber.' By all means carry on digging yourself deeper, but at the risk of denying myself later pleasure I feel the need to point out that every time the FT carries a story that casts doubt on Brexit as an enterprise the dumber your 'new editor' theory will look. Still, against that you will always, wrong or wronger, have Jools as a sycophantic cheerleader.
  3. Fifteen out of 16. Fantastic picking, Leeds!
  4. Impossibly close call betweeen two games (those with Alanyaspor and PAOK) already picked. PAOK just shade it on the basis they played in the cup on Wednesday and their opponents played yesterday, so may be less rested. PAOK have a 7-2-0 and 20/7 home record. Asteras Tripolis have a 1-1-7 and 7/14 away record, and those only two results came against the bottom two teams. The odds are 1/5. --- For the NCFC bet I like the look of the already suggested Norwich City to score a penalty, at 6/1, but perhaps the Canaries to score in both halves, at about 2/1, is worth a flutter. Good luck to all!
  5. PurpleCanary

    Press Conference

    Yes, although Drmic needs to stay fit! I could see a loan deal for a striker as a possible, given Drmic's injury record and Idah's lack of experience.
  6. PurpleCanary

    Press Conference

    That seems to be Davitt's interpretation of what Farke said rather than a specific statement from Farke.
  7. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    I don't see why they can't build a massive campanile on the Garden Bridge and have the bells ring out joyfully from there across the celebrating metropolis...
  8. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    No need. I have a subscription to the FT, which is why I know what I’m talking about when it comes to that paper’s coverage and why I know when someone is talking nonsense. I would give this lost cause up if I were you. Friendly advice. Well, reasonably friendly anyway...
  9. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    You have done this all the way through. Quoted the FT when you think it shows Brexit in a good light (as that piece does but only in a limited by-comparison-with-all-the-bad-news kind of way. It is hardly a gushing endorsement, is it?) but ignoring the vast preponderance of its news and comment column inches the FT has published demonstrating the stupidity of leaving the EU. The idea that a change of editor at the FT would somehow alter its editorial stance in any serious way on the most cataclysmically dumb and economically damaging decision taken by the British people is nonsense. The FT will argue for making the best of a bad job - it already has under Barber's editorship - but that is just practical commonsense.
  10. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    That is a truly pathetic attempt to justify yourself by pretending to have inside knowledge you do not possess.
  11. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    At not much of a tangent, this from the FT's George Parker: Only in Britain could you have a raging P1 debate about whether Big Ben should “bong” for Brexit but virtually no comment on the fact the Treasury hasn’t produced an assessment of what the @BorisJohnson proposed trade deal would mean for jobs and prosperity.
  12. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Brexiters are welcome to trumpet tiny pieces of good news. But as that FT article states, the overriding picture in the motor trade is of international investment being at best delayed and at worst halted/scrapped. And the picture is the same with investment from overseas in UK business and industry generally. There are two political truths about Brexit. The UK is leaving the world's largest single market and around 60 trade deals the EU has negotiated on our behalf around the world. By definition any trade deal the EU offers the UK has to be markedly worse in terms of our economy. Secondly, unless that trade deal gets the UK out from under EU rules and regulations in a significant and visible way, and the more significant and visible the worse for the UK the deal will be, then Brexit voters will start to wonder what was the point.
  13. Thanks. I was sure as I could be about the up to 1m and the fact that the board could make these shares available without going back to shareholders but had clean forgotten the five-year bit, and my files are in as much of a mess as our defence. One imagines that might be renewed. The reason I and probably others use the £100 figure is that as far as I know it is the latest mentioned by the club as an official figure, albeit several years ago. Plus it is a nice round number that allows for easy calculations! I have never assumed it would be the price demanded in a takeover.
  14. Jim, I don't want to prolong this by keeping on my hobbyhorse but it looks to me from the outside that if Bloom's gamble hadn't paid off straight away in what I think was the first year of a three-year £39m FFP cycle then the club would have found it hard to keep to FFP in the second and third years. But to be certain one would need to know how much of their £39m loss that first year was attributable to FFP. I would happily be proved wrong and I may be doing Bloom an injustice but if I have at least in general terms got it right about the Brighton manoeuvre, then even though it broke no rules I would not want that to be replicated by any NCFC owner. Like you I don't know either how the £100 price has been fixed (apart from McNally having said some time ago that it was assessed once a year, but that only explains the process and not the rationale for the price) or what price might be asked in a takeover.