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  1. The obvious question is how much of a relegation wage cut for your players. With us, apparently, it is 50 cent across the board, and supposedly the same for many Watford players – apart from some of their stars, whose wages are protected as they are. Presumably you can add Harry Wilson to that list of players now off the books as far as wages go. According to Wiki you have offloaded 19 players (presumably some youngsters on very low wages) and loaned out two more for the whole season. And if you’re right that King and Callum Wilson will also be sold then that overall is quite a loss, and so far (mainly for the obvious reason) not one new signing (at a tangent if you had our kind of set-up with a sporting director and a head coach then the SD could potentially have started to sign players irrespective of who the coach was going to be). I notice there were no signings in January, either to try to stay in the Premier League or alternatively prepare for a next season in the Championship. A guess would be because the wage bill was already so high it could not be increased. If so then that may indicate how much you are going to be limited in plugging the gaps in the squad. From the outside it looks as if while ‘dire’ may be too strong then the euphemistic ‘extremely challenging’ would be a fair assessment.
  2. I have no idea what that reply means, I haven’t relied on hindsight at all. And quite how you will ‘prove’ to have been right escapes me, gIven that we both expect more than one player to be sold this summer and it will be impossible to demonstrate that the number ended up being greater than it otherwise would have been because we forced Liverpool to pay twenty million instead of ten million.
  3. Pretty much everything. Your claim is based on a patent falsity, that there would be less interest in Lewis than any of the others. The reality is Liverpool want him as a back up to Robertson and possibly a future starter. Home qualified, Premier League experience and capable with good coaching of improving. So as things stand there is more tangible interest in Lewis than the rest.That you might have thought Lewis would be the least regarded has run into the reality that Klopp has a different view of him as a player. Secondly, the 'logic' that if we drive a hard bargain with Liverpool and push the price up to what we want then that will mean others are more likely to leave escapes me. There is a limit to how much cash we need from sales to balance the books, so if we get top dollar for Lewis and, say, Godfrey, then that could easily mean we don't need to sell a third player, as we might if we had been getting lower prices. And if we drive a hard bargain with Liverpool and do so with other clubs, some of them will probably drop out of the running. It seems clear Liverpool want Lewis because he perfectly fits their plans and they appear not to have an alternative. But if, for example, we demand a price for Buendia that Leeds don't want to pay, and they can find someone similar who is cheaper, they will switch targets. We may well sell at least three payers this summer, but the number won't be increased by the club having forced Liverpool to pay the asking price. That is a barmpot notion.
  4. I guess you have to be given credit for dreaming up a downside to Norwich City successfully driving a hard bargain against one of the top clubs in world football.
  5. Oh, it's more boring even than synchronised swimming. At least with that there is a chance someone might drown...
  6. It was aimed more at Van Wink with his wussy advice than at you! I have pretty much stopped cycling (to my visible detriment!) but you might find you want to carry on once the charity effort is over. I was lucky in that I used to live only four or five miles from the sea so could do that as a nice flat round trip trip on quiet back roads. Sometimes on a very early Sunday morning (as cure for a hangover...) I did a longer trip to the seaside, passing the local nudist colony on the way! I don't know if you are close enough to the sea, or possibly the Broads, but I always found having water an an objective was somehow psychologically refreshing.
  7. Pah! Is that the spirit that won us an empire on which the sun never set and in which the gin never ran out? Actually it was using the gatling gun against natives armed with pointed sticks, but never mind that now...
  8. Little King's Lynn in the Premier League! Now that will be something...
  9. Wcork has answered. A firesale is what we had in 1996. In effect we were forced to sell because of the mess our finances had got into. Now, if it wasn't for the virus, and the damage that act of God has already caused us and the potential lack of any match-day income for the following season, I am not sure we would need to sell anyone this summer. With Bournemouth, and I doubt the Ake sale is that last there will be, their finances by all accounts, leaving aside the virus, are in a real mess anyway. That is the significant difference.
  10. Just to add, in terms of how many we might sell, and whom, and for how much, I think the club has to assume it will get zero match-day income in the coming season, and budget accordingly. Anything we receive will be a bonus. That may mean we sell more than we had previously bargained for, which will prompt such as Highland to claim it is a firesale* brought about by incompetence. Which would be to overlook several things, such as the longer-term planning - including from before anyone had thought about a pandemic - that has provided us with potential replacements. *I see the true firesale at Bournemouth that Highland predicted would never hapen has already started...
  11. If we are then, as someone pointed out a week or so back, Oscar Hiljemark is available as a free transfer. He has only just turned 28, and played for Sweden in the 2018 World Cup (my, that seems a long time ago!) but I don't know about recent form. He has been loaned out a lot.
  12. Thery normally come out about 4 weeks after the season finishes with the play-off finals, but presumably it is going to be quicker than that! Unless the threatened legal action by Charlton et al over Sheffield Wednesday happens.
  13. Indeed. As the FT says, it will be worse than the deal the UK had by way of the EU, and will benefit Japan more than the UK: 'The UK admits a deal might only boost British GDP by 0.07 per cent and would be a bigger prize for Japanese exporters...Japan has insisted in negotiations with London that any deal with Britain cannot be as ambitious as the one it signed with the EU, given that the UK is a much smaller market.'
  14. A few have to go because I make it at the moment we have 32 senior players, including 13 centralish midfielders of varying types, and supposedly at least two and probably three more (a keeper, central defender and striker) signings.
  15. And that costs money. Having a Category One academy and having the necessary scouting network in the UK and abroad do not come cheap. If you look at TWTD you will find Ipswich fans, through gritted teeth, praising the way the club is run, not just compared with their club, which would be an easy contrast to make, but as an absolute. I also looked at one of the Sunderalnd forums to see what they said about Bali Mumba and why he had joined us, and there was the same envious appreciation.
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