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  1. I will dip in, but meanwhile if you don’t know it I recommend Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary. As a sample, it defines a referendum as a process to learn ‘’the nonsensus of public opinion.’’
  2. I was sadly unfamiliar with either work but am now much better informed!
  3. It is actually three stops and more to the point it is three stops BEYOND Barking…
  4. CM, there is never going to be any kind of formal deal at the national level, or even more locally. And, yes, in many constituencies, for the reasons you outline, there will not be even a de facto local deal. But apparently there have already been such deals in a few by-elections. And the absolute necessity of kicking out the Tories is such that I can see that happening in the next general election. I do not believe there has been a postwar government/party so reviled for immoral decisions and which at the same time is spectacularly incompetent.
  5. Yes, the fall in the value of the pound is a touch worrying but at least bond yields are not shooting upwards, because that really would be a problem…
  6. There won’t be any kind of public agreement by the leaders of the parties, but equally I don’t think it will entirely up to the electorate to initiate tactical voting. If I have understood correctly, in some by-elections there has already been a successful de facto agreement by the local Labour and LibDem parties to push the candidate of one party and not try very hard on behalf of the other.
  7. On the Q&A Seaman thought Hayden might play in an U-21 match against Derby on Friday.
  8. I was repeating the precise term used by BF: The irony in the outcome is that the UK government is going to borrow billions of pounds and give it to the French government via EDF so they can keep the energy prices for French residents lower. Is that really what anyone wants.
  9. Probably what French residents want...
  10. I found the use of the present tense off-putting and in some cases confusing, and wasn't tempted to read the last two books in the trilogy. This is not a literary point but she has been given credit for showing Cromwell in a positive light. But that kind of reassessment/rehabilitation was going on when I was at school in the 1960s.
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