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  1. Just to add, at the risk of repeating an unwelcome truth, if we are promoted then Brexit will limit the kind of player we can pick up from Europe. The more a player is an undiscovered gem the less likely we are to get a visa for them. If we do want a new striker with the aim of them pushing for a starting place we may well have to break our transfer record, and by some margin.
  2. You are not wrong. It is not just that they rarely give us a chance but as often as not (and I don't think that is an exaggeration) they lead to a dangerous breakaway for the opposition.
  3. Yes, I can well see why the likes of Cosmic and Parma would take comfort from that, but...
  4. Thanks, Pete, and Hogesar. That has solved it..
  5. Thanks! Looks like that has worked because I am getting the blank screen rather than that error message, so progress of a kind!
  6. While posters who understand this stuff are about... Recently (separate from this current problem) when I have tried to access the forum on my ipad I have got the following error message: 'Size of request header field exceeds server limit' Does this make sense and if so what can I do about it?!
  7. Yesterday I crunched the numbers for the team finishing second over the last 20 seasons (so the points they got rather than the potentially lower number they might have needed). That gave an average of 87.15. But that included a couple of real outlier seasons where clubs finished second on 79 and 75 points. Excluding them, the average rose to 88.2. Rounding that up to 89, we need eight wins and a draw from the last 15, or seven wins and four draws. Even if 90 points or more are required, in effect we need only to win eight more times and draw a few.
  8. We are definitely heading for the play-offs in the same sense that Brexit was definitely not going to happen... Without getting into politics too much, these dates are hopes from a prime minister who tends to err on the side of boosterish optimism. Best to take them as the earliest these restrictions would be lifted rather than anything set in stone.
  9. I haven't read every post, so this point may have been made. I would say the squad is definitely superior to two years ago.
  10. This may have been said here already, but the highly likely reality is that Labour cannot win the next election. So the only way to get rid of the Tories will be some kind of anti-grouping - anything from the loosest of alliances to a fully-fledged coalition. And Starmer, though he might not be ideal as a purely Labour leader (given that no-one ever can be), is a good choice (deliberate or accidental) to bring together enough disparate parties to get a majority in the Commons. Amusingly ironic in this neophiliac age of instant and superficial celebrity that two rather old-fashioned plodders, in the form of Biden and Starmer, are just what the world needs to bring it back to relative sanity.
  11. It is only until the end of the season. I suspect that if he doesn't get them promoted then they will let him go, in the usual euphemistic parlance, and look for someone else, with some names that got mentioned coming back into the frame.
  12. I am surprised Sports Desk Pete upset you so much you felt the need to take draconian action...
  13. Yes. Ricardo’s ‘You can’t put a price on sovereignty’ was wrong any way you looked at it. It might have made sense if the UK had actually lost its sovereignty, but as the government itself admitted, the UK had kept its sovereign virtue intact throughout its membership of the EU. I won’t be around to see it but 2066 will mark the one-thousandth anniversary of the last time Britain really did lose what was then its sovereignty. It has been unbroken since then. And the notion that getting out from under some EU rules and regulations was an heroic struggle against oppression would baffle citizens of countries (some of them now in the EU) where there really was an oppressive lack of sovereignty, with people giving up their lives to gain independence or freedom from tyranny. And if we forget about the fallacy of a lost sovereignty and go to the mundane level of economic reality then you can put a price on Brexit and the consequent absence of some EU rules, and it far too high a figure. As Dominic Raab let slip in his Marie-Antoinette ‘Let them eat cake’ promise, people losing their jobs now because of Brexit will get them back in 10 years’ time. Or not, Dominic. As a symbolic aside, my new passport arrived this week. It is an appropriately funereal black rather than blue, but it still carries that guff about demanding that holders be granted free passage ‘without let or hindrance’. Except, as people are finding out, there are now time-consuming and costly hindrances to travelling abroad that never existed before Brexit.
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