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  1. PurpleCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I could answers all those questions for you in great detail, Indy, but if this thread is going to be moved to the sub-forum that nobody looks at then I really cannot be bothered...
  2. PurpleCanary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I am not sure what a marquee signing is. Not being sarcastic, but does it mean a big-money signing, or a big-name signing, or both? The implication seems to be that such a player would be bound to have a big ego that worked against team spirit and the like. I don't think that is bound to be so. If, for example, the best solution to filling the gap most posters still see existing, in defensive central midfield, is a free transfer from the Polish third tier then fine, but if the solution is a big name/big money transfer from Ligue 1 then that should be the way to go.
  3. PurpleCanary

    OT - Newcastle, Steve Bruce and everything in between

    I made a similar point about Benitez and the Chinese move on a Guardian football chat page some days There is a strong anti-Ashley bias in the media, and especially with one or two Guardian journalists. Much of their criticism is probably justified, but the assumption, especially since Benitez arrived, has always been that Ashley is in the wrong, and that it was all his fault this time that negotiations with Benitez broke down. Perhaps not. Certainly Benitez found the Chinese job very quickly afterwards. So quickly one might think he knew the offer was already there and was looking for a way of taking it.
  4. PurpleCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    As you can see I was able to expand on this a bit for my leader for The Guardian tonight. Of course one ends up having to temper one's language a bit for the paper's more faint-hearted readers. So please don't blame me for the wishy-washy euphemism of "populist currents". My original phrase - "borderline fascistic xenophobic populist pandering" - was deemed too earthy for Hampstead. Still, the overall argument got through: When asked about populist currents in her own language around Brexit - the notorious 2016 characterisation of its opponents as “citizens of nowhere”, for example – Mrs May evaded the question. She also missed yet another opportunity to speak bluntly about the hazards of quitting the EU without a deal, although she knows well enough what they are. She retreated into a familiar routine of blaming parliament for the current impasse, as if she were a paragon of flexibility and compromise while implacability was found everywhere else. No honest narration of the past three years would substantiate that self-serving revision of events. It is true that Mrs May suffered at the hands of fanatical Eurosceptics in her own party, but by pandering to their unrealistic fantasies she became the author of her own misfortune.
  5. PurpleCanary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    A couple of random observations. I was intrigued that we were given such a precise figure for the Byram transfer, as opposed to the usual "undisclosed". I wondered if this had come from the London media, with their contacts with West Ham, or whether perhaps it had come from us, on the basis that we wanted to show how little we had paid for someone who cost four million or whatever it was a few years back. Injury-prone or not it, it seems a bit of a bargain. As to Bowen, I have no idea whether we are interested, or whether we ever were but, as Bethnal says, Hull seem to want to get rid of him for good money this summer. Southampton appear to have made other plans, and I doubt Bowen wishes to stay in The Championship.
  6. PurpleCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Gawd help us, and the world of publishing, if she ever decided to write her memoirs. The Mrs Pooter of politics...
  7. PurpleCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    This is beyond priceless and beyond parody. From the very same T. May today: May says getting things done, rather than getting them said, requires qualities that have become unfashionable. One is being willing to compromise, she says. Persuasion, team work and a willingness to make concessions are features of politics at its best. But today people are unwilling to compromise.
  8. PurpleCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Herman, the Red Queen, as she told Alice, was wont to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. But even she would recoil in disbelief at the number of impossible things absolutely necessary for the "Machiavellian May" notion.
  9. PurpleCanary

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    I've never been but there is an adventure park near Horning called BeWILDerwood, which could be fun for your children. It has stuck in my mind because sometimes reading this message-board (especially the Brexit thread) I feel I have entered a very bewildering wood...
  10. PurpleCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    The insoluble mess that May got herself into by trying to be all things to all zealots neatly summarised this afternoon by Ivan Rogers, the expert who was far too knowledgeable an expert for May's liking: One of the most unpopular things I think I said to the prime minister in the autumn of 2016 is ‘You’ve made three commitments in good faith to different audiences, but they are not really compatible with each other. You have said to the Irish under no circumstances will a hard border be erected across the island of Ireland. You’ve said to the Democratic Unionist community under no circumstances will there be divergence from the rest of Great Britain. And you’ve said to the right of your own party that you’re heading out of the customs union. Well, you can’t do all three. You’ve got to choose two of the three.’ And the date in significant. This was several months before the general election, when she still had that slim but workable majority. So even at that point she could have dumped that ludicrous red line on not having a customs' union, so solving the Irish border question, and had a very decent chance of getting a deal through Parliament. But once a ham-fisted coward always a ham-fisted coward.
  11. PurpleCanary

    Some interesting stats

    I think the position was roughly as expected, given that the board in effect had made the brave decision, despite having one more season of parachute payments, to start cutting back, particularly on wages. If that hadn't happened then the impending black hole might have been too big to be filled just by selling Maddison. For example, we were 4th in terms of overall income that season and 3rd for non-TV (or parachute etc) income. But we were only ninth in terms of the average wage bill.
  12. PurpleCanary

    New signing photo leaked

    Very low (If true etc). Presumably dictated by his injury record. So probably a considerable add-on depending on appearances.
  13. PurpleCanary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Not sure whether we are in a position to spend money for a transfer on a short-term fix in central defense if we weren’t planning to upgrade. But if we were already looking for a DM then we might even more prioritise that position, and perhaps even look for even more of an upgrade than we had been expecting..
  14. PurpleCanary

    Are we any stronger?

    He seems from those brief highlights to have lost some weight, and I am not sure he was that slow to start with. Some players just look as if they should be slow.
  15. PurpleCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    There is a brilliant-written piece by Matthew Parris I have just seen which helps explain this dumbing-down, this simplifying of what are often complicated political issues: There is communism; there is capitalism, Conservatism, Catholicism — and there is columnism. It’s a cast of mind. Its practitioners are a type. First, foremost and for ever, Boris will be a columnist. The reflections on his and my trade which follow should be read also as thoughts on Johnson himself. Columnism is striking poses which (as any method actor will tell you) will only convince others if you yourself can temporarily inhabit the belief. You are counsel for the prosecution or defence of an idea, or dream, or fear, hatred, party or politician. You take a brief, elbow doubt and ambiguity aside, and go — joyously or ferociously but always (in the moment) with passion and conviction — full pelt. What columnism is not is making absolutely sure first that you’re right. To be frank, you sometimes rather doubt it. Columnism is embracing a plan or project as a faithless man might embrace a woman: with an intensity no less sincere for being passing, ever-ready to flip the project or lady once their usefulness is past. It is hugging a set of principles fiercely to your breast while (should these principles not work out) keeping a wandering eye out for some spare ones down the back of the sofa. Parris right that Johnson is a columnist, and Farage, and then so is Trump, and the leaders of the Five Star Movement in control in Italy. Pose strikers. Attitudinisers.