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  1. cornish sam

    Season ticket Prices frozen

    I could understand that gripe if we were looking at relegation from the champs but here you'll either get prem teams or 3 extra matches... Would you expect it to be cheaper if we got relegated?
  2. cornish sam

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    To be fair people complained about the points system as well....
  3. @PurpleCanary as well. There is no defined share price. From the canaries.co.uk faq on shares: What is the value of my shares? Norwich City Football Club is an unlisted company and therefore there is no published market share price. The Canaries Trust often purchase NCFC Club shares and therefore may wish to make an offer to purchase your shares. to visit their website. Alternatively, please email them at: shares@canariestrust.org. Please be advised that your shares are worth the price that anybody is prepared to purchase them at, so please feel free to explore options.
  4. cornish sam

    Max Aarons

    Does this coincide with all of the coverage sky were giving Aarons of late, which in no way could possibly have influenced people's betting, especially as they only have a few (dozen) adverts for sky bet embedded in every story...
  5. My understanding is that the £100 is just what shares were last made available at. In reality the shares don't have a determined value as they are not publicly traded or listed and as such any share price is agreed ad hoc between the purchaser and vendor which makes all of this talk of our club being valued at £60m inaccurate as by that measure its value hasn't changed for the last however many years despite the investments made both on and off the pitch....
  6. cornish sam

    Lucas Biglia

    Well it's not Fabio again though is it? It was confirmed that we went over and talked to him, just he didn't fancy leaving Italy...
  7. cornish sam

    Paradox in defence

    Thinking about it, the ideal player to fix our team would be felanni, put him in at no.10, leave the rest alone and we would be sorted.
  8. cornish sam

    Paradox in defence

    The losing 14 points is not due to the defenders or even so much the tactics, it's because as the game progresses and we get pegged back we are unable to stop the ball coming straight back when we clear it. This is primarily caused by not having an advanced player capable of winning first or second ball and then holding it up, hence why Farke brought steipi on for pukki the other match (that just failed). I don't know if idah and/or Duda would be the answer to this, but IMO it's our main problem, it's just difficult to address...
  9. cornish sam

    Heise Departs

    Yes, you're right, I was thinking of Whittaker
  10. cornish sam

    Heise Departs

    If not a profit then we at least wiped our noses. We will also have got our transfer outlay in loan fees on raggett and was husband not a free?
  11. cornish sam

    Srbeny off?

    I suspect the idea was stieps would give us a bit of a pressure relief, knock it long and he wins the header or holds it up for a little so it doesn't just come straight back at us (which is the root of our problem IMO, when we are under the kosh we get pushed further back because we don't have that option, we clear it and it just comes straight back at us, which isn't helped by our tactic of not leaving a player up on corners).
  12. cornish sam

    Srbeny off?

    Not strictly true, you can just name a maximum of 17 non-homegrown. I do agree though that some time regularly playing would be good for him and us...
  13. cornish sam

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Fahrmann injured in the warm-up before the spurs (or villa) match...
  14. cornish sam

    Getting over VAR

    Even watching on the telly box it felt like the crowd were close to spilling over on Saturday. If something doesn't change I can see it happening soon.
  15. cornish sam

    Pellegrini sacked

    Are you saying we should be sacking Farke?