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  1. If it wasn't brave or a big issue then why have no other footballers come out and even when Tomas hitzelsperger came out in 2014 said that he didn't feel he could do so publicly whilst he was still playing? I'm glad that you think that the battle was won years ago but for many of the the people who actually have had to fight the battle it still isn't over...
  2. The only other openly gay male pro footballer... Bit still, well done that lad, let's hope it's the start of normalisation so others can be who they want to be.
  3. Perhaps, just perhaps, after 4 l+ years away from his family and with what has been happening in the world, he just fancies spending a bit of time at home. It's not as though he will be short of a few Bob anytime soon with what we (and no doubt the Russians) were paying him...
  4. Having it carved into it seems like a bad design choice, I can't imagine it's easy to get a bit of Danish blue out of the corner of a 2 if it gets pressed in there...
  5. The system is a big part of the problem. Yes we have failed and should have done better, but the deck is stacked against anything but throwing huge amounts of money at it and hoping it sticks and there are plenty of examples where it hasn't! Our owners are paupers, by football standards, but the wealth of owners should not be the deciding factor. Before jack walker bought the title for Blackburn there wasn't as much of a correlation between spending and success, look at the teams that were successful in the 70s, 80s and pre prem 90s, it wasn't just money (yes, I know Liverpool dominated the league in the 80s but the league was more competitive top to bottom and the cup competitions were still actually competitive)
  6. It's not about accepting or excusing our failure, it's about recognising that the game itself is failing. If you accept and excuse that then fine, as you say, whatever works for you, but, I'm not happy with the way football has developed and the only reason I have any actual interest in it anymore is because of Norwich. When we're not in the PL it might as well not exist, I'm proud that we're trying to do things differently but it is a very, very hard ask to overcome the way the game is stacked against us (and anyone outside the current "big clubs").
  7. Ooh, ooh, ooh, if we're playing this game then I get derby, Birmingham, pompey, Blackburn, Sunderland....
  8. We've just got ourselves an Aldi special ceramic egg. My first try at slow n low pulled pork is currently 4 hours in...
  9. Or maybe ask Fulham or west brom or Bournemouth or sheff utd...
  10. Admirable, but: 1. How would TV money for international rights be split and that would also concentrate the monies in the metropolitan areas. Yes it would be good for us but it would be bad for a club like Burnley who have so many other clubs nearby. 2. There is already little money to be made from being in the Europa League unless you get to the final stages, it would add an unnecessary expense on the smaller teams who also don't have the depth in squads to be able to sustain the additional travel and matches. At least if only the big clubs are in European competition then it puts extra strain on squads and resources to give a slight advantage to underdogs...
  11. I wonder if they've taken the hint that the problems aren't so much with the teams, but are emblematic of systemic problems with the current state of football and the premier League? Or is it just cos we both play in yellow
  12. I didn't think They'd need to get around ffp if they're only down for one season, which is a problem with ffp as a club could be relegated massively overspend and get promoted in one (or two) year and be fine, which I imagine is what they will try to do....as long as the owner can foot the bill for one year without their russian oligarch
  13. With Watford now being relegated for the second time in 3 years and only 1 point above us, can we expect a load of articles about them being a waste of a premier League place and an embarrassment as well?
  14. TBF finishing above Watford is worth about £2m quid so there is still something to play for, whether that is more valuable than giving our own players experience over gilmour Norman and Williams I'll leave to others to decide...
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