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  1. Exactly, so the point I was making was that for the majority it is only actually giving them back one or two match days, it just needs sensible scheduling and won't offer much relief from congestion.
  2. In a related note, I wonder if uefa will be lifting the restrictions on domestic matches clashing with the champions League matches?
  3. But on a practical sense, how many teams will actually benefit? If the third round has 32 teams left in it, then it will only actually be saving time for the prem teams and a handful of EFL teams, the prem teams already have fewer games to play and the EFL teams (if they can have crowds) could do with the money.... As KG says, this is purely for the half dozen teams in Europe so stuff em
  4. That's generally how it works, brief favourable press with a lowball offer as not only does it unsettle the player but also reduces the entry point for negotiations and potential rival bids...
  5. When I saw the title I thought you meant Elliot...which i would be more pleased with
  6. When I saw the title I thought you meant Elliot...which i would be more pleased with
  7. And let us not forget why Ed Balls wife didn't change her surname...
  8. Two questions about this Ricky, why did you cut Sunderland out of the cover? And, was that really the first floodlit match like the cover implies?
  9. Surely not, a fine, upstanding club like the venerable Leeds United would never behave in such a manner...
  10. Just out of interest, why? Don't get me wrong, I would like the excitement of that the first time, but it would get old pretty quickly...
  11. Extrapolating out those stats Godfrey actually is the better performer, very, very similar defensive stats on a per game basis, but far better passing...
  12. Can't be that early, Volvo 240 didn't launch until 73 and looking closer, the g is at the start of the reg, the G you're thinking of was at the end, so that would put this early 90s I think...
  13. Because the DoF does more than just the signings, he oversees the whole footballing structure, from the academy through to the first team. If the signings aren't working then you should look at the manager and scouts. Also, as I have said elsewhere, we can't judge the majority of the signings we have made over the last 12 months yet because they were long term purchases, the loans didn't work, some of the perms haven't worked either, but, the ones signed before the last 12 months performed amazingly and we have signed a plethora of prospects and potential that is still waiting to be realised.
  14. You've forgotten that farke's first season also counts in this logic... Surely if we fail to get promoted next season there will be one more season of the 5 year plan? @norfolkngood getting rid of both the DOF and manager totally missed the point of having a DOF in the first place. That would just be a stupid thing to do. I firmly believe that we will be competing for auto at the end of next season. We have taken steps to address the problem with our central midfielders not screening the defence and giving the ball away cheaply and dangerously. We have signed a player in placheta that offers us a different option. Our players are skilful and should be able to pass through the press easier than they could in the prem. And let us not forget, whilst the league is strong this season the teams that were already haemorrhaging money to try and compete will have a significantly larger burden put on them by covid than we will so I would be surprised to see many of them spending big this summer and will hopefully see some of them selling their better players to stay afloat.... We will be. Abig fish in a small pond, the big challenge is going to be picking our players up after this season, but I have faith that we can manage that.
  15. Not read the whole thread, but, perhaps judge if our approach was correct in 3 seasons. We couldn't pay for immediate success but we have invested in our future, we have signed some exciting prospects over the last 3-4 windows which will come to fruition in the next year or two and we have invested heavily in the off field infrastructure which means we can maintain our excellent development programmes. If in 3 years we are back in the prem and in a good position then we did it right this year, if in 3 years we are still in the champs and looking lost then we were wrong....
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