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  1. cornish sam


    Whilst I'm sure that purple doesn't need defending I would say that he has been factually quite correct in that statement. The two matches jansson captained were a friendly against Romania and a friendly against Austria, the average caps for the starting eleven in the match against Austria now stands at 14. In case you're interested, this is the cast if household names that started that match:
  2. cornish sam

    The cost of poor signings

    I wonder if the Naismith one was more of a 'playing in the premiership' clause, as in if we had stayed up we would have paid it instead...
  3. cornish sam

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    To be fair I'm surprised anyone took the kompany suggestion seriously, it certainly wasn't meant as such...
  4. cornish sam

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    How about signing kompany on a 1 year deal? As he's a free agent we could give him c. £150k PW and it would only cost us £8m which is probably what we'd pay in transfer fee and wages for a year for one of our signings this year anyway....
  5. cornish sam

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    Is that Onel-ephant?
  6. cornish sam

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Damnit, guess I'm a derby fan for the next couple of weeks.... God I feel dirty....
  7. cornish sam

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Why have the baggies sent 4 defenders up for the penalties? Do they not have any strikers on the pitch?
  8. Your belief is correct swindon. Just doing some fag packet maths and we will overtake them next year. At best their 50 year average will be 22.44 (if they win L1) at worst ours will be 21.94 (if we finish bottom of the PL)
  9. cornish sam

    BT prize winner

    To be fair it probably isn't the EDP getting hacked, more likely bad ads getting into the network they use to serve them... I've not had them yet either hairy so it's not just you.
  10. cornish sam

    Who tried to poach Webber?

    They've already said that they are and that Webber himself is working on that shortlist.
  11. cornish sam

    Brown sauce or Red sauce

    If you've ever wondered what became of the milky bar kid...
  12. cornish sam

    Ask Zimbo ⚽💪

    They all seem to be wearing the wrong tops of late, perhaps the kit man has already gone on his hols so they're just picking up what's on the top of the pile....
  13. cornish sam

    "City's going up and the scum are going down..."

    Now now bill, you're normally one who goes more for evidence than tradition. "Dr Stapley of Loughborough University established that putting the milk in after the boiling water is incorrect, as it causes the milk to heat unevenly (as opposed to pouring the water on top of it). This uneven heating of the milk causes the proteins in it to denature, meaning they lose their structure and “clump”, affecting the taste and contributing to that skin you get on the top. " So science agrees milk should go in first. I will admit though that the milk in just before tea bag out is a habit I picked up when first starting to drink tea as it helped me see when it was brewed to my taste. (And this will no doubt cause further derision) in that, if the tea that was squeezed out if the bag wasn't the same colour as the rest of the cup then it was ready...
  14. cornish sam

    "City's going up and the scum are going down..."

    Once again bill, you don't know what you're talking about . Milk goes in first unless you are forced to do an in cup brew, in which case it goes in just before you take the bag out...
  15. In a way it would probably be best if it were spurs in the final with them as there's less likely to be trouble between two sets of British fans (he says naively and assuming that no local ultras will stay anything)...