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  1. cornish sam

    Netball World Cup

    Go to your profile and select "ignored users" then enter their username in the search box.
  2. cornish sam

    Netball World Cup

    I don't want to get involved in this, but, yes, you have been relatively civil, but you could have been less antagonistic. It's fair enough to question people when you are in a conversation, but it can be done in a non-confrontational way, or just ignore it if you don't have a dog in that fight...
  3. cornish sam

    Cricket World Cup

    Step two, instead of **** say **** As in 'Bull ****', '**** head' and this '**** is cold'..... Oh yeah.....
  4. cornish sam

    Netball World Cup

    Jesus guys, I'm not defending LDC, but if he grinds your gears that much just use the ignore button. People can agree or disagree but you could try to remain civil (and I know it goes both ways and it's not just you FTW but this was the post that tipped it for me), if you think he is just attention seeking then don't give him the attention. Too many threads have descended recently, this one was obviously intended as a joke that should have died after the third post, not become yet another battle ground. I thought Morty and lakey was not to be repeated, I was wrong....
  5. cornish sam

    Peter Crouch retires

    He stood head and shoulders above his peers....
  6. cornish sam

    Non-Football threads

    Is this thread far enough away from football yet Mr Dutchman?
  7. cornish sam

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    The obvious answer (and so probably the wrong one) would be yes (unless I'm reading the odds the wrong way round) because three chance to roll a single number is 1/6+1/6+1/6=3/6=1/2. So for every £20 you put in you should get £21 back (2 £10 bets, win one lose one as it's a 50:50 chance)... However, that's pure probability, it doesn't take any of the variables that would contribute towards likelihood into consideration. In theory though if you double your bet every loss then eventually you would end up in a very small profit if you cut and run as soon as you win...
  8. cornish sam

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    ATG, be careful with your language there, permutations and combinations are a different kettle of fish when it comes to probability... If we are talking combinations then it will most likely change the probability.
  9. cornish sam

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    As I said earlier, this needs to be treated as one unique event, not three sequential events.
  10. cornish sam

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    Bit indy, your logic is flawed. Rolling 1+17+17 may be the same as rolling 17+17+1, but there are 3 permutations of rolling 2 17s and a 1, there is only one permutation of rolling 3 17s. In effect you are saying that you've got to roll the three numbers in order. To use your 1&2 on a d6 example. The probability of rolling a 1 or 2 on the first roll is 1/3, the probability of rolling the other one on the second is then 1/6, giving a total probability of 1/18. However, the probability of rolling 2 6s is 1/6 then 1/6, which is total probability of 1/36. The dice being rolled together or individually doesn't make a difference when there is only one permutation of the result.
  11. cornish sam

    New home kit...

    Indy_bones that isn't really a fair comparison though is it, jacamo's original business model was selling clothes for the larger gentleman and cotton traders was set up by a former prop forward and caters to the rugby set, who are generally larger. A football top is meant to be sports wear and is sized as such...
  12. cornish sam

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    No, it's not indy. The question is badly formed but it is a probability question. The probability of rolling a d21 and getting 17 the first three times is 1/9261. If it were being considered as an undefined subset of an infinite series then that would be where the likelihood came in. Essentially you have to treat the three rolls together as a discrete event, not three separate ones.
  13. cornish sam

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    The existence of futures surely only applies dependent on your frame of reference, and I fear you are mixing yours here. The future as not happened yet from within our frame of reference and as such those multiverses are mirrors of our own or yet to be. If you are saying they already exist then they then they are no longer futures and are merely fact from the frame of reference where future and past have no meaning...
  14. cornish sam

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    Unfortunately VAR is only marginally better than the person reviewing it, but hopefully the prem refs will lose some of the big club bias when they aren't actually under the direct influence of the fans. I do think that showing it on the big screen whilst it's being reviewed is wrong and it should only be shown to show why a decision has been reversed, if at all...
  15. cornish sam

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    They should just impose a time limit. 2 minutes to make a decision and the VAR official can call back the ref within that time if they've missed something obvious...