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  1. A mitigation of the inequalities (at least in the short term) may be to let the home team keep the majority of the streaming income. It would still lead to an imbalance but at least it would only be half as much...
  2. It is sad to hear, but, I think Dover are atypical for a National League side. Despite coming in from the bottom they are fully professional and pay as well (if not better) than most league 2 sides based on that article... Don't get me wrong, it is a perilous situation for many clubs at the moment, but Dover are a relative sugar daddy club for that level.
  3. Alright then, I'll bite and no doubt get called a plastic, but, growing up I went to see my local team but identified as a Liverpool supporter (it was the 80s), then had a similar epiphany about why I was supporting them when I went to secondary school which coincided with the start of the PL and decided I should support someone properly so started supporting Norwich and have done ever since. Thing is my local team was Carlisle utd and I have no connection to Norwich, I just thought they played nice football, seemed like a decent club and no one else would be supporting them. I've stuck by them through thick and thin and am now bringing my kids up to be Norwich fans. Although haven't made it to a game for 8 years I do still buy the occasional bit of merch (two ncfc gnomes in the garden for example). I would class myself as a proper supporter (though obviously not an elite supporter like waveny) and wear my colours with pride but I would fit into the OP's criteria for "can't be a proper supporter".
  4. Based on those stats 20+10 seems cheap considering how much wan bissaka, James and TAA are valued at.
  5. Just in case anyone wants it, fm2020 is free on epic games until Thursday. Sorry @hogesar didn't actually check if anyone had already posted it
  6. Of we could sell him twice that would be a masterstroke....
  7. Thanks Cap'n wasn't going to sign up but for £1pm it seems too good to miss...
  8. On 5 live Sutton was just asked who the fastest player he ever played with was, his answer.... Efan Ekoku
  9. People were saying the same after we lost to Liverpool first game of last season...
  10. Have you ever tried chocking your chicken? If not ask Mrs Corkio to do it tonight....
  11. He misheard, emi's not bought somewhere in Morley, he's bought morley
  12. The problem last year was that, after the first couple of months, we struggled to find the space to zip the ball around and had to revert to the slow passing waiting for a gap, which inevitably led to us losing the ball instead. That should be less of a problem in the championship because of the signings injecting a bit more pace and the lower quality of the opposition.
  13. Sorry, but, all of the people saying we could have spent a bit more, could we? The point of taking a calculated gamble is that it's calculated, there was likely no one that it was felt would improve us sufficiently within our potential price range. We had a few million in funds that we tried to buy that french kid with, but if there was no one worth us spending money on then why should we spend it?
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