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  1. cornish sam


    They say fans get the club they deserve, well seemingly that's the case with Cardiff ... http://www.cardiffcityforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=206106&sid=8ce829c89dbf0495c46852fe90fec78a It starts off well but quickly descends...
  2. cornish sam


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47696561 Nice to see Cardiff being honourable in this....
  3. cornish sam

    Brum 9 point deduction

    QPR did come back down but I believe that the rules changed in 2017 to allow a points deduction and QPR had already had the fine levied (though obviously not paid). At the time of relegation there were some mumblings that the EFL could refuse re-entry to QPR as technically it is not guaranteed that relegation and promotion between EFL and PL will happen (there has to be an agreed transfer of membership or something), but that nuclear option will almost certainly never be used because it increases the risk of the PL shutting shop and then stopping the 'solidarity' payments...
  4. cornish sam

    Brum 9 point deduction

    Bournemouth, QPR and wolves all got promoted though so avoided proper penalty... Villa are in their last year of the accounting period and derby I don't know how they've avoided it, a couple of big sales perhaps?
  5. cornish sam

    We hate Wolves, apparently

    But I wouldn't say the dislike of them is any more than other twatish teams
  6. cornish sam

    We hate Wolves, apparently

    Yes, they're twats...
  7. cornish sam

    If Bolton go ....

    It might not be quite that simple. The Bolton forums seem to think that they can't actually be classed as a going concern and if people start looking at the books properly then there could be no option for administration due to accounting reasons I don't understand and there's some oddness about the control of the shares still being controlled by the Davies family. Have a look at the last few pages of the thread I linked and the thread the refer to on another forum. If I were a Bolton fan I would be very concerned based on them...
  8. cornish sam

    If Bolton go ....

    There's a good thread on it here https://the-wanderer.co.uk/boards/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=26385&start=2680 Essentially they are saying that they can't even afford administration and the collapse of the takeover means there's a good chance the judge could order liquidation in response to their winding up petition by HMRC
  9. cornish sam

    Are we powderpuff? Discuss

    I keep seeing this criticism from Rotherham fans but I've not seen any evidence provided for it. I can remember a few challenges where the tackler did catch the player or there was a coming together after the ball had gone where we could maybe have been stronger, but, there was still contact and there were plenty of instances where players could have gone down but didn't and plenty where the ref could/should have blown up but didn't.
  10. And signing that contract now means he counts against their wage cap. Doesn't sound very well thought out to me...
  11. cornish sam

    4 Home Games Left..

    My favourite one was when roofer got injured and someone tried to claim that their injuries were a conspiracy against them by the powers that be... He did get shot down pretty quickly, but still sums up their mindset.
  12. cornish sam


    Well I'd look shocked if Putin had just turned up to ref a match as well! (In response to the pic from drazen)
  13. cornish sam

    Stiepermann booking

    From whoscored. We are the second most fouled and Sheffield us are the second least fouled ( though Boro have played a game less). Preston are one of the fairest teams but still doesn't help understand that table in anyway I can envisage...
  14. cornish sam

    More than one marble lost

    I think they may overhaul Bolton, but just because the future is starting to look very bleak for Bolton even being able to finish the season!
  15. cornish sam

    Stiepermann booking

    I don't have a clue what that table shows, but there's some good interactive graphics here showing fouls, cards, attacking stats, etc https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11657650/norwich-city-leeds-united-and-sheffield-united-title-chances-analysed It shows Leeds have conceded 468 fouls to our 456,but, we have won 535 to their 474, blades have only won 385 having conceded 457 which does imply we are playing the football that other teams find hardest to deal with fairly (more intricate and quicker feet)