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  1. cornish sam


    Not to mention Leeds utd or wolves. Hell they struggle to make it into the top 5 biggest in the last 10 years!
  2. cornish sam

    The fabled academy

    Thanks for the summary nutty. Can anyone also give an indication as to how many are playing above their age group (so u18s/u16s playing u23, u16s in the u18s etc) as that probably gives us a decent idea as to the future...
  3. cornish sam

    The fabled academy

    I seem to remember in an early interview Webber also said that if your u23 side was winning all the time then you were doing something wrong. Meaning that if the players are that good they should be in a first team, either ours or on loan, as that was far better for their development.
  4. cornish sam

    SWiss Ramble on NCFC

    I believe that only the balance was paid back in financial year just gone as the promotion bonus wasn't paid until September, presumably to allow for cash flow.
  5. cornish sam

    NCFC Confirmation Statement

    Thanks nutty, I missed that. When you look at wiki the football thing was only a side hustle for him having claimed to represent such luminaries as Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi...
  6. cornish sam

    NCFC Confirmation Statement

    Not only is that a great look for the BBC (why did they change it?) But, wow, that was a serious bullet dodged!
  7. cornish sam

    £34 million loss

    Not necessarily though til. Digging below the headline and we had significant extra outlay from getting promoted, a including bonuses to everyone and the repaying of the bond and other infrastructure improvements. We will be a reliant on selling players if/when we get relegated again, but all champs clubs are either selling clubs or operating at a loss and racking up debt.
  8. cornish sam

    In terms of quality

    I think the problem isn't so much the individual quality of the players, I think they would all be at least squad players for a lot of the current prem teams, more of the problem is that collectively they don't have the experience and we have had such a huge hole in our foundation through injuries our players have just not been able to adapt as a collective.
  9. cornish sam

    Derby Sack Injured Player

    Have PM'd you. It's from A friend with connections at Blackburn, they'd got the full story because of the bradders connection.
  10. cornish sam

    Derby Sack Injured Player

    Totally appropriate under the circumstances. Not only had the club laid on cars for all of the team which these three refused but it wasnt just drinking. The front car had stopped at traffic lights, the following car came flying into the back of it and the two drivers legged it back to a flat before realising that Keogh wasn't with them and went back to find him still passed out in the back of one of the cars have a listen to this, from a reputable source (bradders is also implicated by the way)...that is if we can attach audio... Derby players
  11. cornish sam

    Lazio Nazis vs Celtic

    Did you pay for the 5 minute arguement?
  12. cornish sam

    What on earth does - Error code: 2F173/O - mean....

    I doubt they do, this is an off the shelf package which will have a local admin. They may have a web developer but I'd be amazed if they had a software dev.
  13. cornish sam

    An evening with Sam Allardyce

    Of one sort, yes...
  14. cornish sam

    Historic Top Division Table

    The link between them was that they are clubs that were in the top flight but no longer exist. It wasn't so much the teams that were in that section, it was more the near cliff edge, plotted on a graph it would be a steady climb to 1000 matches, then a sudden jump followed by another steady climb from 2000 matches. I think the most surprising team on that list for me is actually Palace, i remember them being in the top flight from when I was a kid, and then they seem to have been relatively present in the premiership, yet they've only had 730 matches up there...
  15. cornish sam

    Historic Top Division Table

    I take issue with number 42, mk Dons have never been in the top flight. Wimbledon have, but that club no longer exists so should be classed like Darwen and Glossop... On topic though, surprised by the huge jump in number of games between Blackpool in 31 and Leicester in 25, almost 1000 matches!