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  1. cornish sam

    If Carlsberg Did Weekends....

    Also worth highlighting that after this round of games we have now got the lowest number of losses in the division, which isn't bad considering we lost 3 of our first 5...
  2. cornish sam

    Bin filth in court on Friday

    And on twtd they're bitching about us having banned the alcohol sale, and they should do something retaliatory for when we are next at poorman road (so a cup fixture in a few years te if they're lucky) despite the fact that it is a court order... Not too bright really are they....
  3. It's not fannying about at the back though. In the first half they started pressing the defenders pretty much as soon as they got the ball, we could then pass past the pressers and take advantage of our extra man in midfield. They were also playing a high defensive line so there were gaps to play the ball into behind them. Second half they sat off for a lot longer meaning we had to 'fanny about with it' to draw them out and try to make the space. They also sat a lot deeper giving less space for our attackers to run into.....
  4. cornish sam

    Leeds in spying row

    Interesting story told off hand by the commentator tonight about our pre season match against Crawley. Leeds got wind of this behind closed doors match and sent a couple of guys down to colney with a video camera where they tried to just walk in saying they'd been given permission to watch, understandably they were told to do one and apparently did (would there be anywhere off-site they could see the pitch from to still film it perhaps?)
  5. cornish sam

    Where are they now - Wonderkids edition

    On the subject of dale Jennings, didn't he take a couple of years out after mk Dons because his kid had leukemia (or some other illness)?
  6. cornish sam

    Bolton owe us £200k!

    But are Bolton not in breach of the contract already if they aren't paying any portion of his wages they are meant to (which I grant is an assumption)? I can't see any point in bringing him back regardless, unless there were other interested parties...
  7. cornish sam

    Ipswich transfer business

    Even with Brum and Bolton both looking like they'll get a points deduction, it still won't be enough to save them....
  8. cornish sam

    Bolton owe us £200k!

    If Bolton are meant to be paying a portion of wildchut's wage but aren't, are we now liable for the full whack despite leaving him there? I would assume our thinking is we're more likely to find someone willing to take him on a perm...but then again his contract is up at the end of the season anyway...
  9. cornish sam

    Thanks For The Memories Ed.

    Is Tom not going to be the chairman eventually?
  10. cornish sam


    Which is strange considering his record on soccerway, it looks like he's sent someone off in about half the games he's been the ref for...
  11. cornish sam


    I noticed that on quest, everyone else piled on but Marco just jumped on the nearest person... Poor guy didn't seem to know what to do with himself
  12. cornish sam

    Wazzy's Ref Watch

    Even from the highlights on quest it was obvious how useless he was... One has to wonder, if onel's last gasp winner had been saved, would he have awarded the obvious penalty for the late challenge?
  13. cornish sam

    Merry Christmas

    I was in browns bay near Auckland a few years ago for Christmas, a strange experience, really hot but all the imagery was still snow and wintery... Merry Christmas!
  14. cornish sam


    Hi ray, I was just clarifying your opening paragraph about being a carrier post immunisation, the rest was general agreement.
  15. cornish sam


    Ray - if you are immune to something then that means that your immune system destroys/defeats the underlying cause of the virus, it doesn't mean that you just don't display symptoms. You may still have little pockets of infection but clinically speaking they are generally insignificant. If you are an asymptomatic carrier then that is a different thing. I agree with you (as do most of the medical profession) that prevention is better than cure. Vaccinations/immunisations are one path towards prevention in that they normally work by enabling your immune system to fight off the infection. You can (and should) also strengthen your immune system through other means, which it sounds like is what you/your wife are doing. Even simple things like getting enough sleep are great at helping your immune system perform to its potential. BUT, it shouldn't be an either/or approach. If you have been immunised against everything but then eat carp and don't look after yourself you will probably still become ill, because even though your immune system may know how to beat something, it can't because it's not strong enough.