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  1. cornish sam

    RIP Bill Withers

    Also the punchline to the best joke ever. How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the microwave until it's Bill Withers RIP
  2. cornish sam

    NCFC v STFC programme

    There was one of these for auction a few weeks ago by a gunner, though the proceeds from that were going to charity...
  3. cornish sam

    Derby in trouble

    Not just in the next couple of weeks. The £50m the EFL made available to clubs was actually just an advance on money they were due in a couple of months and a loan facility, so all they are actually doing is kicking it down the road a bit so all the club's don't fold at once...
  4. cornish sam

    Vicious Quiz

    The DVDs of the early ones have been edited but I think on prime they just have a parental guidance label about it. The racism is actually stereotypical representation relevant to the time they were made as opposed to overt racial discrimination/persecution
  5. cornish sam

    Vicious Quiz

    4 would be considered child labour these days 5's parents really were lax not to notice what was happening in their house 6 are grand, but a bit wrong 8 has been edited for racism and smoking 17 have been prepped for cv19 for 70+ years with their constant wearing of gloves 18 was a sadist, punishing innocent hunters 19 one of them finally got his medal 30 years late
  6. cornish sam

    Vicious Quiz

    Got 5 this morning, if it helps people I think this quiz is at least 10 years old (could be 15 or more realistically) from the answers so far...
  7. cornish sam

    Vicious Quiz

    After 2 minutes just 5, 14 and 16 to go... Will return to it later
  8. cornish sam

    Are people expected to quit

    If you could perform your duties from home then that sounds like constructive dismissal to me...
  9. cornish sam

    National League null and void

    Not to get into all of the details, bit one point that you haven't addressed at all is what if the players don't want to extend their contract? If the contract has officially ended they are within their rights to walk away (perhaps go back to their home country to spend time with family they were forced to be separate from for months whilst in isolation) or demand extra money, they can't be forced to take a contract extension on the same terms and I could see some demanding a premium for a 3 month extension to cover the completion Not strictly true, but, one can't finish without all of the others finishing on a similar timescale.
  10. cornish sam

    FIFA quaran team

    No, he said countered when Fleetwood were all over him...honest
  11. I'm a bit confused as to how so many people suddenly have so much free time, I have a pile of films, games and books I've accrued over the last few years, but with the wife being a key worker and me being able to work from home I think I'm going to actually have less time as we now have to home school a 3 year old and a 7 year old which means the little pretence free time I did have in the evenings is now being taken up with the work I didn't get done during the day!
  12. cornish sam

    Anybody seen the players out and about?

    I think he'd get arrested for that....unless he wiped up before anyone noticed...
  13. cornish sam

    Remedy To Stop Panic Buying.

    I'm with you on this one, around here the nurses have all been moved into accomodation at the hospital (usually student digs) and because they are on shifts aren't able to actually buy any food at the shops and patients are emptying the horrifically overpriced vending machines...so my wife (Marie) is teaching the kids how to make cake so they can at least have a little treat.
  14. cornish sam

    If we can't watch the canaries

    Alex Curran who is also married to Steven Gerrard? Tilly will be jealous that you've actually met a WAG...
  15. cornish sam

    Sport can continue

    I've downloaded it and been enjoying it today, thanks for the heads up. The keepers are better than I remember, I've not hit double figures yet, I think I had v1 of the pc CD ROM (as I don't remember the players having letters after their names, that was something I first saw on the console version of sensi I think) so it wouldn't surprise me if it were tweaked...