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  1. It looks like a white shirt that’s accidentally been put in the washing machine with some blue and red underwear.
  2. I see the CT have just announced that they have become the 6th largest shareholder in NCFC. Can anyone put any flesh on the bones of this, and what are the implications for potential external investment from the Americans?
  3. Legalisation and regulated sale of cannabis plus perhaps the psychedelics and some stimulants including Ecstasy. Possession of heroin and cocaine should be decriminalised although their sale and trafficking should remain illegal.
  4. We can both search on Google to find articles and evidence to support our viewpoints on all of these subjects. It proves nothing. I have my opinions and you have yours, and I accept that you’re entitled to voice yours as I am mine. However, you seem really very certain that you are in the right and that the arguments are all black and white rather than shades of grey. You seem unwilling to accept that others might quite reasonably hold different views to you, yet ironically you label me as being the bigot. It’s unwarranted, unpleasant and unnecessary.
  5. Ah, the “B” word so beloved and used seemingly without the slightest hint of self-awareness by the intolerant far-left. By the way, I have only 800 posts to my name whereas you have 8,000.
  6. Good grief, where do you find the time to write an essay like that? Don’t you have better things to do on a Sunday? Suffice it to say, you and I are unlikely to come to much of a consensus so there’s little point in trying to continue this futile argument. You’re never likely to vote Conservative and I am more likely to vote Conservative than Labour, but have voted for both in the past. As for your final point, this sounds clear cut and of course she was right to report it, but it’s not necessarily a representative example of the range of things that are often reported, many of which are far more subjective and contentious.
  7. Sadly your sanctimonious claims that traditional values and plain common sense are somehow extremist are the modus operandi of the intolerant left.
  8. And so the inevitable social media pile-on ensues.
  9. I certainly agree that extremism is dangerous, whether that’s political, religious or any other ideology. Compounded by easy access to information of dubious balance on the internet, susceptible individuals tend to frequent sites that echo their own prejudices, reinforcing their certainty that they alone are correct, that any other opinion is heresy and not to be tolerated, and that anyone not fully embracing their view is a bigot. Examples include anti-vaccination conspiracies, divisive identity politics and critical theory, that the Tories are evil fascist sc*m, that people with xy chromosomes and external genitalia really can be women, increasingly disruptive “protests”, the attempts to foment a national strike in the face of a global financial crisis caused by Putin’s invasion and the global pandemic, Twitter storms and social media pile-ons that whip up outrage against individuals who dare to question the approved groupthink, mobs of agitators who invariably turn up to howl abuse at Conservative MPs whenever they make a public appearance, the attempts to overthrow the result of the 2016 referendum, politically motivated barristers using crowdfunding and bringing their profession into disrepute by constantly trying to stifle the workings of government, attempts to block the removal of economic migrants trafficked here illegally, the constant reporting to the police of alleged “hate speech” and non-crime hate incidents (whatever that means), etc etc. Many of these examples may seem trivial when taken in isolation, but put together they show the inexorable rise of extremist thought, largely coming from the left. I’d hoped that Starmer might at least be able to steer Labour away from the worst of these self-indulgent excesses, but sadly the Momentum tendency seems too firmly embedded in the chattering classes and young idealists. These people seem intent on undermining him and I fear he’ll struggle ever to make the party electable.
  10. Herman: “You can't be kind or gentle to fascists. You have to kick them in the balls and keep kicking until they sod off” TheGunnShow: “Yep, tolerance was what did for the Weimar Republic with the Na-zis. Karl Pöpper has already shown how this notion of "hypocrisy" in the face of the intolerant is actually flawed.” Grow up the pair of you. Your puerile comments in which you basically draw an equivalence between the Conservative Party and the Third Reich is pathetic. I’d hoped that a slightly more adult level of debate might be possible, but no, you resort to that tired old far-left cliché of claiming that the “fash” are out there and presumably you’re engaged in some sort of ideological purge to cleanse them from the streets. Utterly infantile.
  11. Another example of kinder gentler politics from the left. As ever, the very epitome of tolerance.
  12. They think it’s all over. It’s Liz now! I wonder if I could sell that headline to The Sun?
  13. Yes, he’s shot himself in the foot rather badly with that silly statement.
  14. I don’t think JK Rowling has tried to deliberately inconvenience others or shut down the country. She merely has an opinion which some people seem not to like and who have mounted a campaign to try to make her persona non grata. That is cancel culture. Preventing over zealous political activists from glueing themselves to the M25 or bringing the national rail network to a halt is not cancel culture. It is protecting vital infrastructure for the good of the country and its population.
  15. Although you need to get there at least 3 hours before kick-off to have any chance of finding a space.
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