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  1. People’s choices and actions (or inactions) carry consequences for the wider population. Given that fact, those who refuse the offer of vaccination are likely to face certain restrictions on what they can and can’t do, and rightly so.
  2. Or perhaps it’s just because it’s a highly infectious and evolving virus that’s already killed thousands and left millions with long-term incapacity.
  3. I guess you either put your trust in Chris Whitty and Patrick Valance, or you believe the likes of Piers Corbyn and David Icke. Your choice.
  4. There’s ample evidence from a number of studies (and no, I’m not going to spend ages finding links to them) which show clearly that the chance of the virus causing disease is significantly reduced if you’ve been double-vaccinated, and that even if you do catch it your chances of being able to transmit it to others is very much lower than if you were unvaccinated. And of course if you do get Covid despite having been vaccinated it’s extremely likely that it will be much milder with a much reduced likelihood of it hospitalising or killing you. As JVT said yesterday, if he crammed 20 unvaccinated people in his shed the transmission of infection would almost certainly be very much higher than if they were all vaccinated. He used this as an analogy for night clubs but the same argument would apply to attending football matches. Yes, it should be up to the individual whether or not they have the vaccination but in terms of public health it’s up to employers and legislators to decide what the consequences might have to be in terms of being able to attend or do certain things. That may well mean the unvaccinated will no longer be legally allowed to use public transport, travel to other countries or attend football matches. As they say, choices have consequences.
  5. I would guess Cambridge would sell their allocation easily. More chance of getting tickets in the home areas - there’ll be loads of empty seats after they’ve endured another season of failure and disappointment.
  6. Not often I agree with everything you say, but on this occasion I do. Whether I’ll have the courage of my convictions by mid-August is another matter!
  7. Perhaps dependant on a proven Premier quality striker coming in?
  8. We absolutely must get a new striker. Pukki is excellent in the Championship but sadly doesn’t quite cut the mustard at the highest level and has a poor goals to chances ratio. Idah is still not the finished product and Hugill doesn’t have enough about him to get us the goals we’ll need to survive next season. Our possession-based passing game works well at championship level but we really don’t have the quality to pass our way through most Premier League defences, as we found out two seasons ago. We need to be more robust and be prepared to take a more direct approach when necessary, taking advantage of set pieces as the number of chances from open play will be very limited. That means getting a proven goalscorer with height and strength who can actually win headers from corners. Sadly getting such a player is easier said than done.
  9. Lotus? The producer of expensive supercars for the capitalist elite? I’m not sure that will go down well with some sections of our support.
  10. Lotus? The producer of expensive supercars for the capitalist elite? I’m not sure that will go down well with some sections of our support.
  11. Any truth in the rumour that The Canaries Trust are renaming themselves Woke Canaries?
  12. I see the meeting tonight between Ben Kensell and the Canaries Trust has been cancelled.
  13. Have we gone full circle? This thread started by advocating reduced ticket prices to those of certain religions or skin colours.
  14. There you go again. Labelling people as racist simply because they have a different opinion to you.
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