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    I think it's entirely reasonable to respect Lambert for what he achieved here and at the same time have zero respect for the manner of his leaving and his behaviour since.
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    If anyone has a chance, buy Stuart Webber a beer and ask him about this day. About the efforts City went to , to help Lambert because they knew he was going to get stick . About Lambert , and the rest of the ITFC staff and how wired they all were - including slaughtering the guy that collects the teamsheets for the Ref. Lambert came looking to mix it that day. He felt (quite rightly) that it was the only chance they had. One of the best ever quotes I have heard in football was "the NCFC coaches don't go looking for a fight, but they love it when a fight finds them" . Look at the still photos and the absolute fear in the faces of the ITFC bench (Lambert's in particular) at the reaction from our bench is priceless. And shortly afterwards when the photo of Chambers grabbing Godfrey by the unmentionables appeared, so did a reappearance of a clip of video on twitter of Godfrey sparring in a boxing ring - it's fair to say Godfrey would make mincemeat out of Chambers, or any of them. The Binners lost in many more ways than just being hammered on the pitch that day. Lambert, in truth, has never recovered from it.
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    When he’s done playing (at the age of 78 or whatever) there is only one club that he needs to be fully integrated into and that’s ours. I want him all over our youth setup, hospitality, painting and decorating, groundskeeping. You name it, I want Wes Hoolahan all over it. He is a God.
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    The combination of 1p5wich and our ex-manager who has shown us precious little respect since he left, is the perfect storm for most Norwich fans. Yes he did fantastic for us and it was great times, but really he's burnt his bridges as far as that time is concerned. He ought to be remembered with pride and affection, but has ruined any chance of that after joining Ipswich and the histrionics last time he was at CR for a match. The only way I can think about it is to look back and remember that it was fantastic at the time, but it is in the past and all that matters is now....and now he is at our arch rivals (correction "he is at a team who were our arch rivals").
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    Lambert and Culverhouse, Lambert on his own is nothing, the man walked out on Colchester to join us, walked out on us to join Villa and it has been down hill for him ever since. How any self repseting Norwich fan can forget not only the manner of his leaving but his antics at Carrow Rd as manager of our rivals is beyond me and how an body can defend his terrible record in L1 as their manager is also beyond me. The man is a weapons grade bell end and a **** manager pure and simple.........
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    Lol, nah, hope he gets herpes
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    We released Diallang Jaiyesimi because we considered he wasn't good enough for us. Yesterday he proved that he's too good for Ipswich Town - that's the reality of where the two clubs are at the moment.
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    Leadership or lack thereof. My brother lives in Australia. They shut the airports and ports, didn't let anyone in without strict quarantine, had barely any cases where he lives and he spent Christmas on the beach and round his mates. Brisbane had one case this week and shut the whole city down. UK has only just started talking about testing people flying in. The Pink Unners suggested this early last year.
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    Admirable thought Horsefly, but there are two phrases in there stick out. And Creating the perfect oxymoron.
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    It's also pressure on VP Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. Meanwhile an excellent posting from a former California Governor, and Republican. Some might know of him? Have a listen.
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    Apologies for posting this thread in the wrong place. A third round win along with our good friends losing to Swindon needed to be celebrated properly. Unfortunately I celebrated too properly for my own good. I daren't look at WhatsApp in case I've done something really awful......
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    They need to look up the word 'Official' in the dictionary
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    Lambert saved city. When he came he, the club was in freefall. He took city from league 1 to 12th in the premiership. So stop being a bunch of tw*ts about him and fecking grow up.
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    Sorry but that is both flippant and utterly irrelevent, and only serves to underline your determination to avoid this government being compared to the best in class performance of other countries. The virus reached different countries at different times and in New Zealand's case, for very obvious reasons, later than in some countries but the key point is that New Zealand locked down at exactly the right time with respect to New Zealand's circumstances - a point, and the reasoning behind it, articulated very clearly by their leader in the video you refer to as good knock about stuff NZ did some serious advance planning and came up with a well thought out strategy based on advice from experts all around the world, including the WHO, and their own observations and analysis of what was already happening elsewhere. They then made the right decisions at right time and implemented their plan with great efficiency and effectiveness, in no small part because they also communicated clearly and honestly with their citizens - in short their leadership was excellent in planning, executing and communicating. The UK did not do any of these things. I'll all in favour in learning from Germany, Netherlands etc, so much so that I distinctly making a number of posts last Spring\early summer saying just that because they were doing so much better that us, and which you loftily dismissed as being far too soon to make reasonable comparisons. Interesting that you've now progressed to the point that you think it would be good idea, but only, it appears, because it's slightly preferable to comparing the UK with another group of countries which I and many others, were also pointing out as being even better performers. Anyway to return to NZ I think, as KG says, despite the geographic remoteness NZ and the UK have a great many similarities and have one factor/advantage in common which absolutely key. NZ, and several other of the very successful SE Asian countries, are islands which control their own border and I include South Korea in that, as despite what the Geography text books say it is for all practical purposes an island. The strategy in all those highly successful countries with signifcantly different culturally, socially and economically was really very simple: Lockdown early and hard, before the virus is widely spread within communities and the country in general, with clear, consistent and honest messaging as to why it is necessary and what is required to be effective. Close borders, or tightly control them with quarantine, to ensure no import of virus. Test, track and trace all known cases effectively and ensure isolation. The UK had the opportunity/potential to do all of those things but chose not to do. Germany and The Netherlands to use your examples did not have the option to close their borders - theoretically of course they do but in practice it was never feasible. We could speculate all day why the government passed up the original opportunity to check this virus - in IMO Johnson would have made the same wrong judgements even if he had been better prepared but in reality I think the opportunity passed before the UK Government had even started to take the crisis seriously. Despite the warnings that came out from China, the WHO and then Italy there never was a plan, never mind a strategy - what we saw last January and February was a government doing absolutely nothing as far as the virus was concerned. What we saw last March was the government reacting, and far too slowly, to events and scrambling to throw together a response to a crisis that it had fatally (literally) misunderstood and underestimated, and about which it has never clearly and honestly spoken about to its citizens. That chaotic, shambolic and ineffective approach has continued to this day and represents a total failure of leadership by Johnson. The reality is that you can compare the UK's performance (public heath and economic) with whoever you like and the answer will be that we did badly - its true that in some cases we only did a little worse but in other cases we are spectacularly worse and of course there are all the points in between. The plain fact, since we are on the Pinkun after all, is that however you look at it the UK is in the bottom three battling relegation when I think most of us would aspire, if not expect, to be in the top three battling for the title. It is also abundantly clear that if you look at the factor(s) behind those countries at the top of the table and those at the bottom it is not social/economic/cultural factors that predominate - it is very clear that the quality of leadership is the primary determinate of success or failure. What is wrong with you? It seems to me that your eagerness, and more importantly that of like minded newspapers, to excuse or explain away this failure of leadership as something else (although they never seem to have worked out quite what) goes a long way to explaining why this Government hasn't seemed to learn anything, not from Germany or Holland, not from New Zealand, not from South Korea or Singapore...............and not even from their own mistakes because here we are, going round the block for the third time and we only have the scientists to thank for a truly amazing global effort to produce vaccines in record time to hopefully give us all a way out of this.
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    But that’s the point, there’s no comparison as every country has a different leader, culture and response. So the reality is to just look at England, our leadership the way it’s constantly failed to deliver, PPE, Track & Trace, not responding to the science but to the situation, when those close in government broke the rules they were are backed without recourse and now the vaccine...... if you think we’ve been led by a competent leadership which has done nothing but what was expected then fine, but for me every step of the way he’s been a bumbling buffoon who’s short on balls but big on guff. He’s just another trump who loves the limelight.
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    You are exactly right. For contrast, look at Alex Neil.
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    It was Blackpool. You can’t expect a Premier League team to travel that far and come back with a result v’s a team that looks like Holland. Big Sam is a great manager but even he has some limits to what can be achieved.
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    I am going to move back onto some really good news. Whatever we all think about any country some of the most important people to rid the world of this will be The Serum Institute of India. With the WHO stating that 60 - 70 % of the world need to be vaccinated to start to control ( or rid us ) of this disease tomorrow all their build up changes from theory to reality. Tomorrow they will commence supplying the vaccine to the Indian population, and if you think our targets have some logistics, theirs are to vaccinate 300 million by July, that’s 1.5 million per day. In addition to that they aim to supply The WHO 1.7 billion doses by August via Covax, that will commence in 6 weeks time. Good luck Serum in this massive task.
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    Thanks! splendid speech from Arnie. He'll be back, Trump won't.
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    Along with Cameron Jerome.
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    Filling righties head with sh ite, for decades
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    And use the correct number of asterisks for the official and non-official matchday threads. They have no trouble bandying stars around, why not asterisks too?
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    Do you mean news stories or people posting their opinions on the news of the day? The reality is that there is more freedom of speech for more people, both as an absoute number and as a percentage, than at any time in the history of the world. And if people find they cannot get their views across via the established media and social sites all they have to do is set up their own website and say absolutely anything they like. I am a complete techno-idiot but even I managed to set up a website about ten years ago (as it happens to explain Cullumgate) and it cost me something like five dollars a month to keep it going. I actually haven't looked at for some years but it is out there for anyone anywhere in the world with access to a computer to read. I don't do the social media but many of the complaints I have seen recently (such zapping pro-Trump stuff) miss the point, by treating these sites as some kind of public service to which everyone is entitled. They are not that. They are businesses that have a perfect right to run themselves as they see fit, and if people find that unsatisfactory then they have the solution of creating their own outlet.
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    One of the things I have followed from the beginning is the links between brexit and big sugar and not the Norfolk growing side of big sugar. One of the only beneficiaries so far has been cane sugar, which Tate and Lyle, now a US company, had struggled to sell in quantity, because of the EU. Your mates Andy Wigmore and Michael Ashcroft, both now Belizean, have links. David Davis worked for T&L. The conservative party conference was sponsored by them. The galling thing is that I have warned of the risk to Norfolk farmers from brexit and now he is using them to back brexit. https://unearthed.greenpeace.org/2020/08/08/brexit-sugar-cane-tate-lyle-sweetheart-conservative/ https://thepinprickcom.wordpress.com/2017/12/11/daydream-belizers-brexit-big-sugar-and-the-strange-case-of-andy-wigmore/ As an aside, working in a similar industry I know full well that the banning of certain chemicals has been a pain in the backside. Some bugs have been a nightmare to get rid of. Added to climate change there are plant killers that are thriving but I'd rather we changed our habits, grow or stop growing varieties that are more/less resilient than bring back toxic chemicals.
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    And if you had one you wouldn't feel insecure enough to call someone a 'fecking ****' on the Internet.
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    You seem to forget that he sued the club, and did everything he could to unsettle Hoolahan when he wanted to steal him for Villa. And let's not even mention his disgraceful behaviour on the touchline when Ipswich arrived for their ritual humiliation (too late, mentioned it!) So while it's true that we owe him some gratitude for what he did in those promotion winning seasons, he has done a lot subsequently to invite the disapprobation he frequently recieves on these pages (although it should be noted he recieves a lot more vitriolic abuse on the TWTD pages).
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    If it was us struggling in league 1 they would be pissing themselves and flying banners over Norwich. I remember getting the train up to Portman Road the season after we got relegated from the Premier league and a poster on a bridge coming into Ipswich read "welcome back inbred scum". They like their petty torments so I hope they fester in league 1 for another season before dropping into the football abyss. You have to enjoy these moments ))
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    I'll never forget them waving £5/10 notes at us at Portman Road when we went down to L1 ... the current status of things is utterly delicious. At least they have their prehistory.
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    Honestly, I don't think Lambert has been the same since parting ways with Culverhouse and Karsa. He's had the odd moment but nothing like the consistency. Like much of the team he oversaw with us, the majority never went on to do better, Surman being the only real exception. And I don't think he really did either.
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    He probably hasn't had any attention since then so needed to start some more. He should do what we all do, have more than one account and reply to our own posts, it's great fun
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    Really, why do you say that? I would say that we are 1000 times closer to the Netherlands in the important aspects of this than NZ. Surely Holland is closer to us in seasonality, population density, proximity to flare ups and international and national mobility than is NZ? Its pretty much as close to us genetically and culturally as is NZ too. The video is good knock about stuff and great twitter fodder but if we are being forensic surely the critical comparisons are with European nations that did well? And these are much harder to shrug off than the NZ one. Worth remembering too that NZ locked down after us....
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    Like I say take those as why it is impossible to compare and why the worst your current COVID situation is the more you have to react, often outside the box and not to be used for comparing or political reasons. I have had the Pfizer jab as well so I tend to believe the MHRA have got it right, I will be none to pleased if they haven’t. As I mentioned earlier a big player in the world stakes will be The Serum Institute of India.
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    Emergency usage is what the vaccine has been approved for. There are therefore lots of conditions. The AstraZeneca link below although it does not explain emergency usage, it shows how they will move to the next level and so on. You will also see the usage after emergency is conditional market authorisation is the next step for the U.K. which is what Europe and others went for. Australia for instance have time on their hands so they are waiting 3 months for full approval, however because of their new clusters they are likely to bring that forward and get a different approval by February. Pfizer and Moderna have conditional market usage in Europe and are trying to achieve the same for Oxford-AstraZeneca. This is why it really is impossible to compare like for like statistics. Regards Pfizer for the second jab this is something that currently only the U.K. and Sweden to my knowledge are doing. It is however possible under Biden that 2nd doses are not held back, but it is not certain that, that means you won’t be given your 2nd dose within 21 - 28 days. This has caused a lot of concern from Pfizer and The WHO. There is no data that supports 8 - 12 weeks for Pfizer, this decision is taken because of our current situation. With regards the 8 - 12 weeks with Oxford-AstraZeneca, there is a bit of government spin here. It is not the governments idea to get everybody the jab quicker, it is the recommendation from AstraZeneca as they believe the efficacy will increase dramatically if the second dose is administered later. This is adopted around the world as there is trial data to support this unlike Pfizer. As always I stress this is my understanding and am happy to be corrected as things change by the day. Here are a number of links that are meaning to explain rather than be political or comparing, so please take them like that. I should stress the Israel report where it quotes the NY Times report on getting the 2nd dose as a different vaccine has been completely denied by the U.K. government so at this stage please ignore that. I stress again none of these are meant to be controversial or compare ( especially the Israeli view ) and if it works for us with the Pfizer jab it will be hailed as a great decision. I should also stress the MHRA have no concerns with the 8 - 12 weeks for Pfizer, that keeps it fair for all concerned. https://www.astrazeneca.com/media-centre/press-releases/2020/astrazenecas-covid-19-vaccine-authorised-in-uk.html https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/news/ema-recommends-first-covid-19-vaccine-authorisation-eu https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/news/update-rolling-review-astrazenecas-covid-19-vaccine https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/pfizer-vaccine-second-dose-delay-who-advice-b714491.html https://www.timesofisrael.com/an-act-of-desperation-uks-delay-of-second-vaccine-dose-comes-under-fire/
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    Just discovered the moment when Fox news first put their station at the service of Trump.
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    Ha, ha, and to rub salt in their wounds they are playing a reality TV star too!
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    Whilst I didn't watch the game, I've watched the highlights, which, presumably included all of the noteworthy saves. I've got to say that they were relatively routine? If any of them had gone in, questions would have been asked. I also remember promising Marshall having to fill in for Gunn. Let's not let that happen again...
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    He is maybe suggesting that Lambert may or may not like a drink, in a may or may not kind of way Does that work for not saying something that might or not be seen as making a suggestion
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    Merely a statement of fact. Take it as you wish, there was no malice directed at you that's for sure. ...if I can compliment someone without trying to then happy days.
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    Done the walikng bit thanks. I really dont think you are in a position to criticise anyone. Lets just remind YOU and everyone else about your previous, unfounded , incorrect and baseless accusations shall we? Rather not? Thought so. Now toddle off and carry on with your childish incorrect vendetta elsewhere. Do not bother responding, I will not read it. Your Onanism is tedious.
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    Already discussed elsewhere. Trying to compete with Cambridgeo? Dont bother, he's light years ahead of you.
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    Wrong thread.
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    I’m doing No Country for Old Men tonight. A family friendly film to be fair.
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    Can you remember, if you take your mind back to October 2018, when they got Lambert in and they thought they had got one over us absolute comedy club. Keep it coming.
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    I thought he played well and it was a great assist but he does tend to overdo this. He dived at one point when no one was near him and he lost control of the ball, was so blatant I thought he may get booked.
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    He's been class last few games. He was terrible at the start of the season. Hope he continues in this good form. Agree that its only fair that those who heavily criticise poor form should acknowledge good form.
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    Funny that Hugill scores a header the moment we put crosses into the box rather than try to play it to him on the floor. When we change Pukki for Hugill we have to change the way we deliver the ball accordingly, it’s not good enough to just play the same way! But it’s good to have a Plan B and Hugill is deffo good enough for that!
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    "Pfizer Inc and BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccine appeared to work against a key mutation in the highly transmissible new variants of the coronavirus discovered in the UK and South Africa, according to a laboratory study conducted by the US drugmaker. The not-yet peer reviewed study by Pfizer and scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch indicated the vaccine was effective in neutralizing virus with the so-called N501Y mutation of the spike protein. The mutation could be responsible for greater transmissibility and there had been concern it could also make the virus escape antibody neutralization elicited by the vaccine, said Phil Dormitzer, one of Pfizer's top viral vaccine scientists."
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    That's an opinion which should not be stated as fact, as it's far from the case. By suggesting that we are a one man team to that extent decries Farke's ability as a manager and the talents of the squad he has accumulated. Furthermore, players like Hernadez and Placheta and Mumba are returning to the squad and the impressive Martin waits in the wings. Undoubtedly, the loss of Buedia would reduce our chances of an immediate return, but to suggest that it would write them off completely does nobody any favours. Our method of play would inevitably reflect his loss, but it need not be any less effective.
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