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  1. I'm sure many would agree the England job is a rather poisoned chalice
  2. Skipp still being in the under 21's is wierd. Also, Ramseys brother. . And you know, Max.
  3. Gilmor still rotting away on the bench I see. But I thought he was Scotlands wonder kid?
  4. Can't do any worse than the main england team I suppose..
  5. Given there has been quite the uh, "debate" about Harry Maguire and if he deservers to even be playing for England I thought I would try and raise a little bit of a conversation. Fair to say there have been some duds over the years, from Scott Carson to Tom Cleverley and of course who could forget Stewart Downing (Did he really make over 30 appearances for England..?) but who would you say deservers the title of worst player you have seen play for England?
  6. That was probably one of the worst goals I have seen for a while but I'll take it
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