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  1. Aww poor Man City. Won't somebody think of the poor billionaire clubs? How ever do they cope?
  2. "Are we without funds? And if so what are the reasons?"
  3. Buying players with histories of bad injury records doesnt help things either. Foreshaw has spent half his career in hospital and we still signed him.
  4. Wonder if we could covert Hernandez into a striker.. Look I'm desperate ok?
  5. Feels like we have some sort of injury crisis due to lack of depth and backup every bloody season and yet nothing changes
  6. World class defending from Gibson just standing still and watching it get passed in
  7. Feels like we have gone back to how we did against Rotherham. And uh, the second half of our last match
  8. They're the better team, half our squads seems to have lost their head in the last twenty minutes and other than swearing at the ref and getting a card Barnes has turned into the invisible man. Had about fifty crosses into the box and he's vanished
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