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  1. I tend to have critisized Mcgovern in the past but in his defence when he replaced Krul earlier in the season he was great
  2. True, him on the wing would be interesting. Him or Mumba.
  3. Given this thread is back to the front page I assume he had another masterclass today?
  4. So what did I say about Brentford? Just ignore that I said five
  5. Agent Lambert doing all he can to keep his job
  6. Ah, Brentford have gone behind early? They bound to score five now
  7. Still wondering when most of Bournmouths fair weather fans will jog on. Funny how they all appeared from nowhere when they gained promotion to the Prem, still remember the days Bournmouth hardly managed to get 5000 average home attendence in their 10,000 capacity shed of a stadium
  8. https://streamable.com/p0644d Drama at the end for those who wish to see it.
  9. For those wanting to see the 'drama' at the end here you go https://streamable.com/p0644d
  10. Be amusing if they balls up the sale and get it called off as they start demanding more money.
  11. It's not perfect but itl ooked better than many others in their last match
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