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  1. You have obviously never read the Guardian, or at least understood it. Larry Elliot the Economics Editor is definitly pro-Brexit and there have been frequent Lexit comments. That is what pluralist media does, it reflects different viewpoints/arguments. I doubt you could point to a equal quest for truth from the Express, Mail, Sun, Torygraph and Spectator. Or those dodgy Youtube sites you believe are so informative.
  2. There are no "scallop wars". The Uk negotiated at great length an agreement for trade and cooperation with the EU. The UK wanted to be free of EU regulation, and this agreement ensures that. It was ratified in Parliament. The agreement left the UK free to diverge from EU standards and implemented border controls, taking back control. All the EU is doing is implementing the agreement. The UK cannot do the same because the country is a shambles.
  3. Burchill's career arc, and that of her former fellow traveller Toby Young and ex-hisbandTony Parsons, illustrates a wider truth behind the post-truth view that the media is left wing. Her contrarian ironic columns in the Guardian and the Modern Review provided an interesting counterpoint to prevailing views. However, this kind of writing is now easily churned out by any right wing hack in the Torygraph, Mail, Sun or Express. It is just boring. More relevant it reflects the majority view/hacks career path making the idea that the MSM is leftwing totally ridiculous. Finally, it is of course based on falsehoods.
  4. Now, I am sure this is a sentiment that has broad consensus, and is probably one factor in why Farke doesn't throw them on when we are leading by a single goal. Farke picks his best 11, rotation weakens this and I wouldn't be confident we would have as many points now if we deliberately fielded understrength sides in order to keep legs "fresh".
  5. Thing is LOTO is probably the hardest job in UK politics. SKS has no power, and opposition is purely symbolic in the face of a massive Tory majority. The Covid announcements are being shamlessly used by the Conservatives as free party political broadcasts and there is a small vaccination bounce for Johnson that is totally unearned. The next election is 3+ years out, be patient and remember that there is a very real difference between a Labour government and this bunch of incompetant truth twisters.
  6. Membership is higher now than it was for most of 2019, I think you have added a zero to the fall since the GE which is 35,000 (from 495,000 to 460,000). Membership is currently 512,000.
  7. Putting words into @Parma Ham's gone mouldy's mouth it seems that he and Farke believe that the tired 11 on the pitch towards the end of Saturday were a better option than "fresh legs" "running in behind". Added to the fact we won and are top, that would seem to be very persuasive. Everyone is untitled to an opinion, and it has prompted a very interesting thread but there appears to be nothing in the argument in favour of more and earlier subs that looks convincing.
  8. The elctorate have very short memories, and most are paying little attention to politics at the moment. Johnson's litany of failures are largely forgotton due to the success of the vaccination programme that he had little to do with. That is how it works and SKS knows that. That said his rebuilding bond WAS a very significant policy anouncement, and one that cleverly awaits as a trap for Sunak's budget in March. That said @PurpleCanary's analysis is close to being write. SKS route to power is through the "anti-Johnson" vote e.g. not repelling the LibDem, Nats, Greens and most importantly traditional soft Tory voters. If he wins, it will be through a position that does not alienate rather than groundswells of popular support. Corbyn tried that, and we know how that ended.
  9. The Tories have the largest majority since 1987 and the next election is not until May 2024. The idea that SKS can oppose anything successfully is fanciful. It's a long time to avoid giving the right wing media any hostages to fortune. No one was excited by sleepy Joe Biden but he won (easily) and that enabled the broader left to start enacting policy. Plenty of extra-parliamentary opposition to the Tories if that is what you want. A little patience is required in the House.
  10. Both Rotherham and Coventry lost. Both went into the second half losing and chasing the game. In fact neither scored. Excellent game management.
  11. This is the point. Farke has a method, a plan. The team is superfit. He plays his best 11. If they don't shape up they don't play. They are drilled and organised. He is squeezing every drop of competitive advantage. Rotation weakens this. Premature substituitions weaken this.
  12. The thing is that Farke was getting stick for his so called game management. That is all about sitting it out on 1-0, keeping your system and shape intact, rather than chasing a second or third with the risk that the disruption to your own style outways the benefit. Farke got it bang on, the result proves it. If we had conceded it would be fair to say he made the wrong choice. We will never know whether it would have been more comfortable with changes, but we do know we would only have got the same points or fewer. I am with those who really couldn't see how subbing would be an improvement.
  13. Four points, five points, Six points? Is there a new EFL rule on bonus points that only you know about?
  14. Of course it was incorrect (and a bit silly really). We won the game 1-0 with Farke's "game management", which vindicated the manager. Posters were suggesting different "game management", which wouldn't have given us more than the three points we won and possibly could have given us less. The balance is with Farke.
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