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  1. You weren't alone in that, a lot of people thought woo money, many of whom were old enough to know better. Pretty much the same behaviour still continues, although it must be said that the MA situation looks far more measured.
  2. Even better? Comedy gold, in case you havn't noticed just about everyone who knows about such things accepts we are in a recession, and a recession that is forecast to hit the UK harder than any other top 20 economy except Russia. What is different about the UK? The economy still hasn't recovered its pre Covid levels and living standards haven't recovered from the crash in 2007. Why?
  3. Pretty much this. As @Essex Canary seems to have dicovered holding a minority stake in a non-dividend paying company where the major shareholders have majority control does not really come iwth any great advantages. Same goes for MA. The decision rests between S&J and MA, which may be a slow burn. But when, or even if, it happens the next steps will be quick and decisive e.g. he will get to 90% and pay out the remaining shareholders whether they like it or not.
  4. Don't get me wrong, @shefcanary, I am not arguing against redevelopment. I was answering a different question from @nutty nigel about why the City Stand wasn't redeveloped. The possible involvement of MA does move the dial on this; he has financial firepower and an absence of sentimentality not open to S&J. It would require a degree of ruthless financial reengineering and inconvience that many fans would find upsetting. Be careful for what you wish for. But that doesn't mean I think it cannot, or indeed should not be done. Although it should be acknowledged that there is an element of risk for all involved.
  5. Don't buy this at all, apart from the fact as fans we would all like to see CR as the kind of shiney stadia we could all be proud. The break even point would be possibly decades in the future and the costs are now. The point is we have never had the cash to cover those costs. Always willing to have a FPA prove me wrong though
  6. The City Stand is pretty much a red herring in this debate. Ticket sales are no longer the most significant revenue stream for top level clubs. Much less marginal ticket sales e.g. the additional capacity that redevelopment of the City Stand would enable. However beneficial the rates would have been it would have increased the operational run rate of the club. In addition revenues would have been reduced for probably two seasons of reduced capacity. All this at a time when the major criticism was not enough was being spent on the team. The club didn't have the cash or the certainty of revenues to fund this, constrained as they were by the economic fundamentals, some of which were self imposed. MA may or may not take a different approach. Like @GMF I would expect him to take the club private as soon as the opportunity is ripe. I would also expect him to hive the ground and other fixed assets into a separate company. Through this company he might choose to leverage the assets to fund ground expansion separate from the financials of the football side. To use @Parma Ham's gone mouldy's analogy the house will no longer be owned, but rented, and the landlord would be refurbishing it in order to raise the rent.
  7. I think @Parma Ham's gone mouldy's point is the club never had the cash required to service the loan required to build the thing. e.g. they had a house, they wanted a new kitchen but the income didn't cover the loan. S&J have become asset rich but, relatively, cash poor through football club price inflation. Pretty common amongst their age group.
  8. I think this is because the gain remains intangible until taken. It is also personal to the stakeholder rather than the club and doesn't actually change any of the economic fundamentals.
  9. Even if he did view sports ventures as a bit of fun, it would be very unusual if he changed his modus operandi for his hobby from that of the day job. Everyone has the expectation that what has worked before, will work again. I suspect @Parma Ham's gone mouldy is correct and he is seen something cheap in City that has a low risk downside but a lucrative or enjoyable upside.
  10. Hyperbolic ****.......do you even go to games, let alone understand what you are watching?
  11. My answer to this is that Smith & Jones needed, and need, to listen to voices that could lead to potential enemies because their position was weak. They just don't have the cash to ride out financial failure and are therefore beholden to the kindness of strangers. With Attansio, apparently, that dynamic changes, he can face down the voices, ignore them or even cut them out should he so wish. This shift in the power dynamics is something that the Delia outers will need to come to terms with.
  12. Not really, the speed of Attansio's plans is probably already set and will only change if there are tangible changes in the fundamentals of the club, e.g. whether we win promotion this year or not. However much Mr Lambert is in any in-crowd at CR this is just hot air. I was in favour of Frake up until the very end, but many fans wanted him gone. Always be careful of getting what you wish for. Counterfactuals are always debatable but it is likely keeping Farke would have also ended in relegation and there is no guarantee that the league position under him would be any different. What is certain is that if it was the same the atmosphere would be more poisonous than it is now. The days of influential local supporters really influencing clubs like our are long gone. Three people will decide the future direction, and may ideed already have). They are Smith, Jones and Attansio. Money is king.
  13. You missed @PurpleCanary's point. Looks like Mike Ashley will buy the ground, a local business man the club and that it is pretty much a fire sale.
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