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  1. Modern teams are built on repeatable habits. If you indulge in A, you break the habit of retaining possession. Farke and Webber are trying to build a modern team.
  2. The thing is we don't know and we don't know because of the lack of transparency in the governments decision making. The only way to enable regional economies to survive in the absence of a vaccine is to adopt a zero Covid approach. It is the best use of resources, and Sunak promised he would do whatever it takes.
  3. I'm confused, my Bexiteer friends assured me that the EU was breaking up, that the example sety by Brexit would eagerly be followed. How come satisfaction with the EU in Ireland is now 92%. Don't they know how much better global Britain will be. Or is this because Boris has gifted them Northern Ireland?
  4. Can't claim it is my plan, more than a number of specialists think this way. Such as Devi Sridhar...... The northern lockdown represents government failure. There is a better way
  5. Bottom line is the economy can only recover when we beat the virus.
  6. Being asymptomatic isn't an issue when adopting a zero covid approach, the approach targets an entire population and then tests everyone in that population, whether they demonstrate symptoms or not. The repeat later catches those infected but whose bodies are yet to respond. Agree with you that testing alone is not a complete strategy. However restrictions on gatherings is part of what is additionally required. There needs to restrictions on movement, isoation and shielding as well. This remains an England problem, but there are vast swathes of the country that could be made Covid free but only if protected from incoming infection from outside, and particularly those hot spots we are debating. Any workable strategy would set the objectives, set a reasonable time scale and then set the actions needed to put this place. Johnson/Cummings hasn't done this, in part because of the influence of the revolutionary communists at the heart of the Brexit/Tory/RCP nexus of current thinking. That is why in these areas you can't gather at home, but you can do down the pub. Go figure.
  7. Btw the way it was you who asked what made us think this was sprung on local government leaders. I just provided you a link to the local leaders saying this was the case. Lockdown didn't come into it, so you would seem to be guilty of your own accusation e.g. "attribute opinions that have not been expressed", well not by me anyway. While the government continue to make this political, it remains appropriate to criticise the politics.
  8. The key is that Johnson's "whack a mole" strategy has very little about controlling the spread of a potentially lethal desease. It is all about getting the economy moving & minimising the political impact. Only a zero-Covid strategy is going provide control and that requires heavy, proactive and localised testing. In these areas the government should test everyone immediately and again in 5 days time. Shielding the vulnerable and isolating the infected.
  9. Maybe it is because that is what Andy Burnham and the Northern Council leaders tell us. You may think that anouncing policy changes for the next day that involve legal sanction in a tweet at 9.15 pm is the sign of a functioning democracy, most would differ. The council leaders want to do the right thing but this is difficult with an incompentent and ideological government. The leaders of Greater Manchester’s 10 local authorities and the region’s mayor Andy Burnham have condemned the government’s communication of the change as causing “confusion and distress for our residents”. In a press conference, Burnham said he first heard about the proposed measures when he was called by Matt Hancock shortly before 5pm when the health and social care secretary was due to have a meeting with England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty. The meeting was delayed slightly at Burnham’s request, the mayor said, so that he could feed in information from local health officials. While Burnham said he supported the extra measures, he was concerned that they were first announced by Hancock on Twitter at 9.16pm without any additional detail. He also said the rules announced were slightly different to those briefed by Hancock on the phone earlier in the evening. Hancock had earlier suggested that the new measures would a larger part of the north of England, Burnham said, and would not restrict visits to people’s gardens. He added: The picture did change and did cause us some surprise but obviously it’s for the government to make those decisions. Sir Richard Leese, the leader of Manchester city council, added: I think it’s fairly clear that what was announced in guidance is not what we were expecting on the basis of conversations last night. And it’s also equally clear that we’re not clear about what the guidance is precisely. Leese said he agreed that the government needed to act quickly but that it was important to be “on exactly the same page” as government ministers and officials and that they were now hoping to have “real engagement” about refining the guidance. The 10 local authority leaders have asked for urgent clarification was needed on several areas: • How many people are allowed together in an outdoor space in the affected area? Is it 30, as is the rule in the rest of England, or is it only six? • Hospitality businesses need clarity on their ability to continue to operate if they have outdoor areas, they said. • The leaders also asked for the government to confirm that shielding arrangements would be extended for clinically vulnerable people in the areas affected where the new rules apply. • They said they are not convinced that banning people from meeting in private gardens is a “proportionate measure” and call on the government to provide further evidence or amend the regulations.
  10. Perhaps, putting it simply to you, it looks likely that the UK won't have a trade deal with the EU but Canada will.
  11. Here is two for you, admittedly same leak. Government incompetence is STILL killing people The government’s own emergency science group, Sage, says the target to ensure the virus doesn’t spread further is finding and reaching 80% of all close contacts of symptomatic cases. Yet in Blackburn, where health chiefs are battling a major outbreak, leaked analysis shows that the national tracing service is reaching only 52% of all close contacts. The data also shows that less than half of close contacts are being reached in Oldham, St Helens, Manchester and Rochdale. The best performance for the region is in Cheshire East, where a third are still being missed.
  12. The government's handling of the crises has been so bad, so chaotic that I don't believe they do have all the info. They certainly haven't used the local leaders, medics and media. It is incompetance on a truly epic scale. (In passing I see Sturgeon is recomending that Scots don't travel to Northern England).
  13. Sigh..... Yes, it is pretty much accepted now that lock down should have happened earlier and this would have saved thousands of lives, reduced the peak and speeded the recovery. The criticism is this is a kneejerk reaction without strategic intent, badly communicated. It is almost as if the government is trying to cover up the lack of a working track and trace system and the disappearance of a "world leading" app. The problem is not religious gatherings in the North West. The problem is the tracing system is finding barely half of all contacts in the region. It is government failure you are attempting to cover with your desparate whataboutery.
  14. Looks a valid point to me. Clearly there is an underlying agenda here-one that wants to close down scrutiny and challenge of what is failing strategy in England. Who would have thought it?
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