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  1. Could be the start of a trend @ricardo?
  2. I am ever the optimist @king canary, I see very little difference between a third CB and playing with a defensive pivot in terms of philosophy, just a welcome pragmatism to work with the players we have rather than attempt to shoehorn players into positions for which they don't have the attributes. I see the possibility of a way forward where the team is difficult to beat and makes teams work for goals. Scrappy 0-0 draws is the foundation for survival where being difficult to beat is more effective than attempting to storm your way to points. The team is stronger and more competitive than last time in a league that is, let's face it, brutally difficult to get a grip in. Whether this is enough is another matter, we will get a better answer at Chelsea tomorrow.
  3. Fair point @king canary, no hostility was intended so I apologise for my intemperate, hurried posting.
  4. He has a UEFA A license, what coaching qualification do you have?
  5. Farke was constantly criticised on here for not having a Plan B, and when he adopts one (relatively successfully it should be noted) you have a problem with it. If you watched rather than just go by results no principles have been abandoned. Aarons and Gino are hardly the most defensive of players, we continue to play football and we are playing a second striker. Or would rather keep losing? Don't answer that, it is rhetorical, I think you would. Just to prove you were right all along.
  6. I listed a number of factors that have been a drag on our performance. These factors have largely been addressed but whether it is enough for a successful outcome for the season is not so clear but the team is better placed defensively to make a better fist of it. No real evidence of Farke being "found out" has materialised.
  7. You brought up Sheffield Utd, no one else, and trying to make conclusions based on the evidence of a single season isn't the most logical approach. Neither is aimless wondering without suggesting any conclusions.
  8. It is not a great comparison though, is it. It is a good example of the level of this debate. If we had done what they did and were now 17th in the second tier, would you be happy? No, of course not but somehow your argument is that this position is something to aspire to???? My answer to your question is we faced considerable headwinds coming into this season. The loss of Skipp & Buendia (which was inevitable), key players arriving after the season started, Covid interrupting preparations and a difficult start.
  9. Is that the Sheffield United currently sitting 17th in the Chumps?
  10. The fact that you post this proves you really have no clue about football....... or probably anything else for that matter.
  11. It is all hierachy, we are 20th best placed club in England in football terms. Apart from the handful of clubs who realistically fancy promotion from the Chumps every other club would swap places and owners if the chance came up. Those clubs include a number with bigger fan bases and more illustrious historys.
  12. Really, Jim, really? It was a horrible time, and what did not tolerating relegation and player sales actually achieve. You must be pleased it ushered in the S&J era I suppose . We went on the spend the best part of a decade in the second tier and we didn't have consecutive years in the top tier again for 18 years. Pretty futile, I think even you must agree. Perhaps the crash and years without success has taught fans the limits of toleration.
  13. Disclaimer to start with, I always thought that the fan revolt against Chase was out of proportion. Fans overreact, and the current critics probably have more in common with the "Chase outers" they they would care to admit. They were good years, built on good foundations, but when the wheels came off they really did come off spectacularly. A Norwich way of playing had developed from Bond, through Brown and Stringer to Walker. Chase's firesale in 96 destroyed this and was a major factor in the decade that followed in the second tier. He also left the club with the white elephant of a stand on one side of the ground that is too small for a club of our stature and too expensive/inconvienent to replace.
  14. 4.3 Landing cards On 5 August 2017, the Home Office launched the ‘Consultation on Home Office’s Immigration Statistics - arrivals data’, on ending the requirement for non-EEA passengers to present a paper landing card on arrival into the UK from 1 October 2017. The consultation set out the statistical implications of the change and closed on 2 September 2017. The government confirmed in the Spring Statement 2019 that to coincide with the ePassport gates expansion, the government would begin to abolish landing cards for non-EEA travellers. On 20 May 2019, it removed the need for all non-EEA travellers to fill in landing cards upon arrival in the UK and expanded the use of ePassport gates to seven more countries. The government’s response to the consultation was published in May 2019. As anticipated in the original consultation, ahead of new electronic data sources being developed, the withdrawal of landing cards has resulted in a temporary loss to the passenger arrivals data broken down by nationality and reason for travel. The last set of published data on non-EEA nationals arriving in the UK (based on Landing Cards), cover the period 2004 to 2018) are available in ‘Immigration statistics, year ending June 2019 second edition’. Data on the total number of passenger arrivals will continue to be available as this comes from a different source. So, @SwindonCanary the government has taken back control of our borders by..........removing the controls, incredible! Furthermore they don't actually know how many people are coming to the Uk or where they are from. Well done Brexiteers another winner. Now Swindo **** off you ****
  15. The error was not mine RTB, and you have compounded this with further inaccuracies. Clearly the UK has an established church which places unelected representatives in its legislature. The head of that church is also the head of state. Furthermore, there were no nation states at the time of the crusades, that is a much later invention. Lastly, the Islamic states I think you are referring to were largley created by Westerm Imperialism and Western states have largely stamped on any attempts to secularise them. To paint them solely in the light of what you call a two thousand year ideology is clealy lacking in context.
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