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  1. Spot on. Of course people are angry . 3 pts from 12. Lost to Rotherham and Plymouth. Relegation form. I said after the Stoke game the 11 on the pitch that ended the game would finish mid table . That seems optimistic tonight .
  2. Yes he is back. Simply not enough refs and he keeps getting back on. Bizzare offside decision from a bonkers angle - but you can’t blame him for that. Sadly. PS to be honest Ashley Young will ref the game anyway. He always does. Hooper can put his feet up.
  3. Thus proving football is all about opinions . Sara was nowhere near MOM. 2 centre backs, Kenny and Rowe far better. Worse I’ve seen Sara at home this year. PS it was never a pen in a million years. Right in front of me.
  4. Can I just offer a special mention to that conniving cheating hideous little sh1thouse , that slid around the field like a skid mark today? I will never forgive him for pretending to have broken all three legs against Bournemouth and throughly spoiling a great evening . B0llocks to you Ben if you are reading this. Make sure you don’t trip up the step of the bus tonight .
  5. First half we were miles better than them. Rowe is a standout . What a prospect. back 4 looked ok. Dimi can still get caught out . I wouldn’t fancy our chances with the 11 that finished the game of finishing top 6. We would have lost that game towards the end of last season . New signings all putting in a decent shift . Slaughtering Hwang is bonkers. If Fassnacht squares the ball he kicked into the side netting Hwang has a tap in and everyone thinks he is brilliant.
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