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  1. Graham Paddons Beard

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I’m not sure that Owain Tudur Jones has a hyphen? But if he did - that’s about £20 on a shirt - and even more at scrabble.
  2. Graham Paddons Beard

    Pointless article Yorkshire Post

    Can you imagine having time to work that lot out ?
  3. Graham Paddons Beard

    Ben Godfrey

    Agreed . But money is the problem in answer to your question .
  4. Graham Paddons Beard

    Ben Godfrey

    They aren’t offering him as much money
  5. Graham Paddons Beard

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I knew that ...lets hope we don't sign Sammy Starbucks or Pierre Pret-a-Manger anytime soon.
  6. Graham Paddons Beard

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Thanks Ice Cream. Note to self don't try and be funny when Bethnal is in town. I'll get me coat.
  7. Graham Paddons Beard


    I'm not sure this is true. With the South Stand you have to bear in mind the facility that the building offers. You have commercial tenants in there , meeting facilities, corporate boxes and kitchens , which I'm sure that NCFC would want to replicate in a new City Stand . The opportunity to build out into Carrow Road, increase the footprint, the changing rooms and so on would be too good to miss. That piece of road is now largely obsolete (although the bus lane hasn't helped access!) . A new stand wouldn't be just about seats. Simply building on top of the old stand isn't likely - in fact I thought a feasibility study had been done by UEA at some point, and decided that the old myth that it had originally been built with a second tier in mind wasn't correct?
  8. Graham Paddons Beard

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Seriously Bethnal? You need to wake up and smell the coffee.
  9. Graham Paddons Beard

    Season DVD

    Anyone having trouble with the delivery ? I was supposed to get this from the Club for Father’s Day. It didn’t arrive despite promising it in time AND paying £7.50 for express delivery . It still hasn’t arrived .
  10. Graham Paddons Beard

    Man City last game

    You might get Accrington. Maybe not so winnable.
  11. Graham Paddons Beard

    Our away support

    Exactly this . Great post
  12. Graham Paddons Beard

    New membership scheme

    No NN . And I don't have 50 friends
  13. Graham Paddons Beard

    New membership scheme

    So Ricardo here is a question for you. Had they have announced that there would be a 3000 cap (including the now famous 750) would you have spent £50?
  14. Graham Paddons Beard

    New membership scheme

    I'm going to stick my neck out without research and say I doubt it...
  15. Graham Paddons Beard

    New membership scheme

    This is exactly what we would expect, and is what makes the whole thing so hard to manage. A massive up shift in demand. As mentioned before the 750 people have an advantage - albeit a £50 one (which does seem a tad unfair) but they will at least get tickets if they are quick enough. The 750 deserve this. (It's a complete guess but I reckon the Club will find a way of repaying this loyalty another day and in another way, maybe free or subsidised travel for a game.) We saw this begin last year - culminating with 5000 of us travelling to Wigan. That's demand for you. How many would we have taken if we were mid table? Others saying we as fans are being ripped off over the season ticket prices are just living in cloud cuckoo land. My season ticket in the Upper Barclay , a terrific footballing position by the way, is still less than £27 per game even in the Prem, and hasn't changed for years. Nope, my only gripe is the cap , or lack of, for the memberships , but this is on the supposition that they will sell too many and we wont be able to get away tickets even after spending £50. Then , and only then , would I kick up and ask for the £50 back because it will potentially have been sold under false pretenses. You cant offer an "incentive" which then proves not to be so , it would be a fundamental breach of contract. BUT we don't know that any of this is the case , and we will have to wait and see. If they sold , say 5000 Premier Memberships, in the full knowledge that only 3000 away tickets would only be available then they would get hammered and rightly so. It would be like me selling 50 VIP tickets to come to mine for dinner , knowing I could only allow 20 people in. You cannot hide behind "first come first served" in those circumstances . It would be unreasonable. Liverpool away will be interesting...if they have got this wrong Ben K will have a large telephone bill...