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  1. Graham Paddons Beard

    Time to stop moping about and just enjoy the ride

    Nope . Not enjoying it . Hate losing . Hated watching the Wolves game . Keep coming on here for crumbs of comfort to no avail. Not interested in the who’s a proper fan cobblers. I’ll be there on Friday cheering the lads on . Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser . End of.
  2. Graham Paddons Beard

    O/T Liverpool vs West Ham

    4.2 .
  3. Graham Paddons Beard

    Massively over-rated

    We played some of the best football I have ever seen a City side play last season. We won the Championship by 5 points . In that context it has to be a decent side . In the context of being bottom of the prem, by a distance and with horrific goal difference you have to say this is one of the worst Prem sides we have ever had . Again in relation to the other teams. The plaudits are there and at times we play reasonable possession based football. You can’t however give the ball away , fail to defend and miss the few chances you create as we have this season. At times yesterday we were so bad it was unbearable. Make if that what you will.
  4. Graham Paddons Beard

    3 points against Leicester?

    All City fans are hoping for a win. It goes without saying . I will be there , and the delightful Mrs Beard will be too. We will both be noisily supporting the team . I have been a fan since 1972. I’m not changing now If you hope for a win , but don’t expect a win , that certainly does not make you any less of a supporter. I don’t expect to beat Leicester on our current form . If we do it will make the evening even better .
  5. Graham Paddons Beard

    A pointless new thread

    Ha ha ha . My work here is done
  6. Graham Paddons Beard

    A pointless new thread

  7. Graham Paddons Beard

    A pointless new thread

    I just thought I’d start a totally pointless new thread . I thought I would say that we may need to win 6 games to stay up but that we might not do it , but then again we might . I then thought I would publish a note of the bottom 6 , and call it THIS IS THE BOTTOM 6 and point out that the ONES THAT FINISH IN THE BOTTOM THREE go down. Then I might lose the will to live .
  8. Graham Paddons Beard

    Not much to be positive about...

    It does if you NEEEED attention.
  9. Graham Paddons Beard

    Wolves Match Thread.

    We needed every bit of fortune this year . We needed to carry forward the fearless mental attitude that we walked off the pitch with after the Blackburn and Villa games. We needed some luck with injuries , decisions and moments - none of which we got after the West Ham game. The coaching staff haven’t got to grips with the Prem. The confidence has drained out of the players. Some of the players , or their agents, thought they were good enough , but they collectively are not. it’s disappointing rather than surprising . We have some quality but that is negated by bigger faster more accomplished opponents. I say again, how many of our starting 11 would get into many prem teams? When you include the two most recent signings in that list you are in trouble . Today we started with some possession but didn’t threaten. We then got caught out of shape as we so often do . It looked like handball. The second goal looked like a foul on Aarons. And so it continues. But you have to take your chances , stop giving the ball away and defend as a unit . Just pray the Binners don’t come up this year.
  10. Graham Paddons Beard

    Tin pot owners and a clueless manager.

    Yup . Evans and Scumbert . Succinctly put Scotty Boy.
  11. Graham Paddons Beard

    Wolves Match Thread.

    You do feel that all of the good we saw last year has unraveled. Didn’t look like any of our players even think we are going to win. Giving the ball away , one dimensional, getting overrun in key areas. The two new players completely anonymous and wouldn’t get near any other prem side . The lads at the back are all over the place. Mid field losing the ball. Pukki touched the ball once in 15 mins . The co commentator just said Norwich May have to completely rebuild next year if we lose the good players. On the strength of the two windows we are in trouble .
  12. Graham Paddons Beard

    Lambert’s a binner

    Lambert has shown his true colours and is completely lacking in class. Taking the job in the first place was desperation but just about understandable. His behaviour towards us afterwards has been pathetic and has burned all favour at the Club and with the fans . Pure desperation to curry favour with the Binners . It worked for a time - quite unbelievable given his record there even through 3 transfer windows. I feel really sad about it, but equally I am enjoying his demise greatly.
  13. Graham Paddons Beard


    Of course - First Wizzard! Thanks Alex . I’m sure there was something about a cat but that might be my brain playing tricks . First Wizzard and Camelodun (or cameldung I think Wizard called him) went at each other on any given topic. It was comedy gold . Sad that they have both passed.
  14. Graham Paddons Beard


    Cameldonum had some spectacular battles with the other old chap that also sadly passed away who’s posting name I can’t recall? The one who got into an argument about someone’s cat? Does any of that make any sense? Just driven back from London so I’m sober as a judge !