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  1. Graham Paddons Beard

    The Admiral hangs up his boots

    What a player for us. Was at Charlton when he got us up! A warrior in yellow. Enjoy your retirement Admiral.
  2. Graham Paddons Beard

    Local Derby Returns - Kind Of

    Sky Bet giving just over 2/1 as a double . 2.05/ 1 to be precise. Stick £10 on and get £30.55 back inc stake . We are now 1/16 to go down!
  3. Graham Paddons Beard

    Derby in the doo doo.

    I do hope so. Would be good for us if these teams get hammered. If you go up and stay up you seem to be beyond the reach though? Villa about to spend even more ? But presume they won’t make a loss this year?
  4. Graham Paddons Beard

    Been conned

    If you make this case to the Club and can demonstrate logins/ failures to this extent I would think that they would reimburse you . Ben is a reasonable bloke and as described this is not what the Club would want .
  5. Graham Paddons Beard

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Yes that’s exactly what the mini league threads were , and jolly interesting they were too. Highly relevant and of interest to us simple posters . The seasons we were at the top of these mini leagues, which by definition involve classic “6 pointers” , we survived. Nothing wrong with being optimistic, but using arguments that are an insult to people’s intelligence (and then threatening to flounce off when they react ,and then not flouncing off) don’t help the cause at all. Just fills the board up with rubbish that we then have to sift through when we are looking for information . I said earlier that our record against the teams we have to beat is shocking - possibly the worst I can recall- I actually hadn’t realised that in the relation to the others it was even worse!
  6. Graham Paddons Beard

    Time to go Delia

    Sorry Purple but Bury Town have never been established. Get a grip. Although they once were a feeder club for us ….
  7. Graham Paddons Beard

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Right that’s it . I’m never posting again. See you all tomorrow.
  8. Graham Paddons Beard

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Exactly . Any team can beat anyone else apparently . Except we can’t beat any of the bottom 6 having played all of them at least once . Whenever we stay up it’s our home form against the lower teams around us that is our mainstay . This season our “must wins” have lead to very little on the board. In fact I might start a thread about it .
  9. Graham Paddons Beard

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I thought you were done with this board Lakey? PS we haven’t beaten any of those teams - in fact we have only taken 1 point from them in total . Villa have beaten us twice . You are starting to get on my nerves with filling up this board with horsesh1t Its a ridiculously pointless thread .
  10. Graham Paddons Beard

    We failed because....

    In balance I dislike the concept of Sarah Ferguson as much as Megan Markel. Trouble with that is it dispels people calling it Racism which seems to be the main reason given . I’m also in my 50’s and voted to remain. Surely as a 50 something East Anglian heterosexual man I must be a far right racist ? Well at least according to the Dan O’Hagens of this world . I even confuse myself.
  11. Graham Paddons Beard

    Still on a learning curve.....so get a grip....again

    Lakey stop being so precious . You lecture folk , starting your own threads where you can easily join in on myriad others . You cannot be surprised when you tell people how to think that you will get a reaction. I suspect you need this board more than it needs you . As a consequence you aren’t going anywhere.
  12. Graham Paddons Beard

    Still on a learning curve.....so get a grip....again

    Remember it’s the same as an investment . Curves can go down as well as up. Sadly this curve is a little more steep than we hoped . In fact not so much a curve , more a slope.
  13. Graham Paddons Beard

    M6 closed in Lancashire tomorrow

    On balance this was the best thread of the day. Whilst my attempt at humour seems to have been lost on a few, we did get a traffic report, a geography lesson (who knew the Lake District was to the North of Manchester?) and an re introduction to Tebay, one of my most favourite service stations . I say one of, because my absolute favourite services are Bishops Stortford and Clacket Lane (both to the South of Manchester by the way) Yes I have lost the plot. I admit it.
  14. Graham Paddons Beard

    Left wing ownership

    Brilliant. At last a proper, well thought out thread. I've been waiting all night.
  15. Graham Paddons Beard

    True Norwich fans stand up - as at Old Trafford

    I didn’t go I'm p1ssed off because we lost and we are going back down I will not be going to support another club (thanks for the offer) I couldn’t give a tuppenny toss about happy clappers or whiners, whingers. plastics, hard men, softies, bloggers, numpties, dogooders, whatabouters or any group of fans that d1ckheads want to invent . We aren’t good enough . It is very very simple . We hoped we would be but we are not . B0ll0cks to every damn thing tonight. I reckon that deals with about 17 current threads . Good evening everyone x