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  1. Hurrah ! They’re back. See you soon Tony . My second team is Cambridge How is Paul these days ? Given you your club back I heard ?
  2. Complete guess but ... Evans keeps a stake . Also keeps stake in Training ground . Evans writes off paper debt in one of his businesses . He is probably writing off lots of debt due to Covid anyway - he can’t be selling many tickets . may not even write it off - just keeps it as a liability on his books . Evans pockets £17m. guaranteed this won’t go to the same part of his empire holding the debt . Leaves new owner to pay off Lambert
  3. TWTD saying Evan’s will retain a percentage of the Club and the training ground? Pension funds can invest in anything . But there has to be a point to I t - and the point has to be financial gain of some sort ? Fixed rate loan? Performance bonus? Does Mucus pocket the £17m and in return write off the whole paper debt ?
  4. Binners get taken over . City fans start arguing . Funny Old Game .
  5. So ... Evan’s has written off the debt ? It was inevitable- and the obsession with the debt was always a red herring .
  6. I simply could not have summarised my position more clearly than that Purple. Consider yourself appointed as my representative with immediate effect . You can start by getting the bloke in front of me to sit down when we get a corner . GPB
  7. I shouted into the Directors Lounge “Don’t sell Kevin Reeves”. Didn’t do a blind bit of good.
  8. As Cardiff score an 89th min winner at Portaloo - MM leaps to his feet and tells the Binner fans to F3ck. Off.
  9. Look . It’s simple . There are some people who want to represent . These people should never be allowed to represent anyone . As held in the case Groucho vs Marx 1927 “I wouldn’t join a club that would have me” etc etc Then there are those who are so apathetic that they can’t be bothered to represent . These may be considered worthy of representation but would never turn up. Then there are those that wouldn’t want to represent anyone. These , by definition, are the perfect people to represent . But of course they don’t want to , and therefore won’t appear on the ballot form - and we can’t vote for them, to represent us. So we end up with an anarchic autonomous collective , that meets bi-monthly , in a small village hall in a secret location .
  10. Or represented by fans representing other fans , some of whom don’t want to be represented , or indeed represent , other fans . Viz a viz some fans are unrepresentable . Conversely , other fans are unrepresented . I hope that’s clear . 🥸
  11. I have a strange feeling that the people who will inevitably put themselves forward will be those that I wouldn’t want to be represented by ....
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