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  1. Godfrey is a class act . I can’t believe I have bitten here but what the heck.
  2. Who are the fans representatives? No one asked me and I’m the greatest fan the club has ever had? I do hope it’s not the doddery old sods who always put themselves forwards and refer to all of the NCFC staff by their first names?
  3. A few players I’ve heard of . Geoff Hurst . Maradona. Wes Hoolahan . That useless bloke that plays centre half for the Binners . Leave it with me. I’ll see what I can do.
  4. Can someone please mention St Andrews Hall? I’m playing PinkUn Bingo and I’m down to the last phrase. Thanks in anticipation. GPB.
  5. If this guy really is 5ft3 then I will categorically state here and now he won’t make it . I assume it’s a wind up.
  6. Slightly off topic but with protocols in mind here are two scenarios to consider under the current review system. 1 ball gets crossed in . Palace striker receives the ball. Lino raises flag. Striker puts ball into the net. Review occurs automatically and sees player is not offside . Goal stands 2 ball gets crossed in. Palace striker receives the ball. Lino raises flag. Palace striker sees the flag go up , stops and let’s the ball run through to the keeper . Doesn’t put ball in the net ( but could have done) and therefore no review of the offside decision . Under the initial VAR application linos were told not to flag too early . “Football” couldn’t handle this and PGMOL certainly couldn’t get their heads around it . Wait until the move is over and allow play to continue . No said PGMOL - we must flag immediately. Cricket has got used to being overruled In the interests of the decision being correct Football is far too arrogant .
  7. This is exactly the point re VAR. in the World Cup , the first time it was introduced, play was continually reviewed by VAR. It was trialed in this way too - all over the world . Australia , Japan and all over Europe . It was designed to offer the onfield ref additional angles . This is what refs have moaned about for years. Only one angle . “Protocol” then took over . 1 for consistency ie when should it be used . And 2 - this is the important one folks - not to been seen to overrule the refs on too many occasions . So referral was stipulated for only certain instances . And that where it all goes wrong . Play is no longer continually reviewed as it was initially intended to be. It worked very well in the World Cup with numerous international refs. Give it to PGMOL and you get Simon Hooper reviewing Michael Oliver . I rest my case .
  8. Some of us got 9/2 with BET 365 about 2 months ago for Villa to stay up. A quick look at the remaining fixtures was enough for me . Mind you I also had a quid on 10 nil yesterday.
  9. Don’t over do this Waveney. It was quite funny the first time but ....
  10. Negligence is disclaimed by “the onfield referees decision is final “ . You can’t disclaim out of injury or death but you can disclaim , by implied prior acceptance , in these circumstances to pure financial loss .
  11. Re suing Oliver or PGOML I suspect the issue is not negligence but contractual. When you get promoted you sign up to sky’s , sorry the Premier Leagues , contract which almost certainly will say our / the refs decision is final. The use of VAR and the protocols surrounding it will be included. Refeering decisions will contractually be accepted before they ever occur . I doubt that Bournemouth could successfully sue the ref Professional negligence against Hawkeye is however an interesting one. A claim against Hawkeye for not doing what it was meant to do is presumably possible but again there will be a level of acceptance implied . Does Hawkeye claim to be 100% accurate? Is this the basis of their employment by the EPL ? Unlikely I would say - there are bound to be caveats This is the premier league wording of VAR referral . Noticeable that it does not say ball over the line is referred but that all goals will be checked but is precise about what it checks . All goals scored in the Premier League will automatically be checked by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR). They will check for any infringements by the attacking team in the attacking possession phasethat led to the goal. For factual decisions such as offside or the ball being out of play, the VAR will inform the referee, who will overturn any award of a goal. For subjective decisions such as a foul or a handball, VAR can be used to overturn if a “clear and obvious error” has been identified. The referee will explain his decision to the VAR and what he has seen. If the evidence provided by the broadcast footage does not accord with what the referee believes he has seen, then the VAR can recommend an overturn. The final decision will remain with the on-field referee.
  12. Mr Footy? A Whiff of Bin methinks....? Great effort by your lot too. 11th in the 3rd division. Still, you won the black and white cup in 1937 or whenever it was. Fair play.
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