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  1. Graham Paddons Beard

    Farke gets vote of confidence

    Col U a little too strong for the mighty Tahn?
  2. Graham Paddons Beard

    Farke gets vote of confidence

    That’s a great post Pete. Very informative and much appreciated. Come on the Super Blews. Col Utd tonight ? What ya reckon?
  3. Graham Paddons Beard

    Ricardo's report v Watford

    Nope . There is no way I’m not being miserable. I hate losing . I like winning . Therefore I liked last year and don’t like this year . I don’t care if that’s unreasonable. Not bothered . That’s how it is.
  4. I don’t usually state the bleedin’ obvious. But if you just leave these threads alone Adam can get back to cooking his Mums’ tea . She loves him of course but it wouldn’t hurt her to let him go out on a Saturday once in a while . You know , he’s got his own life , and just because the other boys are a bit mean to him doesn’t mean he should stay in EVERY Saturday night does it ?
  5. Graham Paddons Beard

    The Last Post

    Putting everything into perspective - how atmospheric was the pre match bugler? I thought it was absolutely fantastic and brilliantly well observed by both sets of fans . Mrs Beard says it came across very well on Sky too. Thank goodness some proper tradition remains.
  6. Graham Paddons Beard

    Ricardo's report v Watford

    Cheers Ricardo . Doesn’t get any easier does it? I should have learned by now
  7. Graham Paddons Beard

    Ricardo's report v Watford

    This sums it up nicely. We all hoped we could take our style of play to another level. Briefly we did and then we saw huge physical players blow us away - even Farke has commented on the physicality of the league and our lack of. after all of the effort and success of last year I’m finding this hard to take . I thought we would be better . Our passing is easily negated by early pressing - once again we can’t get the ball out from the back and cannot move through central areas . Instead we ponderously play through neutral wider areas - handing the ball to Onel and hoping he can work wonders - which includes crossing to a box that is overloaded by the opposition. This game signals where we really are . Bottom and beaten by a team without a win and without any form. The players looked deeply unhappy - small signs of bickering which is totally alien to what we saw last year . add to that the summer signings - Amadou being the exception - it seems we haven’t strengthened at all. Totally fed up .
  8. Graham Paddons Beard

    So is Friday a must win?

    I would say .... yes.
  9. Graham Paddons Beard


    Come on lads . You should be saying it’s short for Bob. I’ll get me coat .
  10. Graham Paddons Beard


    I know it’s off topic. But isn’t Lindsay a bit of a girls name?
  11. Graham Paddons Beard

    Interesting Comments By DF

    To be fair , this board gets much more interesting when we are losing. The pious , the moany, the "I told you so's" , those that know more about football (or accounting) than professionals, those with encyclopaedic knowledge on all football contracts, the sky deal, tactics , Fifa 2020 , who we did or didn't try and sign , is great isn't it? I think this is the highlight at the moment. I'm glad I binned my Brighton ticket. I might leave early from the Watford game. I remember when we were a well run Club. June I think it was.
  12. Graham Paddons Beard

    Have faith

    I love that someone called Havefaith uses the phrase Jesus Wept. On the Sabbath too. A suspicion that someone has been on the communion wine ? Excellent stuff. It’s a strong 6/10 from me.
  13. Graham Paddons Beard

    Farke struggling

    You can’t continually allow the opposition to have 20plus shots on target. Doesn’t matter who the manager is , or what model the club is following . Keep that up and we’ll be back in the Chumps playing the Binners before we know it .
  14. Why are Watford bottom ?
  15. Graham Paddons Beard

    Another game

    Apparently the Pope is a chartered accountant (in his spare time )