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  1. I’ve been to 4 out 6 games this year . I have been in the stadiums cheering the lads on . Screaming at the ref. Singing on the ball city and making myself horse in the bargain. So far I reckon I’ve spent 400 quid on travel , tickets ,grub for me and family . (I’m lucky - I can afford it - and am not looking for any medals) And bellends on here complain about negativity like some holier than thou c0cks who I doubt have been to any games this year and haven’t got behind the boys once this year in person Let me tell anyone that cares to listen I have earned the right to be concerned about the current abject lack of looking like winning (in the league - 6.0 against Bournemouth reserves doesn’t really count - but I was there too) And here’s something else . I’ll be at CR at Tuesday too. Cheering the boys on.
  2. Chalky. I wondered if putting too many “ever’s” might alert you to the mischief in my comment. Obviously not.
  3. The first 10 was because of the pandemic. The next 4 was because we were never ever ever going to beat the teams in question. And the next one was because we were playing too many debutants and were dreadfully unlucky . I think that sorts it .
  4. Oh for FÛck sake ! Why have him twice in three home games?
  5. .deleted my comment as can’t be bothered to argue with anyone who thinks the pandemic is “effectively over”
  6. Ruddy heck. This is bordering on the helpful- most unlike the current posts on here at the moment . Thanks CK.
  7. Slightly OT . I recall standing on the terraces in Arnhem during the UEFA cup run. There was a group of blokes, with no colours , singing about the IRA , and stirring up trouble with the Dutch fans. This bunch weren't at all interested in the game , but became the focus of the local police. It got so uncomfortable that we moved away. No idea if they were real City fans, or had just jumped onboard for some continental agro.
  8. Can only assume this is a different Big Sam from the one with a very healthy bank balance following a reasonably successful managerial career , a nice payoff from the FA and a steady income from Sky/ Talksport. The Big Sam I’m describing wouldn’t cross the road to manage in Div 3 however many statues they put up.
  9. What a wonderful start to the day. A blo0dy good belly laugh. The thought that either manager would go to a Div 3 struggler is priceless. But why stop there ? Surely they could get Deschamps who may be looking for a new job soon? Promise him a statue and anything could happen
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