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  1. Got two last month. Pleasantly surprised that it was the new badge . Fantastic little badge and cause . Well worth the money !
  2. How on earth has that gone to VAR? Stonewall . Maguire just kicks him.
  3. This could be the night that my often suspected colourblind-ness is proven. To my eye England are wearing Orange ?
  4. So Hanley is dark green and Andy O is a light orange . That’s exactly what I thought . Glad I’m up with the data.
  5. Foul against the Binner if anything . He looks at the Plymouth player knows exactly what he is doing .
  6. Foul against the Binner is anything . He looks at the Plymouth player knows exactly what he is doing .
  7. This is true . I had a trip around Colney last year and there is a specific sprint track for this purpose .
  8. Klose got kicked in a pre season at Cambridge. Gibson did his ankle off the ball in the Championship winning season. Zimmermann got kicked against West Ham. Im not sure there is much can be done about it .
  9. Under the heading “beauty wellness and fitness “ ? Maybe there are more products available from Ncfc online than us mere mortals are aware of ? And I thought they just sold tracksuits and garden gnomes .
  10. Great post Mello. Well done indeed. Brilliant stuff .
  11. A wonderful , fitting day exactly what many wanted. The bearer party were extraordinary. Plenty for those with an agenda to get their teeth into , but in truth there always is. If you don’t want to watch it , don’t watch it . Sometimes life can be more simple than you think.
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