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  1. Daz Sparks

    Where do we go from here?

    Whenever I read the title of this thread, the only answer I can come up with is..... ...... down to the lake I fear? I'll get my coat.
  2. Daz Sparks

    Mclean's header

    Kenny fully subscribes to the "team before everything" mantra. It shows.
  3. Daz Sparks

    Where do we go from here?

    He looked a formidable physical presence as well Zac, perfectly complimenting Big Ben.
  4. Daz Sparks

    How many will man city get

    Almost, but not quite MP.
  5. Daz Sparks

    Mainstream praise comes flooding in

    A good read in the comments section also, many neutrals posting some complimentary stuff.
  6. Daz Sparks

    Now do you understand??

    Well said NF.
  7. Daz Sparks

    Nature or nurture?

    It's both, right now we are blessed with young players that have talent and potential, we are also blessed with a coach that can see this and knows how to develop it. Norwich City wise, it is a perfect storm.
  8. Daz Sparks

    Todd Cantwell

    Todd's energy is outstanding, coupled with his added physical strength and obvious talent, he has the potential to become a City legend and even more. I couldn't be more happy for the lad, and I am delighted that he is a Norfolk boy to boot! Let's all hope he keeps with the current trajectory, if he does, we have a real superstar on our hands.
  9. Daz Sparks

    Man city game

    Those that count aren't Wardy, Pep for example praised the way played as well other respected football commentators. Most of the comments blaming Man City's lack of quality in defence are from the uninformed or biased, such as Alan Shearer and Darren Bent, or blinkered Man City fans.
  10. Daz Sparks

    Unlikely CENTER Backs

    I just sort of think it sort of works better than sorts of working, how about you?
  11. Daz Sparks

    Ratings v Man City

    I would say Amadou was the most glad to get to the dressing room at full time and empty his back pockets of Man City's forward line!
  12. Daz Sparks

    Ricardo's report v Man City

    That's what I watched as well Ricardo, just from the other end. The atmosphere was absolutely epic, my daughter said her tender 17 yr old ears were ringing like never before!
  13. Daz Sparks

    Tony Cottee

    Tony Cottee was and will always be a t1t.
  14. Daz Sparks

    Now do you understand??

    Fair play to you Lakey old boy! I'll raise glass to you tonight... CHEERS!