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  1. Seems to be a surfeit of optimism on here, not sure if that is entirely deserved. If we win, I'll be happy, but slightly surprised, if we lose or draw, I won't be
  2. Going to be interesting to see Johnson squirm today. I wonder how many times he will be lie to the inquiry? I'm going for over a dozen.
  3. The lack of strong condemnation from the US has emboldened Israel. They have pretty much gone rogue as a Nation. Anyone who cries antisemitism is seriously deluded, the lack of humanity shown by Israel is staggering, it has become disproportionate in the extreme.
  4. I don't think party politics come into this much, if at all. Not scientific, but on canvassing a few colleagues, friends and family, everyone who knew what they were said give them back, everyone who didn't know what they were said they couldn't care less. Of the 6 or 7 I spoke with, 2 who said give them back were certainly not to the left, one is in fact a staunch Brexiteer, hang em all, make Braverman look commie type.
  5. Only 65, definitely too early. Thanks for the music you left behind.
  6. I'm not fervently behind either side in the case of these sculptures, but I do agree with you that in all liklihood, that they are in a better condition now, than they would have been if left in situ two centuries ago. The diplomatic spat this week has shone a light on the subject and evoked a debate in places where previously there was none. So in a way, the Greek PM has had a small win there. Going back to the first point though, it seems some kind of compromise in the vien that Herman mentions seems sensible. Finally, no-one can deny that Rishi has indeed scored an own goal on the subject.
  7. This sums it up for me, regardless of the rights and wrongs of what happened over 200 years ago, the one thing that is clear, they were never British.
  8. The Beeb played this at the end of the show that wrapped up Euro 96, if I remember correctly, whatever, or whenever, it was very poignant.
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