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  1. Verstappen hasn't got a sportsmanlike bone in his body, he is a petulant child under pressure from a rival whose skill and application is at a zenith. To quote a post from another website:- "Unless the FIA get control of Mad Max & Bonkers Spice someone is going to be killed."
  2. Lmao at the ITV commentary team celebrating our performance against bleeding San Marino. It would be interesting to see this San Marino team play the Lionesses, not entirely sure they would win...
  3. I miss DF, any right minded football fan has to be grateful for the exceptional moments (many) that he brought us. I cannot thank him enough for the 19/20 season though, that was Canary Heaven.
  4. Good luck Deano, looking forward to at least seeing us in matches. I loved DF for what he done for the club and the fans, and didn't want him sacked, but he's gone, Dean Smith is in and first and foremost I am a Canary.
  5. Thanks, I still had yesterday's on Pink-Un
  6. Dean Smith confirmed By Ken Hairy, 1 minute ago in Main Discussion - Norwich City Have you got a link please KH?
  7. Yeah, I can identify with that statement, and I partially agree with your take on the protests. My thoughts on the people that have taken to the streets though, is that they feel they have to do something to make themselves feel they can influence events. Getting back the other points you make about politicians etc, I sort of disagree here, because politicians in countries like China and India are going to have a massive effect on how much carbon their respective countries are going to produce.
  8. I'll go a for a tense 1-0 to us. This is based on pure guesswork.
  9. https://londonnewstime.com/angry-parents-slam-a-vulgar-childrens-board-game-called-skid-marx/502657/ I had a double take when I saw this. A combination of laughter coupled with disbelief and astonishment!
  10. This, especially the last bit, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him here at the end of the season.
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