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  1. Daz Sparks

    Move Ground to move forward.

    Err, we're not talking about spending £1 Billion.
  2. Daz Sparks

    Move Ground to move forward.

    I don't agree that comparison to Bournemouth is relevant, their success without increased capacity is however undeniable. Ipswich have had a dwindling fanbase ever since expanding Portman Road, we have not. I will repeat my previous assertion that the financial consideration of expansion should not be the ONLY one, careful consideration needs to given to nurturing the future fanbase. I myself am a season ticket holder and could quite easily say no need to fix that which isn't broken, but the future has to be planned for. The quoted figure of almost £1 billion for the new White Hart Lane must surely have exceeded it's £ per seat over the next ten years, but it went ahead all the same, we are not talking a fraction of that cost.
  3. Daz Sparks

    Move Ground to move forward.

    If you did't have a season a ticket, getting 2 tickets together for a match last season was difficult. I suggest next season may be more difficult. I believe the demand for greater capacity has been present, on average, for a many seasons. Comparisons to Bournemouth just don't seem relevant, nor to Ipswich, we have increased our fan base over the past 15 years. Any increased capacity that is taken up doesn't end at the ticket price either, I know this from personal experience, the Club has to consider ground expansion in a multi faceted way, and whilst there are no guarantees that increased capacity would be sold in enough numbers to pay for itself, careful consideration to the future fanbase has to be made.
  4. Daz Sparks

    Move Ground to move forward.

    When the South Stand was replaced, it was more through necessity, the Old South Stand was on the verge of being condemned. The City Stand is in no such peril, and as such any ground improvement would have to be undertaken knowing it would be purely choice with a view to allow more folk to get to see games. Some things should maybe not be purely down to the bottom line and some element of providing for what the fans want should be considered. However, the Club must not be reckless with the finances.
  5. Daz Sparks

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    Good, let’s hope it gets put back how it was with maybe a minor tweak.
  6. Daz Sparks

    League Cup draw

    U21's or not, I'd be in for a ticket
  7. Daz Sparks

    Pointless article Yorkshire Post

    I was warned.....
  8. Daz Sparks

    Mario's contract?

    I second that.
  9. Daz Sparks

    Brum Sack Gary Monk.

    Are their owners stinking rich?
  10. Daz Sparks

    City and the binners

    When Bill invariably calls them paupers in many of his posts where the "dodgy binners" are mentioned, I no longer perceive this as a dearth of money, but more a paucity of morals.
  11. Daz Sparks

    City and the binners

    Sweet, 3.3 more Canaries with hearts and King Keano can go to hell in a handcart as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Daz Sparks

    City and the binners

    Great gesture Bill. £10 winging it's way over from here too.
  13. Daz Sparks

    City and the binners

    Has he not offered 5p in the £ NN?
  14. Daz Sparks

    Congratulations Yet Again to Teemu.

    Gratz Teemu and the new Mrs P, let's hope for a great season again.
  15. Daz Sparks

    Cricket World Cup

    Looking forward to this game BP, some exciting batting on both sides and if Pakistan bring their A-game, could be a humdinger! Whilst I'm in the mood to speak about the cricket, the AUS v IND match had a deal of excitement to it, I was convinced Australia would come nowhere near the Indian total before they batted, but if Smith or Carey had batted a bit longer, that would have ben very tight.