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  1. Daz Sparks

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Good to see DF backing youth once again.
  2. Daz Sparks

    President Trump

    Has your carer left you unattended again Paul?
  3. Daz Sparks

    I have had a premonition

    I guess you hear what you're singing, I've been singing Krul, so that's how I hear it.
  4. Daz Sparks

    Spurs Tickets

    Ought to change your name to Speedy Mullins.
  5. So many to choose from. Wembley, Play off semi final. The atmosphere when we beat Millwall last season, and when we equalised against Forest.
  6. Daz Sparks

    Grant Hanley

    Grant Hanley was epic today.
  7. Daz Sparks

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    I was thinking ebola myself...
  8. Daz Sparks

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    We have had play 12 men many times in the past, it has now become 13 or more. I will seriously reconsider paying to watch televised football from the next time my subs are up for renewal. Thoroughly saddened by the whole wretched affair.
  9. Daz Sparks

    The Brexit Thread

    At least it would have been somewhat truthful...
  10. Daz Sparks

    Leicester are the club I wish we were

    They wuz robbed!
  11. Daz Sparks

    Leicester are the club I wish we were

    https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/53209707?featured=1&utm_content=featured_listing Fill ya boots Jobsworth, I'm sure there's an Iceland to stock the freezer with scampi.
  12. Daz Sparks

    The Brexit Thread

    I don't doubt your latter points Purple, but as I am still going to be living and working in this country, it's time, as the song says, to "Let it go" Onwards and upwards, voted for him or not, let's give Boris a chance.
  13. Daz Sparks

    The Brexit Thread

    I didn't vote for a Tory Government, nor did I want Jeremy Corbyn running the country, however, what I did want was second referendum. Now, before you you right wing lot jump on me, here's how I see it now. I accept that there will be NO second referendum, I accept that we will leave the EU at the end of January 2020. I also see that the result DOES have some positives, ie. the certainty that business and commerce has craved for over 3 years and the fact that Boris' early ramblings seem more conciliatory and less dangerous than I might have expected. From an EU perspective, the early signs from them is that they also accept the inevitability of Brexit and the noises coming from the seem to be positive. The paralysis of the past 3 years will hopefully now clear away. I also hope that as Boris has no need to, he does't pander to the extremes such as the ERG and steers a more liberal path, and we achieve a decent deal from the EU which is softer than the RWNJ's would love to see. Finally, let's all get behind City and help push us toward safety for the rest of the season, the debate on here was great, the nastiness between fellow supporters not so great. OTBC
  14. Daz Sparks

    The Brexit Thread

    Thanks for that Purple, I presume further investigation into many of the other claims would throw up similar outcomes.