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  1. It looks like you have your predictor text on kirku Are we still talking about Hooper?
  2. He's a proper Nostrodamus is ole Ricardo
  3. Good news KG, both that you had it and it was plain sailing.
  4. I think that certain media sources have acted irresponsibly this week, there should be no talk of easing lockdown for some weeks yet.
  5. Vaccine booked for next Thursday. #relieved! I have to say credit where it's due, the Government appear to be keeping up with quotas. However, I reserve the real gratitude for the likes of Sarah Gilbert and her colleagues, the NHS and the thousands of good people volunteering, all true heroes in my eyes.
  6. With due respect to all, but this is derailing the thread subject, could the discussion not continue on the Brexit thread?
  7. I understand Orange boy is considering a pardon for Joe Exotic, whilst morally questionable, undeniably great from an entertainment perspective.
  8. Is that the Russia where true democracy exists, and opposition to the incumbent is welcomed.
  9. Great to hear WBB, it's so gratifying to see this unfold everyday, please don't stop updating this thread until we are well out of lockdown and maybe onto just the occasional bit of news about your "yearly 9annually modified) C-19 jab".
  10. I'm fuelling the fire NF. Am I evading tax, I put in my annual self assessment and got a rebate?
  11. Not exactly a difficult job though, is it Bill, we have a couple of case studies on here. In fact, one springs to mind (mus cerebrum) that it seems pretty impossible to prevent him becoming more stupid with every passing day.
  12. Not exactly a difficult job though, is it Bill, we have a couple of case studies on here.
  13. I'm on weekly immuno-supressant jabs, I never get a sticker... ...mind you, I do them myself, I'll have a word!
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