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  1. Only true Norwich FC fans could get more than 10/15 in this quiz You got 14 out of 15 right! Excellent You can wave your club’s flag proudly! You are a true Norwich supporter. Share your result
  2. Sadly, I also think this to be true.
  3. Both these quotes are the antithesis of Bill and in no small way a decent way to go about life. As for Bill straightening out his unfounded allegation, I doubt it will happen, although happy to be wrong!
  4. Well, ole Bill never posts up anything but the "facts". LMFAO
  5. Not everything you post I agree with, however this particular paragraph is bang on the money. On one hand you have a Chancellor bringing in sensible and appropriate measures, (job retention scheme) on the other you have a complete fool of a PM backing a nobody in Cummings, I fear that the billions in furlough money may have been "spaffed up the wall". If we get a second wave and either a second lockdown, which is largely disregarded, or no lockdown, what was point of the first one?
  6. Stupidity on a staggering scale.
  7. Two more shady a looking characters you would you would ever likely to see.
  8. Sounds positive Wbb. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  9. This. Even though it's entirely feasible that some clubs, including our own, may go bankrupt, I would rather sideline that thought and be paid up and ready to go again when it is allowed.
  10. Back to Pink, thank god for that, thought I'd been turned blue for good.
  11. Let me break down your post. 1. so, you posted up some ill thought out guff Your opinion, no more, which on this forum amounts to buttons. 2. you fall back on to the claimed moral high ground when it is shown to be that I have fallen back on no moral high ground 3. and yes it does matter where the tests are coming I still don't care where the tests come from. 4. you are trying to misrepresent by stating that any tests football acquires are taken from UK medical supplies Of course the tests don't come from UK medical supplies, I did not state otherwise. 5. and the question still holds - if football can so easily source these tests then why can't the UK government I still don't care where the tests come from, they would be better used testing frontline medical staff. Argue all you like against me or anyone else, you know this true. Football = Unimportant Doctors, Nurses and Carers = Vital Please stop patronising me little man.
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