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  1. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    The Fans

    Barely a murmur after the team went 2-1 down is hardly "brilliant". Klose was standing down by the Snakepit urging the fans to sing and make a noise again hardly brilliant. A lot of noise at the beginning of the game, when we went 1-0 up and when we equalised, from 1-1 onwards it was not that noisy at all.......
  2. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    The Fans

    The team and management seem relaxed to me, however the fans seem like they are the ones showing the nerves and there is a danger that could get to the players. I thought the crowd tonight were very quiet for long spells and far too nervy, do we really need Klose acting like a cheerleader to get us supporting the team?. Chill out Norwich fans and sing your hearts out for the team for the full 90 mins in each of the last three games......."Farke on a horse".......
  3. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    Over the last five games Norwich and Leeds have accrued 9 points and Sheff Utd 8 points, so all three teams fighting for the two automatic promotion places are feeling the nerves and of those only Norwich currently do not have a "L" against their name. It is also worth bearing in mind that Leeds have an inferior goal difference (8) which means they are effectively 6 points behind us with only three games left..........
  4. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    Ref was unsighted for #penalty#

    I would only ask that the law is applied on a consistent basis, sometimes a penalty is given, sometimes it is not.........
  5. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    Good Friday could be momentous

    Personally not worried about the title, promotion has to be the aim, so Leeds breathing down our necks is of less concern, as long as we keep Sheff Utd at arms length I will be happy.......
  6. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    An arm away from losing

    Well the neutral BBC did not think it was a penalty............
  7. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    town going down without a fight

    Hi Dylan, thanks for that, I am not suggesting that Ippo are getting any advantage, I was suggesting that Evans is using Ippo as a vehicle to offset their large losses against the profitable side of his group of companies. I am given to understand this is what SISU are doing at Coventry. I have to admit I am not at all au fait with company taxation and my understanding is clearly flawed.....
  8. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    town going down without a fight

    I am guessing this has something to do with Evans not wanting to relinquish his grip on the loss making part of his group of companies for tax reasons. The Football league really should be doing something about preventing the financial model being employed at Ippo and other clubs (Coventry spring to mind as a similar example).........
  9. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    Black Sabbath

    From memory I think Ippo have quite a good record against Leeds at Portman Road. I do not have a hatred for Ipswich, i am totally indifferent to them, but on this occasion I would be happy for them to beat Leeds.....
  10. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    Brandon Supporters help

    According to the Greater Anglia site there are five parking spaces at Brandon and parking is free.......
  11. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    Foreign XI

    Paddon, Cross, Dion, Butterworth, Downs, Drinkell, Simeon Jackson, Andy Marshall, Mick Mcguire, Leon Mckenzie, Safri, Dave Phillips, Robert Rosario, Elliot Ward and Tim Sherwood.........
  12. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    Foreign XI

    Not internationals, but you get quite a good squad of players that have played for both Norwich City and Coventry City.......
  13. I thought it was Sheik Itoff that was looking to buy us......
  14. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    When did your love begin ?

    When Ron Saunders nicked my pen after signing my autograph book at the Trowse training ground in 1972.......
  15. Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

    Who got Moritz's hat?

    To put the blame for the second Hull goal on "the hat" is absolutely ridiculous. On a different note, I think you must sit near me Van Wink......