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  1. Or maybe theyll just accept they will be relagated before the season has even commenced. As they have a self funding model. You never know, they might get in a couple of pub league players to strengthen the team.
  2. No way will fans be back in grounds this side of the New Year. The virus is on the rise again, globally not just the UK.
  3. Can't argue with that. Dismal board who had no intention of trying to stay in the Premiership. Never mind full House again next season. As I've said before, Saint Delia must laugh her socks off every evening.
  4. Double standards, as it's the mighty Liverpool and Leeds, how the premiership ever survived without Liverpool winning it and Leeds being in it I don't know.
  5. The biggest clanger was VAR being used.
  6. Whatever happened with Sean Raggett. Signed from Lincoln City and never really given a chance at City spending most of his time on loan at Portsmouth. His contract has come to an end and looks likely he will be released.
  7. If you go back further Bolton where the role model club. Look at them now, league 2. Realistically, there will only ever be 5 or 6 clubs in the premiership who will challenge for the title. The rest are just treading water all the time.
  8. Yes, he's an ar*e kicker. And that's what the club and squad need.
  9. Makes me laugh how you are accused of being a binner when you don't agree with the happy clappers.
  10. How Farke can justify keeping his job after this season I'll never know. Total disaster from start to finish.
  11. Unfortunately the stats don't lie. This has been city's worst top flight season ever. Whether that be the old first division or the premiership. And Farke has been the worst top flight city manager.
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