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  1. City fan

    A club without ambition

    Listen to Webber being interviewed prior to the Watford game. He's thrown the towel in already.
  2. City fan

    Pantwetting continues

    And that's the only comment a happy clapper can make. Delia must think everyday is Christmas with happy clapper fans like that.
  3. City fan

    Match Night Thread -

    Before you wa*kers accuse me of being an Ip**** supporter or plastic fan. I've follower city since the 70s and this is the worst team I've ever scene in a green shirt. Last season is beginning to look like when Leicester won the premiership. Everything fell into place.
  4. City fan

    Match Night Thread -

    The c**ts couldn't score in a brothel. Delie is a money grabbing old c**t who has fleeced the club for years.
  5. City fan

    Match Night Thread -

    Bunch of tossers. 1 down within 2 minutes against the mighty Watford.
  6. City fan


    Nice to see Alex Neil with PNE sitting top the championship. I always held him in high regard.
  7. City fan


  8. City fan


    And that's all you can come back with you happy clapper.
  9. City fan

    Another game

    And another defeat. Very familiar pattern now developing. I don't expect miracles, but I would have thought after last season city had something about them to put up a good fight and display this season. Severely lacking all over the pitch.
  10. City fan

    We don't need to spend...

    Another inbred happy clapper
  11. City fan

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    Not conceding a goal was a massive step in the right direction. As Alen Hanson always maintains, a successful team is built from a solid defence.
  12. City fan

    Must go

    You are so thick you can't see the irony of your reply.
  13. Villa want to stay in the premiership. Delia is just pleased to be there for one season. That's the difference.
  14. City fan

    Must go

    And you if don't like the topic don't comment