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  1. Binner, you fecking pr*ck. If you had a brain you would be dangerous.
  2. Lambert saved city. When he came he, the club was in freefall. He took city from league 1 to 12th in the premiership. So stop being a bunch of tw*ts about him and fecking grow up.
  3. At the moment the Government have clearly stated the vaccine is not for private sale, as it rightly should be. Stop football that's the easy option. The current crisis is far more important than kicking a ball about.
  4. At least he was sacked, unlike other people who got away with worst, for being in the lodge.
  5. The whole season will be over by the end of January. Football should, for this season, never have restarted. Greed is all that drives football. No one needs it, society can live without it.
  6. Couldn't have happened to a nicer club or manager. My heart bleeds for them, not.
  7. As irresponsible as the Premiership and EFL still continuing with football as covid numbers rising throughout their respective leagues. But mustn't let common sense get in the way of a money making machine.
  8. I think you will find he didn't turn city down. He had a medical with city and they found an issue with his knee, can't recall which one. So city pulled out of the deal and moved on.
  9. Why not go for Fraser Forster, he's been told he's surplus to requestment at Southampton and I'm sure city can out muscle the mighty pub team, Celtic for his signature. Even if its a season long loan.
  10. He needs to do something with that hair style, shocking.
  11. Are some cracks beginning to appear in city. In my opinion, they need a bit of a shake up. Maybe a couple players in and out during the January fransfer window.
  12. I'm sure it's higher than that, something like 72%, I believe.
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