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  1. He's taken his house off the market. So that's a good indication of where he's not going.
  2. Ajer signed by Brentford shows city's lack of wanting to push the boat out.
  3. Same old same old. England fecked up another penalty shoot out.
  4. If the city players learn one thing, its how to take a fecking penalty.
  5. 2.1 England. Half time Italy, full time England is my bet, got 33/1 for half time full time prediction.
  6. Being reported in Glasgow that Celtic have identified Ajer replacement. So looks like he's on his way out of Celtic.
  7. Being reported in Glasgow that Celtic have identified a replacement for Ajer. So looks like he's leaving Celtic, but moving to which club?
  8. The new Spurs coach has stated that Skipp is part of his 1st team plans for next season. So that loan looks dead in the water.
  9. Every player, whoever they are, reach their limits. Maybe he reached his limits.
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