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  1. Funny you should say this Hoggy, exactly my argument the other day with Branston & Sheffield! When I said along with others we were lucky not to get pegged back by Stoke and I was told no luck just hard work! I asked how many times have we come away from a game saying we were unlucky or unfortunate not to come away with something!
  2. The two cameos he has played he lack’s energy, he doesn’t close down and certainly not a Sargent. There’s still time for him to impress but to me given he’s only got time in the second half he should be working his socks off! Just looks like an amateur in a pro league! But like I said he’s only just starting out so time will tell and hopefully he’ll click into gear.
  3. Hwang had no movement, doesn’t close down and looks like he’s struggling to adjust, there’s a reason he’s not played for Forest! I’m not convinced and today Idah worked and ran the channels more so I’d start Idah. Goals is an area we could we’ll struggle with, maybe Fassnacht up top as an option.
  4. Leicester are just the team the season, thought Southampton were going to be better! But there’s still time! We’re a decent championship team but that’s it, we don’t have the quality in depth to seriously challenge a full season to top this league, if we can stay fit we might just scrape top 6 but even that’s a tough call in my view. Leicester were just that bit better and looked it.
  5. Good luck PUPS….. For me Viktoria Plzen v FK Pardubice - Home win. I’m going for the inevitable Mumba to score. OTBC.
  6. Barnes certainly can’t play the lone striker! He’s been ineffective along with Rowe who looks totally lost today.
  7. Looking at this from the outside I think there’s too much involvement and discussion amongst the minority shareholders which almost has given a sense of entitlement to wanting to be involved in a pseudo Football Manager type way, believing that take over has to have their say to go forwards. I’m not saying you’re not entitled to discuss these points and rightly air concerns, but the reality is it’s a Football Club, they’re going to sell at some point unfortunately due to historical financial structure they’ve gone down the rout of offering shares to fans which now have caused issues for any smooth transaction between two sides! I get that some are money driven others have the concerns of the club but the reality is these shares are more hindrance now for the current board and the information you’re all complaining about not being fully transparent wouldn’t be available if the club hadn’t gone down the 2002 path! I’m glad we got rid of our shares years ago, I fully appreciate you all have and are entitled to your view and concerns but at the end of the day it’s your football club first not a money generator! I just want the best for the club and if the minority shareholders don’t get their way or make lots of money from It I won’t lose any sleep! I’ll get my tin hat ready……
  8. Just heard they’re appointing Andy Richtea as manager!
  9. I’m not sure 20 points is that big a gap!
  10. We’ll be 20 points adrift? How or is that just a bit of fun?
  11. My view is that it gives MA and his backers, time to review where the club is and what the offer will be, I know everyone keeps going on about the £25 share price but if this club doesn’t go up and doesn’t sell players to cover future debt then it could be worth a lot less to MA than it currently is! Is it what’s best for the club? Who knows but there’s a lot of time between now and January 2026. As for Everton they deserve everything they get, ****ty little club trying to get out of the shadow of Liverpool.
  12. I predict a ****e ref, Gibson sending off and a dodgy penalty 1-0 loss! Or McLean & Idah to score in a 2-0 win!
  13. Not Norwich but I remember Jason McCatear at Liverpool during an interview saying! ”it was a game of two halves….Half arsed and Half hearted!”
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