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  1. Not at all, the first half of the season we were putting in some decent results and points on the board! Wasn’t till injuries really hit and then the Covid break which killed us!
  2. Nah no chance, but have to say, Brentford haven’t changed their style of play or setup and it’s paying off. We should consider going back to a 4-2-3-1 again.
  3. Good luck to all……. My pick is Victoria Plzen v Dynamo CB - Home win. For. Norwich it’s a must win to kick the season off, so Cantwell to score. OTBC
  4. They did but under very different circumstances it must be remembered.
  5. Indeed, all very distasteful, I hope that old Trafford get backing to sue the Indian cricket board for loss of money as the reality is they decided to call it off without real reason. If they had not been vaccinated and were at risk by playing then I have no issues with their decision, but it’s purely money driven by the IPL. Sad really.
  6. 5-1 Arsenal, unfortunately we’ll play the three holding midfield system which will give Arsenal the time and space they’ve not had thus far! If we’re brave and go at them where they are weak, with a Cantwell, Rashica, Dowell or Tzolis behind Pukki, and push up on them closing them down then it’ll be a different game!
  7. I’m not sure about any chip in my vaccine, but one side effect I’ve noticed is I now have a massive sausage! It grew over night! Thinking of getting a vaccine booster in case it deteriorated with time!
  8. Good luck to all PUPS. Oxford v Wycombe - Home win. For City, Cantwell to score anytime.
  9. Indeed recovery hub meant a segment of Orange out a plastic tub at half time!
  10. Utter crap, go defensive and ultimately you’ll lose anyhow! Should have gone after them this morning, lose but lose by trying not by negative mindset, we had this from the poorer days of our test match squads. Full length balls and two awful defensive shots to allow what is pretty straightforward balls through the gate.
  11. It’s certainly good data set, but what I saw at CR was very few masks now and certainly no distancing, though very difficult if not impossible to distance in mass events like this. I think if we see numbers rise in England we will see returns of various restrictions though. Fingers crossed numbers stay as they are and keep falling. Scotland curve is strange, they were lot more cautious then bang!
  12. To add, I was at the football this weekend and there’s possibly 10% of us wearing masks in crowded areas! As I’ve been a vocal supporter of everyone doing their own risk assessment and being sensible, but it appears that people are like sheep and need to be lead! Sad as I find this to be true, I can see that mandatory masks wearing and distancing will be bought back in the wintertime! Rightly so.
  13. You naughty boy! Beating Cambridge to a new thread!
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