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  1. You’ve just made a great case then killed it by saying Sensible Heads! Putin, Biden & Truss! Good god that’s scary!
  2. And this is the trouble, that we don’t make politicians accountable…..It’s on her expenses, they’re all given a set amount of expenses without the need for accountability…….it doesn’t mean they should be using it if it’s not really required….it’s yours and my money! It should be spent on schools and NHS not to be spent on personal gain, they get paid enough for that! It’s a disgrace and really needs to change, politicians should be made to verify and quantify every expense they claim by an independent body.
  3. She’s not alone, they’re all the same, your money being spent on her frivolities……nothing new those in government readily accept any way of fleecing the taxpayers. Another reason to question our political system, it’s antiquated ways and protected from the common law by its misuse……I hate politics as much as religion, shame we can’t get someone in power who is honest, genuinely wants to do the best for the Country and it’s people!
  4. Nope both are as illegal as each other’s but it’s strange how one is treated by the west as abysmal and the other a blind eye turned, especially by the US. That’s my point. Why are you getting into an argument about legality of the poll! I’ve not mentioned it as legal, I’ve pointed out it’ll be used as an excuse for Putin……you really are very victor meldrew aren’t you! Do you argue with yourself if no one interacts?
  5. You’re forgetting that Israel’s land grab isn’t being as highlighted yet as illegal!
  6. Indeed, but unfortunately another tactical move by the madman which will cause more problems. As I said it’s a move to then quantify any attack on these regions as an aggressive attack on Russia. As my point!
  7. Truss will do whatever Biden tells her! The reality is coming fast and there needs to be a clear dialogue with Russia, there’s a need to show that a change of leadership would open the opportunity for Russia to be considered to be reintegrated into the international community! The US lead sanctions have United some Russians behind Putin, giving him more support than he might have had if it was handled better. I have a couple close contacts in St Petersburg who work for Gasprom, both before April we’re still able to contact us on LinkedIn, both were saying that as the west pulled out of Russia, those who weren’t happy with this invasion were slowly turned by the propaganda used by the government to say look at what the West really think of us! The trouble is that this totally US driven sanctions pressure on the UN by the might of America, Russia energy response has had a devastating effect on EU population and with that we’re seeing the even bigger far right rise in politics, Czech Rep, Sweden now co-run by a very divided government and it’s spreading. The US is fast becoming a problem too in the eyes of many in Europe and by me to a certain degree! So the question goes back to my original view that this land grab was always the vision, connecting those closer Russian areas of Ukraine, now come next week, they will be declared as Russian and then any attack will be considered an attack at Russia. So can there be a quick resolution, a way out for Russia or a brokered peace or we move to the inevitable use of more dangerous weapons, because any attack on Russia (From next week formerly Ukraine areas voted to join Russia) will in my opinion get a very chilling response. Will it be Nuclear I’m not sure it will be, but it might be a one shot into Kyiv, a Hiroshima type event gamble.
  8. I’ve always stated that the premier league needed to be restructured to combat this unfair advantage of the massive clubs, the hoovering of the best young talent allowing most to never fully develop, the fact they can field three teams of players all able to comfortably beat the rest of the teams 9 out 10 times……there’s a need for maximum squad number to 25 players, with another players needed over the season to come from youth U23 ranks, all players over 23 and not in the squad will be allowed to find alternative clubs, all other squad members are made up from the under 23’s. Maximum wage budget for players limited to 50 million for the playing staff. It would be amazing as the best players will still want to play at the big clubs, I but the rest would be free to move on! It would tighten the league make it competitive and not one club would be safe from the start of the season! As we are now of course you want to be in the best league, from a club point of view it’s financial vital to yo yo at worst! Totally agree with Nutty here, there’s a lot I like about the club right now, some things I’d like to change and speed some processes up, but we’re moving forwards at our pace.
  9. I have a feeling it might be Craig Counsell, but get ready to change the 6 yard box to a diamond! As some people love stats his win % is better than Smith…..
  10. On a somber note, absolutely British funeral, really moving and I’m no royalist. But feel for the entire royal family.
  11. Noooooooo! The best, it’s the Farke of angel delights!
  12. You’ve just nudged my childhood memories Butterscotch angel delight! I’m off to the shops tomorrow!
  13. Indeed, the idea was to flow from Farke to take the club forwards and all we’ve done is move sidewards which could work, but I for one would have liked a Frank type coach a potential step up but in the same style. This was Webbers vision he sold us. If Smith fails this season the entire squad will need a major revamp, lots of older players who’ve been here too long need to be moved on whatever happens.
  14. Me too! I find Smith reminds me of many friends I know, very likeable and would no doubt be a good chat in the pub or over a mug of tea! but I just can’t take to him as our manager……he’s yet to convince me he’s got any energy or enthusiasm for the job! That for some reason frustrates me!
  15. So if Rodgers goes, I suppose Smith will be first choice! I mean some on here are all about Facts and given he’s improved our team and performances by a country mile from Farke, he must be a shore bet to take over! He’s the best manager outside the Premier league! I will miss him, hope we get decent compensation!
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