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  1. Indy

    Czech Republic v England

    Yes of course, might need some assistance in what will be required.
  2. Indy

    Czech Republic v England

    Impressed with Karl & Schick, both very good tonight. England were poor tonight but Czechs deserved the win.
  3. Indy

    Czech Republic v England

    Old age matey, it’s funny how the brain works Nutty, have you ever read the paragraph which did the rounds a few years ago where all the words are misspelled but the first and last letters are correct? It’s amazing how your Brian fills in the blanks!
  4. Indy

    Czech Republic v England

    love it, predictive text.......if they don’t, that’s one language I can understand.... Transition, on a side note anyone notice Petr Cech is now playing net minded for Guilford,
  5. Indy

    Akin Famewo

    If Amadou players as the holding midfielder shoring up the defence then I think it’ll be easier for a new young CB to settle into that team. Lets be brutally honest apart from Klose are any of the other CB really good enough yet at this level? So why should we blood Famewo, he might just thrive alongside Godfrey with a solid midfield in front of him.
  6. Indy

    Czech Republic v England

    The Czech’s are in translation and not very strong, it’ll be: 4-1 to England 1-15 mins Kane.
  7. Indy

    Alex Neil

    Decent enough manager just not a great fit here, imo, but certain clubs fit certain managers, Preston is a good fit for him, good luck to him and Preston, great historical club with decent supporters, wouldn’t mind them promoted to be honest.
  8. Indy

    And another one

    To be honest I’ll get the tin hat on, but this is one injury we wouldn’t miss too much, we need Tettey or Amadou in there alongside Vrancic when fit or Leitner. I’d rather no injuries but at least not a big impact miss.
  9. Pretty damn good way to build on, future isn’t just a few seasons it’s the next twenty years, structure, foundations and financial security are key. If we go down there’s a very good chance of losing, Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis, Cantwell, who all might decide to jump ship to newly promoted or mid table premiership teams next summer, so it’s key to ensure our youth development moves forward with quality youngsters added each summer. Its never a guaranteed promotion for relegated premier teams, it’s normal for a season or two to readjust and build again. Webber is right the long term vision is to build an established premiership team, but you only have to look at league one to see three or four teams looking at the same long term vision, never mind championship teams. There’s only room for 20 in the top flight. As for this season, no way should anyone write it off, we do have a great young side with bags of potential, a few strong players back into the team and we suddenly look a lot more capable. As I said most of our squad hasn’t played Premiership so will need time to adapt, more expensive players in established sides take time to adjust, so good to look at this as a learning curve for the squad, manager and the clubs new structure. I like the fact we’re moving away from old journeymen looking to top up pensions and building the foundations on young players. Long may it continue!
  10. I’m not going to preach ala Lakey, but we didn’t spend huge sums in the summer, but those who we did go after and didn’t sign weren’t exactly enamoured with coming here. As our learning from Naismith he never wanted to come here and we had to pay way over the odds for absolutely no improvement to our squad by adding him! We kept a very good talented set of youngsters only 8 games into their premiership experience and we’ve lost key players to injury. Even with a full squad it was always going to be a battle to avoid going down, we’re still in that battle. Unlike some on here the realists knew a top 10 was never going to happen and for the delude few who said anything is possible and we could finish higher than top 10, reality bites. Time to just accept, we don’t have to like it, as ambitious people shouldn’t be satisfied but push for better, but everyone really needs to acknowledge we’re a bottom six club at best and hope we can find enough points to finish above three other teams. Ranting about not spending won’t help now, the hope is that another Godfrey and Cantwell can step forward to take their chance, Idah & Famewo might be the next two! Off the back of a great season last year, we’re now financially more sound, we have filled the under 23 with lots more quality for the future, our training facility is far better now and the short term future is solid, be thankful and enjoy the season.
  11. Exactly this, Amadou would do the same probably better, but we need some of our CB back and fit. There’s every chance that week on Saturday we could have all four CB out, three injured and Godfrey having an op.
  12. I’m sure some wanted another CB, which has been our main issue. But as said a decent CB costs a hell of a lot of money, so could we afford better than we had? Trouble is we knew Klose & Hanley appear to be injury prone, so maybe one area of criticism. But agree we had a good summer, reality is we’re not too far away.
  13. Looks solid and should be harder to break down, but with Vrancic and Amadou a little too short in creative passing, I’d play Leitner instead, but wouldn’t be too far away from what might be picked.
  14. That’s very true, that’s why I’m all for giving Famewo the chance and move Amadou into his strongest position, as I said elsewhere that’s what I’ve liked about Farke he hasn’t tried too much to fit round pegs into square holes, he’ll give players a chance whatever their age. I’m all for playing the strongest players in their first position and playing weaker players in the team than move a player and leave the team weaker.
  15. Issue is who will be fit for selection. If Tettey is fit then I’d keep Amadou at CB, if not he must move into that position. Hanley just isn’t good enough against fast attacking teams, Bournemouth have that so even if fit must be on the bench at best! Its now getting to that point where we need to break that losing run.