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  1. Indy

    Test cricket

    Exactly just wow!
  2. Indy

    Unpopular opinion...

    I’m not blaming Hanley either, just pointing out how he’s just not up to this level! Jesus Splended, get your head round this is a forum to discuss the game, Buendia hasn’t performed to his top level yet, Cantwell was great again, no one is to blame, but certain points of the game can be analysed and discussed on just how slow Hanley has been shown to be! By the way, great move for our first goal andgreat ball through by Buendia for Pukki!
  3. Indy

    Unpopular opinion...

    Agree with others, they certainly weren’t as effective as they were second half of the Liverpool and all Newcastle games. The game was great to watch, like I said we gave a top 6 side a good game yesterday and showed how we can play football, no disgrace and we’ll deserved praise.
  4. Indy

    Unpopular opinion...

    I’m not, just as you said highlighted the failings in how we conceded the goals! You’re trying to make something that isn’t there!
  5. Indy

    Unpopular opinion...

    Nothing stated there isn’t true and it’s on a football forum! Good grief!
  6. Indy

    Unpopular opinion...

    Who knows what the summer targets were, how it panned out, but we’re here and restricted on who we can play at CB. We’re discussing the game, I’ve said all the way through, he’s giving his all but found wanting at this level as a lot of people have, no ones giving him grief directly, camping outside his house or saying he’s not trying, like Naismith who clearly only ever can to top up his pension and never wanted to be here. Hanley cares you can see that, it’s frustrating as we could have got a draw yesterday, the team played fantastic yesterday and are a credit to how football should be played, if only we had two Godfrey’s.
  7. Indy

    Unpopular opinion...

    No budget, loan someone in? The go to scapegoating quote is mentioned all over the threads regarding Hanley, funny enough everyone trying to use this defence for Hanley. He keeps his place through lack of options at the moment. Has anyone booed or not supported Hanley, just starting opinions on a football discussion site! We all support the team.
  8. Indy

    Unpopular opinion...

    Jesus there’s some seriously touchy people on here! I’m glad you pointed out how we struggled until we changed the team first 6 games last year. And no sense of entitlement, when you gain promotion into the richest league with European champions and Europa Cup winners with injuries mounting up, shouldn’t you strengthen the squad if an area needs it? No scapegoating, just opinions and three games in who seriously thinks Hanley warrants keeping his place? What if Klose’s hip injury doesn’t fully clear up and Zimbo breaks down in training? No one is saying he’s not trying or giving 100 percent, we’re just having a debate on the game and how we saw it! Didn’t see Godfrey slow to turn, slow to block or letting too many go past to take a shot?
  9. Indy

    Norwich City and England manager

    Mike Bassett, he managed England too.
  10. This is why sentiment has no place in football, being a model pro doesn’t mean he’s good enough, football is a performance based industry and if you’re not good enough you get cut!
  11. There could be an argument for playing all three Klose, Godfrey and Zimmermann to allow Aarons and Lewis to push on knowing we have cover. But then you negate that midfield which has been good so far.
  12. You’ve just confirmed what we’re saying, it’s not his fault, as said......but highlighted the failings in an otherwise very strong performance. As I said on other threads there’s no doubt he’s putting in a shift, he’s certainly trying his best for the shirt and to be commended, Just it’s noticeable his level is far from what’s required. We know how good a fit Klose is but in the past few seasons he’s been injured a lot and we knew Zimmermann would be out for a while, so as I said the finger might be pointed to the club not spending that little bit more on a better CB to sure us up over a long season. Just opinions guys.
  13. Hope so matey, Zimbo of last season alongside Godfrey and Amadou in front holding should see us keep a few clean sheets what with our forward play mid table is there!