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  1. Far better second half but losing key games won’t help. Can’t argue with the effort on that second half, just wish they’d given the same first half.
  2. Some change in effort, Tettey definitely had a positive to a very flat performance, chalk n cheese difference! Farke definitely did a job at half time!
  3. No one wants to lose, you don’t mind losing to a rival if you’re given a battle, but as any fan would have to be critical of this performance, not even a sniff of an effort by anyone, it’s not the manner of conceding but the manner of the response on the pitch, awaful!
  4. Worst performance for a few games, nothing going forward against a really poor defence, almost like we’re just not bothered. 2-0
  5. Funny how we see the game then......
  6. At least Amadou is trying, what the hell is McClean doing, jogging around, not tracking back nor challenging for anything......would be better with Buendia there.
  7. Still not to be underestimated, depends how the players react. Hopefully they will carry on with their disjointed performances and poor attitude, but we will still need to play well and score first, they struggle when going behind. Still think we’ve got a great chance of back to back wins, 2-0 win for me.
  8. Pukki has to score soon and Arsenal are poor at the back........Pukki to score anytime. FA cup Oxford to win, 15 games unbeaten now.
  9. Everton never get relegated, remember many years ago them getting last day result thanks to some very dubious refereeing at the time. Would love for Everton along with a Villa to go down.
  10. Certainly always great to win, shows we can compete with most teams at this level with all our players fit and their natural positions. We are still in a long fight to stay up, we have the smallest budgets and one of the youngest first teams in this league, we’re still probably going to get relegated but our youngsters are learning, getting better with each game and the more we grow learn and adapt the better chance of staying up. Keep to the system Farke don’t move from this formation or style as it’s a very good formation in any league.
  11. Funny how you put players into their proper positions we look a lot more solid. Yes great to see Zimbo back and he’s been excellent alongside Godfrey, but credit to McClean, Tettey and Trybull.
  12. Indy

    Kevin Reeves

    Bob Carolgees.
  13. Indy

    Kevin Reeves

    The guy at the back looks like Bob Carol
  14. Indy

    Are we going to survive ?

    Still early in the season, but nope not much chance of staying up, never really had much of a chance in reality, but hell its a great season, live football on tv meaning big money, playing against the best clubs in the world and watching our home grown and hard working players give it their best. Beating Man City might be our big highlight for this season, what a highlight, what a season and relegation shouldn’t be looked at as a disaster, but an opportunity to build on a Championship season. We go again. OTBC.