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  1. To be honest I’m done with this thread now, it’s what it is we’re all under a global enforcement of suppression until the authorities across the globe get their goals, can’t do anything other than help those vulnerable and live for years with the consequences. So that’s me signing off for a few weeks, it’s all driven by the media, pressuring governments to take drastic action, each country trying to do what they believe to be right, so be it, stay safe and good luck to you all.
  2. As sad as this is, don’t lose sight of the 450 people today in the uk some of them kids who died from cancer JF......a death is a death, just this virus is so high profile other illnesses are being totally forgotten about.
  3. Don’t say it’s not Sonyc, it’s nasty as other life threatening illness.
  4. Without actual figures, without actual deaths caused by the virus not with the virus and without knowing who has had it all the figures are immaterial, it’s just a fight against the unknown using the worst case scenario because we have nothing else to work with. After having just had a very **** day, talking with my Norwegian and US colleagues they are now 30% redundancy in company I contracted to in Norway and more around 40% laid off in US company I did work for, it looks like a lot of guys are up ****e with little prospect of returning to work any time soon. As much as those who are scared of this virus, I’ve not been directly effected as I don’t know of anyone confirmed with this virus, but I’ve spoken to a few very worried people. So I’m certainly looking at it from my skewed view point, but the sooner we get back on track the sooner millions of people will be less threatened of their livelihoods. Of course we need to protect the vulnerable, but get others back to normality stress related illnesses could be massive killer in the future.
  5. Time will do that Purple, airlines are now feeling major financial pressure, 1.6 million jobs rely on airlines in this country.
  6. I’ve said this from day one, as sad as this disease is this mass togetherness will soon lead to long term isolation depression, financial worries for millions and lot worse statistics without a strategic plan to come out of this. Like tunnel vision pilots get and focus on one issue while missing the overall pictured leading to a crash. The entire situation needs to be assessed and reacted to. Those fit enough and those coming out of this need to be allowed to return to normality and as soon as feasible, those at high risk must be cared for too.
  7. Matey you’re not wrong there! I listened to the interview the BBC dramatically headlined it as 6 months and it wasn’t said like that. Fingers crossed as I need to get back to work......there’s only so much boredom I can take! Guitar learning isn’t the calming thing it should be....
  8. That’s a very good read and pretty much a level headed view, trouble is we live in a media driven society which needs dramatic effect to push through ratings. That said we do need a level response one which has been until now and a the next few months needs to have a structured way forward. We must protect the vulnerable with getting our economies started, balanced way forward.
  9. The idea of a extended lockdown will not work, it’s a short term strategy for two basic reasons one is we can’t afford it, second people won’t comply, meaning either shortage of food, medicine and money, leading to violence and massive problems. We have to get people back to farming crops, they need to be picked and as we don’t have the mass migration from Eastern Europe we need to do this. We need to keep supplies going, we need to get people back to work. Yes the two thoughts above might be the extreme scenarios, can anyone really accept long term restrictions with a state run authoritarian system to ensure compliance, given the numbers of those actually at risk?
  10. This is a contentious issue as you can’t put value on a persons life. Modern society and medicine dictates that while you are alive and breathing no matter what your prognosis is. There are a number of scientists who have said that the death toll for the year is unlikely to show any significant change to the norm. We shall see.
  11. No the idea will be to knock it back hopefully around beginning of May, keep those at high risk locked down while slowly bringing back the rest of society into some form of normality over the summer months. We shall see if this works out and if we get the testing in place to knock it back and keep it there.
  12. No they said it’s an ongoing process and could be anywhere from 3 months to 6 months or longer before we get back to a level of normality! This is what pisses me off, the worst off people to exaggerate the actual statements.
  13. Indy

    Can you name them all?

    127 for me, couldn’t spell some countries! 15 minutes is tough call. Good fun though, it got me thinking of countries I’ve been to and reeled off 52, might be more but have to nudge my mind!
  14. It’s far too easy to be critical, government, Johnson but there’s also criticism of each individual who needs to be told! We were all guided yet took no notice, then we’ve been strictly told, now some want to see draconian measures in place because other countries are taking those measures. But the results in every country bar Germany, who appear to have the same infection rates but their attributed deaths to the virus are lower, that makes me wonder if they aren’t attributing all deaths like other countries using different tool, so which country has done it right?