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  1. Although it was only on the radio, sounded like Buendia, Duda, Cantwell combo is as good as it looks on paper. Might just get 7 wins but doubt that’ll be enough. Might have been so different if we got Duda in the summer!
  2. Three points is three points, win is a win and best of all no LDC thread needed this week! Win all round!
  3. Strange for me too, McClean isn’t very good at defensive side of the game around our box, would have preferred Amadou, Trybull or Vrancic. Still it could mean only Tettey as holding and McClean further forward more attacking as we need to win.
  4. Apart from McClean that’s a strong side, where’s Varncic.? I’d he not fit?
  5. Indy

    Too much loyalty, too much hype?

    Again a CB better than we have would cost in excess of 15 million, so can fully understand his stance. It’s not that we don’t need a CB, we can’t afford a better one.
  6. I’m with Lakey this weekend, there are some miserable ****es......predicting a loss.....iI’m going for a full on win 18-0 City! I seriously think we will win this one!
  7. The trouble as you say, you should feel for the supporters, but like Villa and others, their fans are quick enough to preach you can’t stay in the big leagues without spending millions....so pay the piper comes to mind. No sympathy really.
  8. The issue with this is what’s to stop the owner could sell the ground back to the club for a pound and then repeat the process? It’s all very sad and hopefully the EFL will charge all of them, trouble is have they broken any rules by doing so?
  9. Just been charged with possible points deduction..... sign of things to come?
  10. Indy

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    Would be funny to sign him for 12 million and loaning them Idah, only for Idah to score 15 goals for them this season, then loads on here would be moaning what a waste of money we should have just played Idah
  11. Indy

    Max Aarons

    Argh but if it’s done through a third party in the Far East, then put through with the washing would that be OK? Then we could invite that third party to become our stinking rich foreign investor! Win win.......
  12. Indy

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    We shall see come May / June.
  13. Indy

    Max Aarons

    Maybe Delia’s had a cheeky couple million at 4/1 knowing she’s going to sell to Spurs?
  14. Indy

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    You have to remember, he’ll be tagged at 10 million probably, not sure many clubs will take the gamble, yes he’s scored a few for us, so did Holty. I’m just not sure many clubs will match the valuation. I also don’t think he’ll be a regular starter for any premiership team apart from us next season......
  15. Indy

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    As much as I love Pukki, I don’t think he’ll make a regular starter in the premiership, won’t suit Leeds or WBA so even if he does go, I can see him being loaned back by January.