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  1. But Too much, it can lead to misjudged pitch side motivational speeches!
  2. Yes that’s always a concern, but getting shopping in for vulnerable people, getting parcel or post through the door etc all have a risk...... Obviously people will need to decide, but if you steer clear of high risk areas, wear a good quality mask, carry high alcohol gel, there’s always precautionary things to minimise risk. As said our area is probably lowest risk at present and who know by the end of September we might just about be seeing a vaccine.
  3. I don’t fully know, I get snippets as my brother in law is a toxicologist, a mutual friend in GSK says bits , there was a big movement from March to share the information as this was so critical to everyone going different studies, the Chinese government was very quick and open with their knowledge of the virus giving the scientific community a good starting point. Thats as much as I know but the Oxford vaccine has been used in studies in lot of different countries now. Yes this wasn’t a commercial war to start with the serious nature of this means this was a totally different set of research goals. That’s why I get so peed off with two bit scientists trying to get their mugs on the news stating about being cautious and vaccines not fully working when they have no direct connections.
  4. I said as much three weeks ago, WBB, but this stealing isn’t quite right as the info on the vaccine is known throughout the scientific world. The Russians as normal are fast tracking it as they’ve developed the vaccine copied from the Oxford studies, their stage three is our stage 4 a gamble. Just a heads up, GSK are moving forward in trying to speed up the process of stage three results as pressures being applied by government to vaccinate those at risk before the winter. We might well see first vaccines end of September, early October if the results are positive.
  5. I hope you’re lucky enough to get in, if you do, take it, go and enjoy the best you can, life’s way too short to keep worrying about one nightmare, take precautions as much as you can but life’s about memories and fun, you’ve had enough ****e this year........go and have fun guys
  6. The point here Nutty, no one is arguing, all you posted regarding 57 & 96 we’d all happily agree with every point. Some dispute the seriousness of 2009 and that’s the debate, those at board level chiefly Bowkett stated the serious nature. Without Bowkett coming in, do you think the current owners would still be in charge? Before we get into any long winded **** for tat ****e I genuinely would like to know what you think?
  7. Of course the real hypothesis is had Bowkett said no what would have happened? I don’t think we’d have the club we do today!
  8. Yes the timing was bang on for using the profits to build a new stand while the stadium is empty. By the time all plans and permits are done things will probably be back to a level of normality so can’t be done, but it was the perfect time.....
  9. Agree on most parts but I believe Leicester team which won the premiership cost upward of 90 million to assemble over the three seasons from promotion onwards. Add to that wages were pretty much covered by their wealthy owner and it’s a totally different scenario. But it was a brilliant miracle for a great club like Leicester and pleased for their fans.
  10. For me of course I want top flight football, I’d much rather be a long term top flight club. But it’s not likely to be for a while. Although I like our set up, it’s always good to see our own youth players develop and make it through to big clubs, but I’d much rather see them stay and build a squad and team of very talented players, I’d love to keep all of Aarons, Godfrey, Lewis, Cantwell, Buendia and build on them, that would be the dream. It’s a sad reflection that clubs have to sell their best assets to survive because the top flight is so heavy with rich owners and tv money. I wonder sometimes just how much better a career players would have if they stayed here, Murphy’s, Pritchard to name a few.
  11. So is it a new contract with an additional year? Or just a one year contract! I thought he had a few years left?
  12. We did he was 9 million euros, Duda had a tag of 25 million euros so that’s two players who on paper were peak age and better than we had in our squad! So how much for better? It’s more about finding the right player to suit Farkes system attitude and young enough to develop into a good player, pretty much how we’ve gone about it this summer.
  13. Maybe King, but we went after a young French lad who said no thanks! I don’t think a club like ours is as attractive a proposition as us fans think. Duda prime example had we signed a full international with his stature in August who would have complained at 25 million?
  14. Really you think a newly promoted club like ours would have been able to attract better players? What would we needed to pay for that? Given we had to pay 8 million and £40,000 a week for Naismith, what price on say a Godfrey? Would 25 million plus £60,000 a week be about right? I don’t think we had much choice unless you’re willing to pay well over the odds, but that’s just my opinion. You may well be right.
  15. I never got this ****e about spending money.....imagine if we’d signed all the above and paid the going rate at the time before seeing just how poor they were for us! Would have cost us in excess of £50 million had we bought them all last August! Now we’d be stuck with high earning players with big debts! I just don’t get that argument, we just can up short like Bournemouth and Watford, but we move forward with a good young squad with a settled set up, we should be looking forward to next year, not how much WBA are going to waste on trying to stay up, chances are either way they will be back here next season!
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