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  1. It needs to be said, premiership is far above the championship and Hanley isn’t up to a CB pairing, maybe if we played three at the back might be the cart horse needed to club the ball away. He’s been OK this year but against premiership quality even the likes of lower teams will cut us to ribbons with Hanley there! We really need an upgrade on the starting 11 at CB. But can’t see it happening as said above.
  2. I still can’t get my head round not getting teachers vaccinated before the 8th!
  3. So have we actually had anything positive yet from Brexit?
  4. **** I have my jab tomorrow but I already look like that! What the hell will I look like after I have the AZ jab! Fingers crossed for the European Pfizer jab
  5. It’s noticeable that Zimmermann & Hanley aren’t premiership quality, Gibson could be, so definitely a new CB is needed. Rupp, McClean, Tettey, Vrancic aren’t premiership quality, can we loan Skipp another year? Hopefully but we need Sorensen to be another Soucek, but we will need at least one CM of premiership quality for definite. On the wings, if we can keep Buendia & Cantwell with Hernandez & Placheta as back up, we could have enough there. Number 10 we struggle with in the championship, so really hope that Martin pushes on with his development because what we have seen of Dowell & Vrancic nowhere near the quality needed. Again must look for a AM option. Strikers well, Pukki has proved himself but we need a striker to push Pukki to start, not going to be Hugill or Idah, really thought Idah would push on with his development but looks to be going nowhere, would be good to get him out on loan next year. So there again in my opinion better quality striker needed. Not sure how much we’ve got to spend but never going to have enough to cover all those areas, so we might be looking at the likes of Soto, Bushiri, McCullum, Mumba & Famewo to cover some areas. But if we rely on those who were here last time then we’ve only got five or maybe six players good enough for this level, the rest only squad fill for a premiership team.
  6. We could be dining on this Chair for a while!
  7. Wow if we’re looking at those free strikers at that level if we go up then it’ll be a very hard premiership season...... I’d be hoping we upgrade on Hugill too come the summer if we’re a premiership team!
  8. I understand everyone is concerned, but in reality we need to move forward as the damage being done is massive in other areas, education, other health to mention a few things. I am really confused to why at 50 with no health issues and not overweight I’ve been asked to get my jab yet teachers who are being asked to go back haven’t been prioritised ahead of me! The reality is it’s not a perfect way out, but at least we are heading in the right direction, the information coming back regarding the effect of the vaccine protection and effect on transmission is very good and variants will come regardless of which way we try to come out of the pandemic. We just have to accept and live with Covid and it’s future mutations which no doubt will be acted on far quicker with our knowledge learned over the past year.
  9. I don’t take Swindo as a reader full stop!
  10. At last a shot! We need more movement, when we press, move and pass we’re unplayable! Finish it off now!
  11. It’s like watching Liverpool! So slow it’s painful!
  12. I’m hopeful too TJ, but until the rest of the world catch up it’s going to be a very dodgy time! But hopefully we will see more vaccines and treatments to reduce the severity!
  13. Indeed, I’ve gone from a diesel to a small engined petrol, I’ve worked at Sizewell A for a time, worked in oil & gas for 20 odd years, but all I can do is be energy efficient at home, which I am, careful in my use of utilities which I am, if we all do our small bits globally we could have a massive impact on climate change, the trouble is we’re humans and we are naturally a destructive species!
  14. I’d hope we could afford better than Drmic, Rhodes or Idah, though I believe Idah has the tools to be a top striker, just needs to be playing so I’d chuck him out on loan next year! But you need two strikers who can push for starting not a non starter and rely on one because that doesn’t work!
  15. Well to be lectured about the inevitable is daft! The reality is that lithium mining is causing more massive issues to the carbon footprint and directly to the environment than the good of using electric cars, then to power the cars we need to up our power output by four times to meet demand which means nuclear power with will require massive building programs which will in turn require massive carbon emissions! To meet the requirements and reverse the effects we need to act so drastically that we would all need to be like the Good Life!
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