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  1. That makes sense but wouldn’t you go for a favourite player?
  2. The real question is why would anyone want Barnes on the back of their shirt! 😉 Maybe there’s a reason you have a further 3 weeks, could we be about to sign an additional striker without any A in his surname?
  3. Installing a negative mindset and sticking to players clearly not performing was the major issue! We stumbled into the final instead of growing in confidence, those players on the pitch are as good as their Spanish counterparts, the only difference was Spain and other teams moved the ball far quicker in transition to creat more chances, we couldn’t as we never had any movement from Kane who lumbered around like Hugill used to! Would Eddie How get more out of this squad with a more attacking mindset and have the courage to bench senior players who aren’t performing?
  4. All that attacking quality and we tried to bore teams to loss with poor energy and sitting so deep our aging attacker played in defence more than in the opposition’s box and yet we still made the final! Would a more attacking manager and coaching set up get more out of the likes of Foden, Bellingham, Palmer, Gorgon, Saka to name a few? The strength of this new generation is there to see yet Southgate’s tactics stifled that today and this tournament, that’s why we had to come from behind in almost every game! Not till we had to step it up did we look half decent!
  5. I’ve heard tonight that due to Kane’s curse of any club & country he plays for never winning trophies Munich are set to release him!😉😂
  6. Not sure about that, their winning goal he was questionable! Why was he diving away from the ball and near post? Poor position!
  7. That makes it worse if was injured! No movement at all!
  8. Not now, he’ll use this to the Max! Guaranteed victory and an even more dangerous world coming up!
  9. Why did Hanley & McLean get additional time off when they arrived back from Germany before our other lads left for their Holidays! 😂😂
  10. Really? I hate to say it but they’re not actually doing too bad! We shall see it’ll be tough but they will certainly be giving it a good go! And to be fair at least they’re giving the manager a damn good budget unlike we did Farke in his first year!
  11. Why wouldn’t you? Kanes been slated rightly so from all quarters and hasn’t improved! It’s a squad game and playing Watkins gives those behind him someone to hit in the box! Also he runs the channels. But a big portion of the supporters just love Kane, so does The boss so he’ll start no doubt.
  12. And that’s your issue! I don’t have any tie to religion, race or country! I can’t stand innocent people especially kids being killed and just passed as casualties of war! Regardless of who they are!
  13. That’s not entirely true is it LYB, land grabs and mass eviction with killing over the years show that Israel don’t just want to be left alone! They’re not as innocent in all this as you wish to portray! What most people want is to live a normal peaceful relations, it’s the extreme few who push us into these conflicts which innocent Israeli or Palestinians or Ukrainian or Russians are suffering!
  14. Indeed Hamas are utterly disgusting human beings! If you can call them human beings!
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