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  1. Nuff Said

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    **** me, this is a boring thread. Lakey is right that Farke tends to avoid rotating the first team, but it’s not absolute. Others on here are right that Hanley hasn’t been error free, but in general his play has massively improved since the first half of the Liverpool match. Both positions have done merit. No-one knows what Farke will do once he has other CB options, but for some reasons posters on here have stuck their flags in their respective “Hanley is great/sh*te” hills and are defending their positions to the death. It’s not a black and white situation, take a breath and count to 10. Then maybe we could discuss the OP instead of this pantomime “Oh yes it is, oh no it isn’t” debate.
  2. Nuff Said

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    That’s 135 minutes isn’t it?
  3. Nuff Said

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    I don’t have a problem with Lakey, unlike quite a few posters on here who seem to relish piling on his more contentious statements. But I’ve started skipping through his posts this season as, like you say, almost every one is the same blindly optimistic statement, expressed slightly differently.
  4. Nuff Said

    Ryan Bennett's resurrection

    Yeah, I was thinking of Chris, not Russell. Fair points from KC about those players he did bring in though. Given the quality of players recruited in Gunn’s era (Holt excepted), I would say we have to give Lambert and his team credit for the quality of the signings, it clearly wasn’t down to previous scouting.
  5. Nuff Said

    Ryan Bennett's resurrection

    Was it? Genuine question, but three star players in Lambert’s promotion seasons were Holt , Hoolahan and Martin, all of whom were already at the club.
  6. Nuff Said

    Ryan Bennett's resurrection

    And one is 29, while the others are 33.
  7. Nuff Said

    Ryan Bennett's resurrection

    Interesting stuff, and I would fail your test Orly, I was always a bit disappointed/unimpressed by him, especially as he came to us with a reputation that he could go on to greater things. Am I right in thinking that he was in the group of ex-players watching us last season (Ruddy and Madders were the others)?
  8. Nuff Said


    Fahrmann - this season’s Jordan Rhodes? Big chunk of our budget for a relatively highly rated player on loan, but will only make a few appearances?
  9. Nuff Said

    Nigella Lawson on board of directors

    Someone help me unsee this post
  10. Nuff Said


    So, will I need a VPN for this?
  11. Nuff Said

    Tomorrow’s national papers!

    Yep, the commentary on my stream was about 75% “Newcastle are poor” and 25% credit for how we played. But under the radar and all that.
  12. Nuff Said

    Onel out for 3 months

    Really? I’m surprised at that, unless he’s older than I think. Edit: I’m NOT suggesting we sign him, just you’d think he’d find a newly promoted Championship/League 1 team who he could do job for.
  13. Nuff Said

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    Welcome back pete!
  14. Just announced in the press conference. Apparently he slipped and landed on his knee at home.