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  1. Nuff Said

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Farke appeared to be watching from what I could tell. It doesn’t seem to be blindingly obvious to him.
  2. Nuff Said

    Villa tickets on sale

    Sadly that’s 1200 points or more. Someone was complaining about membership on here a few days ago. Does that only affect home games?
  3. Nuff Said

    Will Wigan do us a favour?

    Wigan wont be trying that hard. It's not as if we are Leeds.
  4. So Stieperman wasn't sh*t and we shouldn't drop Cantrell?
  5. Nuff Said

    Time to shake it up at Wigan

    One thing we can be sure of is that Farke is not one for knee jerk reactions. Unlike a lot of posters on here.
  6. Nuff Said

    Alex Pritchard Or Maddison

    Someone, I think BYG, posted on here that Pritchard was rumoured to be on £100K a week at Huddersfield. Absolutely ridiculous, but I imagine it’s some compensation for lack of games.
  7. Nuff Said

    tonight's football

    Who? (are ya)
  8. Nuff Said

    First and possibly last game

    No games are members only, but members get first refusal, understandably.
  9. Nuff Said

    tonight's football

    So what you’re saying is that we’re not guaranteed to go up yet? Asking for a friend.
  10. Nuff Said

    tonight's football

    Excited brunette
  11. Nuff Said

    Simon Jordan - Binners heading for league 2 !

    I wouldn’t make too much of a loss in their first game in League 1 unless they lose by 7 goals or more. Too close to home.
  12. Nuff Said

    First and possibly last game

    It’s even worse than that if you’re an Ipswich fan KG. They *know* it will be sh*t.
  13. Nuff Said

    What are Luton doing right?

    The OP’s point is about their academy and talent spotting surely? Good point, one I had wondered about too. We know about Moneyball-type approaches for recruiting existing, potentially under-appreciated players, but what is it that Luton do that allows them to spot future potential of the quality of Jamal and Max? While poaching their younger players has clearly worked for us, it would be good to do it ourselves directly. What is impressive is consistency over time. There was a period when Newcastle seemed to have the golden touch at spotting good value foreign players - didn’t they hand Graham Carr, their chief scout, an eight year contract on the basis of his recruitment? But it all fell apart. As the OP says, Crewe had a reputation for spotting impressive youngsters for many years, although recent news has overshadowed that. Have Luton replicated that ability? What’s the secret?