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  1. Thinking about it, is a sell-on clause worth much in this case? If Jamal is a success at Liverpool, he's not likely to go anywhere, if not, he'll probably see out his contract in the reserves and be moved on for a much smaller fee at its end.
  2. For myself no, I prefer a strong South Efrican accent.
  3. Pete, can you move this to the Geography Pedants section of the forum?
  4. I’m not clear if that’s an endorsement or an example of someone you can’t stand MY? I did buy an album by Robert Wyatt years ago and struggled to see what the fuss was about. Shipbuilding is a great song though.
  5. If we keep Emi, but lose Todd, or vice versa, I‘m ok with that. It’s one player from midfield. If we lose Jamal, Max and Ben that would be a bit different. One, maybe two, but all three would be a huge change in a short space of time.
  6. When we were promoted, I would put money on a conversation between Webber and each player where they were told we were happy to give them more money and a long contract, but the flip side was that we would have leverage if another team bid for them. Unless a player is dense, they will have understood the implications, so Jamal and his agent, who will also have benefited, should be under no illusions about the club being forced to accept a low bid.
  7. Our improved financial position ignoring what COVID has done you mean?
  8. Realistically I don’t expect a like for like improvement for each player who leaves. Some purchases will turn out to be a ‘Duda’ because as the season just gone sadly showed, sometimes the scouting gets it wrong. In other cases, like Godfrey, we could manage without him, assuming no injuries. (Not saying this will happen, it depends on what the view on Famewo is I guess). In other cases, we might spread the risk and buy a couple of players. The point being that the school of thought that if we sell Emi, we need to buy a new version, is simplistic.
  9. I have to confess that X Factor and The Voice were for a long time a guilty pleasure of mine. The auditions where someone utterly unremarkable would walk on stage and then let rip with an amazing voice got me every time. After a while I stopped watching after the audition stage though and eventually the pretend drama and "heartwarming" backstories made the whole thing unwatchable.
  10. Dexy's f'ing Midnight Runners. That faux soul and Kevin Rowlands' wailing voice, Iike he's in pain, has literally made me walk out of parties. And Oasis, if I wanted a Beatles tribute act I can find better ones in most towns in the UK. I'd better stop now, I can be quite intolerant of other people's tastes some times... [I've just realised this is showing as Frank's question for some reason, sorry FW]
  11. I don't think they have ever said the bit in bold have they? Only an idiot would believe that we would replace a £20 million player with one worth more surely? Obviously we would look for quality replacements, but they would fit the pattern we've seen and that quality would be latent on day one.
  12. Yeah, and the Illuminati run the military-industrial complex with the assistance of giant lizards too. I really should tuck this away somewhere so I can quote it at the end of the transfer window.
  13. Not a massive fan of Ms Morissette I have to admit, but I love this cover, it’s a bit of an earworm once heard: (You might want to avoid KG. I do have a soft spot for White Ladder though).
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