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  1. Heat the human not the house is one of Martín Lewis’ top tips. We have two heated throws and a third is on the way. It does mean it looks like an old people’s home in here in the evening now though.
  2. Concentrating on fundamentals would be borrowing to invest, for example in renewable energy and insulation, which would benefit the whole country. Climate change AND energy bills would improve. Stuffing some more money in the pockets of wealthy bankers only benefits wealthy bankers, while loading up this country’s debt which we ALL eventually have to pay. All Kami-Kwasi is achieving is increasing Labour’s majority at the next election. Sadly we all have to pay the price in the mean time.
  3. Probably, but the call goes receptionist to triage nurse at our surgery, so you have someone more medically qualified making decisions about where to route the patient. Which means for the “frequent fliers” that GMD refers to, there is the chance to filter them to a nurse, or even to say “see a pharmacist”.
  4. Same here. If we ring our GPs’ surgery in the morning but need an afternoon appointment , we’re told to call back after lunch. If you have an urgent problem, you never have to wait. We’re looking to move house in the next year or two, but are very reluctant to move out of the catchment area. I don’t understand what they’re doing that others aren’t, and if there are examples like ours, why others don’t adopt their methods. I think the fact that they have a “triage nurse” helps filter calls, and you will sometimes be routed to a nurse if it’s not serious enough to see the doctor, but they’re not doing anything revolutionary.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. And given the speed at which they’re going through managers, we should only have to wait a couple of years and everyone in the UK will have had a go.
  6. The unions need to get the strikes in quick before Truss outlaws them in case they interfere with the money making plans of the global elite.
  7. Woop woop it’s the sound of da (forum) police
  8. Surely the massive tax cut compensates for the rise in interest rates? (And the energy price rise. And the corresponding rise in food prices) No? Are you sure you’re not one of these bone idle British people Truss has been warning us about?
  9. I wonder how many of those 90,000 would vote differently now, surely she is nailing the coffin firmly shut on the Tories’ election hopes?
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