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  1. I found a “cheap” VPN on eBay after a pointer from a Scottish poster on here. Something like a one-off £7 for the year. That is rock solid with “Canaries TV”. So I suspect Proton VPN would work too, but can’t say for sure.
  2. I ****** love ABBA. Always have done, even through my indie years. Proper grown up pop music. Mamma Mia though? I would happily strangle them them all. Sucking all the Scandinavian, existential goodness out and turning it into karaoke. Pah!
  3. I’ve nothing to add, just thought it would amuse me to see three identical threads. And I wondered how long before Cambridge starts one too.
  4. A study done a few years ago about whether a lost wallet/purse was handed in, with money in and without. (No overtly racist replies please)
  5. [Struggles not to make a puerile comment about being sucked forward with a man exposed.] Fails.
  6. I was hugely encouraged by the second half against Leicester, I thought we made them look second best, but it was always with the risk that they would score from a breakaway.
  7. Reminds me of this classic (the guy at the bottom on the right). Hard to beat.
  8. Did you offer to pay for one? Because I’m not sure how we would have paid for a quality striker otherwise.
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