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  1. Having now read the article, he must be one of the few people watching Norwich who can relax, the rest of us are mostly nervously watching NCFC retain a 1-0 lead at 90 minutes.
  2. And is known to shout "just hoof it up to the big lad!" several times a game.
  3. “TWTD understands that much of the cash will come from the pension fund for the fire and police services of a so-far unnamed US state.” Yup
  4. Not if they’re gambling with people’s pensions. Either it’s some two bit local scheme run by local bigwigs who think they’re cleverer than they really are, or there’s some financial aspect to this that hasn’t been spotted yet which means their money isn’t at risk. Either way, it doesn’t translate into a stinking rich messiah who will lead 1p5wich into the Premier League.
  5. I've lost count of the number of times we've been told a player is doubtful for the next game, yet they manage to stagger off their sickbed and play. Sounds like Onel is starting to me.
  6. There's a common assumption that the games we are more likely to win are those against teams towards the lower end of the table. I'm not sure I completely agree with this. I know our only recent (league) loss has been to Swansealona, but it's the scrappy, park the bus teams who are *desperate* to avoid relegation who can prove difficult to beat, and have done for us in the past. It was even true last season. We could beat Man City and draw with Leicester, but got clearly beaten by Villa twice.
  7. He doesn't play for Chesterfield then? Sofa so good then.
  8. That is brilliant news! I thought (as did most of us I believe) that we would have 12 months left on his contract after this season, so would basically have to sell or risk getting nothing (assuming he didn't want to sign a new contract).
  9. I’ve never understood the rule about leaving the pitch after treatment. If a team is disadvantaged by a foul by the opposition (TBF a player can be injured in other circumstances), they are further penalised by having that player temporarily removed?? Of course, if an opposing player simulates an injury against us as often happens because we don’t play like that (often as a distraction after a poor tackle), then it is absolutely fair.
  10. I’m wondering if we can start a “feeder club” relationship with a European team to help get around this? We send them our young talent to get them to earn some of the required points. It was working so well with Leeds for a few years.
  11. There’s also Room 101 in 1984, where everyone is confronted with their worst fear. Norwich being promoted might be up there if you’re an 1p5wich supporter?
  12. Looking at the past two seasons, I think you would struggle to describe what Lambert creates as art!
  13. No, but you should be. Sadly this board is full of fantasists.
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