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  1. A tiny bit off-topic but I found this a really interesting read. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/16/barbara-moore-jimi-hendrix-elton-john-dusty-springfield
  2. I can’t be arsed reading all the depressing stuff on here tonight, but a Watford supporting ex-colleague posted this and I have to share it. Bottom right.
  3. Did you not know - if we concede a goal it automatically means Hanley is crap?
  4. Hesgoals is pretty reliable and there’s a new Reddit streaming thread for suggestions. Sadly I need to finish building a new shed first.
  5. You might as well ask who would have been held to account if Delia had run mad with an axe in the River End and slaughtered 50 pensioners. Didn’t happen, and the only people who suggested it was a possibly were those who it suited.
  6. Indeed. He was pretty effusive about Sorensen at one point last season and we’ve barely seen him play since.
  7. I take it you’d have said the same about Emma Raducanu when she dropped out of Wimbledon? Turned out ok for her pretty soon after that.
  8. You do realise who their owner is? Maybe google Candy Crush.
  9. I meant how can he never score AND not have that many goals. Or did you mean life goals?
  10. Oh no! Who’s right? Guess I’ll have to watch after all. Still gutted Bez went out, and in the party round too ironically.
  12. Eh? Based on very little, but given a decent chance and a run of games, I think he could surprise a few of our supporters who had written him off before he’d kicked a ball for us.
  13. If you think you can drink REAL ALE (?) while watching a game of football you clearly haven’t been as often as you claim. Or ever.
  14. Not sure what Purple’s agenda is, other than to convince people he’s some sort of accountant savant. Having said that, I would have guessed that the offy board was shut down earlier than he has said. As I remember it, it was increasingly inflammatory/unwise posts about what Delia was doing with the club finances that meant it was more trouble than it was worth.
  15. I had a 16KB one and upgraded it by fitting the extra 32KB RAM chips by hand. (Don’t tell anyone but somewhere there’s an old copy of a Spectrum game magazine with a double page spread of a shoot-out between me and a welder from Huddersfield to see who could get the highest score on Manic Miner. He won, but I wore the best jumper. I believe Manic Miner evolved into Jet Set Willy, but you were able to get a cream for that).
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