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  1. WACCOE for one, although their swearing filter appears to be broken.
  2. Have a play with Linux, or try and configure some new hardware on a PC. Then tell me it’s not normal.
  3. The same place as everywhere else. This is normal.
  4. Nuff Said

    Must go

    troll verb trolled; trolling; trolls Definition of troll (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb 2a: to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content … trolls engage in the most outrageous and offensive behaviors possible—all the better to troll you with.— Whitney Phillips See: Big Vince
  5. Reginal? Are you referring to his majestic performances?
  6. Nuff Said

    Alex Neil

    [Makes mental note not to use the word s p u n k again]
  7. Nuff Said

    Alex Neil

    I think he’s said he learned a lot while he was with us. Part of that is probably about player recruitment, although he isn’t likely to have even the sort of resources we had now he’s at Preston so he can’t **** money on another Naismith. His skills always seemed to be making a team greater than the sum of its parts. Possibly also that you don’t change wholesale how you play in the back of one defeat, but maybe history hasn’t repeated itself there.
  8. Nuff Said

    Must go

    It’s more than just developing the squad, isn’t it? It’s the physical infrastructure, Colney, and Carrow Road too, even eventually the fabled stadium expansion. We’ve already improved Colney, which is something McNally never achieved, despite calling it out as a problem. It’s the quality of our scouting and coaching teams, which means we can attract promising young footballers and “turn them into £20 million players” or whatever Webber said. Maybe even taking a women's team (I always want to say that in a “Tom Baker Blackadder” voice) into the fold. Man City have done something similar quickly and on a bigger scale by throwing money at it. We have to do it by skill and with a bit of luck over a much longer timeframe. Whether that’s medium or long-term depends on how impatient you are I guess. Luckily, Webber seems dedicated to it for the next three years, although I would have thought it will take longer than that to see all the fruits of his work.
  9. Nuff Said


    “Norwich are certain to sign a centre-back when the transfer window reopens in January” - really? If we have Zimbo, Godfrey and Hanley back fit, plus Amadou for emergencies, I doubt it.
  10. Nuff Said

    Must go

    What happened to “if we go down, so be it. We’ll have broken even, have some money to invest in the foundations of the club and be better placed for another run at promotion and the PL”? One season of success and suddenly it’s “why aren’t we Leicester?” after a few defeats to mid to lower table PREMIER LEAGUE clubs. Webber always said this was a long-term project and we are still over-achieving on that. Big picture guys!
  11. Nuff Said

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    There are a lot of assumptions on this thread about who's going to be fit. IF Hanley is available, I agee that it's time to move Amadou to DM. It seems strange that Roberts hasn't had more opportunities, but I still trust Farke's judgement.
  12. And what was your opinion of him last season? I ask because there were a few posters backtracking when a more detailed analysis showed the important role he played in the team, which might not have been obvious to the 'man in the street'. And I include myself in that, but I'm happy to hold my hands up and say I'm no expert.
  13. Nuff Said

    Could AD be our AC??

    Interesting to you maybe... Could I humbly suggest if you want a genuine debate on your views: - Not referring to yourself in the third person, and DEFINITELY not using the phrase “the boy”. I’m going to contradict my second point below but I imagine the majority of readers of this board immediately think of “Big” Vince when they read this, who had to be the most irritating and yet boring troll on here. - Not making assumptions about what the rest of us are thinking (“One can only suppose”, “I assume even you would acknowledge that?”). - Don’t tell us you have a quirky style. We’ll make up our own minds what your style is, and personally, I would choose arrogant.
  14. I think we saw this at the start of the season when Fahrmann - who let’s face it was a shoo in on paper to start - was relegated to the bench. Krul helps our defence be greater than the sum of its parts. Zimbo too probably, and sadly.
  15. Nuff Said


    If you can’t see that marking, tackling and passing are harder against £10m+ players, then it’s plain what is odd. We have recruited the best we can afford at what you call basic skills, but our second and third choices are struggling against what must be on average the most expensive players in world football. It’s not a binary yes or no, it’s that we’ve have stepped up a level and it’s harder. And the amount of injuries we have have made it even more difficult.