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  1. Nuff Said


    The conclusion I would draw is that there are no simple conclusions (also see: Brexit).
  2. Nuff Said

    Advice on Prime matches

    The CAMRA position is that ‘beer’ (real ale, whatever that means) should be “cellar temperature”. So colder than room temperature, warmer than fridge.
  3. Nuff Said

    Advice on Prime matches

    This is in the Guardian today: This, in many ways, is how Amazon implants itself in our lives: subtly, seamlessly, insidiously. It appears and it disappears at the same time. First it takes over your bookshelf. Then your music player. Then your food cupboard and the items in your drawers. Then your evenings in front of the television. Self-worth gets delivered promptly to your door within one working day. It’s all so easy, so frictionless, you don’t notice the 30-day trial you forgot to cancel, the data you’re giving away for free, the factory workers denied toilet breaks, the small high street bookshop with closing down signs in the windows. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/dec/03/amazon-prime-video-tv-football-premier-league-broadcast-stream?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  4. Nuff Said


    Agreed, but I was trying to say if it (Tettey alongside Amadou) happened this season, I wouldn’t bet against it working out.
  5. Nuff Said

    Advice on Prime matches

    It takes a couple of goes usually, but the streams I’ve watched this season have been pretty reliable. Despite having Vodafone “broad”band. My main worry is that our only smart TV is the main one in our living room, so I somehow have to outvote my wife and my daughter to claim it.
  6. Nuff Said


    I agree. If we go down I would think it's pretty much going to happen. And I agree it's unlikely they will play in midfield together, but I wouldn't be horrified if it happened, they might surprise us.
  7. Nuff Said

    Half & half scarfs

    Anyone who holds onto an Ajax/Norwich scarf in the hope of selling it at a later date, has to be the definition of an optimist!
  8. Nuff Said

    Half & half scarfs

    Did you buy one Lakey? Sounds almost like you did.
  9. Nuff Said

    Half & half scarfs

    I always wonder about the sellers of these. Did they order them specially this season and then throw away the ones they don’t sell, or do they have a shed full of the lesser fixtures waiting until we play Sunderland or Yeovil again?
  10. Nuff Said

    Stefan Strandberg on trial?

    Me too. Is a utility defender like a utility knife, i.e. he can cut, open bottles and remove corks?
  11. Nuff Said

    Advice on Prime matches

    Amazon Prime is yet another method to convert us all into the Amazon Borg. If they want us to buy everything via them, the least they could do is pay a fair level of tax. Having said that, I'll still be using my son's Prime account to watch the match.
  12. Nuff Said

    Silly Contract Season

    More like those putting bets have little idea what they're doing, not what is actually being considered by Watford.
  13. Nuff Said

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    I don’t often agree with you MP, but you’re right on this one. If viewing figures dropped, the BBC would probably look to change things about the program. If they’re staying high, they will assume they have a satisfied audience.