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  1. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    What the hell is this?
  2. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    Normally there is something worthwhile on either side and then an insult. Perhaps there could be a separate thread that can be for insults?
  3. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    Page 206 of the thread is just people insulting each other. Guys, if you need to change letters to avoid the filter you are probably not going to add anything to the debate, so why bother posting?
  4. Barbe bleu

    President Trump

    I think your prior view of trump is clouding your judgement. Iran has been pushing the boundaries for many years now but whilst the nation has suffered as a result there is little evidence that the ruling elite around the supreme leader have done so to a material extent. Well at least one of them has done so now and all will have seen him do so Perhaps this was a opportunistic strike or maybe part of an operation long in the making, we can only guess at but to suggest the it is 'obvious' that there is no plan is a disingenuous statement.
  5. Barbe bleu

    Ground v Player Sacrifice

  6. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    I have far too little information on this to offer any meaningful analysis on the reasons for the statistics. It might be the case that the referendum has made the under 11s vile racists, it might not.
  7. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    Point of order, the stats are for 17/18, so long before boris took office and exclusions for racism across all schools are down over the recorded period. No analysis as to the reasons for the statistics appears to be offered
  8. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    Still at it guys? No alternative hobbies yet found?
  9. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    So, EU army. What are your views? Where would this leave NATO?
  10. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    Christmas truce
  11. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    Guys, call a Christmas truce, please
  12. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    Sorry, I can't see it myself and its beginning to annoy me! Tell me what is wrong with cartoon!
  13. Barbe bleu

    Stewart Webber in Gunn club

    I've never really understood the hero worship. I dont thi k he has done a particularly bad job but equally it's not exactly water into wine He'll be looking to leave at the end of the year, regardless of our final league position and will do if team on the up makes an offer.
  14. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    So Serbia and bosnia are de facto in the customs union but not the single market? Isnt it about time that the two were separated so that the EU runs the latter and a European council plus runs the other?
  15. Barbe bleu

    The Brexit Thread

    As part if these preferential arrangements with the EU are Bosnia and Serbia permitted to make their own trade agreements with non EU (third party) states ? Can these agreements involve lower tariffs than the EU has with these third parties?