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  1. Yellow Wal

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    In the same way that a ball just touching the line at a corner is deemed to be in the quadrant.
  2. Yellow Wal

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    Not quite the case MP. We have thousands who watch the game ...... and see nothing. The detailed highlights can be informative and analysing and can allow the people who watch the game to see even more!
  3. Yellow Wal

    VAR - F*ck off

    But the 'correct' decision was arrived at yesterday and Ben Godfrey was yellow carded. If the 'correct' decision was applied, surely that should have been red. A complete nonsense.
  4. Yellow Wal

    VAR - F*ck off

    We saw on Friday Ryan Bertrand awarded a red card after consulting VAR. The premeditated foul on Jamal Lewis by Wan-Bissaka, I believe, and Young's foul on Aarans were not reviewed. Why not? As VAR decided to give the first penalty, which it wasn't, why was Ben Godfrey not sent off? Surely, if it was a foul, he was the last man and prevented a goal-scoring opportunity.
  5. Yellow Wal


    Why is it that I keep coming back to this thread and playing that video 'just once more'? Thanks Nutty.
  6. Yellow Wal

    Player Ratings

    Daniel Farke 10
  7. Yellow Wal

    What's wrong with Super Mario

    Pray tell me who you are going to exclude to play those three?
  8. Yellow Wal


    The Amadou situation is nothing new. I remember as long ago as Andy Townsend when he was a very big signing for us from Southampton. Signed in August, made his debut as sub in September but did not start a game until late October. We had only lost one game in the first eight of the season. He then established himself and went on to be a very good player for us. If it aint broke, don't mend it.
  9. will be interesting to see Joelinton and Andy Carroll together ....... if he ever does that!
  10. But that is the whole point. Before RvW came to us his qualities had been well noted, he had been linked with some very big clubs, and had played for the then fifth best international team in the world. His qualities were never utilised at all, and to say he had no plusses to his game is ridiculous. His movement was excellent, as was that of Leroy Fer, but both players suffered by being played in completely the wrong way, and the longer they played for Hughton the worse their games became. In fact for the way Hughton wanted to 'play' the game, neither of them should ever have been bought by the club, they were never suited to his 'style'. Check out what Celtic supporters thought of Teemu Pukki.
  11. Yellow Wal

    Sin bins introduced at grassroots level

    Dissent is the easiest offence for a referee to recognise. There are already adequate punishments in place to deal with it so why change anything? The only thing needing change is that referees should implement the laws of the game.
  12. Yellow Wal

    Fer to Sheffield United

    The arguement isn't whether the player is good enough or not, it's whether they could have been. Both Fer and RvW came to Norwich with good reputations, both had broken into the international team which was rated 4th or 5th in the world or were on the fringe of the team. The question is, how much could their careers have developed in a different team with different instructions? As far as Snodgrass is concerned, I think he did quite well for Scotland as a No 10. Anything must have been better than being an inverted winger under Hughton. As far as Hughton is concerned ..... any Championship team wanting promotion should appoint him now. As long as they remember to sack him when they are promoted.
  13. Yellow Wal

    Fer to Sheffield United

    Fer was a far better player than we ever saw at Norwich City. He came as an attacking midfielder who could break into the box and score goals. We rarely saw that. Playing in a system with inverted wingers that Hughton employed, the space in the box was always squeezed shut, leaving him with nowhere to go. He was then 'converted' into a more defensive player, something that he did not do well and something our supporters remember that he did not do well! We bought him for over £4M which was less than half of what Everton were prepared to pay prior to a knee problem being discovered. He was another good player that was ruined by Hughton.
  14. Yellow Wal

    Non-Football threads

    I think VAR should have a look at it. Perhaps the yellow jersey makes the cycling a Norwich City thread but then again perhaps not! The cricket thread is different. I know the Australian team play in yellow and green .... but they're Australian. Theo was Australian wasn't he? The Brexit thread is another matter. VAR should definitely review this one .... several times.
  15. Yellow Wal

    Women’s World Cup

    But how can this be streamlined if the ball is still live? I can see situations of referees giving penalties that quite obviously are not 'just in case' and than changing their minds after consulting the VAR. At least this would mean the game would not have a decision given a minute or two after the offence. This is going to change the game as we know it. Is it really that bad?