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  1. This shows the absolute beauty of the Championship. So many teams in with a chance and so many teams fancied. Compare this with the Premiership which will probably be a two horse race again.
  2. Some ridiculous suggestions here, many by people who want to boast that they know so much about foreign football that they put forward quite obscure or unrealistic names. Think what we need, which is a transformation in the club to really concentrate on youth and developing our own players and there can really only be one realistic candidate. Carlos Cuesta is not the bookmakers favourite without a reason.
  3. Has Rashford been having affairs that I haven't heard about? We hear a lot about African players who regularly send large amount of cash home (Mane, Salah etc) but very few English players who does good for those not as fortunate as themselves. Rashford could hve joined them but instead put a lot of effort into helping people. I find it most unfair to group him with Walker.
  4. You missed Steve Clarke and Scotland. Quite often plays but always a squad member.
  5. National League North next season then.
  6. It should be quite simple, if anyone falls over unnecessarily, for any reason, they should be booked.
  7. VAR sees to that. They look after their own. Many better referees are being denied promotions because so many of the **** ups are covered up. If there was no VAR the cream would rise to the top instead of being held down, the current bunch of referees would show their true value and ability.
  8. Too many people on here do not realise the enormity of some people's wealth. The words 'millions' and 'billions' are now used so often that their differnce is not fully realised by some. To help with this just understand a million seconds is about eleven and a half days. A billion seconds is more than thirty one and a half years. Sir James Dyson counts his wealth in billions, so to him thirty five million isn't that much!
  9. No, he isn't that good. He's like so many others who have shown they are not up to the standard we want and need. But the the more he doesn't play the better he will be perceived to be.
  10. We've lost the chance of someone who is Norwich through and through. His team currently sits in fourth place in the division.
  11. The more he doesn't play for us, the better he will be perceived to be.
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