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  1. VAR has achieved its objective. We no longer hear prolonged chants of "The referee's a w**nker", and most people realise a chant of " VAR's a w**nker" would be pointless. Referees are no longer criticised on MOTD, all the vitriol is aimed at VAR. Referees must be protected at all costs. The game is being taken away from supporters and players and is now all about the officials and the men in grey suits.
  2. Yellow Wal

    VAR Table

    Clear and obvious ...... it has been proved this weekend that the clear and obvious point of VAR is to protect referees. It stops the previous insane attacks made by pundits on referees after watching numerous replays of an incident which takes a split second. The pundits no longer criticise referees ...... they criticise VAR. Ever since the first ball was kicked in the 1800s the game has been about opinions and mistakes. Mistakes by forwards, mistakes by defenders, mistakes by goalkeepers and, yes, mistakes by referees. The referees are now protected ......... but at what cost? Clear and obvious. To me the worst decision made by VAR (or to be more precise, a referee several miles away using technology) was not one involving us but was the foul on Theo Walcott on Saturday when it was so clear and obvious that he had been held and pulled back that any amateur referee could not fail to see it on the replay. Unfortunately for Everton, Walcott did not throw himself to the ground so no foul was given. The authorities continually complain about simulation, and rightly so. But what are players to do? If they do not fall over the foul, or the penalty, is not given. When was the last time you saw a penalty awarded for a foul on a player who did not fall over? The slightest touch results in players falling over everywhere and they feel, in the words of those same pundits mentioned earlier, "He had every right to go down there!". Well Theo Walcott certainly had every right to go down, but he didn't, so no penalty was awarded. But I bet he goes down next time! So, in my mind, VAR has achieved its main objective. It has stopped referees being criticised. What a shame we can't go back to the days when referees and linesmen (Oh, sorry, Assistant Referees) played a meaningful part in the game and allowed it to flow. And, yes, like the players, made mistakes. I certainly have no problem with goal line technology, but VAR seems to be changing the game I have loved for so long,.along with other unnecessary changes which seem to to be made each new season.
  3. Yellow Wal


    How I yearn for the old Reserves set up when we, as did all clubs, developed and progressed our own youngsters from within the club. The players progressed, played meaningful games against other strong reserves teams, gained experience from our own older players who acted as their role models, developed within the club and moved up to the first team when we felt they were ready. Nowadays the top clubs have numerous players out on loan (Chelsea have 27), not to merely give these players experience or develop them but to increase their potential value or to lessen their wage bill or, if the loan doesn't work out, discard the player when it is financially suitable. I am quite pleased that we are not helping many of the larger clubs. Gone are the days when the clubs benefiting from loans are the clubs loaning the players (as it was originally set up to do). It is now nothing more than a system to make sure the richest clubs remain the richest clubs.
  4. Yellow Wal

    Going Down

    Sorry, doesn't work. Zimmermann played on 31st August and if Haller had not injured him (for which he was not punished) he would probably have been playing all season. Klose in 2015/16 after we signed him played 10 games for us. In 2016/17 he played 35 games for us and in 2017/18 he played 38 times. In 2018/19 33 times. Does that sound like somebody being injury prone. Then the other two centre backs we had were an England U21 international and the club captain who is a Scottish international. Remember the ask, AT THAT TIME. Roberts was signed with a good reputation and as competition. But that was not the question ....... to upgrade the team you would have to replace some of the players who played last year. The simple question is, which ones?
  5. Yellow Wal

    Just just cannot believe it

    I don't want to have good luck all the time ........ I just don't want to have bad luck all the time.
  6. Yellow Wal

    Going Down

    I am getting a bit fed up with people saying what we should have done so perhaps you can really explain this to me. If we were going to 'Buy in the summer window' we would have replaced some of our players. Now's your chance, which ones AT THAT TIME would you have wanted replaced?
  7. Yellow Wal

    Total points after may 17

    Given the choice of relegation, playing the football we are, or survival playing football the Hughton way I know which I prefer. Stick to our guns and we will be in for a good season next season whether it is in the Championship, or hopefully, the Premiership.
  8. Yellow Wal

    Red card for VAR ?

    But you cannot see when the still was taken and where the ball is!
  9. Yellow Wal

    Red card for VAR ?

    Yes, we've seen the still and the red and blue lines. But when was it taken? At the moment Mario first touches the ball or when it leaves his foot? Yes, that is very marginal .............. but so was that ridiculous decision.
  10. Yellow Wal

    Is Tim Krul our best keeper - EVER?

    Kevin Keelan, the best uncapped Englishman ever (even though he was born in Calcutta).
  11. Yellow Wal

    Is Tim Krul our best keeper - EVER?

    That came after the rule change pissed up his game!
  12. Yellow Wal

    Is Tim Krul our best keeper - EVER?

    By far the best I saw was Keelan .................. but it's a much different game nowadays and keeper have to be good with their feet now and be aware enough to play out from the back. How the King could have adapted goodness only knows. I remember a rule change a few years ago which turned Bosnich from being a very good keeper to a complete flop.
  13. Yellow Wal

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    In the same way that a ball just touching the line at a corner is deemed to be in the quadrant.
  14. Yellow Wal

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    Not quite the case MP. We have thousands who watch the game ...... and see nothing. The detailed highlights can be informative and analysing and can allow the people who watch the game to see even more!
  15. Yellow Wal

    VAR - F*ck off

    But the 'correct' decision was arrived at yesterday and Ben Godfrey was yellow carded. If the 'correct' decision was applied, surely that should have been red. A complete nonsense.