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  1. Yes they do! Otherwise they would have around forty senior player's wages to pay and half of those would get no football and probably get very disgruntled.
  2. You seem quite happy for the richest clubs to get even richer and kill any competition in the Premiership. The level playing field seems to have many molehills. Former top clubs will never have the chance to re-establish themselves. Giants will never be toppled. Never again will we see the 'elite' in the second tier. The only hope for other clubs is to do a Newcastle. Is that how you think the game should be played? We already have a 'top six' from whom the winners of all competitions will come. That will soon become very boring ......... if it hasn't already.
  3. Yes, at the back, but their attacking play is more controlled and they do not continually throw crosses into the box. I feel that if we play three centre backs against them we will have to sacrifice some attacking threat which we really cannot afford in this game. Because of the size and quality of our squad this season Farke will be able to adjust the formation to fit the need of the game. This is, in my opinion, not a game for us to be playing three centre backs.
  4. Against Burnley we needed to counter a physical team who throw numerous crosses into the box. It was extremely sensible to play three centre backs. Brighton do not play that way and are certainly not as physical. Why do most people seem to think we will have 532 again? I don't.
  5. Potter is only a big name, in some people's eyes, at the moment, and only because while we were playing Liverpool and Manchester City, Brighton were playing Burnley and Watford, giving them a chance, which they took, of a good start to their season. That built their confidence which they then took in to their next few games.
  6. Yes, our players go on loan and we do quite well out of it. We are making the best out of a corrupt system but it pales into insignificance compared to the richest clubs milking the system to make themselves even richer. Chelsea have at the moment approx 20 players out on loan. Do you think that is all about Chelsea helping out clubs in need or for their own benefit?
  7. I would love this to work, but I feel he will need a lot of game time to achieve a good enough standard in a 4231. We must remember that he isn't really here to benefit us, just his parent club, who would like us to give him as much experience as possible to improve his game so that they do not have to. Make no mistake, if he does achieve that, Chelsea will get back as soon as possible in the same way they will the other twenty (approx.) players they have out on loan. The present day loan system stinks.
  8. The whole game cannot be played at 100mph. Players need to slow the game down occasionally. What is being suggested, that he throws the ball to an opposition player to keep the game going? Another recent change by having numerous balls around the pitch which gives nobody a breather and is not helpful.
  9. Israel are not Manchester City or Liverpool.
  10. I wonder how many goalkeepers should be penalised for holding the ball more than six seconds?
  11. This is the problem, eventually can be a very long time, and by then new ways of getting around the rules will be found. This is why more stringent rules must be enforced to make it more of an even playing field for all.
  12. Not only can the richest clubs buy players so other clubs cannot have them, they can also buy any youngster with any sign of ability and loan them out to other clubs to see if they make it. They can also pack their benches with players would would walk into any team in the bottom half of the table. As long as the players get a seat on that bench they seem happy. How long before that is expanded to eleven players to keep a few more of them 'happy'? Obscene wages where players earn more in one week than you do in ten years. But the Premiership encourages them, they want the best players in their league. Financial fair play will do nothing. The only way to get away from this is bring in rules that are meaningful and restrict the money being invested and ruining the game more than it has already. What changes would you like?
  13. Sooner or later this young man needs to start playing regular first team football, and it doesn't look like being in the Premiership with us at the moment. That being the case he desperately needs a loan move for his sake, the club's sake and for his future.
  14. Why do people think that because we played 532 in the last two games that we are going to do that for the rest of the season? I've read too much on here in the past about Farke not having a Plan B. Well this season he has. This season he has the players to do that and I am sure we will see different formations as the season goes on. Against Burnley, who are physical and renown for throwing in crosses all match, it was sensible to play with 3 centre backs but our next match is against Brighton. Who knows, a different opposition, a different formation, personally I think that will be the case.
  15. Like every other Norwich supporter I know of Emi's ability. He has had two exceptional seasons in the past three. The one where he did not shine so much was when he was in the Premiership, perhaps that's the form he is showing now.
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