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  1. Very poor positioning for at least three of the goals. If you're not in the right place you can't save it! Incidentally I could not see why the first goal was not offside in the build up, coming back from an offside position, perhaps somebody can enlighten me. The first goal in a game is always so important.
  2. My memory must be failing. I thought Poringland firstly moved to the old Gothic ground on the ring road before then changing their name to Norwich United and then the club moved to Plantation Park. In the same way Overstrand FC moved to MADRA, became MADRA FC who then move to Cromer and then became Cromer United and then changed their name to Cromer Town who had withdrawn from Division Three a few seasons earlier. Cromer Town then went on to win the Sterry Cup a few times. Or was it Overstrand? But the memory isn't as good as it used to be! Name changes cause many problems.
  3. Let's get it clear. Betting is not a problem for footballers, it's a problem for the nation. Lives a ruined, families are broken, crimes are committed. Footballers are competitors which lead to the need to win. Gambling is a form of competition which will entice many to take part. Many forms of online gaming is banned in many other countries but we seem content to make gaming companies rich beyond their wildest dreams and to continue to allow them to make those fortunes out of the misery of so many. Don't just blame footballers!
  4. I will be surprised if Gilmour doesn't have a good game tonight. Not because of his ability but the insistence of our manager playing a very defensive game with two defensive midfielders and the apparent need to defend very deep. Gilmour will, as last time, be given the freedom of the halfway line and be able to show that he can pass the ball. He will not be pressed, he will not be called on to defend physically and he will not be worked too hard. All of his strengths will be able to be seen and he will not have to use his weaknesses too often. Thank you Mr Southgate.
  5. First match somewhere near 1962. At the time when you could change ends at half time and sit at the back of the Barclay on the railway sleepers. I also remember clambering up the TV gantry in the corner of the River end to get a better view on one occasion and not hearing the warnings that were being given about it being unsafe. So somewhere around 61/62 years.
  6. Kane, yes (well when he wasn't dropping to the halfway line), Saka has defensive traits and has played as a wing back, Bellingham is quite often employed as a defensive midfielder and Maddison is an out and out midfielder. Rashford is another forward, Foden is mainly a midfielder as is Gallagher. So only two out and out forwards plus Saka used. Defensive mindset with very strong attacking players available. The manager seems afraid to attack.
  7. I bet Walker will get bollocked for getting that far forward.
  8. Yet last season all three promoted sides stayed up.
  9. There were no goals in those matches. No celebrations, no added time for it.
  10. We have missed the opportunity of getting a good manager.
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