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  1. I wonder if Norwich's right back, max Arron's would agree!
  2. Yellow Wal

    Ref for sat

    How does a referee, who consistently has so many bad games, retain his place in the Premiership?
  3. Yellow Wal

    Kenny Mclean

    Perhaps if people watched the game instead of the ball they would realise the good job McLean does.
  4. Yellow Wal

    Team for Wolves

    None of those players deserve to be written off, they are all good players. But who would they replace? We must not underestimate the players that we have in the team, they are there because they have earned their place. The job of the players not in the team is to push hard for a place and put pressure on the players in the team. Simply put, I do not think any of them have done enough to warrant a place in front of who is there. Nevertheless, they are still far above Becchio and Lafferty!
  5. Yellow Wal

    Team for Wolves

    Isn't it amazing that the longer a player doesn't play, the better he becomes.
  6. Yellow Wal

    Mixed emotions after that

    Isn't it amazing that so many people have said that we need a Plan B and then when the manager changes things, to make us more difficult to beat, against the best team in the world, they still can't understand why. Rupp is a good player but he is not a replacement for Emi, he is just a player who was needed to play the system the manager wanted.
  7. The 'peacemakers' who rush in when there's a confrontation and immediately gets between the players and gets hold of the opposition player, usually causing more trouble. If they genuinely want to make the peace, they should restrain their own player, not an opposition player. Players should not lay hands on their opponents.
  8. Yellow Wal

    Red and Yellow cards

    So in both cases quoted above has that really penalised us? I would hardly call it ruining a player's career if he is unable to regain his place in the team, in fact Klose's presence on the bench was enough to up the game of Zimmerman and Godfrey. The same applies to Hanley/Godfrey. But, who knows, it might be Zimmerman making way. The people who can have their careers ruined are the recipients of vicious tackles. The majority of tackles we see nowadays are nowhere as bad as those in the 80s and 90s which quite often went unpunished (check the old games out on YouTube) but some of them are far worse with straight leg tackles over the ball. That tackle was very rare in the 80s and 90s and I'm quite sure players on both sides would have admonished the perpetrator. Those tackles are now spreading throughout football and need to be stamped out. And if a player is sent off it does not seem to be such a problem playing with ten men these days (ask Everton Saturday).
  9. Every match we seem to see yellow cards issued and occasionally red ones, some by referring to the wonderful VAR. But what is the real value? Yellow cards mean next to nothing. Players "take one for the team" and it seems to be quite acceptable. Most are not punished as the players concerned have to take quite a few for the team before they receive a ban. Straight red cards usually receive three match bans. But again sometimes to save a goal which could cost the team one or two points. Do the player's manager really worry that much if points are saved. With the quality of the squads of the top clubs two points saved are probably better than the penalty of a player getting a ban. Yellow cards and especially red cards should have a far more severe consequence. Repeat offenders on yellow cards should pick up bans for three, not five, cards and straight red cards for serious foul play should attract at least five match bans. I watch much grassroots and youth football and the actions of the professionals is now copied by many of those players. Players "take one for the team" and far more worrying can be seen to tackle 'over the ball' which can have very serious consequences for other players without the availability of the medical expertise of the professional clubs. Bookings and sendings off are no longer frowned upon in both the professional game or the grassroots game and won't be unless the punishments are increased.
  10. Yellow Wal

    VAR (again, again, again)

    But this sums up the problem. It is always somebody's opinion and even here, after reviewing the incident many times, there are differing interpretations. Quite simply leave it to the match officials, at the game, on the day and learn to take the rough with the smooth ...... as we always did!
  11. Yellow Wal

    VAR (again, again, again)

    VAR has already achieved its objective. When was the last time you heard the terraces chant, "The referee's a w**ker" as they have for probably the last hundred years? VAR can never really work because all of the game is about opinion. All VAR does is take away the opinion from somebody on the spot, the referee, to someone perhaps a hundred miles away. And still opinions differ. Let's let the referee referee! If he makes a lot of mistakes, he's a poor referee but human. If he makes a lot fewer mistakes then he's a good referee and should be in charge of the better games. Refereeing is just like playing, sometimes everything go for you and sometimes they don't. You just have to put up with it! The flag and whistle is still best.
  12. Yellow Wal

    VAR tonight

    But remember the decisions after a referral in both cricket and tennis rely solely upon fact. In tennis the ball is either in or out and with cricket there is no question other than that which can be proven decisively. Unfortunately VAR is not so decisive and often relies upon someone's opinion .......... and that is the reason it will never work!
  13. Yellow Wal

    VAR tonight

    Once again VAR proves that it still relies upon the opinion of somebody relating to various fouls or breaking of the rules. It was far better when only one opinion mattered, that of the referee in charge of the match. The referee is now given a second chance in case he **** something up. (Players aren't!) The correctness of decisions made determines the good referees from the bad and that is where it should end. We still get the same amount of discussion about decisions as we always did and we always will because they are always based on opinion. The only technology that has been 100% accepted is goal line technology simply because that is not about opinion. And that is where it should end. VAR has, nevertheless, achieved its aim. The referees on the day get less criticism now than they ever have because all the 'blame' belongs to VAR! We must look after referees, how ever much it costs and how ever much it ruins the game!
  14. Yellow Wal

    Championship club loans

    Yes, but you said you still wanted him to be 'given a chance at cdm'. Well presumably he has been given many chances to show the manager what he can do there but it seems it is not the best option for us at the moment in DF's opinion.
  15. Yellow Wal

    Championship club loans

    What you really mean is that you haven't seen him in what you regard as his best position. He has been with the club for several months now and has been seen by the manager at numerous training sessions and assessments have been made. He no doubt has been 'given a chance' many times during training. He obviously does not seem to be what the manager wants at the moment.