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  1. Truly a dignified man who commands respect and he will get Bristol City very close next season but ............ if he did get them promoted they would be wise to part company with him as he cannot manage in the Premiership.
  2. I wanted Villa and Bournemouth to drop with us .......... I'm not so sure now.
  3. It's unfortunate for us that a goal can be scored with an armpit.
  4. Considering the VAR decisions that have gone against us this season, please tell me I am wrong. I have watched, re-watched and re-watched again, the moment Fernandes plays the ball through is not Ighalo's right arm in an offside position? I know it is marginal but haven't the ones against us this season been even more marginal. On the BBC website see from 2 min 24 sec onward.
  5. You've written some rubbish on here today but that's the best.
  6. Perhaps somebody will think about the team we are playing tonight. Everton are very workmanlike and, with a good manager, will be a force next season. To play an open game against them would be suicide.
  7. The one thing Farke has shown is guts. After the last performance he could have limped in with a very similar team which wouldn't have inspired anyone. How many of those dropped did you feel played well enough to keep their place?
  8. Similar to others but slightly different giving more strength to the midfield. Krul Aaron's Godfrey Klose Lewis Rupp Tettey Buendia Duda Cantwell Pukki
  9. King's Lynn and Ipswich could be in the same division in two years time!
  10. I wonder if Norwich's right back, max Arron's would agree!
  11. How does a referee, who consistently has so many bad games, retain his place in the Premiership?
  12. Perhaps if people watched the game instead of the ball they would realise the good job McLean does.
  13. None of those players deserve to be written off, they are all good players. But who would they replace? We must not underestimate the players that we have in the team, they are there because they have earned their place. The job of the players not in the team is to push hard for a place and put pressure on the players in the team. Simply put, I do not think any of them have done enough to warrant a place in front of who is there. Nevertheless, they are still far above Becchio and Lafferty!
  14. Isn't it amazing that the longer a player doesn't play, the better he becomes.
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