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  1. For the reasons I said. I understand that they are eligible for FA Cup games. They have got a much better chance of getting a move if they are training and involved. I can't believe people would prefer us to be paying them to be in Germany playing keep-ups with a packet of crisps.
  2. Just quoting the SportsMole article with the Leitner interview. Don't know how accurate this is but I remember Farke saying that we are paying Trybull to play for Blackburn.
  3. "Scoring 6 or 7 goals in a relegated team means diddly squat imo" He's got a mountain to climb then. I presume you'll continue to criticise Vrancic for all his errors.
  4. I'm not suggesting that we play them in the league, but they may be useful in the cup or helping the young players, also making them easier to sell. Basically not making it quite so obvious that they have been banished. Klose was treated differently and moved on pretty quickly. Legally we have to pay them, but we are asking them to leave so we don't have to pay them.
  5. Perhaps with Drmic it is the way he has been treated that has made buyers suspicious. Leitner was very diplomatic but did point out that he was part of the success here. He looked very good in the first few games last season. His exclusion coincided with the deterioration in results. As for codes and precedents, we expect Buendia to stay because he is under contract and we expect loyalty to this contract. These three players are also under contract but we want them to go and find another club or we will put their future career at risk. Shouldn't loyalty to contract be a two way thing and won't this action discourage other players from joining?
  6. Anybody think it might be a good idea to bring any of the Trybull/Leitner/Drmic back to the club for the rest of the season? It would increase their chances of getting a permanent move, this would give us more options with the squad next season. Perhaps they could take part in the cup games which would lessen the chance of injuries affecting our league position. Jonathan Tomkinson has mentioned how much advice from Drmic in has helped his game.We lost points recently by not having a recognised striker Evidently we are paying £20,000per week for Trybull's wages to Blackburn's £2,000. Perhaps it's time to forgive?
  7. Nope. Posted Saturday at 16:44 " we have a goalie to genuinely challenge Krul for the shirt. His stature/reputation enhanced no end after that" Genuine build up, no caution about not being the finished article. Probably based on his sensible haircut, perhaps not.
  8. Nobody is trying to hero worship Cantwell, just replying to criticisms which are constant and not based on fact. None of these are more ridiculous than dismissing his goals last season against the top teams in the country - or trying to suggest that he is "just running around to look good" He created plenty of chances last season, Buendia takes most of the free kicks and corners so is likely to create more, but his goals dropped dramatically. Talking of building players up (or not) did you not suggest that Barden is now ready to challenge Krul?
  9. Another ex - city fullback involved in an upset after Husband yesterday.
  10. I think with Jaiyesimi it was injury problems and Swindon have taken the risk. He could still turn out to be a good player. Didn't we sign him the same time as Godfrey.?
  11. Did everything he had to do really well. Hope that won't stop our search for another keeper
  12. After 2 games a week, all the regular starters and not quite fit need resting. Our advantage is that we can still field a strong side. When Farke first arrived he didn't agree with playing a weakened side in the cup but has gradually changed his mind.
  13. Surprised nobody has mentioned Suggett, Fleck, Paddon, Boyer or maybe Curran and Reeves. It's difficult to call but definitely Suggett for me and probably Paddon.
  14. It's great to be at the top of the league but that doesn't justify every decision made, although it is a great tribute to Farke to manage on what he has available. Players have been loaned out for different reasons, Heise, Klose and Trybull because we want to get rid of them, some to add value so we can sell on, some like McCallum and Sinani to meet wages budgets. I believe that if we had handled the Trybull/Leitner/Drmic situation better we would be in an even stronger position now. Prospective purchases could be deterred from joining the club. The future looks bleak for Sitti who is getting no game time, he could end up in the same position as Gilmour. The loan system can be good but I think we are too involved at the moment. It was good for Madison and Godfrey but I think they were always going to make the top grade. Some have been just as promising but lost their way out on loan.
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