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  1. curious yellow

    England look better with......

    Was worth a gamble
  2. curious yellow

    Klose to return

    Hopefully this season - good news.
  3. curious yellow

    Pantwetting continues

    So, most of you siding with the binner and calling someone who is supporting the club a troll? Sort of proves the OP right.
  4. curious yellow

    Reports of our early demise are greatly exaggerated

    The performances concern me less than the reactions.
  5. curious yellow

    So is Friday a must win?

    We could win and go down or we could lose and stay up. The team are on a low and need our support so let's not put more pressure on them. It's a must not boo game.
  6. curious yellow

    ..and now for something completely different..watford(h)

    Hernandez has been good when he has come on as sub and the defence has been tiring. Cantwell has been excellent but had the misfortune to waste a chance - but his enthusiasm brings a sense of urgency and team spirit to the side that was lacking on Saturday.Also he brings out the best in Pukki So yes definitely Cantwell before Hernandez for me, but we should be more concerned about getting the best out of the players we've got than blaming individuals.
  7. curious yellow

    ..and now for something completely different..watford(h)

    Everyone so far leaves out our 2nd highest scorer and key player in our wins - and puts in Hernandez who's better as sub.
  8. curious yellow

    What’s the problem?

    The problem has been 100% the injuries. All happening so early in the season and to players in important defensive positions. Looking at the fact that we played the second half of last season with mostly the same team, we could not have predicted this would happen. It has left us with a ridiculously young and inexperienced back four, changing all the time with a midfield player having to fill in. I don't think many of us would have agreed with abandoning the young players at the start of the season. The Man City result showed what we could do but also gave our rivals how to beat us and perhaps gave us a high level of expectation. This led to an over-reaction after the Man Utd. The usual "lightweight" comments and the blaming of two of our key players. We try so hard to blame ourselves and mostly get it wrong. Hernandez had two great performances as substitute but everyone wanted to see him start the Brighton game. Perhaps, as a sub, he could have changed the game on Saturday. It's been some time since someone in our starting line up has scored. Trouble is on here that people want to be proved right when they've already been proven wrong.
  9. curious yellow

    People are going to criticise Cantwell

    So the young players from these other clubs never make mistakes? Strange then that we've had 3 players in the England U21. If you cannot forgive that is your problem but they are constantly making errors and being selected, that is down to the manager.
  10. curious yellow

    People are going to criticise Cantwell

    Todd would obviously realise that he should have done better with the shot but everyone misses the target sometimes. Look at all the penalties we missed last season. I'm surprised at Farke's comments, what is important is to get in the right place to do the right thing. I was also surprised at Tettey's comments. It is daft to write off two of our most skilful players(Cantwell and Leitner) after 45 minutes play. We know how well they can play and we know how well we can do as a team, let's get behind them to get the best out of the team and stop blaming individuals.
  11. curious yellow

    Akin Famewo

    No reason he shouldn't be good enough but needs some experienced help
  12. curious yellow

    We've just f'cked it up.

    We already have.
  13. curious yellow

    and there’s more ....... injuries

    For some reason he fades in the final part of the game, always concedes late on. I particularly remember the Newcastle game a few seasons back.
  14. So has Rosario under Dave Stringer. Culverhouse was sweeper. Rob Newman also played both positions
  15. Not sure where Odusina is. Famewo might be a good shout. I wouldn't risk anyone who's not 100% fit. Maybe Robert Rosario for centre half.