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  1. Yes it is, isn't it. We know what he can do, he hasn't suddenly got worse.To get the best out of him we need to get behind him.
  2. As we all do from all our players. But singling him out is unfair and does no good.
  3. Don't put yourself through the agony then, you didn’t have to say it.
  4. There wasn't anything to shout about from anybody and it was the first game Idah has started for us for ages. He scored in pre-season put in some good performances for ROI and has looked good as a sub in the Prem so far. Remember the effect on Van Wolfswinkel when Snodgrass stole his penalty Makes me wonder why people are so determined to criticise Idah particularly when Farke has asked us to get behind our team. Our new expensive signings have produced virtually nothing. RVW and Naismith had better starts than Rashica. Tzolis and Sargent only did well against poor opposition. They need time to settle in but let's give Idah more than one game.
  5. £40M isn't enough to replace Buendia and Skipp. I think we should have paid the extra for Ajer although I big spending hasn't worked for us previously
  6. So if he misses its Idah's fault, just like Tzolis with the penalty.
  7. Good job he didn't take it then, if he's that bad. And the PLM miss?
  8. Same as all our players bar Pukki against top opposition this season.
  9. First game he's started for us this season and everyone else was so good, weren't they? Has played well at international level this season. The latest scapegoat.
  10. I've never seen anything from Keown in his career to suggest he is an expert. A dirty player fortunate to be playing in a good team, not good enough to be a manager. He's looked at brief highlights and stated the bleedin obvious. Perhaps he watched us last season, saw the quality of players like Hanley and Gilmour at international level or looked into the abilities of our new signings who are just settling in. Perhaps not. He'll be earning good money though for his insight. Alienated OAPs are now being chased down to help satisfy Lineker's money lust.
  11. Sorensen's ability to play centre back is a great asset especially if we are looking to switch formation. Good work rate, I can't think that he wouldn't chase back. Scored a great header pre-season, I would like to see us try to replicate that move. It's not about picking the best eleven players, we might also need the defensive abilities of Byram or even the pace of Placheta.
  12. Can we start another poll: After paying off Farke, should we give his successor 5 games to turn things round?
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