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  1. Probably you'd be pleased another threat to your health was out the way.
  2. Scored 7 goals for Telstar in 12 games. 2 goals for USA in 2 games. Was recalled from Telstar and we decided he wasn't good enough in a few weeks. Pity we interrupted his good run and then dumped him. Has a natural ability, needs the right club.
  3. That is understandable and, right or wrong, it could be the policy of any club. However a public figure calling a group of people "a constant threat to all of us" is the worst form of hate mongering You have to respect other people's opinions and not label them because of your own fears.
  4. He's a liability. Saw him the other week miss 2 excellent chances. One he backheeled off the line, the other he decided not to shoot because he thought it was a penalty Nearly messed up our promotion under Alex Neil by getting himself sent off in the run in but probably helped us in the end. Not to mention the walk out.
  5. Oh right, clearly - like Idah never gets any criticism on here.
  6. The worse the opposition, the easier it is to see who's class. Like when Homer Simpson entered the kids competition.
  7. Very sad to see how some can use the good form of our youngsters as an opportunity to ridicule some of our older youth products. Idah did well as a sub the other night. Out of the three in the U23's, I think Rowe has the best chance. Although last season I thought the same about Martin and Omotoye.
  8. I thought the team usually all turn up together on the coach for home games. I know Todd is usually one of the first to connect with the fans and quite a few of the players have designer bags.
  9. Firstly by putting an inflated £40M price on him to put off buyers Then by banishing him from training with the first team squad.
  10. Sutton has the right, as anyone to analyse a player's performance, every player has off days, an expert might be able to suggest a reason for this. What Sutton did was to critisize the way he left the pitch, the way he didn't high five Idah, this is not Sutton's job it is over dramatic has suggested a situation which probably doesn't exist Some people seem to delight in his poor performances, probably based on personal intolerances. My opinion is that he has lost his confidence due to poor treatment by the club, he might be physically fit but at the moment is not mentally fit for the big games. I hope that the club can publicly support him and the supporters can get behind him, it is in our best interests.
  11. Couldn't have helped his confidence to be kept away from his team mates for so long. Putting such a high price on his head to stop him moving wasn't a good move either.He probably wouldn't have been considered ready tonight had it not been for the injuries. We know he can be a good player at this level. Smith has got to try and put things right, I hope he can,who knows, peoples' opinions might change as quickly as they have with Placheta.
  12. He came to the club before Skipp, he looked to be the natural successor to Tettey but plans were changed. Perhaps Farke thought he wasn't good enough at this level and would never usually even put him on the bench, while playing defenders that weren't fit. Most fans thought he was worth playing but he didn't get the chance. His reading of the game and calmness under pressure stood out and, I think, would have bought us extra points at the start of the season when we couldn't defend. He is also useful at set pieces, Gilmour, Rashica and Placheta are all good at delivering and this is where we looked the most dangerous on Saturday. Sorensen's form was the best thing to come from the Man U game but it also showed why Kabak was good enough for Liverpool.
  13. Dimi got mugged. McTominay was the same two tears ago.
  14. Byram is a better defender and would have been more experienced in that situation tonight. Max is going to leave soon probably so we might be better spending the money on a striker-- or Normann.
  15. Yes I thought it was a penalty, the way it rebounded to Gilmour and yes it would have been given against us.
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