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  1. As international teams take 3 goalkeepers to tournaments it would be crazy to only have 2 for a season-- or even half a season.
  2. According to Calciomercato- evidently a reputable source--Godfrey's representatives have met with AC Milan in a hotel in Milan. Strange for them to make this up. Obviously Rio rates Ben and I would expect Rio to be one of the more trustworthy agents. Godfrey has captained England U21 and is regarded by many to have all the abilities to make a top class defender-obviously some of the experts on here know better. It's a wonderful move for Ben if it comes off. I think we have a good replacement in Famewo and would be happy to see him alongside Zimmerman next season. Zimm seems to be a good influence on the younger players.
  3. Back in 1992, Daryl Sutch looked a great prospect. He scored the winning goal v Villa in one of my favourite ever games which put us I think 8 points clear at the top of the Prem. He was well regarded in the media and Blackburn made a large bid which we refused. Shame really because his career went downhill after that season. Keith O'Neill was another one we held on to who never reached the heights that we expected. Chris Llewellyn and Ian Henderson were both prolific scorers in their younger years but both were converted to wingers. Contrast these to James Maddison, one good season and we sold him, helped pay off the debt and immediately won promotion. A similar thing with the Murphys If you don't cash in when you can, things can sometimes go wrong. Just saying.
  4. International managers should not be allowed to interfere in this way. He needs to be reminded that we took Pukki on when nobody else wanted him, brought out the best in him and turned him into a top class striker. Finland have been greatly rewarded for our work. He would have been better to have said that Pukki needs to regain his form. Playing in the Championship is better for his confidence and is more on a level with the national team I'm sure most of the Finland side would be happy to play there. Having said that, I think it is best for Pukki to move on, I think his confidence has gone, it could come back but we rely on him too much and we need to develop Idah.
  5. Soto is training with SC Telstar, possibly a loan there while we wait for a work permit. Jaiyesimi has signed for Swindon, good luck to him.
  6. What Bilic said is that he doesn't want to follow Villa's plan either but wants to follow Sheffield Utd's example. To say that we didn't try anything is incorrect, we have placed a priority on developing young players. We could have replaced our young defenders with more reliable and experienced players. We could have done this reasonably cheaply. This would probably work better in the short term but not in the long term, look how relegation has affected some clubs. It's difficult and perhaps unfair on us to accept at the moment but people outside the club can't understand the long term implications and we can't abandon the plan because of this. WBA have done well to get promoted, as have Leeds but not as well as we did last season. The shouldn't be so arrogant now, let's see what happens.
  7. Not enough senior players available. Good to see Adshead on the bench.
  8. Supposedly in 1969 Fleetwood Mac outsold The Beatles and The Stones. Peter Green was a brilliant musician.
  9. I don't disagree that we were poor after the break. But isn't the crowd an important part of football? Without the crowd, as you say, it's 11 v 11 - richest team wins.Much like a computer game.
  10. Sorry that upset you TVB. How stupid of me to think that this is a football forum and a players 's mental state affects their performance. Of course we were relegated because Cantwell looked at his phone during the warm up - good detective work. Evidently, when we conceded the goals, Cantwell was on Instagram, Buendia was having a beer and a laugh with his mates and Krul was on Dateline.
  11. The question they should be asking is why we have been so bad. The answer is that the restart has been particularly unfair to us and has taken away important factors that we can use to our advantage. They cannot emphasize this because this is their livelihood.
  12. My guess is that we're keeping incoming deals quiet to improve our position on outgoing players. How can we say we want to keep somebody when we have already replaced them?
  13. I really don't want to hear another statistic or another buzz phrase, it's becoming more like a business meeting than a match discussion. What is the point of the fake crowd noise? - to disguise what is otherwise a non-event. When the league was set up we were supposed to play teams home and away.The statistics do not show that we have played lost our home advantage for vital games. The compassion has gone, as has the love of the underdog. What people like Woodhouse and Cascarino have been saying is more like abuse than criticism. The mental health of the players will have suffered after this twice weekly humiliation. It doesn't help when the General Manager mocks players for showing emotion. Even ex Norwich players have been harsh on certain of our current team. This only encourages idiots like the one who recently abused Drmic. In addition it seems like officials are programed to punish us whenever they can. Its been an awful season, particularly because last season was so good.
  14. Zimmerman has always got the best out of the young defenders. His time as captain was our best run of games. He passes the ball well from defence as we saw with the Hernandez chance. We struggle to win when he is not playing - we have won very few without him for the last two seasons. I'm gutted that he has had so few games in the Prem. Compare the 2 red cards today with the Haller challenge that ruined our season.
  15. You mean nothing wrong with criticism unless you're doing it. And when you say "give them a break" it's OK to complain about their hair and criticise the way they play?
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