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  1. curious yellow

    Centre forward for the next round

    Drmic is more of a sniffer and has helped us to this round. Worth keeping in the team for the next round with perhaps tactical subs.
  2. curious yellow

    Farke and thoughts on the game

    Todd ran himself into the ground for 2 hours and was given some rough treatment. One block on the edge of the box was excellent. All our other penalty takers were subs, so where he got the energy for his pen Is beyond me.
  3. curious yellow

    Jon Walters

    He felt it necessary to register his discontent on social media. Good choice for an analyst for the BBC. Also Dion thought Vrancic and Lewis were 2 of the shortest players on the pitch.
  4. curious yellow

    Jon Walters

    Sad and pathetic. Not even the Spurs fans complaining about Krul not on his line. In what universe is this bloke a football expert? His former team are now running onto the pitch to Jethro Tull - Living in the Past
  5. curious yellow

    match thread

    Jamal had a great game.
  6. Perhaps this is the reason for the Genesis reunion.
  7. Have fun and don't forget to send a stick of rock.
  8. Will you be able to enjoy a pint? Bars restaurants and workplaces will close and society will be bought down by a mostly non deadly virus. More people die by suicide - media is evil - turn it off and enjoy life.
  9. curious yellow

    Team V Leicester

    LDC never picks Cantwell, for the games he scored or after the games he scored The reason for not selecting Emi is just as ridiculous. He would prefer to play someone out of position I can understand resting them but otherwise pick someone for how you know they can play.
  10. curious yellow

    Zimmerman '95% out' for Wolves

    Two including Famewo
  11. curious yellow

    Team for Wolves

    One of his early chances against Liverpool was an excellent shot which brought a great save. His pass led to Cantwell's goal v Man City. Good squad player and excellent Championship player.
  12. curious yellow

    Team for Wolves

    Nobody on this planet
  13. curious yellow

    I Seriously Wish This Lad Every Success

    I hope we can see a lot more of this excellent youngster at our club for many years. Imagine what he could do at 100%! All the best to Shae.
  14. curious yellow

    Forget how good some of our players are....

    Rupp missed our best chance against Liverpool and he played at Burnley. So why drop our 3 players who have created/scored the most this season? The best team in the world is showing interest in our homegrown star - weirdly this has upset you, hence the rant. It is you that should grow up.
  15. curious yellow

    If we go down -

    It is important that we let players move on, if the right bid comes in and they want to go. The players left look like an excellent championship side with more youngsters coming through and a healthy Bank balance. Good luck to all the players that move, they have deserved it.