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  1. There are two statements in that paragraph. The second causes the first.
  2. He's a bit busy at the moment.
  3. I do hope that Jools is on a colossal wind up because if he can't see what Farage actually is then he needs the help of professionals (and their large, well stocked medicine cabinet.)
  4. https://twitter.com/Coullio82/status/1368332729666990084 https://twitter.com/vinod_d007/status/1344799520950018054 (Couple of sweary ones.)
  5. "Nay, he's never come close to selling out his principles for the trappings of wealth and pecuniary rewards as others in the political field do." Nothing else to add to that comedy gold.
  6. He's simply a parasite. Sucked the life out of this country, got paid handsomely for doing nothing and now he is off to rinse some other mugs. Dreadful human being.
  7. He'll just put any losses on one of his client's bills.
  8. When Brexit mouthpieces turn on Brexit you know it isn't going well. Fishing farce: Boris's deal leaves UK fishermen with LESS quota than before Brexit. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1404552/brexit-fishing-news-latest-uk-fishermen-eu-quota-boris-johnson-trade-deal
  9. Exactly the same people, every bloody time: We shouldn't have an elected head of state because it will be too costly etc.etc.etc. We need to leave the EU because we can't elect the head of state, it's too undemocratic etc.etc.etc. Do any of you have firm beliefs or do you just make them up to suit whatever argument you're having at the time??
  10. Prince Andrew is very close to having a nice little "appartment" there. Or should be.
  11. So we can pronounce Spanish, Polish and Greek names well but have problems with an English one.
  12. Aye, just imagine a Wes in his prime working for Daniel. A dream match up.
  13. Another one from Herts. Nothing too bad about living here other than being a bit dull and very, very expensive. If you are on a low/medium wage there is zero chance of ever affording your own home. The housing ladder has been well and truly pulled up too high.(But,as you say, this isn't just a Herts problem, just a little bit worse.) Jobs aren't/weren't too scarce which helps. The positives are that London is 20 minutes away and the east is easy to get to. We have/had good local pubs, restaurants, countryside and a few good towns, Hertford, Hitchin, St Albans etc for a night out.
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