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  1. Some things in life are more important than your team being ****.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/23/callum-wilson-is-the-best-natural-finisher-ive-worked-with
  3. Probably at home, depending where he lives and if the traffic was ok.
  4. At the moment this forum is filled with binners, whingers, twats, the very angry and the sweary marys and you are still the worst poster by a long shot.
  5. It's still from the express you ****ing clown.
  6. Well, it's great to see Baldyboy back if nothing else.
  7. The timing of this poll doesn't help but I am in a similar boat to you. Maybe when I've calmed down a bit I might change my mind again but I doubt it.
  8. Herman

    Nature watch.

    He's a bit late to the party.
  9. Clucking bell or ARROOOOOOOGAH!!
  10. I don't think any City fans deserve a display like that, even some of the utter *** that I detest.
  11. Feckin booooooooooooooing like a mutha.....
  12. Precisely. That is exactly what happened to me. I missed out because I wasn't quick enough. The level of support for it took me by surprise but still I should have acted quicker.
  13. Just stole this from twitter. https://twitter.com/NordNorn/status/1451830185372815365
  14. Herman


    We have enormous puddles in the same places every time it rains. This has been going on since last year, yet they have been doing the pavement down the road from the worst one. It doesn't make sense.
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