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  1. In a roundabout way, he did. He was using the war in Ukraine in a rather nefarious and disgusting way. He is a disgrace.
  2. Simple. Because nobody gives a toss about them unless they can be used as a stick to beat foreign people.
  3. A little bit of my experience about staying in hotels. I had to use a Premier Inn for 3 weeks during a recent house move. (I was literally Alan Partridge.) I had the benefit of a job, car and money and apart from initial novelty of it, I hated it, especially living without a kitchen or laundry. These people are not living in luxury as I bet most of their hotels are less salubrious than a Premier Inn. And they are there for months on end with zero knowledge of what is happening to their lives.
  4. Poland have got further than I was expecting so France should be no problem.
  5. Aye, it was getting on my nerves all game. OTT fawning. Well done to the Aussies.
  6. We can argue who is the best footballer ever but, for certain, Pele will be in every football fans top two.
  7. Talking Heads, early days, so early they're still a three-piece.
  8. Aye, I turned off before tea. There's zero threat.
  9. Another consequence of Brexit and the belligerent stance of Johnson and the other eejits. Ripping up long held agreements and antagonising the countries on the other side the border has really come back to bite us on the ****. Hopefully people will learn a lesson and take responsibility for their decisions and behaviour. This is highly unlikely though.
  10. Javid throwing in the towel now as well.
  11. I wake up to an England collapse. It was going so well too.
  12. A man that has achieved little with that team? Not sure I would want him to honest.
  13. For @FenwayFrank. Ivana Knoll. Uvana what? https://au.sports.yahoo.com/croatian-fan-defies-dress-code-rules-after-swipe-at-world-cup-disaster-003239353.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAANNGPQWi2dq-8InpetYQuF2fgbYfOrspzpy5uN1auOqs2eWGnFce9A0vVYDkTEapb-Uy2gvqZmO8cF-GfkmNGC9XrSuvA9ny8tz7sU-1wRN4GDAth1mWOBOGslxLV1C9KxWykBDNbuA9EOfbH9FhvbWnG5q6DGLztDCGKJTNTcU3
  14. A brexiter tax was proposed,many moons ago, to cover any short fall. I'm not that sure it would have been popular.
  15. I saw this little montage of key brexiter soundbites. It's hard to believe how they all got it so wrong.
  16. Brexit added nearly £6bn to UK food bills in two years, research finds. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/dec/01/brexit-added-nearly-6bn-to-uk-food-bills-in-two-years-research-finds
  17. She led a very interesting and eventful life and gave us some great music. RIP.
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