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  1. I've got some bad news CM. PMQs isn't on this week as they are having a break.
  2. There weren't any extenuating circumstances. They're scamming you and you are falling for it. Stop falling for it.
  3. If those "exceptional circumstances" are that you are rich and powerful then, bingo, do what you want lads. What a shill.
  4. How on earth did people fall for the anti-elite, anti-establishment schtick these people came out with? It's truly bizarre because it is so brazen.
  5. Funnily enough a lot of people learned a lot of hard lessons from the Iraq War scandal. A lot of faith was lost in British institutions especially the Government and Fleet Street, which persuaded a lot of good people to back something that turned out to be extremely rotten. But then again, a lot of people didn't learn a single bloody thing from that disaster.
  6. Barnard Castle's Trip Advisor is getting a bit of a hammering. I have the sneaky suspicion that they are not all genuine reviews.
  7. Reminds me of Sir Norman Fry off Little Britain. "....unfortunatley I tripped over at exactly the same time the young man's pants had fallen down."
  8. The bumblebees are having a right knees-up in my mock-orange.
  9. At least the two Waveney's on the thread were proven wrong.
  10. Once you've seen that the Emperor is naked you can't unsee it.
  11. To misquote Pink Floyd: How I wish, how I wish he was there.
  12. Thanks to sonyc I just saw this on Marina's twitter feed.
  13. I thought you lads might like this clever bit of music and video making. Hmmm, twitter vids struggle on here now. Click near her name and it will take you to it.
  14. Susan Michie @SusanMichie As another member of SPI-B, I completely agree. Robert West @robertjwest I am sorry to have to say that as another member of SPI-B I have to agree.
  15. I,for one, welcome our new jellyfish overlords.
  16. I think you had to Ricardo for your own mental wellbeing. It's a small but sensible risk in my opinion.
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