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  1. Not being picked to play generally does it for many posters on here. AKA Becchio syndrome.
  2. Welcome otbc (was that deliberate?). A few questions so we can position you on the Delia lover/“sell the club to a stinking rich foreign owner” and tiki taka/“just hoof it to the big ‘un” axes. - Snodgrass - selfish ball snatcher or PL class? - How many scampi pieces is sufficient? - Ambition - is it spelt with an ‘h’? - How extensive is your collection of pictures of WAGs? - Where do you prefer to scout for new players - Morrisons or ASDA? Thanks. Nuff Said
  3. Sounds like a rejected Eurovision entry. It’s null points from me.
  4. Exactly the sort of teams we struggled against for the last two years. We beat Man City but got doubled by Villa. We now seem to be able to win ugly, we just need to get a bit more clinical up front and we’ll be moving up. With the matches coming thick and fast, hopefully it’ll click soon.
  5. “The Cheshire-based lawyer was handed a ban after issues arose during an attempt to buy Charlton earlier this year. Farnell subsequently appealed against the decision and the ban was withdrawn, although he did serve a five-week disqualification period which ended on 14 September.“ Five weeks? What the fork is the point of that? That’s like a 15 minute driving ban.
  6. Like the Wycombe manager? He looked terrible, I don't know what's wrong with a traditional sheepskin coat.
  7. I don't think the commentator on Sky could have followed a Janet and John reading book.
  8. The thread title does fit perfectly to the tune of Goldfinger. Is that a chant I've missed?
  9. Ok, fair enough, I didn't look closely enough at the graph. What I thought was the legend on the right was a separate bar graph (on a side note, I am confused by the reference to Sorensen though - was his xG the highest in the team?? Seems unlikely).
  10. A couple of thoughts: Your xG chart seems to show Toney's xG went *up* when he went off. How does that work? I don't understand saying that relying on excellent saves from Krul makes us lucky. Marshall pulled out two amazing saves when we played Derby, and I think there has been at least one excellent save in most games so far. Weren't we unlucky then? Surely keepers saving well is just like any other player having a good game?
  11. Most of us have seen a number of examples of it not coping with the load on it, but they all resulted in browser error messages. I've never seen a deliberate measure to throttle access like the one you describe.
  12. He's young, and if there's one thing I think we can all agree on, it's that this coaching team is great at developing young players with potential. So while he may have weak points right now, there's a very good chance he will get a lot better.
  13. Yeah, there is also the point in the Why We Sleep book about avoiding blue LED light for at least an hour before sleeping ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. The section on alcohol is a real downer though. For anyone interested, a couple of interesting points I can remember. (Alcohol inhibits REM sleep, which in turn inhibits dreaming). A number of test subjects were given something like half a day's training to learn something. Tested later that day, they all scored around 90% recall. A third then had three nights of normal sleep, but drank every evening. A third did the same but only drank on the third night, and the final third didn't drink at all. Tested again after three days, the first group scored 40%, the second 50% and the non-drinkers 90%. The point being that sleep moves memories from short-term to long-term sleep, and alcohol inhibits this, even after three days. Severe alcoholics don't dream. The lack of sleep eventually results in the brain being so desperate for REM sleep that it generates daytime (awake) dreaming - this is the DTs, the hallucinations that long-time alcoholics experience.
  15. I I'm a big advocate of adequate sleep, having just read this: https://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Matthew-Walker/Why-We-Sleep--The-New-Science-of-Sleep-and-Dreams/21524944
  16. 1) Do you keep a record of all your interchanges with all the posters on here? 2) Maybe I missed it but I don’t think people are blowing smoke up Placheta, just saying give him time.
  17. The worrying thing is it makes VAR feel not quite so bad - and it *was* awful.
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