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  1. I don’t remember them but you might be able to dig up a few posts by hogesar where he uses that sort of language. I don’t believe Lakey ever talks to people like that?
  2. It’s almost like posters like you delight in our poor performances just so you can win an argument with someone you’ve disagreed with.
  3. It’s almost like your dreams have very little relationship to reality and aren’t actually a portent of the future or guiding you in some mysterious way. Hard to believe I know.
  4. Yeah, not sure what I was doing, sticking up for Priti Patel, need to go and scrub myself down now .
  5. Classic stuff! We’ve just rewatched the second series in preparation for the third. So good! I do think it’s a bit more subtle than just watching awful people though. Even the worst of them have a tiny element that makes them human - Tom is such a privileged tw4t but he clearly loves Shiv deeply, Roman is repellent but does occasionally show concern for his siblings and so on. Jeremy Strong (Kendall) does the impotent little boy who so desperately wants to please his dad so well, which makes him even more cringey in the new series. Does anyone else think they’ve ramped up the laughs a bit though in the first new episode?
  6. At least she has the excuse of being a senior cabinet member.
  7. I don’t know though, it’s a tactic worth considering. Could we smuggle an extra couple of players onto the pitch?
  8. At a wild guess, something to do with a squad of 25 (plus youngsters) and a match-day team and bench of 18 players?
  9. You do realise Cambridge will now be spell-checking all your posts waiting for his revenge?
  10. I wonder if he would recognise our Deputy Sporting Director now?
  11. One Friday when he played for us, I dreamt I was at a village fete with Cameron Jerome. He scored in the game the next day. So when I dreamt about Todd Cantwell last season we were in the Prem - I don’t remember anything about it other than the fact he was in my dream - I got excited, opened an account with Bet365 and put twenty quid on him scoring. Fortunately it was an introductory offer where you got your stake back if you lost as - you guessed it - he didn’t score.
  12. I struggle to articulate how I feel about people like this. For some reason they think they know better than the massed ranks of tens if not hundreds of thousands of doctors and scientists who have studied in this area for what must cumulatively be millions of hours. They then think some bloke off the Internet is better qualified in constitutional law than people who do this as a job, day in, day out (and also seem to ignore that pretty much any website I’ve seen that promotes this nonsense is American-based, so any legal position is irrelevant). And on top of that they think serving “legal” papers to some administrative staff is best done in a green tracksuit. It’s a wonder they can get out of bed in the morning.
  13. My wife was on the shielding list so had hers fairly early on and her six month anniversary only expired a couple of weeks ago. Having said that, she’s heard nothing about a booster, before or since. Something has gone wrong somewhere.
  14. The absolute state of this lot: Mind you, some of the replies are hilarious.
  15. Great minds Purple! As soon as the author referred to themselves as “The Boy” my Spidey sense started tingling.
  16. I read the article about Matos, he sounds promising but then it’s in everyone’s interest to talk up the young players. Chelsea being “interested” is not proof of much, they must express an interest in thousands of young players. But given the clubs recent track record, I think we’re fairly safe to assume that if we had a decent talent in the under 23s, they’d be at least in the first team squad. If there isn’t anyone, it’s because the club don’t believe they’re ready.
  17. I can’t believe this endless discussion of formations hasn’t flushed Bill out of the woodwork to tell everyone they are idiots because players move around.
  18. The only prediction I can confidently make is that no-one on here has any idea what will happen. Anyone who does get it right will do so by chance only.
  19. How? Like this: “Bruce wouldn’t have gained us more than two points.” There. Wasn’t hard.
  20. Everyone is against parachute payments right up to the point they are promoted to the Premier League, and then they suddenly realise why they make sense. You might as well halt promotion from the Championship without them. The alternative would be to do what we did last time and spend almost nothing - in relative terms to the rest of the league - on players, expecting to go down again, and probably lose a large number of your best players, or get hugely in debt.
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