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  1. Quite what is Idah supposed to have done? The fact he left and Rowe didn’t is surely far more about their relative value to the team, Rowe is a nailed on starter (when fit) and Idah was very much in third place behind Barnes and Sargent. All we know about Rowe and Idah is some fairly flimsy alleged conversations.
  2. I think the important question is what do we do if we get an irresistible offer for Sargent (for player and club) if Idah is still here? Selling two decent strikers and leaving us with no-one proven would seem unwise. But if Idah strongly wants to go to Celtic do we “force” him to stay?
  3. Is this comment on some way related to what someone’s alleged girlfriend allegedly saw in him? 😐
  4. True. I live in hope but am often disappointed. Let’s hope I’m not on July 5th.
  5. So having been busy all day, I saw this thread had gone to 10 pages and thought, that’s exciting, there must be some news or interesting rumours. 😮‍💨
  6. Speak for yourself, I believed he was decent and would get better and I wasn’t alone.
  7. Absolutely I don’t believe he would be happy to lose money but, if we are to believe the story we’ve heard, he values the way our previous majority owners have run the club and their values are similar. As Broady has said, his history with the Brewers, while not that of someone who throws money about, is encouraging. VCs on the other hand are far more narrowly focused. Who’s probably the most successful business investor ever? Warren Buffett, who’s famous for a focus on the long-term and quality. I’m hoping Attanasio can be a Buffett of football club ownership.
  8. I don’t disagree with most of that, but I do think being owned by venture capitalists is a huge difference in practice.
  9. That’s a little bit misleading isn’t it Shef? It’s like saying my house structure is not too far from that used for Buckingham Palace. We are 40%-owned by local fans, and 40% by a consortium fronted and largely (?) owned by a successful US businessman who has a track-record of investing in a sports team for the long-term and helping them to achieve better results than their resources might suggest they are capable of. It appears he’s a sports fan who’s in this at least partly for the enjoyment of the ride. I will agree the jury’s still out on what his motivation really is though. The binners are owned by two venture capital companies. Unless they’re completely different to the rest of their industry, they both have one goal, and only one goal. Return on investment. They will exploit their investment as required to make money, and if it looks like they can’t make money, they will take what they can get for it, and dump it. While structurally they might look similar, it’s hugely qualitatively different, and I know which side of the divide I’d rather be on.
  10. Yeah, it all feels a bit like the playground again. “Miss, miss, she was rude about me…”
  11. So do you think we should be interviewing candidates before we sack the incumbent?
  12. Do you mean Gregg Wallace? How dare you! TBF, Anti-Bald Racists would make a good band name.
  13. Yeah, because when owners try and run a football club, especially ones who know little about football, that goes really well. Fortunately, I think Attanasio recognises where he can help (the data analysis and commercial experience) and when to let football people run the football side of things.
  14. Welcome to the Pink Un. At least those posts are delaying the “why int we signed someone yet?” ones for now.
  15. <Finger hovers over the report button 🤔>… 😉
  16. I didn’t have an exhaustive search, but I couldn’t think which post I was being warned about. It makes more sense now, thanks.
  17. How come I get a warning for abuse but you’re still posting on here? 🤔 I don’t particularly have a problem with you but just confused. Your posts are blunt to say the least. Are you Connor’s alter-ego?
  18. You’re right Herman. It seems to take a while to register that a picture has been deleted, but in the end it does come down. You can sort the list in order of the size of attachments to go for the biggest ones first too.
  19. But you said our chances would improve? I still fail to see how. What is going to happen in 12 months time that is going to be so significant?
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