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  1. Master Pukki should achieve this feat injuries permitting. Who was the last player to do this and where would you rank Pukki compared to all forwards you’ve seen in yellow ?
  2. Underdogs by a small fraction. Very hot favourites with the draw .
  3. Midlands Yellow

    BGH is back!

    The Jimmy Bullard lines were ace .
  4. Midlands Yellow

    Don't under estimate them

    Actually don’t over estimate them and all will be fine .
  5. Great pub,always start there .
  6. Midlands Yellow

    Don't under estimate them

    Wouldn’t swap playing them on Sunday for any other opposition. Worst team in the league by a distance .
  7. Midlands Yellow

    points neeed

    Bristol City makes two in the top 6 left to play.
  8. Midlands Yellow

    “That was the boss… Google her”

    Surprised the Wynn-Jones interview last week hasn’t had a mention. Arabs and camels down Carrow Road . Far worse.
  9. Midlands Yellow

    The Murphy Twins/Hernandez/Buendia

    Far better replacements we have now. What price for this pair ?
  10. Midlands Yellow

    Song for the 1p5wich game

    Downtown is perfect,even they will laugh privately.
  11. Midlands Yellow

    *****Official Match Thread v Birmingham*****

    So professional after getting the 2 goal cushion . Roll on Sheff Utd.
  12. Midlands Yellow

    *****Official Match Thread v Birmingham*****

    Need a win and will win.
  13. Midlands Yellow


    Definitely not scapegoating, I was at the match were you ?