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  1. Midlands Yellow

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Penny pinching Norwich, who’d have guessed it ?
  2. Midlands Yellow

    Corona Virus main thread

    Several thousands I’d guess at several thousands across the mental health trust. Staff were improvising and making their own masks last week. Can’t see testing happening any time soon. Boris should have scrapped the patronising letters and focused on testing kits.
  3. Midlands Yellow

    Corona Virus main thread

    Masks just arrived at work and 3 suspected cases so far in the trust. Tests to date, zero.
  4. Midlands Yellow

    Ha ha good old Timm

    The shame, shock and horror. A decent site but so many better ones available these days.
  5. Midlands Yellow

    National League null and void

    What’s poignant on here is the couldn’t give a **** attitude of whether the season could be finished.
  6. Midlands Yellow

    National League null and void

    Fans of teams who are safe or on the verge of achieving something want the season to restart whenever in the future. All those supporters who fear their team is for the drop want a null and void declared yesterday, very interesting.
  7. Midlands Yellow

    250 ,000 volunteers

    Hope general nurses are paid more fairly than their equivalents in mental health. We get no overtime and if you work any hours over your contracted 37.5 you are paid at a lower hourly rate . You wouldn’t think that would happen in the NHS but it most certainly does here in the midlands.
  8. Midlands Yellow

    Olympics postponed for one year

    Sad news for some drug companies.
  9. Midlands Yellow

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    I’m lost now.
  10. Midlands Yellow

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    Who got banned ?
  11. Midlands Yellow

    Confined to Barracks

    No more stockpiling shopping for you stay safe and get the board games out.
  12. Midlands Yellow

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    Mum and not wife /partner ? Sounds lightly incestuous.
  13. Midlands Yellow

    EDP lazy reporting

    Any Human Heart is superb.