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  1. ‘There’s only one Gareth Southgate’
  2. Should fast track him to the National job, nothing to lose.
  3. Can’t argue with that, Southgate in charge must be swaying any doubters too.
  4. Sack this fraud of a coach before the World Cup and release the shackles. Chris Hughton would set England up more as an attacking force.
  5. You’re not wrong, very poor from myself.
  6. What’s the best anyone received on here? I received six of the best just for letting stink bombs off in a science class (bought from the old joke shop on the POW Road) Didn’t some teachers get very excited back in the day dishing the whacks out!
  7. Neil Adams was never a manager, just like Grant and Gunn weren’t either. Desperate appointments that never made sense.
  8. Did anyone attend? A great cause but a shame only 1,400 turned up. https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/canaries-ncfc-milk-cup-legends-football-against-dementia-9291004
  9. Town one up, looks like it’s going to be their season.
  10. Far better viewing than that dross on Friday night.
  11. After signing Wildschut for £7m and seeing him training he had to register himself to be fair. That transfer business hammers Ricky and Naismith really.
  12. Maybe some should be sent to the tower for some firm but fair Tudor style justice.
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