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  1. If you’ve paid good cash you can cheer when the team’s performed and let your feelings known when they are crap.
  2. Liverpool H L 3.0 Average performance but as soon as they slipped in to 2nd gear it was game over Man City A L 5.0 And that’s life Leicester H L 2.1 Bottled it against an injury hit team Arsenal A L 1.0 Huffed and puffed but still not good enough Watford H L 3.1Played like a bag of sh€te from the off. Any reason why it will change at Everton?
  3. Happy Clappers Utd will make you feel better come supper time. Just give them time to think up a few more excuses.
  4. Daniel needs to chill out tonight and watch some vintage German **** from the 70s. That said Norwich are so powder puff and mentally weak on another level compared to everyone else.
  5. Them Hornets are just too physical and never lets us play. Lots of positives though and we move on to match 6.
  6. Norman Wisdom did a summer season on the pier.
  7. Are you wearing the hat during the match Lakey?
  8. Sounds messy! I think she’s in for further treats later after our first win.
  9. Coventry or Leicester fans mainly in Rugby?
  10. We will be feeling happier than this little fella at the final whistle.
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