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  1. You can still identify certain areas near the ground 60 odd years on. What was the attendance that night, pushing 40,000?
  2. Full agreement but the brief for Daniel was get promotion and so far Norwich look like achieving it. The purse strings have to be looser in the summer mind or what’s the point.
  3. We are very pragmatic this campaign, you don’t feel that much on edge once we’re in front. Two seasons ago was more entertaining but this is equally pleasing so far.
  4. 4 points from the next two away matches. It should still consolidate our position at the top with less games to play. Norwich are well capable of beating Brum and Wycombe but that scenario would be acceptable.
  5. Did John give him the money? He already knew it was too late to stop the story being printed after Eric Monster Monster hall told him so.
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