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  1. Midlands Yellow

    Will pukki be sold in January

    If he scores a few more before the next transfer window opens other teams will be interested. If we look doomed too by then the club will sell and I think he’d want to leave .
  2. Midlands Yellow

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Has to be lift on a confidence front which is rock bottom. Here’s hoping it’s a catalyst for a change of fortune.
  3. Midlands Yellow


    Will have the most Premiere league relegations to match it soon.
  4. Midlands Yellow

    Everton fans not happy

    Both .
  5. Midlands Yellow

    Everton fans not happy

    They are not very complementary about our side. 4.1 Everton .
  6. Midlands Yellow

    The Brexit Thread

    Corbyn was excellent last night . I’d imagine he’s won over the more cynical types on here to consider voting Labour ?
  7. Midlands Yellow

    Delia is 78, MWJ's is 78

    Play them both in defence at Everton.
  8. Midlands Yellow

    A club without ambition

    How many of Rochdale Bury Macclesfield Newport County And the rest .
  9. Midlands Yellow

    Steer clear!

    Nutty could tell you he is a flat earth believer and you’d follow his school of thought .
  10. Midlands Yellow

    £34 million loss

    Bang on the money .
  11. Midlands Yellow

    A club without ambition

    The facilities are quite nice but the are definitely not top notch . The training ground has caught up with the times and Carrow road needs a little face lift .
  12. Midlands Yellow

    Grow up

    Are you meeting again soon ? Hey
  13. Midlands Yellow

    A club without ambition

    People aren’t expecting Champions league football and back to back cup final wins. Some just want the club to hang around in the Premiere league for more than just one season . Everyone to their own I guess on how success is seen .
  14. Midlands Yellow

    A club without ambition

    And after tearing up the Championship again what will follow ?
  15. Midlands Yellow

    Grow up

    Happy shopper processed ones ?