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  1. Sort this out Cambridge and start another.
  2. They were fantastic tonight, kings of Catalonia!
  3. How would you know? Admittedly I’ve only see Norwich twice this season but I was definitely there.
  4. Good point. Until S&J completely move on it’s always going to be tricky.
  5. That’s a better watch than the actual match.
  6. Ten per cent didn’t bother turning up.
  7. Could be worth trying Gunn up front on Wednesday and Idah in goal.
  8. Language! That’s worse than my blast at you for which I was reported.
  9. I’ve got three days off and may do that digging. (Even though many already know who they are)
  10. How dare Preston set up how they did and be content gaining a point. We’d never deploy tactics like that ever.
  11. Delia’s disciples told us it would be an easy 6 points this time last year if were to meet this season. I hope they’re brave enough to show their betting slips next weekend.
  12. Quite. If we reverted back to those numbers half would still be ‘whingers’ and probably more. Some just can’t take change which is so long overdue.
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