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  1. Midlands Yellow

    Buendia's Transfer fee

    Around £50 M .
  2. Midlands Yellow

    If you weren't there....

    Bit contrived for the cameras ? Jacks improved but still a hard watch .
  3. Midlands Yellow

    Amadou, dou, dou!

    Singer songwriter perhaps ?
  4. Midlands Yellow

    Our First Goal

    I thought the build up to the 2nd goal was quite impressive too .
  5. Midlands Yellow

    How many will man city get

    Lakey was the first To suggest a positive result but not the only one !
  6. Midlands Yellow

    Another Daniel admirer

    Needs a lot of practice on Farke. Maybe if he mentioned scampi a few on here would split their sides .
  7. Midlands Yellow

    Another Daniel admirer

    Needs a bit more practice though .
  8. Midlands Yellow

    Todd Cantwell

    Another goal too to boost his confidence. Always had the vision and skill .
  9. 25/1 to win a home match, its well up there .
  10. Midlands Yellow

    Now do you understand??

    A happy night for us all . Have. Norwich team ever worked so hard to get 3points .
  11. Midlands Yellow

    Humble pie

    Have a big bite !
  12. Midlands Yellow

    Match Thread V ManC

    Disappointed we weren’t given a penalty at 2.0 .
  13. Midlands Yellow

    Match Thread V ManC

    Nothing wrong with 2 inflatable birds at a party .
  14. Midlands Yellow

    Feeling even more positive now

    Pep knows about the atmosphere at Norwich and is appreciating no quarter will be asked or given .