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  1. Tony Martin would be a better option, he’d strike fear into the opposing back line.
  2. But you’ve sorted the helmet issue out? Good luck on your journey, I’ll send a donation tomorrow.
  3. I guess so, maybe the upturn in the glorious weather is helping.
  4. Hold out for every last penny, hopefully Dortmund or any other team create a bidding war.
  5. Come on lads, if I can make make the effort everyone else can surely.
  6. Nice tea and coffee from there too, Taylor’s of Harrogate available in good stores.
  7. Agreed, he must be seeing a conservative £5/10k a week inclusive of bonus’s.
  8. Lots of residential/nursing homes in Norwich.
  9. There would never have been a better time to replace the main stand, opportunity missed.
  10. That’s a bargain for Leeds or anyone other club.
  11. Maybe the transfer fee had something to do with that, nice touches though in matches.
  12. I imagine Todd has plenty of mirrors in the house but everyone to their own.
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