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  1. I'm on my laptop and just looked up at a game I have on the tellybox. The clock on there, said 13.13. It's a sign I tell ya!
  2. Without looking at the respective fan's forums, I guess Wycombe, Rotherham and Sheff Wed fans, couldn't give a hoot (at best). Also, some fans/pundits who take the rip out of how we are run, may (MAY!) re think and appreciate why we do what we do? Then again.......
  3. Something really strange has happened, in that I have been signed in under my original account (which I had never managed to recover previously), and now I am back to the current me!
  4. not seen it but , apparently he got booked for 'excessive celebration'
  5. What are the criteria for joining? Asking for a friend. Who co-ordinates it? Is there an initiation?
  6. I would like to suggest Fulham (who score a lot) to beat Reading (who concede a lot) and a straight 3-0 win for us. The very best of any luck going to the PuPs and pickers
  7. Was that his real name Tilly, and did I get that wrong? Am I correct in guessing you may have had 1 or 2 professional dealings with him at some time?
  8. The NHS Thugs doesn't quite have that menacing title though, does it?
  9. Was Bernie Patterson considered one of any potential firm we may have had?
  10. I believe you are overthinking this. Just give Timmy a pair of Kenny Everett's big hands. Keep it simple
  11. I guess this can only be judged over a sustained period. He's certainly taking his time so far in his career
  12. Like night follows day, Pearson gets booked.
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