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  1. Crabbycanary3

    Norwich City Football Club, by drone

    That's all well and good Gareth, thank you, and you have inadvertently highlighted some bad driving and I urge you to send this footage into the authorities at your earliest chance. At 1.16 you have a white van man recklessly reversing at some speed, and then at 1.45 you can spot some drivers going along at the speed of light.
  2. Crabbycanary3

    The genie is out of the bottle - in more ways than one

    Agreed West Ham 0 Man City 5 West Ham 2 Norwich 0 Norwich 3 Man City 2 All within a month (ish)
  3. Crabbycanary3

    Sad news

    KS, my point was that the person (he?) was doing something they really liked doing, when their 'time' came, not because of the win.
  4. Crabbycanary3

    Sad news

    Haven't seen anything in the media about this? I hope the family can be mildly comforted that he died at such an occasion.
  5. Crabbycanary3

    Goals on Sunday

    It would have been the same for us, and technically worse, as we lost Aarons, who had been a regular in his position and we suddenly had to draft in a 'newbie' to the team, and try and adapt.
  6. Crabbycanary3

    Time to cash in?

    Yep, he was immense and MoM for me. Godfrey, Byram and others were 'only' awesome though
  7. Crabbycanary3

    Unlikely CENTER Backs

    Taking into consideration who they were up against, Godfrey and Amadou looked an awesome partnership, and no one could be grudge them further games together.
  8. Crabbycanary3

    Time to cash in?

    It was purely tongue in cheek SR Mind you, on that game alone (against some of the best strikers in Europe) Godfrey added £10M to his price.
  9. I've only seen a photo of it, and not seen any VAR reaction etc.
  10. Crabbycanary3

    I've read and listened to lots of media reports

    It (Pearce's commentary) was almost like he wasn't there, and did it as a fill in, after the game
  11. and I also have photographic evidence that I was there, and it would seem we DID beat Man City last night. Funny what tricks the mind can play on you.
  12. Crabbycanary3

    Time to cash in?

    Is tomorrow the optimum time to cash in on our young (and some free) talents? Should we actively seek clubs for the likes of Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis, Cantwell, Buendia, Pukki et al, and try and get them to sign contracts with bigger clubs, ready to go in January? We'd be rolling in it, come February 1st.
  13. Crabbycanary3

    Feeling even more positive now

    Whichever way you look at it, we're odds on to be first on Match of the Day
  14. Crabbycanary3

    Gary Holt on the mend after serious illness

    Wow, poor fella, glad everything is going well now.