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  1. The Ref for our game v Brentford is Tim Robinson who has done 2 of our games this season (home to) Millwall and Cardiff and he has done 4 Brentford games (all since 1st Dec). Brentford have won all those 4 games. Twist that stat to whatever agenda you wish
  2. On current away form (including goals scored) it would seem that Watford have a huge task to stay in contention. They need to hit the purplest (?) of purple patches to achieve a top 2 finish. Can't see it at all.
  3. Quite aware of that pete. I didn't say anything about signing him. The comment relates to IF Fulham stay up, then you would naturally think he would either, stay there, or go back to Chelsea to try and get in their squad. If they go down, Chelsea may want him to develop in a similar sized Club. RLC has all the attributes, but, more importantly, is what goes on between the ears , but on ability etc then he is the sort of player I would like here.
  4. If Fulham go down, I would like to see Reuben Loftus-Cheek here. I agree about ICF's comment about the midfielders that tend to roam the Prem these days and RLC would fit that mould , but also add a great attacking option in that position.
  5. I watched the 2nd half of the Swansea game and they looked distinctly average (but did what we have done and won when not playing at their best) but agree with the thinking about their schedule. Nothing to fret about tonight, with all of our rivals winning, they were all expected to anyway (Watford currently 3-1 up , so expecting them to win)
  6. Can I also put a vote for Peterborough to win please and for our game, over 3.5 goals Al the very best to Wacky and Mandie
  7. Might need to get a word to agent Rhodes, to have a 'close look' at the ankle tonight
  8. Go balls out for a win against Wycombe, then that heaps more pressure on Brentford to come at us. If we can beat Wycombe, then Brentford is almost a free hit, in terms of them having to try and win the game. That is when we are at our best. If we control the ball, they'll have to play bloody well to beat us. 4 points from these next 2 games would be awesome, but even getting 3 would not derail our season. Brentford have to beat us, we don't have to beat them.
  9. A 1 point deficit will play a part in any chasing team's thinking but a 10 point lead is a huge statement and is 4 games worth and the equivalent of approximately a quarter of remaining fixtures. Massive As above, we look to be over our 'blip' having won 4 on the spin, and we are 2nd in the form table (taking the last 5 games) and more importantly our rivals are having blips of various degrees (Wycombe have more points from the last 5 games than Brentford), and they are running out of games. Some of them still have to come here, and they know they have to come at us, and not just sit back and defend, as that won't do their cause(s) any good in the bigger picture. We may lose to Brentford (offer me a draw right now and I will snap your hand off) but, that game will not define our season and they know that. it'll be defined (and already has to a large point) with all the other games now. The chasing pack have approached previous games with a confident swagger, believing in their abilities etc, but now, with the end of season approaching, they have hit a blip themselves (in terms of not matching our points tally), and at a crucial time, and that will play on their minds, with the prize coming into view, also knowing we are thundering forward, picking up wins, even when we don't play well. Farke has been there before, Xisco and Cooper haven't, Frank has blown it before. That is another very important element to this imo The other teams are not able to exert pressure on us right now (we can only do that to ourselves, with our own expectations and standards), but, we are exerting pressure on the other teams and they are running out of time. Pressure........
  10. I said before the game I'd take a scrappy win. What a load of tosh that was an all
  11. Brum had only just brought a defender on as well. That'll learn them.........
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