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  1. A Gibson/Zimmerman type partnership is what you need in the Championship and if they had the right team/formation around them, then they would work well in the Prem I feel, a la Palace/Burnley et al with 'those sort' of CBs. I would love to keep Godfrey and how about a back 3 of those guys with wing backs? That would be more than adequate to sort out Championship attacks
  2. Jamal Lewis, Max Aarons, Emi Buendia, Ben Godfrey - all in the FA Cup (We're going on another Cup run baby)
  3. Absolutely, but my thoughts stemmed from a comment about spending millions on another keeper, and displacing Krul
  4. It'd be interesting to see what lower Prem teams and upper Champ teams have as their keeper set up for comparison
  5. That's what I was getting at. We won't attract those sort of keepers (Adrian/Romero etc) very experienced (older) and played at the top level for the majority of their careers.
  6. I don't know the stats, but aren't these (free) guys, either 3rd choice or very experienced/much older ?
  7. Who would we buy for that sort of money, that would be on the bench for a Championship club? I say that because there is no way you can drop Krul atm. I know we had Farhmann in last season, but that was a loan, so that was an easy out, if it didn't work out. I get that Krul hasn't got many great years ahead of him (he and Farhmann are very similar in age) , and if we get promoted next year, I seriously doubt he would be our no 1 keeper for that campaign, so I feel we just need someone for just this season , as a good back up for Krul. McGovern isn't that man, for me though.
  8. Let's not get all romantic people. Getting back any of Brady/Pritchard/Murphy(s)/Reed/Grabban/Bennett/Ashton/Holt is anything but a forward step. The most hyped of those atm is Reed but let' see if he is a regular starter in the Prem, and where Fulham finish. Redmond did go missing in his last season with us, did not want the ball, hid from passes etc. He needed an arm round his shoulder and a shot of confidence. He seems to have had that at Saints. Madders? Well..........
  9. If Burnley sold him now, what would they get for him? They paid a lot (£13M) for him 3 and a half years ago. That would translate into what these days, upwards of £20M? He's not near that valuation at all I would say they wouldn't get anywhere near £13M at today's prices either. Burnley fans were not too impressed with him at the beginning. I have a friend who was a Burnley season ticket holder, and he was desperate for us to take Brady back and definitely thought they paid way too much for him. Has never shone in an average team. Yes, he has had injury problems, as his appearance record over 9 seasons shows, but he will be one of those footballers that you will soon forget about.
  10. You have the 'a' in the wrong place. A floating what.................?
  11. Pontus Jansson has had a good 12 (15) months. He's an unlucky charm.......
  12. Todd's picture tried to look 'cool' until you saw a stalker peering through his window
  13. I guess we don't know our reply yet? There is a World of difference in a reply that says "Not for sale at all, don't bother asking again" and "Not for sale at all, but out of sheer curiosity what price were you thinking of offering"
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