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  1. Newcastle win for me please and over 2.5 goals in our game Best of luck to the 'Ls'
  2. I thought the 'rule' was Refs would blow when the ball is away from the penalty areas (e.g neutral territory)?
  3. His last game was in League Two .......
  4. I think they'd have been pushed to get a drink in the Prince of Wales.....
  5. These first few weeks I have been watching out for Burnley and Watford's results and every time we get an advantage over them, from each set of fixtures, whether it be better goal difference or more points, then I am a happy bunny, because they are the first teams to, naturally, look out for. Keep inching away from them I have felt that, if we finish above those two, then we are in with a real chance. Not withstanding a 'Huddersfield/Luton' type team (making the playoffs when not fancied) then, that will leave very few teams to seriously look out for (immediately comes to mind are Sheff Utd and West Brom, but there will be others of course.
  6. Wrexham to beat Maidenhead please and BTTS in our game Good luck all
  7. Was given this book recently and it's a great read, especially for us more 'mature' in years. I know there is a 90s one (maybe others?) but thoroughly enjoyed it . The proof reader needs a bit of re-training but an enjoyable book nevertheless.
  8. Why oh why do people have to make such a song and dance about flouncing off this site? All the best to you Sir
  9. I remember going on a supporters train and, despite Yeovil being on the other side of the World, getting home in time to watch us on Match of the Day
  10. I remember watching us play them when they were a non League team, the first time round
  11. I'd like to suggest a Man City win and a 3-0 win for us please All the best you pickers
  12. You know the Premier League can't stand us, but still have a deep affection for Bournemouth when you see; Chelsea 7 (SEVEN) Norwich 0 Liverpool 9 Bournemouth 0 on the written scores on the tellybox T*ssers
  13. We won a Cup tie there, and on the train getting out of Stoke, a window was put through by a passing rock..........
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