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  1. Crabbycanary3


    Just ordered it!
  2. Crabbycanary3

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    Because the OP wants penny arcades and rides (plus beach) for his kids FF. Where else would you get all those (for that age group) in Norfolk in one location?
  3. Crabbycanary3

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    Pettitts animal adventure Park. Thrigby Hall Africa Alive Zoo Gt Yarmouth for the big beach and slot machines
  4. Crabbycanary3

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    Sorry Smooth, but you've obviously not been to Cromer
  5. Crabbycanary3

    Huddersfield new kit

    and the leading contenders for Mr North Yorkshire are.................
  6. Crabbycanary3

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    You fell out with your 1 year old kid?!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Crabbycanary3

    New signing photo leaked

    It's most definitely a win win situation. Worst case scenario, we go down, have to sell Aarons for circa £30M and we have a very cheap, proven player, who, if he keels over with injury hasn't cost us much.
  8. Crabbycanary3

    New signing photo leaked

    25K a week? I hope that we are not paying that for a back up full back. I would trust that SW would have adjusted that figure.
  9. Crabbycanary3

    Cricket World Cup

    I've just watched the highlights twice, and I get goosebumps every time.
  10. Crabbycanary3

    Cricket World Cup

    ? Why?
  11. Crabbycanary3

    Cricket World Cup

    Kin Hell. I was grinding my teeth at the 3 consecutive maidens when we were batting, convinced they would come and bite us on the rear, then I couldn't believe Boult and that boundary 'catch' (that could haunt him forever) When we needed 15 from 4, that was when I finally resigned myself that we were 98% sure to lose, and then.........FML
  12. Crabbycanary3

    Cricket World Cup

    Let's stick with Plunkett for now!
  13. Crabbycanary3

    Cricket World Cup

    I would have been very happy with 3 an over for first 10, plus a wicket. We are not fully firing yet.
  14. Crabbycanary3

    Andy Hughes

    33 England caps? Are you sure?
  15. Crabbycanary3

    Cricket World Cup

    First 10 overs are ours