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  1. All the Germans

    Match Night Thread -

    This needs Vrancic on, not yet but early enough to make a difference.
  2. All the Germans

    Match Night Thread -

    With this crowd (and any crowd to be fair), there is always a lose and always "he should have done this".
  3. All the Germans

    Match Night Thread -

    The one I am watching keeps calling our players wrong names, McClean, Hernandez, Trybull and Buendia are entirely interchangeable names! Does anyone else think McClean is hiding from the ball whenever our defence has it? When it's further forward he gets involved but never appears to want to take it from the defence.
  4. All the Germans

    National Media Coverage

    Isn't that his point?
  5. All the Germans

    Match Night Thread -

    Thank you. Stupid question but where do you go to find them? (I tried the hulkstream above and it doesn't work)
  6. All the Germans

    National Media Coverage

    Agreed. There's no dislike, vendetta or any such nonsense. There is simply not the same level of interest in us as the bigger clubs, so we get a proportional amount of coverage relative to the interest (less), which, is sometimes negative, sometimes positive. I cannot understand why we think the media are against us.
  7. All the Germans

    Match Night Thread -

    He was never going to start Vrancic tonight.
  8. All the Germans


    Giving up on football and finding something else to do is better than it was under Hughton. Farke and Webber deserves our support and should stick - entirely - to our philosophy of last season. I notice the slight change and really hope it isn't because of the fans who think they know better; they (we) don't.
  9. All the Germans

    VAR - F*ck off

    That penalty is ridiculous but it's not the principle of VAR that is at fault but the wildly crazy application.
  10. All the Germans

    Lakey please cheer us all up .

    Whilst I do not agree with the majority of your message, I have to single this point out as I cannot agree. Last season was simply amazing, I have never enjoyed a season anywhere near as much; even the early nineties. It was the best I have witnessed and if I ever enjoy a season as much as that again, I shall consider myself very lucky.
  11. All the Germans

    VAR - F*ck off

    I like the idea of VAR. Rugby TMO's do it brilliantly*, I don't understand why we can't just follow that successful blueprint. Instead Football does it their own way and f*cks it up... *Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a massive fan yesterday morning when they ruled two tries out (correctly however).
  12. All the Germans

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    Agree. What did people actually expect. Toughen up.
  13. All the Germans

    Could AD be our AC??

    This thread is what is wrong with the internet.
  14. Whilst I completely agree with this and also agree that Krul is a good keeper, has been very under rated and given unfair criticism; this was mainly due to the fact McGovern is terrible with the ball!
  15. All the Germans

    Ratings v Villa

    I genuinely can't think of anything positive to say about anyone. Whilst he was probably our best player, Cantwell's brightness and skill was more than countered by a woeful composure / final touch where he should have done more on a few occasions.