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  1. All the Germans

    Sinani signed

    Or removal of the 'm'.
  2. All the Germans

    That Fulham game

    A little harsh on Mckenzie. I don't think I ever saw him not caring or giving 100%. He had some technical limitations but he remains one of my favourite players due to his effort. I remember very little about the game to be honest, I think I've blocked it out.
  3. All the Germans

    Dream 5 a Side team

    I can't get over that a good portion of them didn't pick a keeper... For me, I'd go Gunn, Bowen, Huckerby, Bellany, Eadie. I can see the main problem that nobody would fancy defending (even Bowen)! As for world players, It'd have to be Schmeichel (snr), Rio Ferdinand, Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero.
  4. All the Germans

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Maybe that is what the Imperial College report says but there's no way that we'll be in lockdown until Christmas. The Government are trying to stop the overwhelming numbers decimating the NHS, not actually save lives. As cold as it sounds, the government are trying to balance destroying the economy and destroying the NHS, saving people is just a byproduct. There is no way that they will sanction us being in lockdown until Christmas, it would cause too much damage to the economy.
  5. All the Germans

    Sutton's thoughts...

    No we won't.
  6. All the Germans

    No legal challenges?

    I would assume that most of their contracts will include a force majeure clause, so probably not a big concern for them.
  7. All the Germans

    The season is over now

    I think Fifa is the way forward to finish the season. A 22 man Fifa game with the actual players controlling themselves. I would 100% watch that.
  8. I don't think this is correct? I am certain that our first team were not playing the night I mention and Sunderland were playing their game(s) in hand against us. It was purely that result - them not winning - that promoted us. I am also fairly certain that I'd remember if it were Ipswich that I wanted to win.
  9. 1, 2 & 3. Not just my favourite memory of Carrow Road, one of my most favorite memories of my whole life. It's strange in that I can't actually remember the game, the score or even who we played (I think we lost). Not long before she passed away, I went with my mother - who never went to games but took an interest - to a reserve game at Carrow Road in 2004 the evening that Sunderland played (I can't remember who), if they didn't win, we would be promoted after such a long time away from the Premiership; they lost and we went wild. Nobody really paid any attention to the reserve game and the score of the Sunderland game was being updated on the scoreboard. It was a spur of the moment decision to go, an hour or so before kick off, after seeing it mentioned on Anglia news that evening, she suggested we go. At the end of the game Delia and Worthy walked on the pitch in front of the City Stand and the (what felt full) stand were jumping up and down, experiencing and celebrating promotion with my mother is by far, my favourite footballing memory. There are lots of others that were also good, but nothing comparable to this. As I moved away a number of years ago, the vast majority of my Carrow Road experiences are from pre-2006; honourable mentions to 4-4 against Boro, all UEFA cup games as a child felt special (even the Inter game), Wolves playoff semi etc.
  10. All the Germans


    14. Complete and utter luck, as half were a guess.
  11. All the Germans

    match thread

    If the next sub isn't Duda off, I give up.
  12. All the Germans

    match thread

    We looked fifth best in the first half, so definitely better.
  13. All the Germans

    match thread

    Duda off please. I'd be happy for anyone on the bench (apart from McGovern) on to replace him.
  14. All the Germans

    match thread

    Glad to see him make a change, not entirely sure it's the right one but better than keeping it the same and just waiting for the inevitable. Sadly, we're just not good enough. I'm not sure if it's because of the age old, absence from the team makes me think a player is better than he is but I want Stiepermann on.
  15. All the Germans

    match thread

    This is a disgrace. Why is it that every time they get the ball, they are either totally in space or at worst have a 1 vs 1 with our player. Everytime we have the ball, we've got 1 vs 3. I really can't work out why, is it the system they play? Is it more desire? Is it just dreadful tracking / positioning of ours? All of the above? I don't understand.