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  1. All the Germans

    *****Official match thread v Burnley*****

    Yeah, let's. That'll definitely cancel out 2 years of brilliant football.
  2. All the Germans

    *****Official match thread v Burnley*****

    http://wiziwig1.eu/soccer/looks-4dd6b6-burnley-norwich-city?l=2548403711 This one works for me. The others posted here don't. The commentary is not English, but it's better than nothing.
  3. All the Germans

    *****Official match thread v Burnley*****

    I agree. His judgement has been terrible for the last couple of years...
  4. All the Germans

    *****Official match thread v Burnley*****

    I mostly agree. I don't necessarily agree with the don't change a winning team approach and prefer a pick the team best suited to win each game approach, but, I thought everyone was so good last week, on this occasion, I'd keep it the same. (and Leitner is my favourite player)
  5. All the Germans

    Player Ratings

    I started writing this mentioning Buendia and Byram were stand out players, then went on to mention Cantwell, Amadou, Lewis as being a class above, then Godfrey, Pukki, Krul player brilliantly but not forgetting Stiepermann, McLean and Tettey were also excellent... 8.5 everyone. If I had to pick, Buendia as MoM. Just.
  6. All the Germans

    Todd Cantwell

    Let's not get carried away. He was never awful as suggested at the end of last season when Emi was out and he is not as fast as Kyle Walker or going to develop into the best of his generation. He is a very good player that will continue to improve, but please lets not over exaggerate in either direction.
  7. The comeback against Boro is pretty special still. Not a fantastic result but from a definite loss at 4-1 to a draw at 4-4 was still amazing to watch. 4-1 against scum was also brilliiant.
  8. All the Germans

    A season to consolidate, and then...

    He's a yellow, like he said in the summer. He has a home in the UK and that's here. Farke Life.
  9. All the Germans

    Now do you understand??

    You can have this one, with pleasure
  10. All the Germans

    Player Ratings

    I love them all.
  11. All the Germans

    Time to cash in?

    No. I am very glad that you are not in charge of our team.
  12. All the Germans

    Chris Hughton

    I don't forgive him. A nice bloke but an absolute abomination as a manager. I cannot and will not abide his defence first tactics. It was the most abject City team I've ever seen. As soon as we went a goal down we may as well have all gone home.
  13. All the Germans

    Alex Tettey

    I disagree. He does have the legs, he doesn't (and never has had) the technique. He can run, tackle, cover ground and defend but give him the ball and he's a liability. Still love him.
  14. All the Germans

    Match Thread V ManC

    Agreed. It's easy to praise Norwich for playing good football if your team wins, it's entirely another to still go and give out some praise and congratulations having lost. Top man, class act.
  15. All the Germans

    Match Thread V ManC