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  1. Despite being a wildly different type of player? Ronaldo is all about scoring goals, Cantwell creating. Ronaldo is a unit, fast, strong and a beast in the air. Cantwell is none of those. (I think Cantwell is good but I don't get the Ronaldo reference).
  2. "I would love it" if they get relegated "love it".
  3. Hopefully it does. He appears like the Emperors new clothes to me. Everyone rates him because everyone rates him. I've not seen anything to justify the hype. Not terrible but certainly not good enough to demand a start.
  4. Also, haven't they changed the implementation to be more sensible in the last two years? So a comparison to a different set of rules is not particularly relevant? I assume disallowing the Pukki goal was probably (a small) part of the reason the rule is a little more lenient now.
  5. Gibson can 100% make progressive moves with the ball rather than sideways or long. I think the only question on Gibson is athletic / speed in naure, ball playing ability surely can't be in question? Hanley, not so much.
  6. I don't massively rate Toney, I don't think it was a mistake to not sign him and agree he is just the current flavour of the month. However, he is lightyears ahead of Hugill, who is awful. (Apparently) nice guy, good to have in a team, a bit of a unit, will run around all day and put in the effort, unfortunately he can control a ball further than I can kick it and his technique is Sunday league standard.
  7. Draws entirely do help in a relegation battle. The difference between relegation and survival is turning a few expected losses into actual draws and turning a few expected draws into actual wins. The problem is, the one's that we have got a draw from were not expected losses.
  8. No. We're not. I'm starting to lose a little interest too. I like the way we played since Farke has been here. I find it entertaining and ultimately, that's why I watch. I am not entertained at all by the current setup. I hope it's only temporary to build some confidence.
  9. Because neither are central midfielders and one is already on?
  10. It did and then back onto our player (possible hint that it then hit their arm on the way out but not sure).
  11. Tried to stay on his feet? I suggest a trip to the opticians. It wasn't given because it definitely, 100% was not a penalty (we were still lucky as the situation gave the officials an opportunity to c*ck it up)
  12. That's the problem though "contained Brighton" should not be seen as an achievement.
  13. He's right though. You're either an Ipswich fan, someone on a wind-up or a terrible, terrible 'fan'.
  14. Not for me. I thought the Krul one last week against Burnley was a definite pen for them that we got away with. This one, no chance. Just because you touch someone, that doesn't make it a foul. It's a contact sport, you are allowed to make contact, you are not allowed to foul him. Edit - and there is zero chance that the contact was enough for him to go over. Zero.
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