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  1. I'm not even sure that it has failed, but signing up to the premise that it has; In the scheme of things, a million isn't a lot. I'd rather we tried these things and they failed than sit there playing 4-4-2 (ironically, Wagner appears to be in favour!) and stagnating. Yeah, I know, people like to complain...
  2. I appreciate that, and I can understand owners wanting to go that route when paying money for results. However, I watch football because I like it, I want to be entertained. Hughton football was the least entertaining I have witnessed. Sucked the joy out of football said above is bang on. Horrible, just horrible to watch.
  3. It wasn't a foul. I can't say I really thought about the ref during the game, which, in itself tells the story. Now that I think back, I agree, I thought he was really good. Always easier to say when the big calls go your way (even if they are right). Wonder what the WBA fans think of him...
  4. The same ones that desperately wanted Farke out and then complained when his replacement didn't outperform our best performing manager for 30+ years, that they demanded was replaced? Stupid is, as stupid does.
  5. If you paid me the money he gets, I'd be "a great lad" too! Hugill is stealing a living, as a great man once said (about someone else), "he couldn't trap a bag of cement". Barnes, despite recent form not being brilliant, I think is overall better than I had expected. He's got a bit of the dickov / holt ability to really annoy the opposition but he also has ability that I did not appreciate. I know people have enjoyed slating Barnes recently, but you don't play 200 times in the Premier League without ability.
  6. It's not even close. Barnes is 100x the player that Hugill is. I'm not saying Barnes is fantastic (but I think he's good at this level), but I am say that Hugill is an absolute donkey, who I genuinely think I have better skill level than (and I don't think I'm any good).
  7. Where you do believe that I indicated that I am not happy with a hard earned point? Thinking that taking Rowe off was a bad decision is not the opposite position to that, so perhaps not project opinions on to others?
  8. Firstly, no need to be hostile. Secondly, I don't think he was, certainly no more than others (eg Barnes). Thirdly, did it not occur to you that he was the only one capable of doing anything?
  9. And bring on whom? Barnes made a mistake, but lets not all over react - as usual - there was still a lot to do and they could have been stopped. Players are not either AMAZING or AWFUL. There is a middle ground usually, but fans, for some reason always go for the over dramatic rubbish.
  10. Result is ultimately what matters, but this is shameful. I am ashamed that we are so poor and they are clearly much better.
  11. Terrible. But could be worse. Could be a Man Utd fan. As a child of the eighties, I love how the glory hunting kids I went to school with and were upset when they didn't win the league, now realise what most fans feel...
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