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  1. I wouldn't have him. I don't think he's very good. Let's not get rid of a not very good manager and replace him with a not very good manager. Making a change is only worth it if it's an improvement. Just because it's sh*t now, doesn't mean changing it won't make it sh*tter. It's like bringing an ineffective Hugill on for an (injured and therefore) ineffective Sargent.
  2. Therefore, he isn't going... Edit - to be clear, he definitely should go, in my opinion.
  3. I'd suggest that he's replying to the original premise that the club couldn't care less, by responding the club don't have any say in it...
  4. The reality is, as usual, much closer to the middle ground. He was never a bad signing, he has never been poor and today he was 'decent', but nothing special. Can't fault him for anything that had a meaningful result today (can fault him for the missing the cross that presented them with a chance), but equally, I don't think he did anything above what you would expect.
  5. Craig Bellamy? Really? My heart definitely wants Smith out, but there's still that nagging part of me (my brain) that keeps saying, it's only worth it if we get someone better and I am not sure anyone mentioned above is better. PS. I need to say it again. Bellamy? Really?
  6. Exactly how I see it. Red card correct but should have been a penalty for the holding too. Stupid by McLean and not sure where Smith is coming from when he says he doesn't think it was a red, as clear as they come.
  7. Not Funny. I genuinely couldn't think of anyone worse...
  8. I agree with this. However it is slightly harsh on Sinani as he can be very good, the problem is that it is far, far too infrequent and when he isn't good, it's like playing with 10 men. I don't get Cantwell, he's OK but certainly no better than Sinani or Dowell.
  9. I wouldn't waste your time. I agree with you, but you won't change the opinion of certain people that xG is the devil, so I wouldn't bother. Let them hate it for no apparent reason if it gets them through the day.
  10. Smith is sh*t, but come on, he isn't Steve Bruce sh*t.
  11. As much as I don't like Smith and would never have employed him (and I repeat this a lot), making a change is only good if the change is for the better. I am not particularly knowledgeable about available managers, who would come here. Unless there is someone better to come in, sacking him doesn't help. I would however wait for that good looking chap at Forest to get sacked and then get him.
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