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  1. I wish football would take a leaf out of Rugby's book and when a brawl kicks off (not handbags like this was), the ref just says sort it out lads and they carry on. Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy if they all got sent off, but it's stupid how easy it is to get sent off. Toughen up.
  2. I wonder if he has any promising young / fringe players that he wants to loan out next season. Sounds like our style might be attractive. I still love Farke and everything he does. Even his lack of early substitutes is a clever ploy to give me something to moan about, whilst still getting the job done.
  3. Have you ever had a thought or heard some news that you haven't immediately raced to post on here?
  4. I agree but that wasn't always the case, when he was Roy's understudy, I found him difficult to listen to. I think they take time to grow into the role. Between tonights commentary and the Coventry one, I don't think I have ever heard the word "blue" quite so often.
  5. I'm not convinced he has the turn of pace to drive forward like Rupp and McLean can. I think he carried the ball forward from left back because there was often open space in front of him to exploit. It's different in the middle when it is more crowded. I'd consider dropping Skipp for one of the next two games, just to give him a rest and play Sorensen instead of, not along with, Skipp. I'd like to keep Skipp fresh for the game against Brentford. However, I know that Daniel won't do that and barring any injuries, it will be the same 11 as Saturday.
  6. I partially agree. As much as it isn't good for the heart, there is more entertainment in being 3-2 down on the 90th minute and winning 4-3 or being 3-1 down and drawing 3-3, than just scoring a few goals. Our sh*t defending contributed to the entertainment! Caveat: I love Wes. However, it's a Maddison we need, someone who can score too. As brilliant as Wesley was, he didn't score enough for that position.
  7. Who would you put Sorenson in for? I'd worry about a Sorenson / Skipp combination not having the drive to get forward that a McLean / Rupp partner brings to either of them. I think Sorenson has been outstanding and on performances, deserves to be in the 11, but unfortunately for him, the player he is competing with does the same job, is another level to all of our other midfielders and is pretty much first name on the sheet.
  8. More efficient, more comfortable in winning positions but nowhere near as entertaining. Give me a 4-3 and 3-3 over a 1-0 and 0-0 any day of the week. However, this is a harsh comparison as I have never witnessed a season like two years ago. The most entertaining, brilliant season that I have ever seen. It would have to be something special to get close to being that entertaining.
  9. Sutton was a brilliant player for us, it's just that as a bloke, he's a bit of a c*ck? Not the same league as the Mills or Fashanu however. Agree with everyone. Fashanu (John obviously) and Mills are only the real people I don't like. Judas made a silly move, which alienated him and I enjoyed watching him end up being mediocre but I don't dislike him really.
  10. There were good Russ Abbot sketches?
  11. Same team as Wednesday with the exception of Dowell in for Vrancic, who was poor. To be honest, I've not been impressed with Dowell either but if he is seen as a successor here, lets give him a run of games to get up to speed after injury.
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