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  1. I agree. McGovern is only useful in an absolute emergency; such as both the first and second choice keepers are injured and he has to fill in for a (hopefully very) short time. To have him in the match day squad on a regular basis is not good enough and as stated above, a complete waste of a non homegrown spot.
  2. I agree that all of the situations were negative and avoidable but if these single incidents could possibly result in the player losing confidence and not playing as well for a whole season afterwards, then they need to take a long hard look at themselves. I do not intend to be rude here but I think it is ridiculous to believe that these one off incidents are even a big contributing factor, let alone the contributing factor.
  3. Foster, really? I do not think he is any good. As for Krul, controversial and most will disagree but I don't get the love in. He was never as bad as people were suggesting at the start of last season and now people are over estimating how good he is. Do not get me wrong, he's good and more than good enough for us next season, but I don't think many clubs in the Premier League would be after him. He's had a decent season, nothing spectacular but when compared to virtually everyone else, I can see why he gets extra credit, because everyone else have been poor. We definitely need another keeper next season, we can't be only one injury away from McGovern playing, who is terrible.
  4. I'm probably Hughtons biggest critic, I think he was absolutely awful with us and it made me not want to watch football. I never, ever, ever want to witness football like that again, ever (ever ever ever). However, he did quite well at Newcastle and was sacked a little unfairly, wasn't he?
  5. Unless "the end" is an option. I'm not voting!
  6. Nobody warrants it in my opinion. The closest for me is Gunn, but even then, I wouldn't retire it.
  7. Looks good. Has an eye for a goal, plays on either wing, is rapid, can cross (doesn't pass that much, which interests me, considering how we setup), appears to be a good signing, hopefully he can do the same next season. Also, how terrible was some of the keeping in that compilation (particularly early on!).
  8. I was old enough to be interested during the 'glory days' in the UEFA cup, was in the south stand for both Inter and Bayern visits. So I can't comment before that. For me there are only really three options for best manager / coach; Walker, Lambert and Farke (sorry Worthy). Farke definitely has his faults, but for me he wins it. Walker second and Lambert third.
  9. I hope he does well. However, is anyone else a little underwhelmed by the youtube 'highlights'? Half of them were not even worth recording, let alone compiling into a 'best bits' compilation!
  10. I hope we sign him. We need more pace in the team. Oh and I won't tell you the only Polish word I know. Clue, it begins with a 'K' and is used (by the only Polish people I know) in almost every sentence but is not a particularly 'nice' word! For those of us that have blocked him, please stop quoting and drawing our attention to him! I do exactly the same, and regret it.
  11. I wouldn't call him underrated at all. Everyone seems to agree that he's good? Agreed that the price we paid for him was a steal whilst comparing it only to his ability / effectiveness, but when combined with his injury record (both prior and since the transfer), it should be considered as a 'good price', as opposed to a steal (as suggested above) If he stays injury free - or near as damn it - and we don't sell Aarons and / or Lewis, it will be very interesting to see who plays next season with Aarons, Byram, Lewis and McCallum as full back options. I assume that it is our intention to sell at least one of Aarons or Lewis.
  12. Don't get me wrong, he's very good but I still don't rate him as highly as others. He's not - in my opinion - at the same level as the very top strikers. However, you can't argue with the record, especially when you consider that physically, whilst not bad at any of them, he's not amazingly fast, strong or good in the air (OK, he's good in the air).
  13. I think technically he could be up to it, and at the start of this season I was sure he'd be the one everyone wanted, but I've seen him be dominated physically in most games and gained some doubt. Watching Aarons this season has been like watching a very good 14/15 year old play against men, can do it technically, but just can't keep up physically.
  14. I could see Everton for Cantwell but I do not understand Aarons to Man City. Aarons is good, for us, but he is not near - and I'm not certain will ever be - Man City level.
  15. I'm not sure if this is rhetorical or not. However, yes, obviously he did.
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