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  1. Rich T The Biscuit

    Fascinating Skysports feature about Max Aarons

    Exactly what I thought, although it's unlikely Max would name and shame until he's decided which one he wants to go to
  2. Rich T The Biscuit

    Racism footbal's dirty secret

    Exactly, and what I can't get my head around is that fans can racially abuse a player on another team when they have players the same on their side!? Are they selective racists or just stupid racists
  3. Rich T The Biscuit

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    They want it more than we do all the way through the pitch. We're slow and second to every ball and even when we do get in to their half we end up going backwards and back to Krul
  4. Rich T The Biscuit

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    They've all been awful!
  5. Rich T The Biscuit

    Sellable Assets

    Maybe but how many has the back 4 been exposed to by us giving the ball away in stupid places like Friday. He has all the right attributes and with the right partner beside him he will go a long way. He's come a long way already and our defensive situation is resting on his shoulders, that's tough for someone of his age.
  6. Rich T The Biscuit

    Ownership/Money/The Long Term

    Good piece.......I think though that the Premier league is changing so quickly in terms of finances so Norwich like many others will always flitter between Premier League and Championship. The rich are getting richer and we're not in that category and won't be unless things at the top change so have to look at different models to try and compete. The only thing that will change that will be the introduction of European super league and then the big boys with big back accounts will make that league their toy.
  7. Rich T The Biscuit

    Sellable Assets

  8. Rich T The Biscuit

    Sellable Assets

    Realised that after I hit submit but couldn't be bothered to put another message, knew someone would pick up my error
  9. Rich T The Biscuit

    Sellable Assets

    And apart from Lewis are young English talent and they do have value because of the rules.
  10. Rich T The Biscuit

    Sellable Assets

    Maddison excelled in the Championship and went to a team playing well in Leicester, in the right team and with the right players theres no doubt both Godfrey and Aarons will succeed at the higher level in a better team.
  11. Rich T The Biscuit

    Sellable Assets

    We have some in the playing staff that in all honesty won't be here much longer, ie Godfrey, Aaron's and maybe a couple of others, seems logical that they will go in the summer so is it better to sell in January and loan back till the end of the season and invest some of the money or wait till the summer!? I think it would be better to sell in January whilst they're Premier League players than the potential of them not being in May and reinvest to try and see whether it can keep us up, provided it's not a massive mountain to climb after January!? All that being said, it's only a possibility for me if some of the money is invested.
  12. Rich T The Biscuit

    In terms of quality

    They love paying over the odds for players so that gets a thumbs up from me as a destination if we have to/want to sell
  13. Rich T The Biscuit

    Where is Mario?

    I've said it before and I stand by it, we needed to add a big centre forward to the squad that would win headers and not let the opposing centre halves have an easy game. Still stuns me that Sir Benny was only good enough for the odd few mins in the Championship yet seems to be our go to player in the Premier League when we're chasing the game. Every team outside of the top 6 or so has one, we don't and need one. Although don't ask me who
  14. Rich T The Biscuit

    Supporting city

    And that is what makes football just as exciting as it is frustrating
  15. Rich T The Biscuit

    What’s the problem?

    The problem is that last season we were the standout side with the way we played, with a bit of luck thrown in for good measure but defensively naive. We conceded lots last year and Sheff Utd were defensively strong as a unit and that strength is helping them in the PL and our lack of strength there is exposing us badly, even before the injuries we were always shaky at best and we seem to have no idea how to defend corners!?