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  1. Consider yourself lucky, Radio Norfolk have Cedric Anselin commentating
  2. To get out of this mess we are going to have to rely on a manager with the ability to bring in young up and coming talent. I think Frank Lampard would be a terrible choice but someone with connections to the big clubs where we can borrow ones they have or get the best of those not quite ready would be a sensible route to go.
  3. I was being sarcastic, clearly scoring a goal is a positive but I'd have preferred we didn't concede 3. My point being that if people think that this outweighs his inept ability to protect our back 4, then we have a bizarre set of fans.
  4. Well I guess his kind of assist to the goal will give us a benefit of 1 less goal in the GD column. Guess that makes up for it then, well done Kenny, you're the man.
  5. Who claimed parity They would be UEFA A qualified, sadly I'm only UEFA B. Appreciate on this discussion board trying to be factual or logical or putting some logic to an opinion isn't the done thing, so maybe next time I'll act like others and just rant or just mock those that don't agree with those that know everything.
  6. Agree, but it shouldn't happen. When you play a system with full backs pushing on its even more important that one of the central midfielders sits between the 2 centra halves and they make a 3. We don't do that hence why as you said we get so exposed.
  7. Not that it's relevant but plenty thanks. I was also intelligent enough to be able to see positions that players aren't their best as it's really not hard once those rose tinted glasses are removed
  8. Sounds like you think he's not at fault? Of course I watch others, Sara gives it away to much, Giannoulous gets caught out of position to much, Hernandez has one way if playing that is obvious to the anyone with a brain, well maybe a football one anyway. I don't watch football with rose tinted glasses on and as "captain" he needs to lead from the front, he doesn't do that and he causes a lot of the problems we have. Someone commented about when Skipp was here, he was a proper DM so allowed McLean to play with less to think about, now he has to think, he's struggling.
  9. And the next manager will find himself in the same situation unless that manager realises that he is not a defensive midfielder, him picking up the ball deeper than the centre halves is not his job and him being caught out of position continually causes a problem for the defence. If the next manager realises that then the manager will have more success. Playing McLean in there with someone who knows how to defend and knows how to hold position will make the side better. Stupidity is doing.the same things over and over and expecting a different result.
  10. And what's worse is that they tied him down to a long contract. Another Webber masterclass.
  11. God help us. We were against 10 men and he was given so much space and time to play. Just a shame he can't be so productive against 11 with less time to pick his passes.
  12. Completey agree, but none of that matters when he makes one good run during the game then overhits the pass. Him playing in that area of the pitch is what has caused problems week after week because it leaves the defence so exposed. We've all said it a million times but getting a proper DM in this side would make such a difference.
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