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  1. Is this a post about Delia relinquishing control if we lose or the Cook at the road doing a splendid job at Poor Man Road?
  2. Maybe one for Pete. I went on to a villa forum the other day to see how they felt about Emi, put myself down as Nice Canary. I had to register interest in joining the forum, tell them a bit about me and they choose to either let me in or not, they did let me know. Once in I only got 3 messages a day (which is hard to do when people replied) and subsequent now my time is up I can't even access that forum from the phone I used to register, and I was nice Anyway, we get some real on here from other clubs, could we not have something similar? I for one can't be bothered with them, although I did quite enjoy a bit of banter with lowlife
  3. I haven't watched MOTD for years and not just because of us not being in the PL as I used to watch religiously week in week out no matter what. I watch Soccer Saturday to see the score updates and then switch off so I don't have to listen to the experts talk nonsense and I used to watch Football Focus until this year but now can't watch it. If I want to see highlights of any game I watch on the sky sports football page where you get the highlights and no expert nonsense. The only one I still watch is EFL Quest, Colin Murray and Michelle Owen get it spot on and they get some good people on like Stephen Warnock, Deano and the Sam Parkin who used to play for Luton.
  4. Put like that you can see why Hernandez is off. Didn't say loan so looks like goodbye Argos
  5. He can be a proper muppet but he also says what he thinks unlike 99% of the others on football shows who just say what they think they should say.
  6. Not bothered about that if Sorensen does the job. The criticism should then lie with Farke for not playing him there. Don't forget Webber is guided by Farke and the coaching staff as to the positions that need covering and the type of player needed.
  7. They're not experts. How can you be when the game is a million miles from the game that these people played in the 80/90's. Always amazes me how they roll these guys and how they still have jobs, bring in players who have played this century who understand how modern football is played. Don't get me started on Lawrenson.....
  8. The irony if we don't get one and Sorensen plays there and does really well
  9. One of my favourite recent players. Gave us everything he had and as a fan that's all we can ask. Good luck to him at his next club, hope it goes well for him
  10. Don't think she got targeted for muddling up words (that's just my bug bear as it is with any commentator/pundit), the majority of abuse she got/gets is about her accent which is wrong. Always makes me laugh when there is a local national news story and they find the person with the strongest Norfolk accent possible to interview, then everyone thinks we all talk that way.
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