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  1. Rich T The Biscuit

    Less Than One Hour Until the Shearer Blubfest !

    Shearer should be spending a lot of time looking for a new job, he’s embarrassingly bad
  2. Don’t forget that muppet Abraham and Durham from Talksh1te
  3. Rich T The Biscuit


    Probably both of those also If any club wants to see an example of what you can get without spending loads they just need to look at Pukki, Buendia, Leitner, Trybull
  4. Rich T The Biscuit


    Just shows how ridiculous the values of players has become!?
  5. Rich T The Biscuit


    Joelinton didn’t fancy it after about 30 mins, knew he couldn’t get the better of Godfrey with pace and missed a header any £40m centre forward should score. As soon as he got a chance to find a reason to come off he made sure he did
  6. Rich T The Biscuit


    Of course, they’ll show the goals and give Pukki a little credit for scoring 3 then it will be a a 5 moan about how bad Newcastle were and that’s why we won
  7. Rich T The Biscuit


    Yep thought he was superb today. Between him, Leitner and Trybull they made Newcastle midfield look average
  8. He’s also a great replacement should we get relegated and decide to sell Aarons on. Byram is a class RB at Championship level.
  9. I'm sure I must have gone before but the first game I remember was the semi final of the Milk Cup 1985, I was 12 and in the Barclay and just remember absolute chaos when Bruce scored. I have vague recollections of watching Mick Channon at Carrow Road so guessing I probably saw other games that season.
  10. Rich T The Biscuit

    Some things never change

    Agree but I'll not bother again. I'm only really interested in the highlights and I can get that from Sky.
  11. Rich T The Biscuit

    Some things never change

    I'm more interested in whether the opposing manager says anything about us, ok maybe the Dortmund thing plays a part but Klopp was positive about us before and after and his comment about us being cheeky was maybe an indication about how we were trying to play even when 4 down.
  12. Rich T The Biscuit

    Some things never change

    Would be better if they actually brought in people who understood the current game. Lineker, Shearer, Wright, Lawrenson etc make no effort just pick out points to have a moan about. Carragher was never going to be anything but pro-Liverpool but interesting when. Neville had a pop at him and said how they both continually moan about teams parking the bus so how can they then moan about us going there and being positive. I hadn't watched MOTD since we were last there and after Saturday I'll not bother again, I can watch the goals on Sky highlights.
  13. Rich T The Biscuit


    100% agree.
  14. Rich T The Biscuit


    We all have so much to be positive to be about. That opening fixture is as tough as you're going to get, CL winners playing at home for the first time since they won it so that adds a buzz, they lost 1 game at home last season and "bigger/better" teams will lose there by as many any probably more. If you look at the goals, the first is a gift, if that doesn't go in and deflate the boys a little who knows how much longer we'd hold out for, the second is 2 deflections and landed perfectly at Firmino's feet to set up Salah, the 3rd was the wrong player picking up VVD and the 4th was a great run, Sky did an analysis about how different Aarons and Lewis played in the second half by getting tighter and spotting runs. This game will have done us no harm, the second half performance shows we belong there and to have as many chances in the first half that we did shows we will open teams up.
  15. Rich T The Biscuit

    Amazing Pukki fact

    I wouldn't worry about what Mark Lawrensin says, it's been decades since he played and he's clueless. I prefer to listen to pundits like Neville and Carrager and Rosenior as they put logic to it and not just spout of nonsense. Surprised Lawrenson hasn't joined Talk****e yet, he's about as relevant as Brazil, Durham, Gough and the others.