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  1. Rich T The Biscuit

    *****Official match thread v Bournemouth*****

    Sir Benny before Stiepi
  2. Rich T The Biscuit

    What Joy

    Not sure I should say it but he needs to do what Grealish did and put the time in in the gym to be stronger. I'm not a Grealish fan but if you look at him a few years ago he's worked hard on his physique. Although I wish his kit man would get him some proper shorts that fit him
  3. Rich T The Biscuit

    Our problem is.......

    Dr Mic style of play isn't that different to Pukki and certainly isn't the kind of player to win physical aerial battles. For the record, I don't want us to change our style to one of knocking it long all the time, just have that as an option, which we currently don't have.
  4. Rich T The Biscuit

    Our problem is.......

    Where did I say we need to replace Pukki, what I've said is we need a plan b for when plan a (Pukki up top) isn't working.
  5. Rich T The Biscuit

    Our problem is.......

    That's my point, by not getting someone in who can do that, we've not go the option of a plan b. I'm not saying we should because that's never going to work which makes us very easy to plan for.
  6. Rich T The Biscuit

    Our problem is.......

    No plan B! We have a plan a and teams seem to know how to stop us, playing out from the back is lovely and pretty but at least 3 of today’s goals came from giving the ball away in dangerous positions. We know we can’t kick it long as we never win a header so teams know they will either press us to get it back in our half or just win it from a goal kick, either way it doesn’t work. Look at Villa today, how many times did they play a pass out from the keeper at a goal kick, hardly any. They have a system of playing long to Wesley who wins everything and then they start their playing in our half and don’t risk ever losing the ball cheaply near to their goal. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we need a big centre forward to play off, we had them before with Holt or Roberts and we don’t have that now. It’s basic stuff and in the summer should have been addressed. We didn’t need to worry about this last season as teams couldn’t cope with our possession play, this league is different and you have to adapt and we can’t. Also disappointed with Farke today, days like today are when he actually ‘earns’ his money and he makes changes to late and hid in the dugout most of the second half, only coming out once we scored. No I’m not saying sack him but as much as the players need to look at themselves after today, so does he.
  7. Rich T The Biscuit

    Lawro ( Berk )

    Probably, guess that's how it works. We all pay for the berk aswell with our licence fee
  8. Rich T The Biscuit

    Lawro ( Berk )

    Got to hand it to him, he has absolutely no idea about current football, never has an analytical opinion just an opinion and gets paid for pulling scores out of a hat. It's dinasours like him and Shearer and Ian Wright that need to go and be replaced by players who have recently left the game. Was always stunned that they didn't retire him when Hanson stopped talking nonsense
  9. Rich T The Biscuit

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    Agree, they're all winnable and the confidence after the weekend should be there. But we all know that there's no easy game and beating Man City doesn't give us the right to expect to beat everyone else so I'm hoping for 7 from these fixtures.
  10. Rich T The Biscuit

    Time to cash in?

    I'm more concerned that we could lose Farke than I am about a player. The players values are increasing nicely but losing a manager like Farke who has just masterminded us beating Man City is a real possibility. It won't have gone unnoticed and it won't be long before we see the next managerial casualty and if its a big enough club that comes calling!?
  11. Rich T The Biscuit

    Sam Byram

    Absolutely, crazy to think we got him for so little in the current world of transfers
  12. Rich T The Biscuit

    An "I was there moment"

    He's a clown who is only there to be controversial. It was either that or watch it on the mobile whilst driving home, the radio won but at least it was Ashton commentating and he's actually pretty good.
  13. Rich T The Biscuit

    An "I was there moment"

    I swerved it due to family commitments and couldn't get back from London in time. Had to listen to it on talksh1te and I hate listening to football on the radio and the insult of having to listen on their.
  14. Rich T The Biscuit

    Ratings v Man City

    Amadou was singled out on Talksport and got their MOTM for stepping in for his debut in a position thats not his normal position.
  15. Rich T The Biscuit

    An "I was there moment"

    I'm having the "I wasn't there" feeling. Of all the games to have to miss, absolutely gutted to have missed it