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  1. We may have no say if the rumour that release clauses were inserted into some of the contracts when they signed new ones.
  2. I think that's a little to optimistic, I suspect it will end up around £15m cash plus sell on of profit (not 50%) and I would hope that we'd get a player also, ideally to sign or a loan. They have some young talent there that we could cherry pick from.
  3. In all honesty I don't care who we sell as long as we get the right money in for each and we replace, what I care about is replacing them with the same or better. Does it matter whether we sell Godfrey for £20m and get a new one in for £5m, not one little bit, does it matter if we sell Godfrey for £20m, spend £20m on a replacement who turns out to be not as good, absolutely. Some (not referring to you Jim) will see the second option as the only option and if we dont the club lacks ambition.
  4. I think some on here would see anything less than spending all of our money as lacking ambition and therefore Delia pocketing it all , irrespective of whether the players coming in are the same or better. Spending lots of money doesn't guarantee quality, we've been there and done that and failed.
  5. Think you'll find that's what they refer to as an illegal approach to make contact with the players/agents first. Although we all know that is likely how nearly all transfer are started these days.
  6. That's supposed to be how it works but we all know that clubs tap up players who then force the issue with their current clubs. I read/saw (can't remember which) an interview once about how fergie used to approach players he wanted directly.
  7. I'd take a punt on Jordan Ibe. He's reached a cross roads in his career where he's maybe not seen in the best light and potentially seen a risk to far for some clubs, maybe a stint at a club like ours where he's maybe out of the spotlight and in quiet leafy Norwich might be a good way of kick starting his career again, he's clearly talented and at 24 maybe realisation might kick in soon that he needs to knuckle down. Suspect his wages would be the problem but £20k a week is more than nothing.
  8. He has a habit of quoting what others have already speculated so I'm going for Pukki to Burnley
  9. He seemed to be a talent, is this the start of his moving on gaining experience?
  10. Ben Gibson is a good shot, the move from Boro didn't work out for him. Would be expensive to buy though.
  11. Think I probably disagree slightly but only based on our Championship winning season where we had Zimbo, Hanley and Godfrey but still conceded way to many goals.
  12. Just googled it and seemingly the record fee for a player from the Romanian league is less than £10m and that was after bonuses.
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