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  1. Maybe they are Billy Boy in disguise. He's trying to confuse us by pretending to be female
  2. Some newbies today and they seem to be related, welcome sisters to the forum
  3. Will their fans start waving dollar bills in our direction now then
  4. They have a trophy cabinet that comes with some rusty old trophies that you're likely to see on antiques roadshow, only problem is that it's been so long since it was opened their can't find the key
  5. Alright princess, turn your thong around so it's a bit more comfortable
  6. My school of thought is that of the 3 chasing us it's Watford that worry me the most. You have all 3 of the others in the Top 4 to play so can make a huge difference to who does finish in the Top 2. Having said that if you lose all 3 then it's play offs for you so just demonstrates how tight it will be.
  7. I'd suggest we start a game of predict what time Bill will re-appear but as he'll be watching he'll make sure one of his other accounts win to make himself feel special again
  8. He's watching from some account, with an ego the size of his he won't be able to help himself. He can't post anything to defend himself under any name as that would expose his other accounts and he's done that before so it's a watching brief for now till enough time has passed by.
  9. Oh dear.....just kidding. What I meant is that Brentford and Swansea both still has Bristol City to play, we don't and neither do Watford. Change in manager and still have the sights on play off means that they could be crucial/key games. Brentford play Bristol City as their last fixture for the season, Swansea have Bristol City as their next game. Make sense?
  10. Swansea also have to squeeze another fixture in with Sheff Wed
  11. Brentford and Swansea both have Bristol City, Brentford as there last game and Swansea next.
  12. I think it's fair to say that the Top 2 will now come from either us, Brentford, Swansea or Watford. Therefore, I've had a quick look at who has who to play, appreciate there are no easy games in the league but there are some really interesting and key fixtures left to play. Norwich - Brentford (H), Bournemouth (H), Watford (H), Reading (H), Barnsley (A) Brentford - Norwich (A), Cardiff (H), Bournemouth (A), Watford (H) Swansea - Bournemouth (A), Cardiff (H), Reading (A), Reading (A) Watford - Bournemouth (A), Cardiff (A), Reading (H), Norwich (A), Brentford (A), Swansea (H). I've only really taken in to consideration those teams in or close to play off but with a couple of good results Stoke and Boro could come in to play, we don't have either to play again, Brentford have Stoke next, Swansea have both to play in the next 3 games and Watford have Boro to play in a few weeks. Because there are so many teams who still have play off chances, it's going to get interesting.
  13. It really depends on who we lose. If Aarons goes is Mumba ready to step up; probably not and Byram as much as I rate him is not an option for a full season. If Emi goes we lose our flair and that's hard to replace unless they unearth another gem from somewhere. My personal thought is that we need a striker like Pukki, another big centre forward a unit in midfield and another centre half plus another keeper. And that's on the basis that we lose none of the current first eleven, ie Aarons, Emi and Todd. I'd also argue we need another wide player. Pace will be important for us if we go up.
  14. Guess that depends on whether his keyboard is an official one or an illegal one
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