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    Same as me are you ? NCFC been rarely out of your bloody head this week . Drives you nuts doesn’t it . Go round in circles don’t you ? If you’re like me you’re constantly changing your mind . Wish I could be like one of those who never change their mind , that would be easier , no matter how many times it turns out they’re wrong . Actually, please God , no I don’t . Big question in my head for me personally this week ? Why the hell didn’t I tell that game long whinger somewhere behind me at Brighton to shut the f*** up . Only time I heard him join in with a chant was the Your support is f****** s*** at the Brighton fans . Jesus wept , the irony of it . Been having arguments with him in my head . Arguments …. made me think of my biggest ever row with my Dad . 1976 I believe . I would’ve been 12 years old . Driving home after losing 3-1 at home to Arsenal . Dad said we were outplayed (we were ) and deserved nothing from the game ( correct Dad ) . I couldn’t believe my ears . We deserved at least a point I said , Arsenal were just bloody lucky cheating bastards . What kind of Norwich fan was he anyway , my own Dad ! I was shouting and crying with rage , utterly disgusted with him . I was such a shy boy normally it makes me laugh now , and sad . Within three years my dear old Dad was dead , turned out we didn’t have too many more games left , watching City together at Carrow Road . My point ? As I’ve got older I think I’ve lost my way a bit as a fan . When I was 12 the only thing that mattered to me was unwaveringly supporting Norwich City players . That gave me all the kicks I needed . It was pure and simple and looking back , magnificent . It was also so much easier. Didn’t waste time worrying about tactics , who I thought should play etc . Didn’t know anyway ,didn’t need to , didn’t think anyone knew really . Grown ups didn’t , silly old sods they were forever getting it wrong . So , as I really don’t know what I think at the moment , for the time being I’m going back to supporting like my 12 year old self . Apart from lots of pints before the game . Tell you what , I feel so much better already . Join me ?
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    Well no, I think the whole point is that by doing this season the way we've done it (i.e not signing anyone for big money / big wages) we won't be in the same trap again. And by investing significantly into infrastructure and youth instead, we'll have the possibility of promoting young players into the squad for no money (compared to transfers). If anything these figures explain to everyone why Webber is doing it the way he's doing it this season..
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    The other day people were slaughtering the club for not having spent 10-15 million more in the summer. Now we have people.saying once we get relegated it's sad that we haven't learnt our lesson. What lessons are you wanting us to learn?
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    Just surreal feeling here in Finland. Been following national team actively since late 80s, watching most of the games during years. So often starting qualifiers with big dreams and dose of hope, going through times of despair. And finally the dreams came true. In Finland, this qualifying was often referred as the dream of generations. Today it felt so real when I was watching the match with my father and my children (only on tv though, as could not manage to get ticket).
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    You need to get with the programme CM. Modern day football is about being in the PL and getting past 40 points so you can do exactly the same next season. This enables you to get more tv money every year. It enables you to play an active part in the sky sports transfer window so that the tv money goes into a few more players pockets. And of course their agents. It will attract a stinking rich investor who can afford to give more money to players and their agents before they take possession of the stadium and training ground rendering the club worthless. It's about how many times you can get on TV at ridiculous kick off times that are suitable for sky customers but cause all kinds of grief to the clubs supporters. It's about paying a minimum of £30 to sit in the stadium watching the ref poke about in his ear for five minutes before you can celebrate a goal. Then after 6 or 7 years of that you can go back to the championship and struggle financially in a league that's alien to the clubs set up and not what this stinking rich owner signed up for. Far better than watching your team actually win trophies and Wembley finals and feeling a part of that success.
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    I think the first question you should ask is whether 'surviving in the Premier League' is the most important objective. For me it most definitely is not - I dislike the Premier League (for many reasons) and much prefer to watch the Championship, especially when we are in it. My main objective is to watch Norwich City play football, ideally exciting and entertaining football which is exactly what Farke has provided and Alex Neil too, for that matter. The Premier League has nothing to do with sport, it is a business providing football based entertainment and if you think your club is participarting in a sporting competition whilst in the Premier League then you are always going to be disappointed. It is first, second and always a business and it is run in the interests not of football supporters but the business owners. Of course I want to see NCFC do well and when we do very well in the Championship then we have to put up with a stay in the Premiership, but its exciting when we go up and it can often be pretty exciting when we go down. Do I want to play every year in Premiership mid-table mediocrity, watching a bunch of mercenaries who have no real link to the club and are there for no reason other than the money?? No I ***** well don't - give me yo-yo every time.
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    At least no one at the club, owners, directors, management or team have thrown the towel in. Too many posters on here have not got the stomach for set backs.
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    16 clubs who have been relegated over the last 10 years are currently outside the PL. There are at least another six with investor type owners who haven't even managed to make it to the PL in that time. 42 into 20 doesn't go. So for me it's not "be careful what you wish for" it's more "appreciate what you have"
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    Zimmermann - will take a lot of pressure off Godrey Zimmermann - means Amadou and or Tettey can strengthen our midfield Zimmermann - is loved by the fans and it will be a massive boost to have him back. Like a new signing.
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    Brighton fan trying to preach about support, now I really have seen it all.
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    Should have stopped there. That basically sums you up nicely I think.
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    I've just seen this posted by Paul McVeigh on LinkedIn... "Fact: This is the game that saved my Norwich City Football Club career. Not many people know that Nigel Worthington had told me that “I didn’t have what it takes to be a Norwich city footballer” and that I was surplus to requirements and officially released me 3 days before this match against Watford FC on 27th January 2001. I was devastated and my career felt over before it had even begun. I was due to join Bury FC on trial the following Monday. Due to a number injuries in the squad, I was told to be on the bench to make up the numbers but amazingly with 22 minutes to go and 0-1 down Worthy told me to get ready to come on. So I entered the pitch and had, probably, the most impact that I’ve ever contributed coming off the bench and helped us to a 2-1 win in the dying seconds! 9 years later, 2 league titles, top scorer, a Championship play off final appearance, 300 games and 40 goals and a member of The Norwich City Hall of Fame probably goes to show that your life will be less impacted by about what other people think of you and much more about how strong your desire is to achieve your goal. Keep the faith, trust your process and never, ever let anyone tell you that you don’t have what it takes." https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6598518725081653249/ Not sure if the link will work, but the words accompany video highlights of the game. I didn't realise how close he was to leaving us. Everyone knew there was animosity between WLY and Worthington (I heard on good authority that McVeigh hosted a party that a few players attended after Worthy's sacking), didn't realise it emerged that early in his Norwich career.
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    I think the problem isn't so much the individual quality of the players, I think they would all be at least squad players for a lot of the current prem teams, more of the problem is that collectively they don't have the experience and we have had such a huge hole in our foundation through injuries our players have just not been able to adapt as a collective.
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    I swear nobody who follows this club actually listens. We were told where we were before last season even finished: we were going to be doing this on a shoestring and if we could manage to survive then great, but if not then we'll go again a lot more financially stable. I'm getting really sick of people having hissy fits about 'no ambition' and so on. Really, if you want vicarious success every single week then just switch to supporting Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea or so on. There's no shame in not bothering with the fact that it's a local club linked to the community and just going for a feelgood glow from the success of something that has **** all to do with you. Better than that than making it a misery for the people who just want to see the club do the best it can within the resources it has.
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    How many of.. Leeds Forest Sheff Wed Bristol C QPR Charlton Hull Birmingham Cardiff Derby Reading Blackburn Middlesbrough Ipswich Sunderland Sheff Utd Coventry Portsmouth Bolton Have spent 5 of the last 10 years in the PL? We are there again this season, just months after you said we had no ambition to get there. How did that even happen? Is ambition only measured by someone elses wealth?
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    I think most were realistic and feared it would be difficult, while harbouring the hope that it might still be possible. You have to live with hope and I expect all long term NCFC supporters had very similar hopes and fears.
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    You'll also remember the 12,000 attendances in the mid to late 90s, nearly going out of business and of course the Championship relegation. Thing is, the love for my club does not stem from how ambitious the board are, what league we are in or how many games we're winning. For sure, I enjoy it more when we win and daydream about a Cup Final success, but what I love is just going to the games, the pre-match pub trips and more recently bringing my kids along on occasional games. There are fans in Bury who can't do that anymore. I love how the city centre feels differently depending on how the club are doing, I love going in the Indian Saturday night and being asked what the score was and either being comiserated or watch them cheer when I tell them, or if they already know the score being asked what went wrong/right. None of that will change whether we're the 5th best, 25th best or 125th best in the country. So I rant and rave on matchdays when we lose and cheer til I'm hoarse when we win, but waste energy moaning about people ensuring our long term future and not gambling the club's stability in the hope that we might finish 12th? Not for me, tah. If we go down, we go down. I'll still be turning up in the same seat I've had for nearly quarter of a century and sinking a couple of lagers in the Jubilee beforehand. Maybe I'm not ambitious enough, well sue me. From here it looks like I enjoy being a Norwich fan a lot more than you, so I've no plans to change.
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    We could win and go down or we could lose and stay up. The team are on a low and need our support so let's not put more pressure on them. It's a must not boo game.
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    Groundhog day, will posters ever tire of this the filthy rich owner pipedream? For a club like ours football is always going to be cyclical. Good years, followed by bad and then good again. The idea that you can kick on to the next level and become an established Premier League club on 27,000 crowds in a provincal city is a nonsense. Sure, some clubs do, for a while until gravity catches them. Equally, Stoke prove you can be a established Prem club with a filthy rich owner and still und up facing League 1. Though I will give you it would be a pleasent change to have more than 1 or 2 consecutive years in the top flight.
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    You need an extra long guitar strap, leather jacket and stand with your feet about six feet apart to be totally in command the JJB way. Nowadays I need an extra long nap, incontinence pad and sensible shoes to be totally in command of KG way. But I still have a vivid imagination of course.
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    Hear hear. Seriously, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea et al are all out there waiting for their support. Switching allegiance to a new club is free and there are no exams to pass or queues to join, you can be a confirmed lifetime fan of Liverpool and appear as 'Diss Koppite' or whatever on their messageboards at anytime. You could even expect thirty million or so to be blown on just one player anytime soon, hell, you might even find Madders is playing for 'your' club again before the start of next season, how about that? One simple little switch of allegiance and all your Norwich City supporting woes will be gone in an instant and you needn't worry about any of us, Delia or the clubs lack of ambition ever again. That's something else that puzzles me. When people relate the clubs perceived lack of ambition to the individual supporters as in the accusations of "...how can you not be ambitious for our club/show some ambition for the club" etc etc. I don't know but I am sure I am not alone here-but my ambitions, such as they are, relate to me and my life and aspects of it that I can control and influence, not that of a business that I have absolutely no influence on whatsoever: haven't had, don't have and never will have. We're supporters. We may think that gives us some entitlement but it doesn't. Yes, we put varying degrees of money into the club but that is entirely voluntary, no-one signed a contract that said in return for buying 'x' season tickets, the club will do ensure that they match your ambitions for it. The self sustaining model is set in granite. It isn't going to change anytime soon. No-one is going to come along and gift the club billions of pounds anytime soon either. And yes, we may go down in May. But the start of pre-season training will still see Webber and Farke here and still see the same people in charge in the boardroom. No-one has to like it. But, like it or not and despite all the arguments and angst, that is how it is going to remain.
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    To the op.... Webber has not said anything of the sort. Farke has not said anything of the sort. If you think they have then you are wrong. Either you didn't understand what they were saying, or you are just trying to make trouble and when people post fake stuff, you have to wonder about their motivation for posting. All a bit sad really.
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    Since the inception of the premier league in 92/93 and the vast wealth coming into the game the ability for clubs to compete without having an owner who can spend money well above the turnover of the club and sustain losses has effectively disappeared. You will get the occasional club who bucks the trend for a period (Swansea, Burnley etc) but eventually it catches up with them. This makes it incredibly tough for a club like NCFC without that backing to compete. Clubs like Brighton, Bournemouth, Watford have wealth well beyond Norwich and can therefore spend £20-30m on centre halves and centre forwards, we can’t - its a simple as that. In terms of this summer, most of these boards said we needed a holding midfielder, cover at right-back, another winger, cover up front for Pukki and most people would have loved us to get a number 10 in. I think most people thought that Aaron’s, Lewis, Godfrey, Zimmerman with Klose should be given a go and that buendia and leitner /Vrancic would be good enough. In essence with the exception of the 10, Webber/Farke bought in them players and then invested into the model of identifying the next load of youngsters to bring through like Fitzpatrick/addshead. The signings haven’t quite worked out yet, We have been unlucky with injuries that halted our momentum and now we’re struggling but we have to let this team go for it with our support not this already fickle over the top negative reactions. It is clear we do need to adjust the way we play a little, teams have worked us out but we do need to play atleast a few games with a settled team and amadou in his proper position. I think then we can say how far short we are. For now let’s get behind them and see where we are in January, we can’t suddenly splash the cash so let’s persevere and show some patience.
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    The same old debate again, this time with new clubs being the example of who we should emulate. Gone are Middlesborough, Bolton, Stoke as examples of how we could/ should be and now replaced by Brighton and Crystal Palace. The trouble is, in the real world, you can't just blow all the money and then start fresh again with a new model. The reality is that an investor puts money into the club in an effort to take more out. In the long term, less money would go to the club than under a self-financed, self-sufficient model. What people are really calling for when they ask for "external investment" is for someone to come along and give the club tens and probably hundreds of millions of pounds. Such people might exist, Tony Bloom at Brighton, for example, seems to me that he might be one - his charity the Bloom Foundation has given away millions and Brighton born and bred, his affection for his home town club seems to genuine. However, such examples are few and far between. In many cases apparently "benevolent investors", secure their money against the clubs assets, often the ground, and charge above market rates of interest for loans that they have generously given to the club. I would welcome a Bloom or a Mansoor but recognise the reality that we are more likely to get someone who is either hopelessly naive about football finances or someone trying to milk the club for profit. At the moment too many external investors see football as a one way bet. TV revenue is increasing consistently, playing assets are increasing hugely in value which provides them with the comfort that if it goes "belly up" they can re-sell the club in a growing market or sell assets to get their money back. It has all the characteristics of "a bubble:" history suggests that at some stage it will burst. In the meantime, despite all the money being spent, there is quite a remarkable consistency around the league tables. The big 6 largely remain the big 6, the yoyo clubs remain yoyo and every so often a new smaller club comes along and has a few years in the sun - just as always has been the case. The only ones that have substantially changed their long term position tend to be those that have "chased the dream" and blown it - Leeds and Ipswich being examples.
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    If ever there was anything that shows external investment is required this is it as relegation will start the cycle yet again.