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    The annoying thing is that those who can afford to 'stock up' wan't be the ones willing to eat the same stuff a few months down the line. Dried pasta, rice etc will simply be thrown out. It is those on a low income who do not have 'spare' money to buy in bulk who are affected. It is pensioners on a limited budget who will suffer if their shopping visits are limited and then find essentials not available. All this is doing is causing as sense of fear that manifests itself as panic, and irrational behaviour. No one is starving or will starve.... who are bulk buying. Starvation is what happens in the third world. And it is not 'human nature' either'. It is behaviour brought on by a fear of there being a shortage. A supposed shortage stoked up by inflammatory stuff put out by certain sections of the media, The same sections who endlessly bleat about the wartime years, the stoicism of the British....'keep calm and carry on' while refering to others who don't buy into this myth as 'snowflakes'. Where now that stoicism Daily Mail ? Hidden behind your photos of empty shelves in shops. Photos of greedy and selfish folk putting two fingers up to the vunerable in society. So my words to you who have been on the pillage today in a food shop is - stop being a c***.
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    Well I'm just casting my mind back to all those years ago when we were barred from taking up our European spot when English clubs were banned because of the action of Liverpool fans and I'm thinking about the fairness of that and how karma can be a ****. Liverpool will just have to suck it up the same as we had to.
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    Eric Dier goes to get the ball back after Lamela's penalty
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    Hey, everyone. There's this guy you probably haven't heard of posting something you otherwise probably wouldn't have seen. He's using freedom of speech to ask questions and stuff. Now, I don't like this question, but instead of ignoring it and moving on with my day I suggest we all go and give him loads of hate, not that it will enrich our lives or make any difference to us whatsoever. Social Media: The one virus there will truly never be a cure for.
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    I'm sure he had help with his new column in the Sunday Times today but the emotions he has expressed are clearly his own. He is disgusted with Boris Johnson and the football authorities and feels their lack of early action has put the players families at risk. It really is very powerful stuff. This is one of the problems I have Dylan. If you had said that nobody would have paid attention. But because Wayne Rooney is worried, it is how high should we jump. The same Rooney who found a loophole to pay little if no tax on his substantial wages at ManU. Tax that may have help us have more respirators or IC Units. Now he has found out that his family is no more important than anyone elses. Tough. Its time he thought carefully about social responsibility a bit more often.
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    1p5wich have been doing this for years. I don’t know what effects it has had on infection rates.
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    Last night really had a bit of everything and nicely sums up the entire season, but one thing it makes me absolutely sure of is....we must keep Farke above all else. Some positives and negatives of last night (and the season as a whole): We played some lovely football. Link up play, give and go, looking for that final ball; the players all buy into the philosophy and seem to love playing our brand of football as much as I love watching it. However we lack a bit of quality in the final third. Like against Leicester I thought Cantwell was a bit off his game last night. Too many awkward touches and some slow decision making. Having said that, like the whole team, never gave up and scored a fantastic penalty, he just didn’t hit the heights of his best performances this season. A bit more composure and impetus in the final third this season we’d be comfortably mid table. As pundits were reporting, we are (according to 5live) officially the best ever prem team to be bottom of the league. Vrancic. People on the forum and Facebook continually insisting he should be starting more games. Last night proved how Farke has got team selection spot on. Whilst the odd decent long ball and he’s always had good vision for a pass, Vrancic simply can’t do the rest of what is required well enough to justify keeping his place in the team. Bullied off the ball, slow and some poor touches, he was rightly subbed and I hope Farke took some small pleasure from knowing he has been right all along. McLean much more solid. Arguably less creative but everything else means it’s McLeans place to lose. Set pieces. We’ve been atrocious at defending them all season. Last night, Krul was a bit indecisive but Vrancic didn’t even jump and it was all too easy, the same as many a set piece goal (or general crossed ball for a goal) this season. Is it zonal marking as the guy next to me at the ground started shouting? I don’t know the answer but again, their goal summed up our season, all too easy to score against despite all our good play going forwards. Rupp. What are people’s thoughts? Haven’t seen much of him so hard to judge but seems to be flattering to deceive so far. Technically good on the ball but seems panicked when going forward, making the wrong decision to often and is easily beaten off the ball. Hopefully, like Stiepermann after the first season, Farke just needs to find his best position and keep him there. Where that position is, I have no idea. Defence. The goal aside, the defence was magnificent throughout. Well marshalled by a resurgent Hanley, it felt like one of Godfreys best games all season. Right place right time, often making up for others mistakes, a few runs forward, accurate passing, he had it all last night and showed why we rate him so highly. Lewis unsurprisingly looked more confident in all aspects and Aarons continues to show why he’ll be the one banker in the summer with a hefty price tag on him (if we go down). Drmic. A different striker to Pukki. Won’t make as many runs wide or deep to receive the ball but was always in the box when needed looking to get onto the final ball, which never came. Worked hard at pressing and was right place right time for the goal. Keep him fit and he offers something different and effective. Buendia. Again, proof Farke knows what he’s doing. Emi still showing the petulant side too often, moaning having lost the ball and lashing out soon after. Dispossessed too easily and in dangerous places at times too. Having said all that, by far our most creative player, some lovely through balls and works tirelessly for the team (why I believe he’s playing in his best position rather than as no10). An ongoing conundrum but for pure talent and potential, deserves his place. With all his weaknesses, he’s too good to drop with no effective alternative. Subs. Were correct and timely. Unlike the majority of games this season, the early change was obvious. The problem Farke has is the limited options to come off the bench in games and make an impact. He generally gets the starting 11 right and so it’s debatable all these changes he supposedly should have made around 60-70mins whether they’d have made any difference. Last night encapsulated this well. Vrancic off was obvious. Idah on was also obvious and we needed more forward thinking. Tettey I thought was a strange one but was actually a good move as Trybull obviously not had many minutes lately and largely ineffective. Stiepermann on brought fresh legs, and a cracking penalty. Well played Mr Farke! Krul. Save the best to last. Forget everyone else (player wise), make sure this man is still with us next season. Leadership, passion and some fantastic saves to first keep us in the game and then to win it, he’s fast becoming my all time favourite city keeper. Timmy, Timmy Krul. Timmy, Timmy Krul! Whilst criticism is justified at times, I simply don’t understand any doubt over Farkes position. He’s doing as good a job as can be expected with what he’s been given and is the very best we can hope for. The ground is fantastic has to be said (even though I was about a mile up), had a great view right behind the penalties and a good atmosphere throughout. Shout out to the steward trying to get us all to sit down, he gave it a go but soon gave up. If/when we play there again, I recommend parking at Ikea. Suggested to me by a Spurs mate, it’s about a 30min walk but free and doesn’t get locked overnight. A little bit of a hold up on the north circular but soon back on the m11. Took about 2 hours to get home.
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    Did really well last night and not just the penalty. What a prospect he is and he did so much better than Parrot who is supposed to be the next big thing.
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    Much maligned but what a defensive organiser. Grant's run in the side has seen us improve defensively and, Wolves aside, cut down on the goals conceded so we actually have a chance in games. And he is Captain for a reason: Character. An experienced pro. Well done, Grant. You have come through from a difficult start to the season.
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    I love Krul. Such a character for us, such a leader, so important in a young team. Been outstanding for us all season. Im prepared to lose the talented youngsters, realistically their futures are elsewhere, but I would be gutted if we lost him
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    So the one season that Leeds haven't fallen apart, the league falls apart instead.
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    Saw this on WOTB not sure if it has been shared on here. Hope it links okay
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    My weekend still goes ahead.
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    On a more serious not I had a doctor's appointment yesterday - (ahem) men's troubles rather embarrasing as it turned out the locum was a woman doctor even more embarassing when she said 'I'm going to have to ask you to stop masturbating, Bill' more embarassed I asked her why she said it was making her desk shake
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    That'll probably deserve another star. Apples
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    Daniel Farke has been stocking up on midfielders in case they're more susceptible to the virus.
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    So, as expected, Tim Krul has been called up to the Holland squad. Totally deserved. To think that at the beginning of last season Tim was making bad mistakes and getting slated by some on here. Since then he has been brilliant in every way - a great goalkeeper and a massive presence and a leader in our team. Well done Tim - and well done to the genius Stuart Webber who brought a Dutch international goalkeeper to our club for a transfer fee of precisely nothing!
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    Your complaint would have been better directed at those several leading Leave campaigners, and not just that idiot Mark Francois, who started it all by invoking the supposed British wartime spirit of the Blitz and D-Day in their argument for Brexit, and how it could be managed, along with the usual puerile anti-Teutonic slurs you will hear from English football supprters whenever they are playing a German team. Herman was justifiably satirising those imbecilic and irrelevant invocations.
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    Any manager who persists in playing Duda deserves sacking and could have no complaints. The guy is actually worse than Carl Robinson. The most pointless player in the history of NCFC. Farke is a disgrace for continuing to play him.
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    Oi! I can talk for myself! I think we are seeing certain players coming of age now - Cantwell's penalty and improved effectiveness over the last couple of games has dispelled some doubts imo and Emi on this form should be in. Idah did well too - the maturity is there. So - Krul Aarons Godfrey Hanley Lewis Tettey Maclean Emi Duda Cantwell Pukki Definitely think Vrancic and Idah should get some minutes, especially later in the game when there will be more spaces for them to exploit.
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    And he had plenty of that too
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    Player of the season by a country mile