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    No plan B , poor timing of substitutes, not good enough etc etc etc what a bunch of whinging knobs!!!! Get a grip!! Burnley have not been top 10 in this division, played in Europe for nothing - they know a trick or two!! They did us in the first 20 minutes bloody well, and then shut up shop . Well played Burnley. But we were not as poor as the knobs are making out. Young team , learning - get real!!!!!!!
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    As the title of the thread says......just enjoy the fact we are playing football in the Premiership, embrace it, enjoy it, do not get down if we lose, do not go overboard if we win, just enjoy it..............
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    The trouble is that you see games like WHU (a) and Burnley (a) and some supporters will class those as winnable games, when the reality is that they are incredibly difficult games away from home against sides far more established and with far greater resources than us at the moment. A draw in either game would have been a fine result. We have so many injuries at the moment than some of the 'plan b' options simply aren't available as compared to last season when we would go to a wing back system and use Onel and Max as wing backs and stick Rhodes on with Pukki. We have so few defensive options that Amadou is playing in a position where he is less experienced and Godfrey is carrying an injury. Byram is just learning his way. With the problems we have at the moment, and undoubtedly the hardest first six fixtures of any side in the league, to have 6 points at this stage is a fine achievement. Cut the manager some slack maybe.
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    Hanley and Amadou will both start Saturday. Amadou in midfield and Hanley at the back. Hanley will have had an extra weeks training to get match fit and a specialised centre back is what we need to accompany Godfrey, he may not be everyone`s favourite but he`s our captain and a decent centre half who deserves a little bit more support and respect from a few people on here. Don`t forget his first game back from a very long layoff, which led to some criticism, was against the European champions. Let`s give him a chance.
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    I’m all for differing opinions and debate, but blatant binners need to be banned from this board, just as I’d expect to be banned if I was chipping away on the TWTD message board. This clown in particular needs a tractor tyre blow out at speed. Regardless, nowt to do with owners, we’ve got the worst injury crisis I can ever remember, and the last thing I’m going to do is delight in slagging off my team and club at a time when they need our support the most. We have some very strange supporters, given they know our injury situation at the moment.
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    Safe standing is allowed in EU countries, it's not allowed for UEFA matches. Jools is an idiot.
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    Apart from involvement in goals obviously, I’d say that’s pretty important. The pass to Buendia for the cross for Pukkis first vs Newcastle The through ball for Cantwell that leads to Pukkis 3rd vs Newcastle The through ball for Pukki that lead to Cantwells goal vs Man City The nonsense being made up is just simple, uninformed and sadly all too predictable. (and LDC, you beat me to posting that video)
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    Well done for having a massive over reaction and writing him off after 30 minutes
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    We may have our issues away from home, and players may have dips in form, but we should remember how far we've come in such a short period of time. Stay supportive, stay positive, stay resilient. OTBC
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    6 games and 6 points. An average of a point a game gives us 38 points, and another season in the premiership. The comment ‘No plan B ‘particularly amused me. I believe he is one the most astute coaches to have worked at this club, and to suggest the he and his team have no plan B, is ludicrous, and if a journalist had written it, he would quite rightly be accused of lazy journalism.
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    I agree. His judgement has been terrible for the last couple of years...
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    Bonus just payed out and £200 sent by Paypal Unfortunately a £50 bonus for the tax man too
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    they were busy and told him to come back on Weds
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    Do you have to pay 20 times as much for RvW's sticker, only to find it's poorly printed and ineffective at occupying the space it's meant to occupy in the album?
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    We do have a sort of plan B and C etc in that we have tactical variations that we use. Three at the back is an obvious one that we have seen City use on numerous occasions. When fit, we have used the running power of Hernandez to "get us up the pitch" etc. What I think that a few on here want is a totally different approach - "go long and pick up second balls type of thing." This would be disastrous for our playing squad as it is not what they were assembled to do. The logic of it is curious - "stop doing what you are good at and do something that you are bad at instead" - in the hope of securing better results? BTW - what do long ball teams do when their plan A stops working? If the Stoke of old, or Burnley find that they are losing, are we suggesting that they should launch plan B of going "tikka takka?" Or do you, like me think that the idea is stupid because they don't have the players for it? If it is stupid for them to go tikka takka, why is it sensible for us to go long ball?
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    Farke doesn’t employ a Plan B because he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want to because - over the whole season - the best odds of success are achieved by a clear, repeated methodology. An inflexible repeating methodology is necessary when you have inferior resources and need to amortise the differential by specialising more intensely at very specific pattern of play and movement principles. We do not have to guess at this. We have seen it very clearly over the last 18months. Some games - Burnley Away with low-rent-but-effective and well-drilled 442 as an example - will disrupt our unorthodox orthodoxy. So be it. It might have worked the other way around and they could have spent 90 minutes chasing our fluid shadows. We have to play the odds as outliers. Change is a dangerous thing in that context. The calculation is that the overarching methodology is more valuable and more likely to win us points - at this stage in our development - than mixed messages and a more horses-for-courses approach. It is the price we pay. I fully endorse it. Parma
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    This plan b nonsense stems from the fact that what many posters called "tippy tappy football" has never really been accepted. The critics just went quiet when we were winning. Nothing wrong with that, I don't like the more direct styles but you can bet i'd be quiet if we were winning playing that way. It's not just on here, in the stadium too there's a lot of unease about how we play. Shouts of "get rid" as we try to play out still happen because many fans are totally frustrated by it and prefer a more up and at em approach. If the results dry up at home the booing will be back, Webber will probably say if you cant appreciate this football go and support someone else, and with two shakes of a lambs tail the Messiah will once again be a very naughty boy.
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    Even the public transport is injured!!!
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    No online/credit card/debit card payments, cash only, used notes delivered in a brown envelope.......
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    Have you been asleep for the last two years, so much has been achieved in putting the club back ' in order' and restructuring virtually every part of its setup. That has cost money and will be worth much more to us in the long run than an expensive player or two. When promoted unexpectedly under AN we spent a fair bit on Players and wages to no avail. Now promoted, again unexpectedly, we have invested in the Club as a whole. That's who we are now, I'm ok with it, if any one isn't then there plenty of clubs splashing money around who would be totally underwhelmed to receive your support.
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    Sorry king canary to touch upon your sensitivities but when a **** is being a **** you have to call him out!!