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    That's how it felt yesterday, all those of persuasions other than NCFC couldn't understand why we sacked Wagner, saying we should be happy with getting in the playoffs, etc., etc.. As a long suffering Norwich fan of 30+ years, I just find it incredibly refreshing that we acted quickly for the first time that I can remember. In the past I feel that the 6th place finish could have blinkered those in charge and we'd be in the usual situation of getting to November mid-table. Instead, I'm already looking forward to the fixtures and a fresh start. OTBC.
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    It's weird isn't it? We have @SouthwellC coming on here to ask us to stop speculating on Duffy's car accident, when what had been mentioned on here was reported verbatim by the BBC 30 minutes later, having run their story past the club and the local constabulary. Then the EDP print a tweet as if what was stated was absolute truth and nearly 24 hours later it is still there, when it has been easy to find out that tweet was a load of rubbish (even now accepted grudgingly by the original poster). Sure a dust up occurred between two groups of fans looking for trouble, but at any other ground two arrests and a fan with a cut on the chin would not warrant comment. Come on Newsquest, you've had your clicks, time to update the story. As soon as possible please to stop any nonsense at Thursday's match.
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    He tried and fell short. Fair enough, if your body doesn't let you, you're wise to listen to it. Let's hope he raises plenty for his cause.
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    A Tale of Two Cities Its been a chilly old week here in Norfolk and this morning was no exception with a constant nagging wind from the north west. Mrs R said " you'll need your gloves and woolly hat today", but I didn't want to be encumbered with them and it didn't look like rain so I went off without. Wagner seems to have finally settled on his first choice eleven so an unchanged side was no surprise and I think most home supporters were in confident mode. Winning runs always come to an end however and to my thinking this game looked like being the hardest of the remaining fixtures. The Carrow Road playing surface looked in fine condition and both sides opened with some neat and tidy passing but it was the home side that made the first real chance in the fifth minute. Sainz made good ground down the left and a sharp ball inside to Sargent fell nicely for a low shot at goal from the edge of the area. Fortunately for O'Leary in the Bristol net the ball struck the foot of his right post and nobody could pick up the rebound before it was booted clear. It got the home crowd going but despite possession, City could not force further chances as several sweeping moves broke down before reaching the danger area. Just before the quarter hour Kenny slipped over and muffed a pass in midfield and the vistors sprang away with a crossfield pass that found a strker in acres on space. Gunn advanced and spread himself but fortunately the ball was lifted over him and well wide of the far post. It was a good chance and you couldn't help feel that we dodged a bullet there. At the other end Nunez whacked one over the bar after a corner had been cleared but then Kenny, who looked decidedly unsure of himself, misplaced a simple pass and presented the visitors with another opportunity only for Gunn to again come to the rescue. It was all a bit nip and tuck and the crowd became a little subdued. Most of City's danger was coming down the right where Stacey was getting well forward but he couldn't find a telling final ball. Around the half hour mark Gunn had to push a well direct free kick onto the bar and there was a bit of a scramble before the loose ball was cleared and then there was another one on one as Sainz lost out in midfield and the ball was flicked on to a Bristol man in acres of space. It really should have been nil one but somehow Gunn deflected the shot over the bar. The away side was certainly making the better chances and City could never really get control of the game. The boy said to me that it looked like a one goal game and that we didn't look like scoring it but just after the half hour a corner scooted right across the Bristol goalmouth without anyone getting a touch. The home side tried to turn up the wick but the closest they got was Gibsons header from a corner just before the break but he couldn't get proper contact and the ball flew over the angle. HT NORWICH 0 BRISTOL 0 The sun came out as the second half kicked off but that nagging wind was beginning to take its toll and it felt more like January than April. Mrs R's wise words began to ring in my ear but all I could do was grin and bear it. Thankfully the game warmed up a bit and City stormed forward but Sara could not convert when a sharp chance came. Then at our end more quick passing saw the visitors looking quite dangerous. I was hoping they might fade a bit but they were annoyingly persistant in midfield and stretched the home defence with balls from wing to wing. It felt like a goal was comimg and on fifty five minutes it did as Roberts was on hand to sweep a low shot across Gunn and into the far corner after some quick accurate passing split the City rearguard. Disappointing but at the time it seemed about right. Rowe was quickly brought on for Nunez as City set about rectifying the situation. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long as just three minutes later Sara's quick ball up to Sargent allowed the City striker to turn his man and run on into the area with just the keeper to beat. He might easily have taken it on but rolled the ball sideways to Sainz who couldn't miss an empty net. Rowe breathed a bit of new life into proceedings and almost gave City the lead as the home side pressed forward. O'Leary did well to go full length to his right to keep out a powerfully struck shot. Bristol however refused to die and Gunn had to make a remarkable double save to keep the honours even. He could only palm away a swirling ball that came in from the Bristol right and it looked for all the world that Twine would net from the rebound but somehow the City keeper was down to his right to deflect a goalbound shot for a corner. City still hadn't given up on a win and Stacey might have done better than fire over the bar after a sweeping City move had opened the Bristol defence. Fassnacht came on fro Sainz as the minutes ran down and I think both managers were beginning to think about settling for a point although Rowe nearly made an opportunity as he flashed a cross in front of goal but no yellow shirt could find a contact. I was reaching the first stages of hypothermia now and confess I made a bolt for the stairs as time ticked up to ninety minutes but thankfully the main action was now settled and to my mind I think I am more than happy with a point from what was a really tricky opponent playing with great confidence. Hull could only draw so three points from two games ought to be enough. Gunny my MOM, good points to Sara and Jack Stacey. Kenny did not have one of his better games but stuck with it and came through. I was glad to get back in the warm and Mrs R asked me if it was cold but I could see she didn't believe me when I said it wasn't too bad. Result Norwich City 1 Bristol City 1
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    Imagine winning 4-0 in a play-off semi-final that you apparently couldn't be bothered to go to, because you'd rather watch it on the telly, and then getting so wound up about an opposition player that you take time out of your day to log on to another teams forum. Do you think it might be time to reassess your life?
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    We also won 24 points from losing positions. Only Leeds and Ipswich managed more. Brilliant job, Mr Wagner.
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    For me, I'll always focus on the joy and glory. Two titles and some awesome football delivered by Farke, Buendia, Pukki, Stiepi, Mario, Skipp, Trybull etc. Especially, that zenith moment against Man City at Carrow Road. It's worth remembering that promotions, Premier campaigns and great performances / players had, of course, come before but the Farke era was magical because of how a bold ideology clicked so quickly and how united it made us - fiercely proud of our unconventional experiment (rebellion?). The great sadness for me is that Webber either got bored with the project or he caved into the noise - the derision from the media and understandable / inevitable impatience from the stands. The entire project rested on the idea of long-termism. Initially, for Webber it was part of the plan to bounce back and forth for an era - incrementally growing with a clear (and attractive) style of play that ran from youth to first team - funded by frequent trips to the Premier League's deep well, the selling of stars but only on our terms (for big profits), the reinvestment of funds into starlets for the now awesomely facilitated academy or into intelligent foreign talents who had slipped off the tracks elsewhere but who could be round pegs for our round holes in this style of play. We were going to prove, with an exciting new approach, that you COULD 'do it' minus a billionaire owner. You COULD 'do it' even if a genius manager got poached. Eventually, as we made ourselves richer, we would be more and more able to offer generous salaries and retain some crown jewels as well as recruit guaranteed success stories to the squad. If a manager left - we would hire a 'like for like'. The boat would never be rocked. And yet - with the transfer window of 2021, the subsequent firing of Farke and the recruitment of Smith / Wagner ... Webber abandoned his project when the crunch point came. He went conventional and - without eye-watering investment and/or perfect recruitment selections - we became just like everyone else ... and a poorer version of arguably everyone else (in the top 26). To make matters worse, this crunch point was ALWAYS coming ... the moment when, after two titles, promotion was no longer exciting and 'enough'. The moment when 'The Noise' demanded immediate improvement / 'Giving It A Go' / Survival Or Failure BUT when the project was STILL in its infancy and COULDN'T deliver that. It had never been designed to. When Webber switched from the mantra of 'Top 26' to 'Prem survival' I knew the end was nigh for him and that experiment. That wasn't the project that everything had been moulded to complement ... and unsurprisingly everything unravelled. He should have kept banging the drum for long term, incremental progress with unavoidable relegations being just part of the process - for a while. Embrace the yo yo. Smirk at the national media's derision - they just don't get us and that's how we like it, they never will (as shown with the reaction to Wagner's dismissal in some quarters!). Buendia & Skipp should've been replaced in 2021 with the best 'like for likes' we could've found - rather than buying in Sarg/Tzolis/Rash to switch to a counter attacking approach. If Farke truly had to go - he should've also been replaced by a 'like for like'. Perhaps then we would have to be calling that beautiful style of football - Webberball rather than Farkeball - and either we would be in the Premier League again or eyeing up a Championship campaign very confident of promotion - playing an exciting brand of possession based offensive football that all of our squads - from youth to first team - have been both recruited and coached to deliver. So, in short, Webber should be remembered for the short term triumphs but lamented for losing faith in his own vision ... oh, to go back and whisper in his ear in that summer of 2021!
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    Wolves posted this yesterday. Is very powerful. I know we fight and argue about our views on here but football unites us all. Look after each other ❤️ 💪
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    We’re still in it! Why not save the negativity until after Thursday if that’s what you want. For now can’t we all try to get behind the team and the manager?
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    With play offs seemingly secured, we should give credit where due. David Wagner - a head coach I called to be replaced at the end of last season, the start of this season and at various points during this season - and his staff have achieved probably the best NCFC season come back since Alex Neil took over and led us to play off success. Just 3 league defeats in the whole of 2024 is an incredible achievement and goes to show that sometimes backing a manager can lead to success. Hats off to him, and let's hope he can now finish the incredible job with a successful trip to Wembley.
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    If true, really liked the guy even though he was quite stubborn and made many questionable decisions. On a personal level it must be absolutely heartbreaking to go through last night and then out of a job in the morning, but I expect this was decided quite some time back by both parties. The playoffs were always going to be his last matches, it's likely the only difference would be a big bonus if we got promoted. I really do wish him well, and him and his family good health. He's certainly the character we needed after Smith, For me I think he can walk with pride. But what a **** result to finish on.
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    We need a brand new project. Attanasio to take over Wagner replaced by a young, exciting coach Brand new defence, bar Stacey Let the Barry Butler Trophy be a farewell gift to McLean's loyal service Give us something to get behind.
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    Although I get the sentiment of clearing decks. Releasing a relatively young left back who has good experience in the Championship seems a pretty brain dead decision to me.
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    Why the f**k are people starting threads, replying or even mentioning the binner ***** in any way on here right now? We should be concentrating on the play offs and avoiding any further interaction with the sc*mmy b'stards.
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    oh shut your mouth Best manager we have had and miles good enough - no backing and dumb fans Now we in this mess
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    I know the accepted wisdom is that we needed to take a lead to Elland road, but I really don't think that's the worst result. It would have been madness to throw people forward in attempt to get a late winner, then concede one on the break. We needed to score during that period we were on top in the first half - it was always likely that Leeds, with their far superior bench, would come into it more and more as the game went on, especially on a hot day. It's going to take a monumental performance in the second leg, but if we can keep it tight, if we can nick a goal from a set-piece, that home advantage for Leeds could turn into a burden. Really happy we're not going there having to overturn a deficit. Well played, boys, especially Marcelino Núñez. What a performance from him: currently our most underrated player?
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    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. I wonder how many of those piling in have also driven at some tome whilst over the limit. I certainly have in my youth and Thank God didn’t hurt others and myself.
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    Disagree, the court should be the ones dealing with it. We're a football club, not judge and jury in such matters. It's up to Wagner to decide if he plays or not based on sporting merits and our requirements to progress, for me the disgrace is entirely on Duffy's name, not the club.
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    I always find myself thinking 'wtf are you actually on about' every time I read your posts
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    We were rubbish as usual. All the best, Big Keith Scott There you are, I've done it for him.
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    Clearly your (wrong) opinion re Mclean isn't shared by an overwhelming majority of the Norwich City support. Which is music to my ears
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    I always say that yo-yo is currently the best option for NCFC. If that's the system, use it because we cannot beat it alone. Cherry-pick the best things from being in the PL, the tv money, the club being in the headlines more often, Worldwide exposure, the cream of players playing at a full Carrow Road and may be an exciting relegation battle at the end of a season as us 'underdogs' are piling up, and then the icing on the cake, parachute payments for failure. We might even get to see another Man. City (at home result.) More kudos than even beating the Binners at Carrow Road, imo. We might even fluke a second season or more. There always has to be ambition, realistic or not. Meanwhile, we could continue to finance the Cat 1. Academy, further upgrade Colney, raid South America for a few million outlays and, may be, even a new main stand. Self-funding includes using the PL in such a way and as I see it.
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    Five things have massively ruined the FA Cup for me in the last 20 or so years: Semi Finals always played at Wembley. This is ridiculous and a money-grab by the FA to to continue to pay for the white elephant New Wembley, also takes the prestige away from actually reaching the final. It was before my time, but I bet anyone who went to the Everton SF in 1989 or the Sunderland SF in 1991 would concur with this. Not playing The FA Cup Final on a stand-alone day, once all four leagues have finished. This shows complete contempt for the competition. Kick off times now moved to random times to cater for foreign TV coverage. This just damages attendances, lets be honest if a 3rd Round match is scheduled on a Monday at 8pm kick-off during the second week of January and isn't televised in the UK, no one is going to show any interest. VAR. No words needed for this one. Although how can VAR be used in some third/fourth/fitfth round matches and not others, no integrity in the standards of officiating in the competition ? and now Replays binned. As mentioned a stupid and hypocritical decision no doubt instigated by the PL clubs due to fixture congestion and travel. Yet they swan off to the Middle-East, East Asia or the USA every pre-season and jetset everywhere.
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    I think they just ran out of gas to be honest. Not really being able to rotate much down the stretch really did not help matters, and chuck in that a few were coming back from injuries and realistically, we were never physically going to be at our peak.
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    Knapper must have made his mind up on who's coming in. Wagner did well to coax that side into the play-offs, but realistically there wasn't much more in than that. He stabilised us after the Smith era, got the best out of Sara and Nunez, had some bewildering ideas but some worked, especially McLean at centre-half, and was a personable, engaging sort with fans, repairing a few broken relationships whilst not having quite the same charm - or indeed success for that matter - of Farke. He's deserved another crack at the Champs, I wouldn't say he failed here at all, but it was clear that there was some discrepancy between what Knapper had in mind and Wagner's basic MO. But he can go, that last game notwithstanding, with his head held fairly high. I wish him well in the future.
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    It was shorts and T shirt weather in Norwich today and there was a rather large queue for the River End stand when I arrived at ten to twelve. I think there had been some trouble with the scanner at our entrance but we just made it to our seats as ref Josh Smith blew for kick off. The crowd were certainly in good voice and the stands were a sea of yellow and green as City were quickly out of the box and buzzing round the River End goal. There was a fair pace about the game as Kenny flicked on a corner from the left but the visitors managed to smuggle the ball away to safety. City seemed anxious to gain the upper hand and we saw little from Leeds until the sixth minute when Rutter couldn't get anything on a low ball in from the right. It was soon apparent that Leeds were not going to be too adventurous as the home attacks continued to run into a solid wall of defenders. Sainz was upended as he tried to wriggle free and ref Smith seemed to err on the lenient side as both Rowe and Sargent were fouled to bring an end to promising moves. Stacey finally found a bit of space down the right as a Leeds move broke down and his cross looked taylor made for Sargent but the City strker, under pressure from a defender, could not get full contact and his glancing header spun wide of Mesliers right post. City were now having the bulk of attacking pressure but found it hard to create anything clear cut from open play. A series of free kicks offered promise but Meslier wasn't seroiusly troubled although he did have to go to ground to hold Sara's low shot round the wall. Leeds back line looked nervous at times and almost got themselves into trouble playing out from the back on a couple of occassions but the home side failed to capitalise and became difficult to see where a breakthrough was going to come from. On the half hour Leeds had the ball in the City net after a slick passing move but the flag was already up for offside. In truth though it was a rare moment of danger for a City defence that for the most part had looked pretty solid. Niether Summerville nor Gnonto were given space to cause much trouble and consequently most of the half was a stalemate. H.T. CITY 0 LEEDS 0 The game had all the hallmarks of a no score draw but I guess I was not alone in hoping for a moment of inspiration but when things resumed it began to look like a pattern had set in. City still couldn't find a telling final pass despite some neat play in midfield while the visitors seemed content to bide their time until the home fire burned down. There was a flash of hope when Gianoullis found space wide left a whipped a low pass in to Sara on the edge of the box, bit the Brazillians first time effort was well well wide of the mark. The game now became littered with fouls and Duffy was deservedly booked going right through Gnonto but I thought Gianoullis unlucky to see yellow for what looked like a perfectly timed tackle. Rowe was replaced by Fassnacht on the hour and it did seem that from that stage that the home side began to fade a bit and Leeds began to dominate possession. Gunn had had little to do up to now but did have to field a couple of on target efforts although nothing that really stretched him. Apart from the odd free kick and corner there was little pressure on the Leeds goal and as the pace died down and with a couple of stoppages for drinks I think we all felt the the game had run its course and Leeds would be happy to walk away all square. There was a worrying moment when Sargent had to go off to be relaced by Hoojidonk but hopefully its just precautionary and nothing seroius. So, not the result we had hoped for but its still only half time and being as we all know that football is a fuuny old game, its not over until its over. Plenty of effort from everyone today but no flash of magic to turn the tide. Anything can happen Thursday. OTBC. F.T. CITY 0 LEEDS 0
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    This is Norwich City at the highest peaks of the world. Including Everest Base Camp. Ive climbed to just under 7000m on Ojos del Salado, Chile.
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    How sad. As Shef says, people from our younger days are starting to leave us now. I know some of the younger ones think we're a bunch of old farts but the John Bond years were the best of times. It was a joy to watch. Exciting football and some larger than life characters.
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    If I was this miserable about getting in the playoffs I wouldn’t buy a ticket. Not for £36 or £3.60. Let the deluded happy clappers enjoy one game in peace…
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    I can’t relate to why anybody would feel pleased to see another human being fall short at a challenge like this. We all have personality/character faults I’m sure, but as ours generally aren’t publicised we aren’t aware. We would however all wish each other well regardless wouldn’t we? Commiserations to Stuart as far as I’m concerned, I’m sure he’s absolutely gutted after putting so much time and effort in as we all would be. Why anybody would rejoice on some level in this is baffling if I’m honest. But also hats off to him for having a go. This is separate to Stuart Webber the Sporting Director. This a human thing no need for hate.
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    Amazingly Mr Liew manages to get through this piece about the 'worst-ever' PL teams without mentioning Norwich. Thought it was good though. Most of the below checks out. I know a few Ipswich fans and quite a lot of my time right now is being spent trying to convince them that this – right here – is the good bit. With a team they adore and a league they are tearing apart and a coach who is theirs and theirs alone. Not the grim struggle that comes after: desperately begging big clubs for loan players, the sheer cliff face to 35 points, hours spent waiting for VAR decisions, 21% possession against Manchester City, elite tactical fouling. Getting bossed 2-0 at home and feeling weirdly grateful. Chris Sutton suddenly deciding to have an opinion about you. Getting rinsed by agents. Getting beaten by literal nation states. For the teams at the bottom of the food chain, the Premier League has come to resemble an abusive relationship. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2024/apr/23/for-sheffield-united-and-co-the-premier-league-brings-a-unique-brew-of-misery
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    VAR is the worst thing to happen to football.
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    Two years since relegation, two years striving desperately to regain Premier League status…. no development, both Smith and Wagner tasked with promotion, not the team, not the philosophy, the identity, just promotion! Picking what they considered the best team for each match, not playing youngsters, not signing potential, but signing ageing pro’s on ridiculous contracts and loaning players we didn’t need. Apparently, (based on the comments on this forum) with the support of most of the fans, too impatient to see a bigger picture and too desperate to remain on the gravy train that is the EPL. Despite glaring evidence that this team was never anywhere near good enough during this whole time, the club persevered, the fans believed and all of a sudden we were (somehow) on the cusp of that so called promised land again. But we weren’t really and had we achieved it, the task ahead of this club would have been massive, but impossible….most on here couldn’t see it though…. We have to go up it’s the only way to survive. But most of you were desperate (are desperate) for the money….. how will we survive now? …. and where are we now? No money apparently, no manager, no identity, no philosophy, too many old and tired players, fans concerned and expectant we’ll lose our best players and otherwise players out of contract. We're having to start again! When all this time, we could have developed again. Right now, we’d still be in the Championship awaiting next seasons fixtures. Two seasons ago with the likes of Sara, Nunez, Omobamidele, Gunn, Aarons, Cantwell, Gibbs, Idah, Tzolis, Rowe and Sargent (young, hungry players with energy and hope) we had an opportunity to use the parachute payments properly to help us develop a new side, a new identity but we didn't, we wanted the EPL money so desperately, we persevered with Gibson, Giannoulis, Hanley, McLean, Pukki, Marquinhos, Ramsey and (if he had been half-fit) Hayden. We still didn't find a proper CDM either. That lot were never going to be good enough but we carried on regardless and most of you believed it was the only way. What’s gone wrong? In this week’s statement on Wagner’s release, the club stated ‘“We remain committed to progressing our football club, in both the short and long-term, working through a diligent and thorough strategy’. What progress, what strategy? The club mis-managed relegation big time and lets face it, the past 3 seasons have not been fun have they, the fans haven’t really had an affiliation with this team. I don’t think the club have learned a thing from either the promotions or the relegations and there was so much experience and lesson in there to help us improve and progress. Now we start this process again with little money, no parachute payments and a likelihood we will lose a couple of useful players. Hopefully, this will force development but that is always going to be our only way. Thankfully, we do have some good potential coming back from loans, some good players we need to keep and hopefully they will appoint a manager committed to developing something just like Daniel Farke was. I am more excited now than if we were heading to Wembley next week.
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    I'd just be content with Farke managing my team.
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    I’ve been a supporter of Wagner and like the man but this is shocking, absolutely shocking. I think we need to have a mutual parting of ways after this and start again
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    The best we could get, apparently.
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    Table topping Chelsea U18s were looking to wrap up the title on Saturday with a victory over Norwich City 18s. Here's how it went.
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    Tough one isn't it. Knapper will want 'his man' in place, most Sporting Directors do. If Knapper had appointed Wagner I don't think anyone would really be questioning if he'd be around after the summer as he would be the coach Knapper picked, rather than inherited. Does Wagner fit with the soundbites we have heard from Attanasio and Knapper on style, youth players and player development? The easy and obvious answer is; no. Does this mean he'll definitely be sacked? Also, no. We don't know enough about Knapper yet to know how he'll go about business (or if Attanasio will be a much more vocal and interventionist owner than Delia and MWJ). If Knapper doesn't think Wagner is the right manager for the longterm then keeping hold of him for anything other than convenience is not great leadership. Ultimately, if the club want to develop this 'player trading model' that Attanasio has talked about on several occasions, having a coach with a pretty poor track record of using youth players, or developing senior players, isn't going to work out. If there is going to be a big churn in the squad (which will almost certainly happen if promotion isn't achieved) that is the exact moment you want to replace the head coach. The worst decision would be for Norwich to undergo the squad overhaul, based on bringing in young, raw players to develop and then stick with Wagner when that isn't his forte. If Knapper isn't going to back Wagner with the squad he needs, and everyone isn't pulling in the same direction, then you need to make changes.
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    Controversial maybe, but I think he'd make a natural replacement for Jonny Rowe. I think Rowe is the most dispensable of our top players; he's injury-prone, struggles to complete 90 minutes and only has half a season of first-team action where he looked really good. If we do have to sell anyone this summer to balance the books, I'd be looking to cash in on the 'young and English' premium, plus his England U21s appearances, to get as much for him as possible and draft Abu in as his replacement. I know that Rowe has played predominantly on the left for us and Kamara predominantly on the right for Portsmouth, but those 'narrow winger' positions are relatively interchangeable, and having Abu instead of Rowe wouldn't weaken us as much as some might think, while further strengthening the pathway from the Academy to the first team. Don't get me wrong, I like Rowe a lot and I'd much rather keep him, but I don't think he'd leave as much of a yawning chasm in our team as if we sold Sarge, Sara or even Sainz or Nunez.
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    Of course he deserved to win it but only a really boring Internet Troll would start a thread on it Sunday morning after it's already been discussed at length on other threads at the time, which the OP himself commented on. Pathetic, really.
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    I am away for a short break with Mrs R, so will be unable to attend CR this Saturday and consequently there will be no report. I hope to follow events on the internet. OTBC
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    You should be exiled from Norfolk for this post.
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    So please with this. He had my vote.
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    I have pretty much zero interest in it. They have drained the competition of any importance by taking out replays, scheduling it to fit in with the Premier League and UEFA competitions which mean it is no longer the showpiece final game of the season. I was in the Lion & Castle post match and saw it was on the screens but had no interest in the game. The top six PL clubs have big enough squads to meet with the demands of the competitions they are in. If they don't like it then don't enter it.
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    This is an interesting point worth discussing. I considered the state of things in January as we brought only SvH in and many couldn't understand why we weren't 'going for it'. Although we ended up sneaking into the playoffs, I thought it was probably right that a continuing & potentially costly scramble to get a 25% chance to go up probably wasn't in our best long-term interests. Now it goes without saying, a rebuild would be easier with PL money and that would have been preferable. But those were long odds to bet on. It's short-termism writ large as we've repeatedly tried quick-fixes over the past two seasons to stretch and claw after promotion. Ultimately this has led to Smith, Wagner, Barnes & Duffy, no pathways to the first team for the youth, Gibbs as a striker, 7 players at left back, the list goes on. You could almost say all the wonky decisions of the past 2 years culminated in that performance at Elland Rd. We are in need of a true reset. This will probably have to take shape over longer than a single season; the fans will have to find their patience again. I'll probably be slated for 'Little Norwich' mentality, but a 12th place finish with a clear plan and obvious good foundations to move forward with would be better than our current muddled reality.
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    We have a couple of players who can win a match all on their own. Even if we're not playing well Sara who shouldn't be anywhere near this level can just decide to bang one in from 30 yards and when Rowe is on form he's unstoppable and has top class movement and finishing to get on the end of things. It's fair to say that two of the other teams have more quality than us but for them the thought of facing Rowe and Sara at the top of their game will be really daunting because they do things that you just can't defend against and they'll have to change their game plan to compensate for them. Then we have Sainz who might go on a run and curl one into the top corner, Nunez can score from nothing, a fully fit and fired up Sargent is almost unplayable at this level with his strength and movement. We have weaknesses obviously but like you said there are some very compelling reasons why we might get through and win these games. I don't see us as the massive underdogs that some are making us out to be. We're a horrible side to face on our day.
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    I may be in the minority, but yes, I am excited about the play-offs. A chance to beat dirty Leeds and weekend in London for the Final. If you cannot enjoy the good times, why bother with City at all? OTBC 😁
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    Had Knapper sacked Wagner upon arrival and got a new guy in who then delivered the same results Wagner has, this forum would universally be hailing the decision as god-like and the new manager the next Farke in waiting. That's the reality of how good a job he's done to turn it around. Hes kept the players onside throughout the really rough times which is probably one of the hardest things - fans booing the team for passing the ball at the back at home earlier in the season and the players went with the coach instead of our fans (thank the lord). He has then, after getting over the horrible injuries we've had to critical players and positions, had to navigate post January without a suitable substitute Striker and with less first team players to pick from when injuries started to build up again. Of course, some went so hard in on Wagner that they won't go back, it's always seemed like a weird online ego-protection thing for me. For what it's worth, I thought it was worth rolling the dice and changing manager after Blackburn at home so I was also wrong. More than happy to acknowledge it though...
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    "People are saying we lost last nights match. Well that's Fake News, we won bigly" "I've been helping out in training as a motivational speaker in set piece training. Especially defending free-kicks... 'Build that wall! Build that wall!' "My transfer policy? I wanna buy that little guy Messi and make Mexico pay for it" "After we beat Ipswich in the play-off semi-finals, I called up their chairman and told him 'Shut up loser!'" "I have a great relationship with the players, so great, though they're not that keen on my locker room talk"
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