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    Not forgotten by me. Two lads who came through our academy, performed well and made the club a sizeable chunk of money. I'll always be pretty thankful for them even if I don't think we should resign either of them.
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    "Norwich is the club in eastern England. We have a big fan base. Besides us, there is Ipswich, but they are not so cool and have no fans," he said. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/canaries-timm-klose-reflects-contract-extension-1-6102787
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    I really don't understand why Season Ticket holders feel they should be entitled to an automatic priority on away tickets. A season ticket gets you a guaranteed seat at all home games, at a discounted rate.
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    Ah, yes, Big Vince. One of our many disappeared posters, but the only one tasteless and stupid enough to think a thread devoted to remembering Roy Blower, a much-loved and genuine Norwich City fan through thick and thin, is the appropriate place to indulge in yet another this-is-all-about-me piece of ego-driven self-promotion.
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    Shut up ya Jessie Top of the league on Friday night That'll show 'em
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    The reasons people felt he was the next big thing at Dortmund don't vanish because he played second fiddle to a Czech international right-back worth millions and an incredible English talent whose fans fear could be snaffled by a Champions League side. I've no idea if he'd be a good signing, but if Webber and Farke think he can do a job then I'll be pleased we've filled a need position with a free transfer. But the idea he should be discounted because he couldn't usurp two quality, quality full backs from their starting berths in the previous two seasons is a nonsense.
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    Stiepermann has signed a new deal through to the end of 2022 season. Great news. https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/canaries-marco-stiepermann-contract-extension-1-6075860
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    It is significant because 39 people died, not because we didn't get to go to Europe and not because people want to do some petty point scoring with Liverpool.
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    Last season we beat the champions of europe (*according to WACCOE) away, see no reason why we can't repeat it this season.
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    Big fan of the Drmic link being reported today. Would be perfect for the 2nd choice striker, something different to Pukki as Drmic is better in the air, but still a clinical finisher.
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    Which as you say is very little, which means your knowledge is very little. Which your comments demonstrate time and time again. Inverse to this, I have watched/written a lot about women’s football, so by your own measure I must know a lot more about it than you. Or are you claiming that despite not actually having much knowledge you are in a great position to comment on it? You have an agenda and you seem to be trying to push reality to fit that - when it clearly doesn’t. Women’s football is gaining in popularity, especially televised women’s football. The 6.1m people who watched the England game on Sunday is hard evidence of that. That is a larger TV audience than every televised Norwich game last season combined. Those people obviously wanted to watch the match, despite your derogatory comments about the quality. The professionals that play football will, by and large, say they don’t want it compared with men’s football as they know there are differences between the two and women’s football should be enjoyed in its own right. It sounds like it isn’t for you, fair enough, but your insistence that no one actually likes it and it is all some conspiracy that it is even allowed to happen is weird. I think you should stop worrying about feminism, it isn’t going to impact on your life. Greater gender equality/equity is actually likely to improve everyone’s quality of life through a stronger economy.
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    Yep 28 year old league 2 target men are definitely what we need.
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    Having watched previous tournaments I'd say the standard has improved considerably. England looked very comfortable on the ball yesterday and some of the combination play down the right was excellent. It is a bit pointless comparing to the men's game as it'll never be the same- I just enjoy it on its own merits.
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    Teams we can beat next season: All of them. Teams we can lose to next season: All of them. Teams we can draw against next season: All of them. Teams we can score against next season: All of them. Teams who can score against us next season: All of them. Woods that bears can defecate in: All of them. Pies that Bryan Gunn has eaten: All of them. Goals Dean Coney scored off his ar5e: All of them. I bit. OTBC
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    If anyone needs an update on where we've been and where we currently are, 96 seconds well spent.
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    https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11737886/pukki8217s-sublime-brace Both goals on the link - both absolute quality.
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    Watch the Pinkuns shows ‘The champions’ for a full comparison to Gunn (and Ruddy). Yes Krul has had more errors leading to goals (however as mentioned, in a much more attacking side)but in every other area, Krul comes out on top. Has had a fantastic season, crucial to our success in many ways and was free. Not sure what fans expect. He also knows the PL, has a full season of football following a long spell out, will get a full pre season and is at a perfect age for a gk.
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    Surely Billy Bragg is on the left?
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    Get people to spell his name correctly
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    The last occasion I encountered Roy was at the Club’s AGM last November. Upon receiving the microphone to ask his question, a member of the top table, I didn’t catch who, said, “it’s lovely to see you, Roy.” The room burst into a spontaneous heartfelt round of applause, which genuinely touched Roy. Clearly a man close to the hearts and minds around the Club who will be missed by many. Rest in peace, Roy.
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    Absolutely, unequivocally, categorically no
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    A fox, surely?
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    Love you LDC. I bet you'd be shouting " I needed a bath " as your lifeboat sank.