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  1. Left his position coaching with Anderlecht due to depression. Hope he makes a speedy recovery, if such a thing is possible with long standing depression.
  2. I could never understand why as an Ipswich fan you upload that on to YouTube.
  3. I've just read Weston McKennie might be going from Juventus to Burnley. Imagine having to swap Turin for Burnley...
  4. Klose will leave, will be a mutual termination where he has a move lined up. I suspect nothing else
  5. £30m for Dan James is an absolute rip off. £15m at most.
  6. It's been a frantic few weeks - but I think few can argue that our dealings have really raised the bar of the quality in the squad. It's a genuine complement when I say I have no clue who our best eleven is now, feels like so many of our players have strong arguments as to why they could and should be in the team week in, week out. I don't remember the last time I could say that about Norwich either. Brilliant work. Looking forward to seeing it all come together now. Got to hope it's enough.
  7. The Athletic's article on Normann makes really interesting reading. Shows him statistically as a player who likes to win the ball back and either carry it forward or make a forward pass. Perfect for a side looking to transition into a counter attacking force.
  8. You have got to be kidding me. You're judging his ability on the pitch based on his looks?! This is a new low even for this forum.
  9. There's a difference between trying to put off a player and committing assault against them.
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