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  1. I think this is a move I'd be against. For me, both Murphy brothers are all or nothing players. They either were single handedly winning us games or absolutely absent. I would prefer if we sign someone more capable of impacting the game consistently.
  2. Korey Smith about to sign for Swansea. Great move for him. Think he's a superb player at this level. Good luck to him.
  3. I love it. I'm an absolute sucker for simple, minimalist kits though. Going to get one for my 7 month old.
  4. Forgive me, I forgot there's always one numpty in this particular village who takes obvious jokes as seriously as possible.
  5. He's a right back who was played out of position in left back when Lewis was injured and out of form last season. I think a lot.will depend on Bali Mumba's pre season. If Aarons goes, this will mean we definitely need another right back, perhaps on loan.
  6. I look forward to seeing who he's replaced with in three months
  7. Given how badly Villa are run, we'd probably have the opposite experience than what we had with Liverpool. We'd tell them we wanted £20mil per player and they'd offer £25m.
  8. LOL. And that's me done with you bunch of idiots. Goodbye.
  9. A really good point. I remember Farke glowing about that Wolves side. Could he be looking to emulate them?
  10. I stand corrected. I had it in my head he was 31.
  11. Surprised by this response. Here's a player who on leaving us went to Wolves, achieving promotion in a side playing great football. He then played regularly for the same side, commonly considered an underrated part of it. He got a move to Leicester making five starts (admittedly, not many) in a side chasing European football. I think there is a habit we might have our judgement clouded by the player he was. I think he's moved on and developed since then. He knows and loves the club. At 30 he would be younger than both Hanley and Klose. For me, Godfrey plays his best when alongside Zimmermann - if Zimbo could be a similarly influential partner for Bennett, it would be a fantastic move.
  12. How old is Benno these days? I wouldn't be opposed to signing him - makes a huge amount of sense in the circumstances. Edit - Just checked. 30.
  13. Ah - fair enough. My apologies for getting it wrong
  14. I understand clubs usually informally talk with agents to ascertain interest etc before negotiating with clubs. Or else every club with a vague interest would have to agree a fee first before they could even see if they are wasting their time.
  15. Oh Cambridgeshire. Coming from one of the biggest knobs on this forum, any acknowledgement of my difference to you is most welcome.
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