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  1. Let's be honest. If this forum was properly moderated, this thread would have been amalgamated into the transfer rumour thread. There's nothing new here. I'm all in favour of discussion, but it's hardly like there's anything new on this topic, is there? Not like the Emi Buendia thread where he has done an interview.
  2. Who cares? The club will say when a decision is made.
  3. This concept of certain fans being somehow better or more entitled because of their previous attendance gets right on my nerves. No one is more or less entitled than anyone else. Period. It doesn't matter if you've attended every match in 50 years or just once. If you are a fan and want to come, you are as entitled as anyone else. The sooner this whole world stops looking for reasons to make certain people better than others in all walks of life, the better this place will be. It's not about who gets to go, is it? It's about trying to ensure the systems are in place to keep people safe once inside.
  4. That was a bit **** wasn't it? Watford looked a mile off based on this. Looked very drab. Let's hope for the right results tomorrow
  5. Don't get me wrong, you seem like a nice guy, but don't you think you should be looking forward to your first season in the premier league in an age, rather than posting stuff like this on forums of clubs not even in the same league as you?
  6. If we cut players adrift after every embarrassing performance we'd have ended last season without anyone playing for us.
  7. Wes Hoolahan is a bit busy playing for Cambridge though.
  8. This is the most sense anyone has wrote on this forum since I've been posting here. Bloody brilliant And the post he quoted was good too.
  9. I think it's a fairly established principle - you can't judge anything on pre season. Didn't Drmic score a hat full last pre season?
  10. You can't actively engage in debate and then say ...but that's another debate for another forum. Just encourages people like me who totally disagree with what you said to bite. Just don't respond to the question and stay on topic.
  11. Sadly I think you're right. I think we're more likely to have another full on lockdown than get back into Carrow Road this year.
  12. It looks like someone drove over the white concept shirt in a tractor with muddy tyres and they thought "let's go with it".
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