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  1. Peregrine Shorts

    Sky Sports Lunchtime Kick-off

    I’m proud of the lads.....we’re a top top side
  2. Peregrine Shorts

    The Future is Bright..

    Michael Watt?
  3. Peregrine Shorts

    Ipswich v Wimbledon

    No rock n roll football tonight?
  4. Peregrine Shorts

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Tom Trybull signs
  5. Peregrine Shorts

    Tonight’s games

    Sheff Utd down to 10 men
  6. Peregrine Shorts

    Binners seem confident tonight

    Charlie Adam is a done deal too.......apparently
  7. Peregrine Shorts

    The River End

    sing up the Regency Security Stand sounds good though
  8. Peregrine Shorts

    Alexit - in our out?

  9. Peregrine Shorts

    Deal agreed for Left back

    Juergen Colin was a Dutch left back
  10. Peregrine Shorts

    Opinions on this shirt?

    I seem to remember a red shirt with stripes, not full length stripes like that though. I think they were sort of soft focus and faded from the top...not sure of the era either
  11. Peregrine Shorts

    Rhodes again

    I think it''s my £1 skewing the betting odds
  12. Peregrine Shorts

    Next manager?

    Steve Bruce
  13. Peregrine Shorts

    away kit colour ?

    dark black or light black?
  14. Peregrine Shorts

    Mark on Canary Call

    it''s alright for you! I work with the chuffwit
  15. Peregrine Shorts

    TV Schedule change

    looks like an enochlophobics anonymous meeting