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  1. And getting relegated with one of the great European powerhouses would look very poor
  2. you have to feel just the teeniest bit sorry for them don't you
  3. all be different next season.....our six fingered friends will be up there challenging
  4. If offered it McKenna would be a fool to turn down an established Premier league club, a poor season with Ipswich would diminish his reputation and options
  5. Well, a lot here were critical of Hull for sacking Rosenior. You never know the full reasons when looking in from outside
  6. I see your George Burley and raise you a Bryan Klug
  7. Great to see Rooney, Lampard and Terry getting a mention
  8. Probably saved on his payoff by issuing him with his notice at Christmas
  9. Pffft….you know where you can shove your friendly Friday
  10. Buhler gone too, no mention of Pelach or Andy Hughes
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