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  1. I’ve found watching England deeply uninspiring for years now. Maybe we will grind ourselves to a tournament win by being hard to beat but I don’t know if I care. Maybe I’m just misremembering with rose tinted glasses but I feel I remember the England teams of my youth being in general much more fun to watch. Club over country regardless.
  2. It was a really good campaign IMO and I’m proud the club spent the time and money on it. However it was a marketing campaign, not engagement with supporters per se. I find it interesting there’s a mindset that views it as such. As an aside working in a large US modern company we often talk about engagement in a similar way, literally internal marketing to employees.
  3. All I can say is it’s a good job we don’t need to breed new forum members from the current ones.
  4. Is this a serious question? First Google result was this tiny little company called Microsoft. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Investor/events/FY-2022/2021-Annual-Shareholder-Meeting
  5. Like with most of our promotions, there was a coherent plan, a number of individual elements all aligned to give us the best opportunity, confidence was gained and then flowed, and finally everyone was pulling together, club, manager, team and supporters. None of this is true right now and I think that’s basically why we aren’t currently successful even with a much better squad.
  6. Wonder how our Assistant Sporting Director feels right now considering he fell on his sword in a pretty similar situation.
  7. I don’t think it’s fitness personally it’s what they use energy for. Farkes team had the ball more and barely pressed. Loads left in the tank. Under Smith we concede possession regularly and almost constantly press. No wonder they are f*cked and have no energy.
  8. True. Would be good to see that PL table though as well, although would make some depressing reading. This list reminded me why, despite how it all ended, I still loved the Lambert years the most.
  9. I think it’s because Neil did quite a bit better in the Prem than Farke.
  10. I know it’s a simplistic and sweeping generalisation of a take, but it does feels like Farke failed because he had his team play like a Championship team in the PL. Dean Smith is now failing because he’s set us up to play like we should in the PL in the Championship.
  11. Yep. Although Roeder’s record was purely in the Championship…yikes. God this reminded me why I loved Lambert before it all got ruined, he had an entire Prem season and still easily tops this list.
  12. Because then he was right and that’s all that matters apparently. I’m not surprised this is where we got to, but I wasn’t going to wish for it before it was inevitable.
  13. Sara’s looking good. My biggest concern though is he seems to have taken over Kenny’s role of providing one absolutely dreadful death pass a game. Lucky he didn’t give another goal away again today.
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