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  1. Monty13

    Corona Virus main thread

    I don’t mean to be rude, but the fact she feels she isn’t unskilled doesn’t make it so. She’s undoubtedly an experienced care worker, but that’s something different.
  2. That’s not to mention if the games are being played and it’s behind a paywall to view it people will gather together to watch, pubs open or not.
  3. Monty13

    Corona Virus main thread

    That’s just not true Badger, the person points out their lack of skills in the first paragraph as the reason they are unskilled “I would not have been able to enter the country 12 years ago. I came to the UK when I was 18 and began working part-time in care, while also working in hospitality and manufacturing. With no job offer or degree” I’m not trying to bash care workers or the amazing work they do, but it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of care workers have little to no training in care and join the profession unskilled and that is why they earn very little. The fact of the matter is if you join a profession that requires no background training you are likely to be paid poorly unless conditions are hazardous and/or it’s heavily unionised. The correlation between training/education/experience and earning potential exists for a reason.
  4. Monty13

    Corona Virus main thread

    Unskilled isn’t subjective, if you can do a job with minimal training it’s unskilled. That hasn’t changed. We are lucky that the people we need right now for the food production and distribution network are almost entirely unskilled, because A) we now have a massive over abundance of unskilled people not working and B) that allows them to be taken on really easily which is what’s happening with 10s of thousands of workers moving into the industry in a matter of days. Whether they are heroes or not is all that’s subjective, and that depends on your view.
  5. What better way than kicking it down the road and hoping for the best against all evidence? Most I’d think.
  6. Monty13

    Corona Virus main thread

    They are still unskilled...but now they are heroes. Who knew events could change the nature of things, or that people could be both...I’d argue most reasonable people know. God this thread is full of boring political grandstanding.
  7. Talking about the future of football is self indulgent because no decisions are being made and no one can plan to resolve the obvious issues arising from no football being played. All based on the fantasy of the game restarting soon when major events, including sporting, are being cancelled as far away as August. Everyone in the game should know where they stand, measures should be taking place to protect the financial security of clubs based on a workable plan, including player pay cuts. The only reason for this posturing is trying to keep hold of cash that’s already gone bar the shouting about who owes who what. It’s pathetic IMO.
  8. The level of self indulgence and greed being shown during an international crisis beggars belief. There is zero reason other than money not to cancel this season, talk of “integrity of football” is beyond insulting. Football should be setting an example, not giving people false impression that this isn’t as serious as it is.
  9. Just proves it’s only about money for the bigger leagues, wonder when the reality is going to hit that the next few months at a minimum is a non starter for football and start planning on hopefully getting next season unscathed.
  10. Monty13

    Team for Wolves

    Lewis change is forced other than that I think it will be the same team and arguably should be against a good Wolves side and away. Id be tempted to bring in Buendia for Rupp personally, it’s a gamble as the right hand side looks far more solid with him in but Buendia creates goals. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer as go behind and we are odds on to lose, but we need to score goals and Buendia creates the most opportunities.
  11. Monty13

    Sheffield United

    Not sure there are many 29 year olds Ron whos value is likely to go up. Naismith was a gamble that didn’t payoff, it wasn’t an investment. Wolfy on the other hand was both and we got it wrong. But in the PL you are gambling with higher stakes, but the returns are potentially that much higher too.
  12. Monty13

    Manu enquire on Pukki

    Bid would have to be insane amount for us to even consider, what small chance we have of survival depends on Pukki’s goals.
  13. I doubt he would want to come back after how we treated him. It’s not a nice feeling being told you aren’t required.
  14. Monty13

    Bid for a left back.

    Good bit of business if true. Exactly what the focus of the January window should be, getting the jump on transfers for the summer before the competition.
  15. Monty13

    Team for Newcastle

    Krul Aarons Zimmermann Hanley Byram Tettey Vrancic Buendía Duda Cantwell Pukki I know we beat Burnley but only Vrancic really proved he deserves another start in the prem for me from those not currently regulars. I suspect McClean gets the nod though.