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  1. I think that’s reasonable for a club in our position. We should gamble 30 mil, we can’t gamble 100. Chances are if we buy right the players will be assets anyway. Don’t gamble at all though and I can’t see anything being much different to last time.
  2. To be fair I don’t think that’s what they are demanding, everyone recognises those were terrible deals. But last time we were in the Prem the recruitment was generally poor and we need to do better. If we get our recruitment right we won’t get those deals. If rumours are to be believed we were prepared to spend double figures on players last time we just couldn’t land them. We need to do that this time.
  3. Said this on one of the other threads. Loan makes perfect sense, assuming promotion we can offer him regular premiership first team football. Continues to develop ready for Spurs first team. I honestly can’t see him playing regularly for Spurs until he’s played regularly for another club at that level and he isn’t going to develop much bench warming.
  4. Whether we can get Skipp again totally depends on whether Spurs see him as a regular first team player, if not it makes sense for us to continue to nurture their investment. No we can’t buy him, but we are the natural option for him to continue developing if he isn’t deemed ready for a top 6 challenging team, which personally I don’t think he will be. I think there’s a decent chance we get him for another year. If we do McLean, Sorensen, Skipp and Rupp seem decent PL options for the 2 midfield berths although always good to get an upgrade. For me the number 10 is where we desperately need investment. Stiepermann didn’t perform last time, Dowell hasn’t impressed yet, Vrancic isn’t likely to have either the legs or ability to step up and no one else seems like staking a claim as our 10.
  5. Haha Warnock is always entertaining, wouldn’t want him managing us but love having him around in the league. He almost certainly will get fined, he’s also not said anything incorrect.
  6. The issue is the Prem. Replacing a player of quality in the PL is far harder than in the Champ.
  7. If we sell Buendia and Aarons I can’t see us staying up. No player is irreplaceable but we are certainly unlikely to find their replacement in the summer and them hit the ground running in the Prem. Krul, Aarons, Gibson, Cantwell, Buendia and Pukki are all PL quality IMO, Skipp as well if we could somehow keep him. Decent core of a prem team so we need to keep them. I think we have other players showing their quality who will do a good job. McClean, Hanley, Giannoulis being the ones standing out for me. Who knows who may explode after the summer like Cantwell last time. I feel we will be stronger next time, this year’s performances are much more mature and controlled. But we need to keep our best and invest better than last time this summer.
  8. Yep people who doubt the Mayor’s inclusion always baffle me, he was immense tonight.
  9. Really hope we hold on to him for one more year. I think he will keep us in the Prem and double his value.
  10. Amazes me people still think this. Seasons are finite, but hopefully NCFC is around long after we are all dead. The chances of having an owner that actually cares about the long term health of the club over short term ambition is pretty slim. We have them and plenty of other clubs who went with the “rich investors” are jealous of us. People always only look at those investors who are successful, but even with those there aren’t many examples of rich owners still pumping millions down the drain into football clubs.
  11. Not if we sell our best players. It’s too much to ask for us to recruit and bed in replacements for Emi, Aarons and Cantwell at that level. Losing Skipp is going to be a big blow assuming he’s not back with us next year. Add Krul, Pukki and Gibson to the 3 above we have the core of a PL quality side. We need to build more around that. We need to strengthen what we have rather than cash in this summer if we want to take real shot at survival IMO.
  12. Were we watching the same game? When we get outplayed at certain stages of the game are we really reaching for the “they were tired” excuse? Give Birmingham credit, they played well. Overall though we were the better, more clinical side and deserved the win.
  13. Think the issue for me is there’s only one player in the team that truly looks like an upgrade on the team from 2 years ago and he’s not ours. Gibson and Giannoulis both look like good replacements for Godfrey and Lewis but not sure they are an improvement. Rest of our recruitment seems debatable on whether it’s an upgrade. We have some depth, but yet to be convinced on quality.
  14. Call me overly optimistic but assuming we are promoted I think we will get one more season. Guaranteed starter in the PL and his stock is only going in one direction. Unless a really big club comes knocking promising first team football I don’t see him running for the door.
  15. Skipps taller than 5ft7, not massively so but he is. Wikipedia reckons 5ft9, not sure if accurate but sounds right.
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