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  1. Think their fan base would be too, they’d riot.
  2. It’s not the results it’s the manner of them.
  3. No PL club is giving Farke the reins with his record. He’d walk into a Championship club though.
  4. They should just pass that banner round to the next supporters group facing Newcastle. Nailed it and it should be shown every week.
  5. You are literally talking about a miracle. I mean I hope it happens but there is zero indication it will.
  6. a) Yes statistically there is definitely someone who would do better. b) He earned the right to have a go again after last relegation and then promotion, but he doesn’t deserve the whole season if it isn’t working. c) With respect it’s literally Webber’s job to have replacements in mind not the supporters. I respect what Daniel has done, can’t do anything but praise him for the two promotion seasons and helping the club establish itself in its goal of top 26 club. It will definitely be a sad day when he goes, most of the people who think he’s failed I imagine are gutted about that. But it’s truly “little old Norwich” mindset to think that there’s literally nobody out there who’s willing and could possibly do a better job given how awful his PL record is and the performances so far this year have been. Today has turned me personally to be honest. I so wanted him to turn it around but I just can’t see how it’s going to happen anymore, there is no belief and fight in that team. Unless he performs a miracle over the next few games we are on a slow track to his end as Norwich manager and I can unfortunately see the atmosphere getting uglier and uglier.
  7. No thanks. I think it’s probably reaching time where Farke should go (whether he will or not who knows) but no way I want Bruce in charge.
  8. Absolutely unfair and pointless to single him out IMO. He’s not the issue, he’s one of the few giving it his all in effort for one.
  9. Pukki is feeding on scraps, I don’t think that’s a fair assessment.
  10. To be fair when you look at what we spent and the potential of the individuals brought in, it probably is. Its just now you put it in context of where we are and how we are playing it looks very doubtful. In hindsight the recruiting and playing strategy look totally misaligned.
  11. I’m sorry I just don’t believe we are completely unattractive to buyers. Yes we aren’t as attractive as a club that can be picked up cheap and turned into a PL club. Yes there doesn’t seem to be a billionaire out there who already loves the club. But put us up for sale and we would be sold, I honestly can’t believe people think otherwise. Just might not be to someone who loves the club for what it is.
  12. Watford and Brentford are winning and competing and we comfortably beat both to the Championship title. It’s not as simple as our players aren’t good enough.
  13. I have a feeling that Watford will pull through under the tinkerman. Newcastle are going to be fine now as well. Even if we did get our **** together, I’m struggling to see three teams we would be able to overtake.
  14. That was a choice. Assuming we could have kept Buendia (ignore the arguments aground that and assume we could) we presumably wouldn’t have been able to afford all the signings we made, but did we need them all in that scenario? While I think Rich owners would make the job easier, let’s not pretend choices weren’t made about how we approached this season that in hindsight maybe weren’t the best use of our agreed limited resources.
  15. Doesn’t take away from what they achieved the season we both went up. It’s not impossible to be competitive at this level without huge injections of cash, but football is one season at a time. Long term maybe it is, because every season has the potential to be your last for a while at this level, but not in the context of a season.
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