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  1. I feel totally out of touch with a lot of the posters here, I think Rupp has looked decent considering he’s arrived mid season into a struggling side. Watching the games I’ve seen flashes of things that haven’t quite come off for him that maybe if he was up to speed in a confident team they would have. I’d also say that he seems to have an excellent work rate and has helped bring some solidity on the side he’s played. I think he’ll do well in the Championship where there’s a slower pace with more time on the ball personally.
  2. In terms of most likely to be a scapegoat, yea I’d agree.
  3. The ones that want to be here and are up for the challenge. On present performances that list is relatively short IMO.
  4. Yea I’m more worried about the hangover we are going to take into next season, especially without a proper break.
  5. The little he’s interacting with players is interesting, regardless of what it actually means. 1st water break he didn’t leave his seat and had no interaction with them, I find it bizarre.
  6. I’m not sure all three will personally. It’s going to be a weird transfer window as all clubs will have holes in their finances. Byram is a good enough replacement for Aaron’s if he’s fit in time, any other position we sell anyone from we need to go shopping.
  7. I think a lot of it comes from in televised games there seems to be this thing where MoM has to go to someone in the winning team. Honestly you’re right, he did nothing but score. And most in a red shirt were well below par.
  8. Next season depends entirely what happens in the break. Keep Farke, keep Webber, keep most of our best players, add some squad improving additions and most importantly keep the team spirit and belief and we have no excuses not to compete for top spot next year.
  9. Love how much he’s grown over the season. At the start with Fahrmann arriving and lot of fans still unconvinced about him it could have been so different, but he’s absolutely solidified himself as our No1 and has done little wrong this campaign. His performance has often been the only thing keeping us in games. Hope he stays and sees out his career.
  10. I thought Rupp looked good again tonight, not sure what he did wrong. Not sure why some people want to give him a hard time, especially considering he’s only been here a few months and the break, looks a decent acquisition for next season.
  11. How was it ridiculous? Looked pretty clear cut. To be fair to Klose he either fouled or he almost certainly scored, I don’t blame him but it’s another CB unavailable.
  12. Unbelievable effort, very proud of the boys. Sickening to lose that close to penalties but we pushed them all the way.
  13. They will go if they want to go, agents usually see to that. However given the financial hole most clubs will have in their finances I’m genuinely curious what the transfer window is going to look like.
  14. The team I saw didn’t look well drilled enough, fit enough or hungry enough to survive. It looked devoid of ideas and lacking any real bite. We are almost certainly going down and that’s because we are one of if not the weakest team. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it clearly is. They took a gamble this year to spend minimally in the hopes of staying up rather than risk a bigger financial outlay. It hasn’t paid off. I don’t agree it was the right approach, but I understand it. We have a squad of players that almost to a man lacks either the experience or the quality required to compete in this division. Managed by a clearly talented guy but who is learning as he goes with probably the worst tool set in the division. I’m a realist, I wish things were different, I wish we’d risked a bit more to try and compete but I don’t really blame the Board for that, especially given the economic shock of this season on club finances in hindsight. Nor do I blame Webber or Farke particularly for the fact they’ve made errors, they will hopefully learn from the mistakes and continue to grow with us as a club. While I’m disappointed by this season the real kicker will be if we don’t make progress as a club next season towards becoming an established PL team. So no I don’t want to see the board, Webber or Farke go personally. Stability is the most likely thing to breed long term success.
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