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  1. You would hope so. I don't know how far away from match fitness Leitner is. But if he's not ready for Bolton, McLean deserves a chance to start.
  2. From the first minute Tettey and Trybull have been awful. Playing those two together may have worked when they had a wonderkid like Maddison in front of them last season. It's not worked once this season. As for our penalty taking, the coaching staff need to take a long hard look at themselves. Shambles of a first half. But we live in hope.
  3. In the Friday press conference Farke said Leitner had just resumed training. So I would be surprised to see him in feature in the next couple of games. So two of Trybull, Tettey and McLean is likely, if Vrancic is injured.
  4. Brilliant win. I know we can carve up teams and score goals. So what impressed me most today was how good we were defensively in that first half, when we were put under severe pressure. The whole team was immense. So proud of the way they played today.
  5. Would prefer Tettey over Trybull. But maybe he's not match fit yet. Hope we defend a lot better than we have been recently.
  6. Thought the officials were dreadful. The amount of times Buendia got hacked down before he got taken off injured was a disgrace. The ref didn't book a single one of those challenges. And how the linesman missed the stamp on Vrancic when it was right under his nose I'll never know.
  7. Worth noting that season tickets don't automatically renew this year. So remember to get your forms filled in and sent back to the club.
  8. Shame it hasn't worked out for him. With our finances being what they are, £1.5m is a lot to waste on a player you don't want. But we should hopefully be able to make a sizeable amount of that back in the summer. To be fair to Webber, the vast majority of his 2018 summer signings have been a success.
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