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  1. Fulham spent over a hundred million and got relegated. Villa did the same and survived by a single point. Sadly, money doesn't always equal survival. Farke has at least got more options this season. We will see what he makes of them.
  2. Not starting the season with a replacement for Skipp would be my biggest criticism of Webber. Farke has always played a defensive midfielder in front of the back four to provide cover for the full backs when they push forward, and also to protect the centre backs. Without one we have looked very vulnerable at the back. If reports are to be believed, Mathias Normann is about to sign. Assuming he's any good as a defensive midfielder, then that should change Farke's tactics for the better and allow him to play Dowell in the no. 10 role, knowing that he has protection behind him. Playing Dowell will hopefully mean Pukki is less isolated up front and actually receives some service, and the team is more creative going forward. We will see.
  3. A lot of the new season optimism has gone for me. I know we've played three of last season's top five, but we don't look like scoring from open play (and haven't) and we are conceding soft goals. Pukki looks isolated up front and we are crying out for a decent defensive midfielder. Lots for Farke to ponder.
  4. Apart from being partially at fault for both goals, I actually thought he played well today. Certainly seems to enjoy a shoulder barge. Got forward well at times and made some decent tackles in defence. If only he could cut out those mistakes.
  5. It's disappointing. But he's interfering with play, so he's offside. It's a shame, but it's just one of those things.
  6. He's just signed a new four year contract. Farke's not going anywhere.
  7. Surely a replacement for Skipp and Tettey should have been no.1 on Webber's agenda?
  8. Farke does frustrate when it comes to making subs. I thought Dowell should have come on at half time for Rupp. Pukki was cut adrift up front. How else were we going to score? But maybe Farke thought that would have left us too exposed in central midfield, seeing as Dowell only got five minutes at the end.
  9. Our 4-1-4-1 formation when in possession left Pukki fairly isolated. We really needed Dowell in as an orthodox number 10 to link the midfield to the attack. Pukki thrives on through-balls, not crosses. I assume Farke wanted the added defensive protection of a three man central midfield. As we played 4-5-1 when out of possession. Maybe this will change if we buy a proper defensive midfield replacement for Skipp. Allowing Dowell to come in and play closer to Pukki.
  10. He played very well. Just a shame Rashica didn't protect him a bit better for the first goal. TAA should not have been given the freedom of our left flank to cross the ball at will. Hopefully Rashica will learn though.
  11. Hundreds were late getting in. We arrived 45 minutes before the game and got in 10 minutes after kickoff. That's nearly an hour to get in when it normally takes 5 minutes. There was only one of four turnstiles open, causing a huge crush outside. Hundreds of fans jam packed together is exactly the opposite of what should have been happening. Disgraceful in a deadly pandemic. I strongly advise people write to the club to complain. This should never happen again. https://www.canaries.co.uk/Contact-Us/complaint/
  12. You would hope so. I don't know how far away from match fitness Leitner is. But if he's not ready for Bolton, McLean deserves a chance to start.
  13. From the first minute Tettey and Trybull have been awful. Playing those two together may have worked when they had a wonderkid like Maddison in front of them last season. It's not worked once this season. As for our penalty taking, the coaching staff need to take a long hard look at themselves. Shambles of a first half. But we live in hope.
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