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  1. To be honest, I really dislike these 100 minute games, now common in the Premier League. It's funny how referees continually admit how rubbish they are by introducing new rules because of their own incompetence. We don't need 100 minute games, just officials willing to book every instance. We don't need VAR, just referees who know how to do their job.
  2. For some reason, Wagner told both Sainz and Rowe to play narrow, with their backs to goal. Unsurprisingly, neither of the pair had much of a kick.
  3. And being the responsibility of the ever-reliable Norfolk Country Council to fix it, it will be repaired by lunchtime at the latest.
  4. As the demon in the Exorcist says: "Your mother darns socks in Hull."
  5. What Wagner doesn't say, is that he's planning to play Sargent alongside Kenny at the back.
  6. Man City without Rodri just aren't the same team. Surprised Pep still hasn't got cover for him.
  7. The Tory candidate for London mayor is bewildered how her purse was returned to her with everything still in it.
  8. Two sackings in one day, Lying in the depths of your imagination
  9. That result was even more ridiculous than Ian Wright's coat earlier today.
  10. 3 wins out of 4. Stick that in your Christmas pudding and eat it.
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