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  1. Equally, Fulham have dragged Brighton, Newcastle and Burnley into the relegation mix.
  2. I don't see them doing it especially as there are games between them.
  3. Comedy Gold from Warnock zSt8rBSrbUiqsOhf.mp4
  4. If you were Brentford & Watford you would start to question where all this substantial injury time is coming from in their games. Starting to look iffy....
  5. Some people also struggled with Thomas Helveg as in Danish it is pronounced Hel-vay. I won't comment on Hughton/Houghton......
  6. Brentford's game tomorrow against Rotherham has been postponed because of a positive Covid-19 test in the Millers' squad. The rearranged game is scheduled for 27 April so they will be hoping that Watford & Swansea don't take advantage.
  7. That assumes that teams with games in hand win them which is a big assumption. Swansea will carry one of those games right towards the end of the season which will could take its toll. They are also at less than two points per game at present. All we can do is play what is in front of us and then see how the others get on. As each game gets ticked off, the pressure on the chasing teams get ratcheted up.
  8. I think Kings Lynn are may well be safe this season given the breaking news that the National Leagues North & South have been declared null & void: https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/national-league-statement-outcome-of-written-resol-65151
  9. Watching through the red button on Virgin but the sound has all gone a bit Norman Collier. Anyone else got that problem?
  10. Northampton Town win please. ITFC cant afford to sack him and I don't see him walking away. It is looking like 6th place is the one up for grabs and win lose or draw they are still in contention even though sides above are better and have games in hand. Northampton need the win more.
  11. Bear in mind too that Swansea will have that game in hand away at Sheff Weds until at least mid April as that is the first time they have a gap in mid week in order to play it.
  12. Get in Queens Pork Bangers!
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