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  1. Interesting to see how the groups are shaping up. Some are quite close - a few must not lose games tonight - CZE V WAL and Turkey v Norway. Last night's game between France and Belgium was good. Belgium are running out of chances to win something with this talented squad.
  2. Beat me to it...https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/09/derby-county-board-of-directors-statement-17th-september-2021
  3. Lose tonight and it must be curtains for him.
  4. The Danes made a load of changes for that game. Beat Israel mid week and they are pretty much there which they should expect to be from that group.
  5. Root, Silverwood, Sibley and many others out of their depth. Made the Indian lower order look like Dravid and Chanderpaul. Pathetic.
  6. Ribs of Beef. Never set foot in a Neverspoons.
  7. The National League play-off final appears to have gone under the radar somewhat. The kick off is at 1400. Hoping that Torquay Utd can do it and secure a Devon derby next season.
  8. I think the question for the BBC was how long they continued to carry the feed. The Danish Broadcaster DR would have been televising the game so they controlled the pictures. Once it was clear how serious it was then they should have gone to the studio which from memory had about 5 mins discussion before changing schedule.
  9. I'd turn this around and say we forego sponsorship and do something to put something back into the community so the Samaritans, Mind, EACH, Cancer Research - perhaps on different shirts is the way forward. I'm sure there are plenty of local charities. Pay them the direct proceeds from shirts and raffles etc.
  10. Any Nordic side or really anyone but England, Wales or Scotland for me.
  11. The Sky bet football league needs to go for a start as do betting adverts that are littered pre, during and post games......
  12. I think Australia 31-0 American Samoa remains the biggest margin of victory in a WC qualifier.
  13. I'd like to see Lincoln City do it. Will be tough for them as Blackpool are in very good form. Whichever team goes up means there will be some good derbies in the Championship. For Blackpool, there is PNE, Blackburn and for Lincoln there is Peterborough, Derby, Forest and stretching it further Stoke, Brum. We be good to see both grounds full for those games.
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