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  1. Derby and lets not forget QPR who have tried to kick it into the long grass... Bournemouth should have it coming to them too and its waiting on Brighton and Wolves when they drop...
  2. I'm surprised how he keeps getting work. I'm sure Bristol City have done their due diligence but with the exception of Birmingham City you only have to look at Newcastle, Brighton and us to see how it pans out. Get used to binary scores football. A likeable enough guy but his football ethic is woeful.
  3. Just give them each a 55pt penalty starting next season. Should bring the message home not to disobey the advice given.
  4. Bear in mind that Wycombe & Northampton both got into the play-offs using the PPG proposal and both earned promotion.
  5. I don't have any issue with WBA. Never had any problems on visits to and from the Hawthorns and their fans seem a pretty realistic bunch. Happy with Brentford going up. The Pundits in the PL do little homework about promoted sides (cue 'he gives it to him who gives it to him and the number 9 scores') and have their favourites. Take Lawrenson for example in his preview of Brighton v Southampton, there is no mention of the Saints at all. 5 live last night from about 1945 was discussing our season and approach had 'pundits' in the form of Steven Warnock, Andy Reid and Karen Carney (who was 'infuriated' with Norwich - claiming that we were all about the business side). I get the point she was trying to make but do your research to understand the narrative to provide an informed opinion. The same when we sacked Hughton and Shearer's 'I don't know what they want down there' . Again, do your research, when you've seen his negative tactics week in week out. The championship shake up next year could be looking thin on the ground derby wise except for Villa Brum, Swansea Cardiff - all dependent on league placings. Yes there are local derbies e.g. QPR v Millwall and Preston v Blackburn but Sky's slots rely generally on having a marketable game depending on what PL games are being shown. We know this division well enough to know it is unforgiving and Wycombe and Rotherham aren't just there to make up the numbers. We need a change of some players who will ultimately be suffering mentally from the losing habit.
  6. Think of the positives - Pompey, Sunderland and the relegated trio from the Championship should keep the binners away from the promotion picture....
  7. Professional fouls count for just one I think. Violent conduct carries three games out.
  8. Exeter wembley bound again. In the final for the 3rd time in 4 years....
  9. I've heard this debate in several places. The line of 'promoted too early' has to be tosh. You never turn down success particularly for a club our size. It is what you do after it that counts. Our recent record of promotions to the top flight is pretty poor apart from the Lambert promotion. The question to ask is what do we genuinely want. We have tried it on the cheap several times and once threw money at it (by our standards) with relegation as the same outcome. Unless we break the model of being a selling club (young or proven talent) we always run that risk of having the best talent cherry picked. Some people say they are happy in the championship but you only have to look down the road to see the net effect of years of stagnation. If we had stayed up this year then were we genuinely fending off attempts from wealthy clubs to prize away our best players? So outside of a bankroller where do we stand? Aside from all of this you genuinely have to look at some key decisions in squad strength and training. Over the last five years and beyond we've known where the weaknesses were but did little to address them fully. The numerous injuries over the last two seasons aren't simply bad luck but also poor squad management and training - in this In include training methods and using league cup and friendlies for use to bring our injured players back to fitness. Klose against Crawley a case in point.
  10. Exeter. The've been knocking on the door long enough and have a Devon derby to look forward to if they go up.
  11. We will just have to resort to plan B - Outscore the opposition.
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