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  1. Interesting that they've picked the Devon derby for a Monday Night fixture. Although its not yet November, a win for Argyle tomorrow stretches the lead over the binners to 4pts but more importantly, increases the gap to 3rd to 7pts. At this stage its looking like Sheff Weds and Peterborough are the sides capable of catching the binners and dropping them out of the autos. Even though Portsmouth have games in hand they are drawing too many games at present.
  2. Both of those grounds host rugby as well as football games but its a pretty basic error not to get the goals right pre kick off
  3. Its not just away support but a great deal of home ones. A home game for me which I hold a season ticket for is a 160 mile plus round trip. EfL would be wrong to think that all supporters are 'local'. Taking us an example, there is a large percentage beyond the confines of the city and county that travel to games.
  4. The key paragraph is at the end:" EFL chief commercial officer, Ben Wright, said: "Alongside the EFL's rich tradition and distinguished history there is a desire to evolve, grow and innovate in order to grow our audience further and we're looking for a partner or partners who share that vision." Making Saturday afternoon kick offs a televised option for one or some of the EfL fixtures will be detrimental to attendances and also the businesses that rely on football footfall. There are a fair percentage of fans that travel long distances to get to and from games and spent their income en route to and from the game and this could be lost if it becomes more convenient to watch it on TV. Saturday fixtures are already challenging given the raft of ongoing engineering works and strikes and clubs, particularly at the lower level don't need further reasons for fans to stay away.
  5. Given the Government don't want to spend money on an advertising campaign they can reuse these Public Information Films. There are plenty of them and they still get the message across, although they are dated:
  6. I think Mansfield are one of the clubs doing that: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/sep/23/mansfield-town-move-match-to-1pm-kick-off-in-response-to-energy-crisis
  7. True, It is yet another area where there is division so polling moderately gives you a chance of getting elected
  8. As part of their 'new deal for football' agenda. More here in the BBC article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62965782 Although its not their competition and need approvals from the FA etc., they are brokering their deal to allow finances to filter through to lower tiers as a carrot. This is from a league that claims it does not need regulating. Cup runs can be lucrative to smaller sides and in some cases keep them in existence. Hopefully it will get rejected and if these sides don't want replays then either A) let the lower placed league side determine where the tie should be held or B) expel them from the competition - for at least two seasons with some other potential drawbacks to be determined.
  9. They don't help themselves by trying to curry-favour with royal supporters/brexiteers and would be better trying to resolve tensions with the far left of the party so they can unite against the conservatives. In theory, the opposition should be substantially ahead against these clowns in government but the polls are hardly convincing with a general election still some time away. Some parts of the electorate prefer soundbites over substance indicating that they still don't trust Labour after 12 years of the Conservatives and their efforts to promote devolution through their governing.
  10. Item 10 at least tells you that the nonsense of the last 10 days or so comes at the taxpayers expense
  11. https://www.republic.org.uk/the_true_cost_of_the_royals
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