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  1. Ipswich. Obvs. I’m jealous of Brentford and Brighton tbh. So that’s why they irk me. And Sheff Utd for their weird feud they created.
  2. This ancient argument that dates back to Roman times. Fk me. Just take a look at our chequered Prem League flirtations. We’ve always been terrible at defending. It’s written in our DNA. What baffles me is the insistence on keeping defenders well past their best and forgetting that maybe a quality DM would help? I’m so bored of reading about our defensive fragilities.
  3. So we make play offs go up and keep Wagner? We make play offs don’t go up and keep Wagner into the first part of next season? We don’t make play offs and get rid of Wagner with Knapper’s own choice coming in? Which of those is the best choice? Personally I want Knapper’s man at the helm and a sustained footballing identity with someone that isn’t a Webber afterthought.
  4. Let’s hope we beat Wednesday on Tuesday so work’s easier Wednesday 😁
  5. When you say a bit more time.. time away from enjoy the next tipple that comes your way?! 😁😁
  6. I feel for Wagner as he has the whiff of Webber about him. And that’s something he’ll always have. It’s probably why a large proportion of the fan base hasn’t taken to him.
  7. Yep. That’s the way football works. Evil evil football. Can’t say we didn’t do what we needed to.
  8. We have more quality all day long but I’ve felt for the past 3 seasons we’ve not really been consistent or felt as close knit as a team since that 20/21 season.
  9. Because everyone expected you to bottle it by now or have an injury crisis and neither has happened. I don’t think your run in is that hard given how much you’ve walked it so far. What makes you think anything will change now?! As much as it pains me to say it, unless you implode out of thin air I think you’ll get autos. Ffs.
  10. You’ve been posting on here long enough to know “chilling out” does no one any good 😊
  11. All of a sudden they want to extend the stadium since they’re in the playoffs. A few seasons ago they could barely get north of 10k at the ‘loo. Amazing how all the plastics are coming out of the woodwork now.
  12. Just seen on Anglia News there’s proposals for a new development near Portaloo that will mean an extension to their ground…
  13. The one with Alex Neil and Sunderland had appointed Big Sam as their manager…? The one we had to win psychologically? Yeah… I don’t much like to think about that either tbh. The sliding doors moment that season was when Dwight Gayle injured Klose at Palace. Klose was a revelation when he came in and we tightened up and looked like we could actually survive. I’ll never forgive Gayle for that tackle
  14. Yep, he played for our youth team years ago I think. I also looked that up yesterday as was curious… I thought he supported Norwich too… one for the future! ; D
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