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  1. I still find it amusing that any credence is put on the “snakepit” as an actual thing anymore. The lower lower Barclay is where the noise is at or was when I last went to a live game which has been years because of personal circumstances. The problem has always been fuddies pouring scorn on those willing to raise the noise and that’s throughout the stadium. Carrow is a dead rubber in terms of vibe and has been since the halcyon days of 18/19.
  2. If we don’t make play offs then this season is an absolute travesty given the squad we have. Admittedly Smith’s tenure didn’t help but really we should be sitting near the top 2 not languishing where we are and that’s me looking at this in consideration of the players we have. We’re embarrassingly underachieving
  3. I’m not pessimistic. I just know the level of rebuild that’s needed. I’m actually looking forward to seeing some old guard leave. I think it’s important for the 11 to move forward without some of them.
  4. Agreed! Wtf was that post?! I’ve been on this forum for a few years, post intermittently, appreciate others’ opinions but fk me I can’t contain it any longer - there’s so many posters on here that spout dinosaur ****e lately it’s embarrassing. I get that compared to other club forums we’re fairly moderate but sometimes the amount of sexist crap I read blows my mind. And then if you question it out come the “anti-woke” crew. Which is laughable. It’s not even about being “woke” it’s about being a decent person. Anyway, Sweary, Norwich won’t get autos, play offs if lucky and then that’s a gamble. Likelihood is a rebuild next season but then that brings the question of finance into it. And that’s answers your original topic and post.
  5. All I can see NN is a blank box or when I quote a box with a question mark… the struggle, my friend is real
  6. Never. There’s no admin left and the Pink Un is drifting. We’re lucky it still exists as is never mind emoji fixes! Guess we’ll have to dumb down barbed comments from now… *winky face
  7. One win from 4th though. Tight in the play offs. I’m confident we have enough quality in our team to firmly slot in. 2nd has gone unless Sheff Utd implode and the others in contention meltdown. Seeing Luton up there is entirely bizarre though, suggests to me the league is really poor this season.
  8. Burnley shares one PC. Don’t flatter yourself
  9. Burnley and great recruitment in a sentence seems a hell of a paradox. I’m also looking at Kompany peers in Gerard and Lampard, and though I’ll admit both were a few years before him, I still cant believe how well he’s done. Though I’ve backed Webber and he’s had utter masterstrokes, I do feel since Farke’s sacking he’s lurched from one bad decision to another until Wagner whereby his tenure is still an unknown really. I just don’t get how Burnley, a club laughed at for it’s one dimensional play under Dyche, has actually been reinvigorated and yet, we’re here again, sitting in an unknown despite all the excellence this club stands for.
  10. I was just thinking today, I barely pay any attention to other clubs’ comings and goings - I’m not that busy but equally I kind of dont care enough about rival teams either. But last time we were here we stormed the league with some of the best football I’d care to remember. Yes things have changed (no need to go into the obvious), but given Burnley were relegated with a debt hanging over them and a squad shorn of experience, how has Kompany, a fledgling manager, navigated a team with a relegation hangover and no “weapons” as well as he has to the top of the Championship? I’m hoping for Pink Un posters that care about the overall nature of the league to help here; we all have a tendency to focus on the negatives but, ultimately, how did Burnley get it so right?!
  11. Excellent pub quiz fact. Much like being the only English club to beat Bayern in the old Olympic Stadium…
  12. I think we have some excellent translators / tutors at City. Remember when Emi first arrived and he could barely speak any English compared to that of when he left. This is something I was saying to my mate that we must have some really good language teachers. I guess it also depends on the students application and drive to learn too… apparently Aguero could barely speak English despite being at Man City for years… maybe it’s something we strive for when we sign a foreign player??
  13. But the issue here is he’s hardly what I’d call “promising” anymore. Sure in the grand scheme of the world he’s stupidly young but he’s been in and around the first team for years, ever since that amazing performance against Preston. He just hasn’t really kicked on. I get that we’re tying him down with a new contract but 5 years seems too lengthy to me. That’s all really. I’d love for him to really come on though. Just not sure he ever will or could.
  14. Everything we read, see, hear from Cantwell or Webber is superfluous to the follow through on their actions. It’s modern life, there’s a persona for the external and one for the day to day knuckle down job. There are those that jump on any titbit that comes from a player or a mouthpiece of a club and they’ll use whatever skin they can to paraphrase it to suit the agenda at the time (the 90% quote is a great example). But equally these professionals as the above attest play into the traps of acting to suit. Both Todd and Webber recently the villains of the piece. Again, going back round to my point, it’s modern life and personal promotion. Almost like a Xmas panto. It makes me laugh that it generates such fervour in our fan base given how little it actually means in the grander scheme. I wish Cantwell… er well and Webber the benefit of the doubt to get the club back to it senses. I could not give a **** how any of this done so long as it’s done and we’re actually competing again in the PL and not flapping about like we have done since the Hughton’s 2nd season in charge.
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