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  1. It’s never as easy as buying a CDM just like that. It’s a case of seeing who’s out there, who’s willing to come into a relegation battle, who we can afford both in fee and wages, who (in all respect to our club) will most likely be willing to play in the championship next season, and where we can free up space in the squad by selling someone first. I’m fairly certain we’d be looking to bring someone on board but there’s so many moving parts that if one breaks down then they’re all log jammed. The Smith sound bites seem to me that he feels the squad was overhauled with too many bodies coming in during summer. Of which we’ve all done to death the effectiveness of such and such. I feel a bit of sympathy for Smith because his current wants are hampered by history and a squad he didn’t assemble. I completely agree with you though, we need maybe 2 solid hands in the centre but I doubt it will happen.
  2. This has Along Come Norwich written all over it. Classic beat Everton, play well, need to win the next one, Watford have a few of their decent players at Afcon… no better time to play them right?! Plus we never beat them. The only potential saving grace is our ability to get managers sacked so that could be a reverse Along Come Norwich… Im overthinking this and need a sit down.
  3. I’m fairly certain Lee, aka The Farke Knight, sits in the Regency Stand at the front. I’ve been seated near him before and he’s about the only one, aside from a few of his friends and family, which make any noise that end. If more fans were like him Carrow would have much better atmosphere all round instead of relying on the Barclay. Fk the haters. Classic jealousy. And top stuff from Tim.
  4. They all look like the same person at various points in their life (top right photo excluded)
  5. I agree with this. I’m also tentative to having turned a corner. With Watford next we have a tendency to go missing in big games. I do see the potential in some of our new players but ultimately we didn’t buy enough for the here and now. The focus in summer was for development which was at odds with Webber’s commitment to “keep us in the Premier League”.
  6. This is hilarious and weird.. I was watching Karate Kid 3 last night to ensure I’m fully up to date before I begin my marathon of Cobra Kai the tv series. I’ve seen the first 2 seasons but was informed I needed to watch KK2 and 3 to really understand season 3 and 4. I fully agree with your statement. The fact Watford also play in black and yellow too… Man, I hate Watford.
  7. The EDP says that Max was a dead leg, Williams was cramp, Hanley landed awkwardly again and Krul was the most concerning, as he hurt his shoulder apparently. Of Krul, it’s less than ideal.
  8. There he is ✌ Yours grande Danke Bitte
  9. Thanks, you’ve made me blush, but I’m not sure it’s the greatest of all time
  10. I abstained from the Chinese takeaway and I’m sat watching Catchphrase chowing down on a big fedora. Yum!
  11. Stealth recruitment, I love it! We need more of that from our ex pats! Loving the name of the school too, very impressive. What made you start up in Taiwan? I think it’d make a great EDP feature, thoughts from our fan base far and wide.
  12. Taiwan Canary! Amazing! I love the fact there’s so many supporters in corners of the world! Are you from Taiwan originally?
  13. That’s made my morning. Which speaks volumes about my life.
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