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  1. Actually think RVW would thrive in the set up we have now. Especially playing along side Emi.
  2. I really do believe we will do more business this summer than most think we will.
  3. Exactly this. I actually posted something similar on my Facebook. Listening to talk sport the other day was sickening. The same people who condemn clubs like ours for being self funded and not jumping into debt to spend hundreds of millions just to play along side their media darlings, are now condemning those same darlings for having the billionaire owners, when these so called experts haven't ever looked twice at the money before now. Having their cake and eating it springs to mind when it comes to the way they are viewing what's happened. And very frustrating. One last thing the line that really got me (can't remember who said it, whoever does drive on TS) was "if the big 6 get to go to this league and stay in the Premier league, it will just make it a league of haves and have nots" Sorry to break it to you matey its already that sort of league. What are they on about!
  4. Should do a rangers to all 6 of them and chuck them down to the lowest league in the pyramid and make them all work their way back up abiding by ffp rules too.
  5. Would love to know what Hanley said to danjuma as he leaned into his ear.
  6. Meeting tomorrow with the 14 clubs not involved in the new ESL. Should we be involved as we're already promoted and sheff utd relegated for next season
  7. If the miraculous happened and that was the league. For anyone who wins it, how long would it take for it to be tarnished by the media and general public pointing out they won a PL without the "big six" Not that I'd care. Having that silverware in the cabinet would be worth it
  8. It's amazing, my nephew has never known a defeat to the history brigade.
  9. If the 6 are chucked out of the PL then great. see ya later, don't let the door **** hit you where the good lord split you.
  10. We can hope. Would love for him to have at least one more year with us. But I would be very surprised if he's not at least regularly being used off the bench for spurs next season.
  11. Back up forward CDM Number 10 Winger Center half Right back (Aarons will be gone I think) Resign nyland
  12. After having a conversation with a mate about kits and manufacturers etc. (and the rumors surrounding the end of errea) Who would everyone like to see make our kits? I would have to say hummel is for me, think they'd come up with some Crackers. I also think Adidas would look good in our colours again just like the 80s masterpiece but then we become one of the copy and paste brigade.
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