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  1. Majorly depends on who comes in (smith saying we will need new players) I still think 8th
  2. At the start of a new and improved 5 year plan.
  3. 90% is a cuddle and peck on the cheek so that will have to be the compromise
  4. I think a major part in this feeling like it does is the national coverage of us being promoted again and all the media calling us a joke and that we take up a space of a club more deserving, and then alot of us trying to defend the club against it etc. And now all the media who ripped into the club are proven 100% right...... Again
  5. As I said on it. Highlight of the season is definitely now Michael bailey calling it bóllocks
  6. Don't make the board aware!!.. he'll end up being relieved of duties for thanking us natives.
  7. Who, out of us 3 will end up being the 'stoke' of next year and really struggle?
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