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  1. I think somewhere in all this there has got to be some middle distance beyond the blind faith we are just going to walk this league because we went up twice under Farke. The next 30 odd days is key, I still believe we have one, if not the strongest squad on paper, however they are also very used to getting beaten soundly and that can’t be good for team morale. A big task for Smith lies ahead, I believe it will be more down to his management skills and motivation over anything else. Oh and we must retain Pukki, no question.
  2. Webber on top of some mountain wearing it.
  3. I do get that it’s a slow transfer window so far. My concern is the when Smith took over the excuse for us being continuously poor was ‘it’s not his team’. To make it his team he need fresh players, to get said fresh players we need to sell…no one wants our players as none have the greatest CV from last season( Pukki apart). That’s the conundrum, we may still start this season with the same stale squad, plus Hayden. I don’t believe promotion will be as easy as the bookmakers make out.?
  4. Think you missed off a certain dud from your loans list there probably the worst of the lot.
  5. I remember that, Friday afternoons. You know I probably could.
  6. Two top headlines from BBC sport, so glad with didn’t end up with Lampard and join this irritating trend. Happy for Norwich to just be Norwich.
  7. Get what you are saying to a degree Nuff, but every Agent in the country knows we get Parachute Payment, it’s no big secret. I do think it’s our continued ‘not a lot to spend/needs to be outgoings first’ stance that the wider football community probably get tired of, I must admit I do now and I’ve supported the club for over 45 years. Maybe it will change if the investment does materialise over the coming weeks? Who knows.
  8. IF we had 10 million to spend on one player it needs to be someone who can thread a through ball to Pukki or Pukki’s long term replacement. We won’t spend 10m and LB is an area we have covered.
  9. I know it’s good for you, but it is boring.
  10. On a personal level the only one I was reasonably excited about was Gilmour, based purely on reputation and the Scotland/England performance. I certainly didn’t think wow re Josh and hadn’t heard of Tzolis. IMO we missed out on the wow signing, whoever that was.
  11. I remember Webber said something similar last year re incoming signings that would excite fans by the wow factor….guess we missed out on those. My serious guess, a partnership deal with a fairly large European club? We get some of their youngsters, probably miles off and the truth is a new contract for Kenny.
  12. Soccerbot II, this time we have splashed out on the instruction manual and the new hydra pool will be open to ST holders twice year.
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