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  1. In reality you don’t watch a opposition goal go in a think omg what a great goal, if I tried to remember one that stuck in my mind it would be the winner for Man City when Delia did her party piece.
  2. Not sure about this , I said Ipswich were playing mind games with their sickness bug, think we are now doing the same with Sargent, he will start on Saturday. If he is genuinely out…nightmare.
  3. I 100% agree with this? But it sad when the high is bottom of the the table at our last two attempts. I know there are many clubs much worse of than ours but our ability to compete is now pretty clear.
  4. Absolutely this, I’m not one who would say nah, who wants promotion because it brings £ , but we would seriously rival the Derby low points tally without spending massively.
  5. Slightly more concerned by throwing away another chance of 3 points from a winning position. Again.
  6. Without even reading through this thread, our defence has been problematic for years. Maybe, just maybe if we had a proper CDM our CBs wouldn’t lose their heads every time we are under pressure.
  7. I wonder if you could Manager share? Wagner for home games, new man for away. 😏
  8. No strength in depth and a team totally reliant on Sargent, afraid wherever we end up, we just don’t have the squad for success in the playoffs.
  9. I think there is more chance of Long coming on than the Dutch Sunday League player.
  10. It’s always so bleeding obvious, we have gone from large bloated squads to a bare 11.
  11. Surprised they didn't bring up the old' sickness in the camp' that they had already mentioned prior to the game, or did they? They certainly looked sick on 95 minutes.🤮
  12. Watched that five minutes ago and still chuckling to myself, they are what my late Dad would call ‘Rum Uns’ for sure. I think if they came at me wanting a fight I would literally laugh myself to death. Saturday really was the result that just keeps giving.
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