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  1. Let’s hope we keep ‘getting away with it’ for the rest of the season
  2. Very good - not much in the Aaron’s foul for me If you like this then search for totally Tettey on YouTube
  3. When you signed Hucken Darrenby was arguably better
  4. Don’t remember the sinani one (who was a bag of sh1t3 tonight) max was a 50/50 we have to play to the whistle and stop thinking we’re allowed the freedom of norwich when in possession
  5. Not sure he did much wrong tonight to be honest The second goal was a 50/50 challenge then sinani plays a hospital ball to Nunez, Nunez then plays an equally silly ball across the goal the next challenge was a clear obstruction the ball came off hernandez for the goal kick the ref is fully within his rights to blow up at 6 minutes regardless of where the play is We’ve had a few stinking refs this season but tonight’s wasn’t one of them
  6. Not acceptable to wish injury on a player regardless of the situation sargent again should be proof that you would be foolish to write off either Tzolis or Rashica just yet
  7. I think it’s too early to call on Tzolis and Rashica gets game time at a much bigger club than Norwich with the potential for his return Onel hernandez and Todd Cantwell have shown us this year that being sent on loan doesn’t mean curtains for your Career with norwich and before writing off either Tzolis or Rashica it would be sensible to note that.
  8. Once again, we dodge the proverbial bullet of losing max aarons to a bigger club
  9. 4 games played, 4 wins yours faithfully, Yobocop
  10. It’s good squad management and if you can’t work that out then you are very much behind the times
  11. It’s no coincidence our upturn in form has also seen Kieran dowell given a run in the team, McLean is alright at this level, I’d be interested to know who you’d pick in their place
  12. Quite frankly this is a Norwich City forum, I have no interest in what Ipswich or any club for that matter does good luck to them but let’s concentrate on our own club shall we?
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