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  1. Not for me, had they been adventurous we would’ve picked them off with Nunez sara and sainz creativity they had to sit in, if Duffy or Gibbs score it’s a completely different narrative
  2. Bit of a funny one this given we also made a clean sheet lol You do make me laugh sometimes cc
  3. Ref was diabolical yesterday, doesn’t take a ‘budding referee’ to work that out I made it 6 minutes injury time second half, 1 minute was about right in the first half
  4. It’s another stick to beat the club with but a bit of a silly one for me
  5. It’s not cowardly though is it? It’s coming with a game plan which we need to do better to break down
  6. The players will be fully aware of what the game means to the fans and will be prepped accordingly
  7. Ridiculous appointment when as you say Eustace was doing such a good job
  8. Never been to Peterborough or Wisbech then?
  9. The irony of someone from Cambridgeshire posting this hahaha have they got running water there yet CC?
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