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If wed kept Howie..

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  1. the only thing interesting is the shocking standard of writing..
  2. i love the idea that at some point in the future a 48 year old will ask a 49 year old to go into a shop to buy cigarettes for them
  3. presumably from the wages saved on Forshaw and Placheta? not really sure - just feels like our squad was stretched before January.. seems odd to lose 4 squad players and only bring in one (and apparently one that can't be played for some reason)
  4. they should have been replaced... at least 2 players should have come in
  5. early subs once the game is won and safe.. but other than that - no we shouldn't rest players
  6. it definitely won't be a Sheffield Tuesday... we will thrash them
  7. ermmmmm where is Des Hamilton? and no Simon Tracey between the sticks??
  8. is that what that is!? i thought it was a photo of a typical scene of parents picking their kids up from an Ipswich school
  9. this is how i imagine a Wagner half-time talk would also sound:
  10. ehhhh-hhh - it's because he had money - chamone
  11. ANY bridge is coming down after getting a main support hit by 100,000t at 8 knots
  12. if you want an example of what a backward bunch of sick fu(ks russia is now... last year they decriminalised spousal abuse.. so if you want to beat your wife, that's okay. Onward Russia, charging headlong as fast as you can go... Where are you going? Still no answer.. its been 180 years - we need to stop this out of control Troika forever
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