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If wed kept Howie..

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  1. Isn''t Hughes recovering following surgery? Why would you play Whitbread, but nor Drury? I don''t think he''ll change the team as much as you think - not would i want him to!
  2. Yep - i''d go for that starting 11 as well. Millwall are without Morison, Robinson and Harris - so we should face "less of a goal threat" aka Lisbie...
  3. Andy Johnson - I hate McDonald''s Ulf Ottoson - maiini buitiful fjords Ian Crook - Too many cigs Jason Jarrett - Worst Player Ever Efan Ekoku - Flew the nest Matt Gilks - He got better Mark Rivers - He got worse
  4. errr - this "complete rubbish" came from the BBC. I was only asking if anyone knew whether it was the usual sloppy BBC, or something. Thanks for clarifying - but don''t think your last sentence was necessary or justified.
  5. Definitely concerned now - Wiggins has been added to the squad! Crofts is definitely not included - so what is going on? There is a shortage of midfield players in the squad - so he must be injured???
  6. I''m not bothered about him starting - jsut whether he is fit to play for us. According to the BBC he isn''t in the squad for Tuesday... hopefully it''s just another BBC mistake.
  7. I can kinda understand that - Curtis Fleming was a defender - probably playing for Middlesbro at the time.
  8. Scotland played a 4-6-0 formation last night.. I think its crazy - no pressure on the ball/defenders, no threat to the defence.. What is the worst formation? I''d like to see a return to 2-3-5...
  9. Also - does anyone know why Crofts wasn''t involved in last nights game and why he has been dropped from the Wales squad for Tuesday? Is he injured?
  10. I notice that the BBC have given Sammy an extra H... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/irish/9058431.stm
  11. "....Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney, Michael Carrick and Berbetov. Before them you also have Saha, Ronaldo, Veron and Van Nistelrooy...." Ferdinand was signed before Ronaldo and Saha... Anyway - i think you have to look into the balance of transfers (Ronaldo went for a profit 68 million). Also - wages play a big part.
  12. i''m pretty sure he''s played in the Championship before - and proved his class. The midfield has been overhauled in the summer - give it time to settle. Meanwhile, we are still getting results and decent performances. By christmas we''ll be destroying teams...
  13. Scott Howie indeed - if only we''d kept him! Arghhhhh!
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