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  1. So...... looks like it was a missed intercept with the interceptor S300 missile coming down in Poland... However..... what and where was the intercept attempted and what course was the target (probably a Russian cruise missile) taking? Looking at the location.. its either coming from the south (ship launched cruise missile) or from the north (air launched, from Belarusian airspace).. seems unlikely to be from the south as the missed intercept would have resulted in the S300 landing south east of Lviv and inside Ukraine.. So the North... that cruise missile must have been extremely close to the Polish border (or even over it) - especially given the Polish border bulges to the East above Lviv... Not sure NATO will be amused to find Russian cruise missiles transiting Polish airspace! Anyway NATO tracked both missiles - so we will find out.
  2. hopefully when he tries to come back to the UK they send him to Rwanda
  3. I've worked with slopey shouldered people like him before.. passive and fails to take ownership... Sack him. Today.
  4. i'm sure his "career" will go the same way as (another corrupt, pointless, fame hungry, treacherous loser) Lembit Opik
  5. when it comes to funny stories... this one from 2004 is hard to beat.. its the details.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3497480.stm no fooling the police in that town... also, was she expecting $998,328 in change?
  6. I keep getting this message.. But i kinda like that i'm being told i've made a bad request... makes me feel naughty
  7. Stop getting Partridge wrong! Lynn is his PA.. Jill was the secretary at (the now defunct) Peartree Productions
  8. here's one many have probably forgotten.. Simon Haworth.. we left getting a desperately needed striker in that transfer window (summer 1997 i think) to the last minute... and the deal fell through at the last minute (i believe he failed the medical).. Only 500k... he went onto to score 75 goals in 196 games for Wigan and Tranmere..
  9. one specific mistake... selling Scott Howie Others have mentioned not having a replacement for Gunn in 94/95 - but we had already sold his cover... i still think had Howie still been there we would have stayed up (and avoided Simon Tracey).. no relegation, no wilderness years in Div 1 etc. You could also argue not selling either Ekoku or Robins also would have been enough to keep us up..
  10. "Ben Groader" (i've changed his name to protect him from embarrassment) was caught pretending to be a "football manager".. shocking, he didn't get away with it..
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