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  1. would love to see Cantwell back in the team... but who would you leave off the bench for a not match fit Cantwell? maybe Dowell?
  2. plenty of muscle.. i think posters are also underestimating the attacking threat of Pukki + the Sarge + PLM + McLean I expect as we improve in the coming weeks will we see a couple more creative players included in the starting line-up
  3. i love Cam Jam... but i saw him being interviewed, but he lost credibility by mentioning Sol Campbell.. I agree with that he is saying, but Sol Campbell? is he really a good example? I thought the view was that Sol isn't very serious about being a manager, just like he wasn't serious about being the major of London..
  4. tomorrow you say? 5pm? so that's a Saturday Night fever...
  5. If you really want to blame someone - then its all of us - none of us became a billionaire and then invested in the club.. we should all take a look at ourselves and tut
  6. maybe they should fine him a weeks wages... what's this Grecian urn?
  7. Gunn Aarons - Omobamidele - Kabak - Gibson - Giannoulis Sorenson - LeesMelou Sargent - Idah - Tzolis
  8. yep - and i'm not suggesting we are going to be winning the Premier League this season... the point is large influx of players may take time to gel - as they did in 2018.. and i do expect a gradual improvement in form and results - and hopefully enough (and in time) for us to stay up
  9. maybe... if you look at the promotion season (2018-19), we got one win in our first 6 games, 2 draws, 3 losses.. and then our form picked up..
  10. its a cliché but its true - the new players will take time to gel think back to when Farke arrived, and new players came in - it took time to start to perform
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