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  1. Yeah. I thought this appointment was supposed to be the long-term one. The mind boggles.
  2. Apparently England are going to be boycotting the knock-out stages in protest
  3. I'm afraid I don't. I'm by no means a stats expert, but my intuition is that US sports (especially baseball) are much more amenable to stats-based analysis since each 'play' is so distinct and iterative, as opposed to the completely fluid phases of play in a football match. But clearly teams like Brentford have massively benefited from a stats-based approach (and all professional football clubs use them to some extent), so I guess if you can adapt the approach from baseball to football then it can only be a good thing. In recent times our most obviously stats-based signing has been PÅ‚acheta, so we've clearly got some work to do!
  4. Thanks for the reply! I was hoping you'd post that table again. This stuck out for me. I think most of us thought that we'd really tightened up at the back in 20-21 compared with 18-19. But the xGA suggests that actually we'd just been a bit lucky, or that Krul had had a storming season. I think they probably did do this, hence the change to a different formation in 21-22. I think they'd analysed the problems, but couldn't find (or afford) the solutions. But we were certainly in a difficult position without our two most influential players in 20-21
  5. I hesitated before typing 'unfair' because obviously the payments have come from our earlier success in getting promoted, so in that sense they're earned. But the early success of us, Burnley and Sheff Utd does make it look as though the Champs is becoming as predictable as the PL. Modern football is so rubbish.
  6. I thought your posts were excellent and really resonated with me.
  7. Yes, and I think there's a sense that we know that we might have an unfair advantage in this league, through the parachute payments and the five subs. It's obviously not as grotesque an advantage as Man City have over us in the PL, but unfairness is unfairness regardless of whether you benefit from it or not.
  8. Good post. This sentence stuck out. Especially in the current economic climate, that would be completely grotesque, as much of competing in the PL is. Not sure how much I can make my peace with it.
  9. haha. I've just written an epic post on this thread. Could just have quoted this instead.
  10. Hi Nutty, Not sure I can add anything to the very eloquent comments from other posters, but I think it's perfectly possible to have two ways of seeing something at the same time. Personally I'm conflicted about things. I haven't been to a game for a while (for a variety of reasons) but I watch as much as I can on TV and online and I always want City to win. Of course I do. It's pretty much the definition of being a fan. I loved Onel's goal at St Andrews, for instance, was out of my seat and shouting at my laptop! But when I step back from the individual games and think about the wider picture, I'm not particularly excited about the prospect of promotion. I'm not sure I can see us competing on our budget within the grotesque way the PL is run, and I'm very uncomfortable about the sort of influxes of cash that would allow us to become competitive. If we ever became like Newcastle that would be the end of my support of the club. (Fwiw, I do think that Attanasio's interest is very encouraging and might be a decent middle way.) So if we end up missing out on promotion at the end of this season I won't be that disappointed, while, if we do get promotion I won't be that enthusiastic about another season of probable humiliation in the Prem. I can't speak for @The Great Mass Debater, but that was how I was interpreting his question. Note how qualified my phrases in italics are. I wouldn't go quite as far as saying I don't want promotion (and I haven't actually voted in the poll!) I think you asked someone about wanting us to miss the crucial penalty in a play-off final. I seriously doubt anyone on this board (apart from the obvious binners) would want that. But I do remember coming out of the play-off final in Cardiff in 2002 feeling not too disappointed that we'd lost. Our team clearly wasn't ready for the Premier League, and there were equally obviously good times ahead. (On a similar note, I think Brentford have really benefitted from not going up too soon.) I remember being absolutely devastated when we were relegated in 1995. But our last two relegations have been met with a bit of a sigh of relief - thank god it's all over. Most of that is because I hate the Premier League and what it's become. But obviously you're right that it gets a bit ridiculous if you don't want your club to play at the highest level. I think that's why a lot of people are conflicted, and I think it's probably why the atmosphere at CR is reportedly so flat at the moment. A lot of people wondering what the point of it all is. I'm genuinely delighted for you if you're not feeling that and completely understand that the relief of being back in the ground after the pandemic trumps everything else. For me personally, that hasn't been possible, and there's every chance that that might be part of why I'm feeling the way I am. all the best to you - always enjoy your contributions on here Robert
  11. exactly. It's a really interesting question. If it wasn't this thread wouldn't have reached 8 pages. Obviously the question isn't 'do you want us to win on Saturday?'
  12. Football fulfils all sorts of roles for different people and this board is proof that for many, having a good old grump is what it's all about. I've never understood it myself, but it's a dance as old as time.
  13. Thanks. I realise I was a bit unclear in my earlier post. The table that @aBeeshared was a league table based on xG, both for and against. So it essentially created an expected result for each game and awarded 'points' accordingly. Now there's obviously a bit of creativity involved in such a table (you have to decide what constitutes a draw, for instance) but I found it interesting anyway. There were a couple of other warning signs as well, with the benefit of hindsight: our poor record without Emi and our poor record against the other top sides (following on from our poor record against the bottom PL sides in 19-20). I guess what I'm saying is that, however badly it was carried out, there were some reasons for changing the style that got us promoted.
  14. Cheers. Do you have a source? I was interested in @aBeesharing the xG table which had Brentford quite a way above us. And I think there was a general perception that while our possession-based style was good for dominating the Champs, Brentford's more direct, counterattacking style would be more suited to taking on superior teams in the PL. In other words, it wasn't a ridiculous decision to try to adapt our style. But that does then bet the question of why we didn't try to do it in the Champs rather than the Prem. Ironically enough, I suspect that is what Smith is trying to do now, and getting a lot of grief for his trouble.
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