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  1. I bet Roy Hodgson is already bored in retirement. Defensive consultant, one day a week. Would get him out the house.
  2. 3-5-3 would be a good idea if we could get away with it! You're in good company, though. Terry Venables once asked his wife what she thought of the team selection he was planning for England's next game. "Very good, dear," she said, "but there's 12 of them and I don't think that's allowed."
  3. Whenever I've tried to pick a team it always looks unbalanced, or missing a player you'd really like to see in the team. Which I think sums up our problem and probably indicates a flaw in our summer recruitment. Your team is the closest I've seen to making the most of the players we have. I've always been impressed with Sorensen, but he's obviously completely untried at PL level. At the moment his reputation is benefitting from not being in the team. Bizarre he didn't play yesterday.
  4. Surely if you're playing wing backs you pick Dimi over Williams?
  5. Some issues are complicated. They have shades of grey rather than being black and white. This one isn''t. It''s totally straightforward. Safe standing is exactly that - safe. It happens in huge grounds in Germany with no problems at all. Of course football supporters should be allowed the choice of whether to sit or stand. Note that no one is forcing anyone to stand (unlike the current situation where those standing in seated areas force those behind them to stand up too). But it is impossible to imagine it happening in England in the foreseeable future, not because it''s dangerous or because of Hillsborough, but because the clubs are very happy with the affluent, middle-class fans that all-seater stadiums attract, and with the ridiculous prices they charge for those cramped bits of plastic. It''s a disgrace, pure and simple.
  6. If you listen to Talksport, you really do only have yourself to blame.
  7. Great post, GP''s Beard. A few of those frothing at the mouth on here at the moment would do well to read it.
  8. Excellent post. What we really need is some kind of relegation mini-league so we can see how we are really doing against our likely relegation rivals. Hopefully some poster will be resourceful enough to set one up.
  9. Oh, and to be fair I live several thousand miles from Carrow Road. Easier to be calmer at that distance. And impossible to watch Sky Sports News, which certainly makes for a better life.
  10. Take your point, Morty, but no, not really. Lambert''s history didn''t suggest he''d leave us in a dignified manner. He''s not a dignified man. He''s a ruthless bastard and that''s exactly why he was so great for us for three years. I imagine we''ll get the explanation at some point. I suspect it will be as simple as ''I wanted to manage a big club''. But you can''t say that while you''re in post, or indeed after it if you don''t want to get sued. Carrying on as if the last three years hadn''t happened? Well, that''s the supporters'' view. For Lambert it was a job, just as Colchester was a job and just as Villa is a job, to be done until Ferguson retires. I was gutted when he left, of course I was. If I''m honest, I thought then and think now that we''ll get relegated as a result. But I can''t find a reason to resent Lambert for it. I understand why others do, but I really don''t think he owed us anything.
  11. And on a similar theme of significant games not involving City: Juventus 1-0 Liverpool. May 1985
  12. The Arsenal-Wednesday game is a great shout too. How appropriate that the winner was scored by Andy Linighan. Past Chris Woods (can that be right?)
  13. The 1-7 is a good shout. Trouble with most league games is that they''re only really significant in the context of all the others, but there''s little doubt in my mind that the Colchester result brought things to a head much more quickly than might otherwise have been the case. If Gunn had lasted 10 games it might have been too late for Lambert to take us up. On a much more minor note, I nominate the draw with Northampton in the League Cup in 2003. Worthington seemed to pick a team designed to show the board just how short of firepower we were. Three days later, enter Hucks. A year later, the promised land for the first time in nearly ten years.
  14. I don''t quite agree with your assessment of Lambert, though, Jim. We just don''t know what happened around his leaving. My suspicion is that it was simply that he wanted to manage a bigger club, which Villa undoubtedly are. We can''t really complain at that, otherwise we would never have had him here in the first place.
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