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  1. Brilliant. Highly recommended to those who've never heard it sung slowly. Just so much better like that
  2. Don't see why a determined group of fans standing together couldn't try to bring it back. Good opportunity is afforded by the rejig of personnel in the Barclay that safe standing might bring.
  3. Corollary of that is that it would be better for us not to sneak up this year...though of course that ignores the prospect of losing quite a few key players in the summer. Looks worryingly like the other corollary of that is that I have to start hoping Everton survive, which will come very unnaturally to me.
  4. Yes, agree, except for the bit about Buendía, who always had an edge about him and got better and better at the defensive side of the game. Probably my favourite goal of the second Farke title season was Pukki's against Huddersfield in the 7-0, when Emi won a ball that wasn't even a 50/50 near the touchline, played a one-two (iirc) then an inch-perfect through ball to Teemu, who was already making one of those trademark curved runs. Emi/Teemu in excelsis. And just to piggyback on @yellowfever's similar point, yes that expansive style of football was probably ill-suited to being adapted in the PL, but personally I have few regrets. It was just so beautiful to watch. Those middle three seasons of Farkeball are my favourite since the early 90s, with all due respect to the Lambert team which was very exciting and much more resilient.
  5. If Man Utd offer those plucky Saudis £20M they should absolutely chop their hands off. Sorry, bite.
  6. Not a huge exaggeration to say that the disappearance of Núñez's smile was the main reason I was happy to see Smith sacked.
  7. Such a relief to finally find out what you think about the sacking of Daniel Farke
  8. Good post, agree with almost all of it. As you say, there are some pretty good reasons why we don't seem to have benefited from those two Farke seasons in the PL. But that doesn't stop it being immensely frustrating that we went from a team that was consistently too good for the Championship to being back among the pack. There's a real sense of 'so near but yet so far'. Yes, absolutely. In hindsight (or not?), might have been good to signal this to the fans on relegation, so that the departures of the bigger earners that you mention might have been accepted more readily by fans. Stuart Webber's long goodbye really didn't help in this regard - we seemed to stop ignoring the noise and take a more short-term approach, presumably in the hope of him going out with the club back in the PL. In the end we fell between two stools, not going back up, nor really beginning the rebuild - another cause of frustration.
  9. This is of course all true. Given our lack of financial muscle our recemt achievements have been remarkable. A minor flipside to this, though, is that our access to parachute payments have given us a decent advantage when back in the Champs. We shouldn't really be scrabbling around in eight with that extra cash, which is another reason why current frustration is not unreasonable.
  10. On a point of order, one of the donkeys in your collection there is poor old Adam Idah.
  11. Would absolutely love it if this is the first thing Attanasio does when the takeover is complete
  12. Great report, @ricardo - very enjoyable game. OTBC
  13. You don't need luck when you've got 80% of the Barclay behind you
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