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  1. Until the end of the season? I think he’d get a better tune out of the squad than Wagner. Had a mix bag management career to dates, but Bar Stoke, he’s been successful at every other club if not over a sustained period.
  2. Yet back in August you were sure you had your football club back..
  3. I’m afraid that’s complete delusion.
  4. Clearly a change of tactic at half time to have Nunez spilt the centre half’s, and take the ball from deeper, allowing the full backs to turn into wingbacks in attempt to overcome Preston’s low block, but doesn’t surprise me some fans couldn’t understand what Nunez was being asked to do. He did it very well too. I actually thought Wagner showed some decent in game tactical nous there. The Barclay and Snakepit woke up after about 20 minutes and it was ok.. and again last 10-15 tried to ramp it up. But it’s a world away from 2019.
  5. There was no intensity to our play, except the last 10-15 minute where we raised it a bit and the crowd responded. First 30 minutes was dire, on and off the pitch. I don’t think Preston particularly defended well. It was very easy for them. The biggest issue were the 3 attacking midfielders. They offered next to nothing, and weren’t able to take possession between the lines, from Kenny, Sara or McLean, who saw plenty of the ball, Duffy too tbf. Preston were never made to panic. Rowe and Gibbs came on, and followed suit. We’re recycling possession really well with Nunez and Sara, aided with Kenny at the back. It’s the 4 in front we can’t get right. Sargent will improve it.. but you can make an argument for needing to sign 3 new players to slot in behind. Fass and Barnes are decent squad players. But you can’t start both of them together in a three. It’s one or the other. We also rely heavily on the full backs. Dimi was decent, but suffered from having Hernandez in front of him. There’s just no understanding there… as for Stacy, he’s really gone off the boil. Don’t think he beat his man once when attacking, and his deliveries were poor. The positive for me, is that I left thinking that there is a nucleus here and it just needs pulling together with 2 or 3 players. But those players need brining in. That’s assuming Sainz is another Webber dud.
  6. She’s definitely said she hates the Derby and prefers it when we don’t play each other. Tbf, it’s sentiment I agree with this season!
  7. Needs to play centrally, number 10 or off the striker. Wide left or right in a 3 doesn’t work, he’s too slow. Similar in that respect to Steiperman.
  8. Like a lot of infrastructure around Carrow Road, knackered.
  9. Agree re Nunez, Kenny, and Sara. Said the same in the match thread, I want to see Nunez stay in the side of an extended period now. There was a clear purpose to his play second half, where he’d split the centre half’s and recycle the ball forward effectively. Picked up lots of second balls. My MOM.
  10. Preston were awful today. We’ve actually had a decent run against poor teams and yielded respectable points haul. Sheff Wed is must win, though. Than the Derby. There’s nothing in the above run that gives me any ounce of confidence we’ll get close to anything from them. I honestly don’t think I can watch it…
  11. First half we didn’t look scoring at all. Second half, we forced some openings, but our general play didn’t look anywhere creative enough.
  12. First time at the Carra this season for me. Thought Nunez and Kenny played well. Sara in parts. General theme, we recycled the ball well but the final third was static. Barnes, Fass and Hernandez didn’t work… although how Hernandez stayed on longer than the other two is beyond me. Really poor. I’d have left Barnes on with Rowe and Gibbs. As for Gibbs and Rowe, offered no more. Gibbs looks lost that far forward, and doesn’t find the spaces. His miss topped off a frustrating game. Rowe did nothing. Preston offered nothing.. but always felt they could nick it from a set piece or break, such is our fragility. And twice they nearly did. Idah worked hard, and came alive on a couple of occasions. But generally, he struggles to make things happen. He’s not a talisman. Stacy struggled too. To summarise, we huffed and puffed, but never looked like scoring. Gibbs next to Nunez and Sara further forward has to be tried. And Hernandez needs to be dropped.
  13. At moments like these.. you realise more than ever how lucky we were to have Buendia
  14. Hernandez Barnes and Fass really ineffective. Sara and Nunez trying but lack of movement in front. Kenny looking decent.. but Preston not interested in pressing yet.
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