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  1. Under UK sovereignty, and therefore law. If passports are not made mandatory by law, then the club could be accused of discrimination. So all hinges on what the government do, and the definition of mass gathering events.
  2. No way it can be paid for. It'll have taken nearly a full year to fully vaccinate the willing population, are we going to live in a continual cycle of vaccinations? No chance. Logistically and financially impossible. So again, what's the point in a vaccination passport for a vaccine most people will only get once?
  3. Absolutely no way we can continually vaccinate or provide boosters to the whole population on a yearly basis. When this pandemic is over, yearly vaccines will be available for the vulnerable, just like the flu jab. Where will that leave vaccine passports? A waste of resource IMO.
  4. According to most on here, every Nike, Puma, Adidas shirts look the same.... I think this one probably dispels that myth. I dislike our home shirt. Hoping the away / 3rd is much nicer.
  5. I'm in the minority here, but my opinion is that Todd without Emi is half the player. Given his contract situation, I'd take £20 million for him now if it was to be reinvested. I can see our style of play changing a little this year, and Todd potentially struggling. Emi created so much space and time for Cantwell to be effective. Rashica looks to be far more direct and less likely to play short intricate football, which Todd of course likes.
  6. I'm not knocking him. Of course should he play, I'll support him. I just don't think he's ready for EPL football yet.
  7. Yeah Hernandez wasn't used much, which does surprise me tbh. Remember though, our dismal project restart, Hernandez the only player who came away with any credit. His impact is often underrated. I'm not saying Townsend isn't a better player, but I don't think there's alot in it. Certainly not twice the player, which is what is wage demands are likely to be. I think there's better value out there.
  8. Really not a fan of the new kit. The long sleeve is horrendous, what's going on with those 'loose' cuffs? Very sunday league! Looks like a seaside stick of rock.... Interesting that many players favour the short sleeved shirt, long sleeved base layer combo. Cantwell an example. Wonder what colour the base layer will need to be? Oversight maybe?
  9. Can't see this happening, and not sure I'm keen on the idea. I think his best days are behind him, and honestly don't think he's that much better than Hernandez.
  10. Why, because he's 18 and not ready. He did OK last season, but playing in a team dominating possession and being on the front foot is a world away from how it'll be in the EPL for us.
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