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  1. Difference being though, Trybull got plenty of opportunities.
  2. I don’t think a player who’s played at every international level up to and including U21 for Denmark, can be described as ‘not very good at football.’ Wrong place, wrong time, more likely. No sugar coating it, the move to Norwich has been a very poor career move to date. He’s basically stagnated and not progressed for 2 years. As a club with an ethos of promoting and developing youth, that’s very disappointing. At the very least, he should’ve had a season on loan in League One, or similar. I’m sure there would’ve been plenty of suitors.
  3. Looks to me like you do He has beautiful technique. He needs better coaching on how to apply it - and needs to be played in the right system with the right personal. He's not good next to Mclean. But remember Watford away next to Lees Melou? They both looked very good for the time they were on the pitch together.
  4. Have to say, what a good looking kit we have! I really hope we have some success in it!!
  5. Did it at Marseille too. It's clearly something in his locker. A player I really thought Farke would bring on and develop. The fact he didn't, perhaps evidence Farke could be fallible with youth. After all, the ingredients of a player are definitely there. Lets hope Smith and Shakey can maximise his potential, because in the right system, he's capable of being a top championship player.
  6. Backhanded way to say you think I'm wrong I just don't get your love in for Mclean. Actually, I think I do. It's controversial.
  7. You have to assume Ramsey is better than our other youth players, either here or out on loan. Don’t remember a huge outcry when Skipp played instead of ‘one of our own.’ however, I thought, similar to Gibbs, Flynn Clarke may have been in and around it this season.
  8. I don’t see Kenny McLean as a scapegoat. Every successful team needs a player like him.. but he is also the type of player that is replaceable. The problem is, now we’ve lost our top operators for this level, McLeans limitations are badly exposed, and whilst those players are replaced and brought up to speed, McLean is being asked to fulfill a bigger role than he’s capable of.
  9. Yes, he’s won two championship medals. That doesn’t mean he’s a player that nearly guarantees you a tilt at the title if he's in your side. In both championship title campaigns, McLean was replaceable. Lots of other average championship players could’ve filled the role he was asked to do. Most of our best free flowing football in 18/19 was before Leitner got injured, and McLean came into the side. In 20/21 we won the league because we had Buendia and Skipp, not because we had Kenny McLean. The fact he has two title winning medals is almost irrelevant.
  10. Nunez came on for Sara.. is that a suggestion both bought for the same position and not necessarily to start together? Probably reading too much into it. It’s just Sara and Nunez are the saviours.. two saviours in the starting 11 clearly better than one
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