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  1. All aboard for Jason Scotland, who played in Scotland, but was from Trinidad.
  2. The only logical solution to this, taking into account that both our younger HG keepers are away for the season, is that a HG #2 will be coming in some capacity. This of course could all completely change if Krul leaves- I understand he is our third highest earner and he made subtle mention in his interview RE the Barry Butler trophy that 'I want to stay but if the club see it as a financial issue it's out of my hands' which gives me pause.
  3. To fill in a place in the squad for a year, and a year only, we could certainly do worse. I feel like after all the 'lessons learned' interviews we've seen recently, however, I highly doubt we'll funnel money into a CB the wrong side of 30 that can command a decent wage. Also very likely not to make the step up with us if and when that happens. I think Klose will leave and Godfrey will be the main bankroller for our budget this summer, so we do need 2 IMO- but Ryan Bennett feels like the Yobo gambit rather than the sort of progressive purchase we look to make.
  4. Personally I abandon anything that develops into a 'battle thread' as I've called them since the days of 1st Wiz. (Apart from that one thread with the diehard antagonist Leeds fan. I couldn't help myself there!)
  5. Ben is like most of our players, in that in a team that is playing on the front foot he will look very good (see- every single player last year). When forced to defend a lot of our weaknesses are exposed. Godfrey has a high value because he has attributes you can't really teach to natural centre-backs, and he's young enough that a big side might see him as a suitable investment to train in the art of defending. You have to think of it as someone that inherited a top-of-the-line track day roadster, but lives in the middle of a city. It isn't going to be worth much to them, but it is potentially to someone that lives across the road from Snetterton. I'll be more than happy to see a bidding war spring forth here.
  6. Yeah, got the notice of termination and got dumped on the same day- felt I deserved a pizza and a beer Just another nasty side-effect of this pandemic and I consider myself very lucky to have found something suitable so quickly, as there are a great many left less fortunate at the moment. At the same time as well, I've met several people I haven't seen since before quarantine that seem to have found that weight I lost and then some! So like you I'm grateful to myself for my past decisions that have undoubtedly led to a much better, healthier place.
  7. Really glad to hear you've set-in your progress mate. They say it's 30% exercise, 70% diet but you can't start without 100% mentality in the first place. I've continued to stall around the 14.5 mark but if I'm honest my commitment hasn't been anywhere near as strong the past month as I was let go and lost furlough. Priorities had to change a bit! Now that's sorted out, and I started & scored in a friendly yesterday (feeling it today though). Plan to knuckle down and get that 14st now before joining and gym and finally doing some building work instead of demo.
  8. Interesting to see where the market is being set for relegated players. Bournemouth conceded just 10 less than us, still went down- and they have a home-grown defender leaving for that amount. Not saying Godfrey is on the same level as Ake necessarily- but the market is what the market is.
  9. A bit weird to be signing an attacking midfielder to play at CB but I trust the project
  10. Thought it was worth mentioning either way, for those of us that would be pleased to see we've reached the part of the window you can sign defenders in.
  11. Twitter rumours starting to circulate that we're in for Rob Dickie, centre back from Oxford.
  12. I imagine his 'talks' are regarding trying to redress the fact his income has gone from 50k to 25k per week. Can't blame the guy but I don't imagine we'll be breaking our necks to keep around. I've been one of his staunchest defenders through the season but it just hasn't worked out. Full backing of course if he does want to stay, but Farkes recent 'I only want players who want to play for us' bit means I reckon Drmic is done.
  13. I believe we will sign some players of this ilk, but I think it is currently a case of transfer dominoes- very little business has been done yet. Our biggest, baddest signings will come as the cogs in the greater transfer machine start turning.
  14. Just eyeballing I would say he looks about level with Farke, who isn't a hobbit.
  15. I imagine we see Mumba as someone that who will thrive in our style of play. Based on reports he still has work to do physically and tactically but is a really good technical player. With Byrams sketchy injury record I'm sure he'll be desperate to take the chance if it comes
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