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  1. I think we'd all take Brentford losing and Swansea drawing at half time if offered. Based on the in-play stats, Swansea do look a little bit inevitable though.
  2. Well I have to say that this second half couldn't have really gone better.
  3. Bournemouth stopping Watford taking all 3 is what we want. Put it this way, if we mess up bad enough for Bournemouth to be a threat to our league position then we'll be 4th anyway.
  4. Every little helps. Being able to get 2 CBs on the pitch will help. A good partnership between those would help. More experienced full backs will help. A central midfield that can defend will help. As Webber always says, I imagine we will have to be creative with the budget as we won't be able to afford to plug every gap.
  5. Beating Swansea in the SFs to get to Wembley would tie off the ultimate insult.
  6. Normally I'd expect to see some rotation. Onel, Rupp and Sorensen I feel would welcome some minutes- I might even suggest Pukki for Hugill if the former wasn't in such electric form. That being said, Farke likes to stick with winning sides so I imagine it'll be as you were. Can't help but feel we could get more out of Vrancic's position at the moment, though.
  7. Had a CB sent off, 95 minute slog and Reading missed a penalty late on. If we're feeling fresh come Sunday we will continue the rampage.
  8. Even in my youth I could tell that Paddy Boyle (loan from everton) was absolutely awful.
  9. I also was quite pleased to see him so early against Coventry, but it has to be said we hadn't spent much of the half around their box. The good performance overshadows how much we struggled to get out of defence second half. It's a shame but as with Sorensen, the player ahead of him isn't doing much wrong, with the occasional telling contribution. Difficult position to be in for Dowell.
  10. Seems as good a thread as any to pop in this little 'Aren't Our Club Just Lovely' sidetrack from last night-
  11. I have a friend who deals with Daddy Cantwell on a regular basis, and supposedly Todd was packing his bags for a PL team when Everton came in for Godfrey and Webber 're-evaluated' the asking price for Cantwell. Deal broke down and that led to the little spat at the start of the season. Personally I'm not sure how much of that I believe, but if there is truth in it I think we would struggle to get him to sign anything.
  12. I feel similar to TvB about Dowell. He's in a really difficult space where through injury + the form of the team he's not proven himself; I don't think we would take the risk of going into another PL season with a bunch of 'maybes' at #10. Skipp will start if available, that's clear as day. Whether it's Kenny or Rupp alongside I think makes little difference, similar players. Sorensen I think has a destiny as the ball-playing base of a diamond midfield, but for now, he has to wait.
  13. Having just listened to the All in Yellow pod with Darren Huckerby, he has an interesting opinion on the lasting effect the 03'04 title winners had on Norwich as a club. Namely, doing what they did imbued our support with an expectation to always be promoted that hadn't really been there for a number of years; this in turn influenced the flow of feeling around Worthington, Peter Grant, Roeder etc. when it wasn't going well. Whilst it's maybe a simplistic view, I can't help but draw comparisons with Ipswich; the 'pressure' Lambert refers to is simply the continued inflated opinion the club has of itself for past glories. When McCarthy was deemed not good enough for simply keeping them steady, they gave the keys to a relative newby who started the crash and a washed up has-been who is finishing it. Their location, infrastructure, stadium and reputation is League One. It is what it is.
  14. We've heard plenty of times that our 'hard times' of finishing 14th were a result of paying for the sins of the past. Ipswich are an example of a club that didnt see it coming. Lambert would have to go abroad to somewhere strange like Cyprus to get a pay day after this, he won't walk. He's also potentially so expensive to sack that they won't be able to afford anyone you've heard of. Can't help but feeling that mid table L1 is just where they live now.
  15. Going off of Wikipedia, Todd, Jamal and Max are all 5ft 10ins. Personally I've always thought he was closer in height to Buendia, so much so that commentators often get the two mixed up down our right.
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