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  1. Mason 47

    Casino Royale

    I agree, it seems far too cavalier for an international football manager to play games like that; the only thing that makes me wonder otherwise is the ongoing reluctance to put JM out for England. Watching the other night as Jordan Henderson trundled around the midfield look busy and delivering the ball straight out of play every now and then makes me roll my eyes, is all.
  2. Mason 47

    Casino Royale

    Maybe a lesson in letting your talking happen on the pitch for JM, but really this is a non-issue. It's classic 'English media hunt down England players' time where we have a talent who isn't a boy scout and he's become a target (partially self-inflicted, but still). Interesting that the article purports that keeping Madders from a maiden cap in the previous round of internationals was meant to be a test of character for him by Southgate. Risky strategy- personally, as a young man I'd have been pretty mad if my manager was playing games with me to make sure I wasn't a bad egg. Could you imagine a young Wayne Rooney reacting with a calm smile in the same situation?
  3. Mason 47

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    As pretty much everyone else has said, I don't rate Hanley highly at Prem level but the need for Amadou to step into midfield is priority 1 at the moment- if nothing else it should help clear up Godfrey's somewhat iffy positional play we've been seeing. And, tin hat on, I'd change the formation. I like Stiepermann and he has his uses, but the line that 'we need his physicality or we will get overrun' is moot- we're being overrun regardless. I would, providing we have enough CBs, have Amadou at DM and Leitner and McLean sat ahead. It's then any of the 5 or so possibles for the AM slots and Pukki up front. Same principles, different emphasis. I want us to play the same way but we simply can't continue playing like a 5-a-side team and pick up enough points to survive.
  4. Leitner acts as the quarterback of the side, and will constantly roam from CM to offer a short option to feet which he will then turn over quickly. It's a vital part of making the way we play a success and being very good at it is why he was meant to be such a big deal before he lost his way (I am however not defending his performance against Villa, they were all crap) Kenny McLean is more of a box-to-box midfielder but with a definite preference for facing forwards than back- and when Mo was injured for a large part of last year, he was the one that became the CM 'creator'. The essential facts of the two playing together are that one will wander off wide to dictate play and one will spur forward the second we look like we have a break on; that leaves a lot of room for PL attackers to work in and Farke could scream until he's blau in the face, they won't sit in front of the defence naturally or effectively for a whole game. We all know what the fix is here. We can only afford one of these players to start, alongside one of Amadou, Tettey or Trybull so they can take territorial responsibility for the middle of the pitch- we also know at the moment we don't have that option due to the silly injury crisis. It's going to come down to whether or not those players come back in time to stop the bleed before it becomes terminal.
  5. Mason 47

    Ratings v Villa

    IMO we actually aren't putting enough effort into our own much-vaunted style- M City are amongst the biggest, fastest and strongest teams in the world and we matched them and more with our own brand of football. The worry is that, since then, we seem to have lost our way. We aren't as committed and precise with our passing, or relentless with our movement; players appear much more as a set of individuals than as a team at present. Why has this happened? Could be any number of things. A lingering overhang of self-congratulation from beating City? Buying too much into the media hype of poor little sicknote Norwich? Personally, I think a lot of it simply has to do with rotation and competition for places- the 5 midfielders that started against Villa, for example, look a bit too comfortable in the knowledge that if we had a game tomorrow, they would be the 5 starting that one too. That isn't really a dig at Farke, because honestly at the moment there really isn't an embarrassment of riches to replace any of them with. But I don't think Leitner plays a nonchalant pass across our backline for their second, or Emi tries a half-assed blind flick before their fourth, if they knew that a game-killing mistake might cost them their starting place. Byram had one fantastic league start, one poor league start, and instantly a half-fit Aarons was back in his place; Drmic looks a bit underwhelming, but there's no way to say that isn't partially because we know he isn't displacing Pukki or Marco any time soon. The most valuable thing we could do over the break is mentally reset and remember that we're under pressure, but more than capable when we really focus on our own game.
  6. Mason 47

    VAR Red Card Check?!!?

    I also didn't recall a VAR check on the Mings incident, but I wasn't at the ground; the red card check was visibly noted window-in-window though, which makes me feel like there wasn't one done. At the time, I was incensed; the potential handball barely got replayed and all that was really mentioned by commentary is how brave Mings was throwing his body on the ball to save a goal. I'm sure I'll look silly in not knowing the rules have changed or something, but back in my day you would call what he did 'obstruction' and it should be an indirect free kick a yard from goal.
  7. Mason 47

    Suck it up, grow some b*lls and get over it.

    You could write an essay, maybe two, on what went wrong today. The simple fact is that Norwich City today played the worst game they've played since probably that infamous Milwall (A) game 2 years ago. We looked like an amateur 5 a side team, and got picked off. Yes, 8 first teamers injured, but honestly how many starters? 2 by my count. A lot of work needed at Colney over the next 2 weeks to stem the bleed, and it's fantastical to think anything otherwise.
  8. Mason 47

    We need a Plan B

    Teams know how we're going to set up and it's up to them to break that down- Burnley did this well enough and (thanks in part to our raft of injuries) we couldn't claw it back. Would it be nice to maybe see Drmic for half an hour instead of Marco, or Roberts giving a different angle to that of Cantwell or Buendia? Can't see why at 2-0 down away to Burnley, we wouldn't spin that wheel (injuries notwithstanding)
  9. Mason 47

    The day the spectacles fell off

    I'd actually argue that our main issue today was a lack of discipline. We saw our passing game in fits and starts, but too often it would break down with Todd, Buendia, and Stiepermann often wandering down blind alleys full of West Ham midfielders, losing the ball. Leitner, Trybull and the fullbacks spent a lot of time bombing forwards at pace, getting stranded when attacks broke down. Pukki ended up mainly doing shuttle runs across the pitch closing down defenders, and had less than 10 touches in the first half. This will happen with a younger side, so it isn't quite time for the angry mob for me, but it was no doubt a poor performance. Bright sides, I thought Lewis looked good, Krul seems to have stepped up now he has true competition in Fahrmann, Godfrey continues to look like he's been at this level for ages, and Drmic gave us a different angle when he came on.
  10. Mason 47


    The referee lacked a level of control in the game, particularly with the heavy challenges and diving in the first half, and quashing it early on with a booking for Haller might have changed that. Equally it could have made zero difference, it's all conjecture. I think what Farke is miffed about is that an opposition player has made a bad and obviously cynical challenge on one of our guys, and his reward was arguably an easier path to the opening goal whilst ours is a crocked player in a difficult position.
  11. Mason 47

    Ratings v Newcastle

    Good to see Lewis getting some plaudits. Due to 'world class centre half in waiting' Godfrey, '£40 million' Aarons and 'Football Heaven' Buendia, it's easy to forget we have a 21-year-old academy graduate who also starts for his national side.
  12. Mason 47

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    Think Leitner showed how much he wanted a start when he came on against Liverpool. Difficult to drop McLean who didn't really do anything wrong, but I can remember what Mo did and can't recall seeing Kenny at all. Cantwell, Buendia, Stiepermann showed enough to persevere for at least another game, and if neither of our specialist CB's are available then stick with the same back 5. It isn't a must-win at this stage of the season, but as Farke would say we need to be 'greedy' with opponents like this. Only 3 teams in the last 10 years have gone down having won 10 games- this should be a great chance to only need 9 more.
  13. Looks like someone has swiped the release from the club tomorrow morning. Not for me personally. The shade of red makes it look cheap.
  14. Mason 47


    In school I often played for the year above, once or twice starting in front of a player that has gone on to play and score in the Premier League. This makes me feel like the whole 'Sunday League' metric is a bit off because I never thought he was that special, either.
  15. There's no going back with society as it is now. Speaking as someone who was only allowed my first mobile phone at 16, in my line of work I've seen more than one infant who could operate a tablet much more effectively than walk. For me that sums it up.