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  1. Most of us would have taken 4 points from Arsenal H and Everton/ Southampton A at the start of the season. Subjectively it isn't that simple, but objectively you can say our points haul from the last 3 is alright. Last night was disappointing on many levels; watching Shame Long take our entire team out of play with a running jump, for example, is borderline criminal at this level. But we move onto Sunday, and I believe Farke will pay Sheff U enough respect to set up like we do against the bigger sides- usually, this brings better performances.
  2. Mason 47

    Do you think we will stay up?

    My theory on why we can't beat the teams around us is based on a bit of arrogance. Against Everton and Arsenal, two much bigger teams, we played the same system but showed them respect: we acknowledge their attacking threat first and foremost, and we generated chances out of that patience. Watford and Southampton, again same system, but night-and-day performance wise. We go back to being less defensively concerned and more about trying to get the ball to our attackers who are based a lot higher, trying to put leaky defences under pressure. Against Watford and last night I saw the same problem, that we lost our shape too often and became almost a 5-0-5 formation; this in turn forces long, high clearances that come straight back and even the best defence in the world will concede if put under constant pressure. We know we can score goals at this level, so we need to drop the arrogance and set up to be more solid and maybe, we can edge staying up. Also take a wedge out of the transfer budget and give it to a Pulis or an Allardyce as a consultant set-piece coach for a month or so.
  3. Mason 47

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    If Ben is going anywhere it'll be for at least 20-25 million. The fact it would be January means you can add another 5 or 6; I think we can all be honest that Godfrey is not yet a £30 million player. As such I think he will be with us until at least the summer.
  4. Mason 47


    I don't subscribe to the Athletic, but Michael Bailey interviewed him a few weeks back and recently posted this snippet. I would say based on that, it sounds like Tetts knows that if everything goes to plan, he's passing the torch to Amadou.
  5. Mason 47

    Complete Bulls***

    A day on, where I've settled is that if VAR wasn't involved yesterday, the penalty is not retaken- and the fact of the matter is that MOTD wouldn't then have been highlighting Aarons' front couple of toes being on the line and saying it was an unacceptable lapse in judgement. That is for me what VAR was brought in for; unacceptable lapses in judgement, like in the Man U / Arsenal game some weeks ago where a linesman inexplicably called a player offside when he was 5 yards on. That's perfect. Instead it has developed into a soul-crushing Big Brother scenario, where the on-pitch ref feels a bit superfluous. I think it's clear that we don't like it this way.
  6. Mason 47

    Complete Bulls***

    If we're talking about the handball call against Kolasinac, no it wasn't. Clearly hit his torso. Aarons was encroaching before completing the clearance- I don't think that point can be argued. As I said before, I think the issue is that the first player who would have legally reached the rebound was Zimmermann by acres and acres; if no Arsenal player was even a tiny bit in contention to win that ball, i cant understand the ruling that it's a get-out-of-jail free card to retake.
  7. Mason 47

    Complete Bulls***

    My view on it is thus: Zimbo, your hand went unnaturally out into the way of the ball. It was bizarre. It is for sure a penalty, David Luiz challenging him physically has nothing to do with it. My issue is of course with the retake. Aarons is encroaching, that is clear; second closest to the ball is Amadou who is also encroaching. Third to the ball would have been Zimmermann without an Arsenal player in sight, and he wasn't encroaching. Therefore for me the question is, despite there being no goalscoring opportunity from the rebound, why is it retaken? If Lacazette or whoever was bearing down on the rebound I could understand. Similarly, their second goal. When a second ball enters the pitch, rules state a ref must stop the game if it interferes with play, but not if it doesn't. Can anyone say it didn't interfere with the defences concentration? An entirely human decision, no VAR, which applied to the first scenario would have meant within reason that we remained 1-0 up in the first place. I think the problem with VAR is that most decisions are still being made with regular human eyeballs, and then depending on the weather the odd pivotal few are being scrutinised to within a millimetres like some obscene justification. It rips the heart right out of the game.
  8. Mason 47

    Team for Arsenal?

    Byram deserves to keep his place but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't. He did very well against City when we beat them but was dropped pretty much as soon as Aarons was fit. I wouldn't be surprised if we're pushing Lewis + Max into the first team as much as possible to maximise possible values, with Byram on an agreement that he is backup this season but guaranteed starter next.
  9. Mason 47

    Moritz Leitner

    Even without the rumour it seems odd that he's disappeared from the squad entirely if not injured. Could also be worth noting that Emi and Mo are very good friends and a slight on one might have aggravated the other. Leitner has everything he needs to be an excellent deep lying playmaker, for a team controlling a game- we did this a lot last year, and won't be able to this year. Makes it difficult to argue for his inclusion.
  10. Mason 47

    Ratings v Everton

    Kenny's performance yesterday had all the hallmarks of that Cardiff game in the cup when Steipermann played AM and we suddenly found our attacking answer. It's a very exciting development and IMO is now his position to lose. He also comes with that added Holt-esque benefit of really getting under the opposition's skin with his antics, which is a bonus.
  11. Mason 47

    Villa interested in Emi

    Emi, just like everyone else in the squad, has suffered a crisis of confidence that hopefully will now recede- he's been reluctant to release the ball and has lost possession too much as a result, and rightly has found himself on the bench. Stats don't lie- even his role in Srbeny's goal today was in what I've taken to calling the 'Buendia position', in between the lines, right of the box, and the last pass before a goalscoring chance. He'll be back, but what is still concerning is that within 5 minutes of coming on again today he was trying to dribble out of trouble 20 yards from our goal defending a lead and lost the ball. He needs to get with it, and he'll be moving to someone better for 20-25mil before his contract is up. If he doesn't he'll find himself back in Spain playing for an also-ran.
  12. Mason 47

    Should Srbeny start?

    Funny thing is that if it was Pukki still on, we probably wouldn't have scored. Dennis makes a run to draw the defenders and nobody follows him, which is why he's standing in that peculiar position. The upside of anonymity.
  13. The attacking players are looking a lot more comfortable in the knowledge that if they lose the ball we have 2 more defensive midfielders behind them ready to mop up. We look much more like a team of 11 this week than the 5 attackers and 5 defenders we saw against Watford. We know we aren't world beaters but the least the fanbase want to see this season is that we are competent + competitive, which we definitely have so far today. Just feels like one of those afternoons Pukki will pop up with a goal off of his knee and we burgle a 1-0. Here's hoping!
  14. As above, McLean is actually reasonably capable at this level but but when he plays as one of the deeper midfielders, his tendency to charge forward and join the attack leaves us far too open. I'm actually quite optimistic about this lineup. We have bench options and look like we've acknowledged playing with one centre midfielder doesn't work at PL level.
  15. Mason 47

    Team for Everton

    Think given the injury updates we'll see Byram RB and Aarons LB. If rumours are true, Zimmermann to partner Godfrey at CB. This would allow Amadou to move forward into his favoured position and, if Farke is watching the same games as us, it will be one of Leitner, Trybull or Tettey alongside him. I believe Vrancic will settle back into the bench role, or 'not being fit to start', and if there's any sanity left Mclean will drop away. He hasn't been particularly bad and is actually a very effective breaking midfielder, but his enthusiasm to push forward and join the attack has been one of the main reasons our midfield hasn't been able to cope recently. Buendia should look better with more solidity behind him, and I think he'll be given one more chance not to play the stroppy git. Stiepermann hasn't done much but what he has done hasn't been that bad, and Hernandez looks to have the speed of foot to challenge PL defences. Pukki of course starts up front. And as a shock twist, Archie Mair in goal! ...just kidding.