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  1. Mason 47


    It's almost like they feel the need to do a check to justify having the technology on board. Like others have said, how far back do you look? Are we going to see a goal disallowed soon because Pukki accidentally trod on his dogs paw whilst making dinner?
  2. Mason 47


    A match-fit Duda gets at least one, probably 2 today and finishes the game for us. Very promising.
  3. Mason 47

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Bournemouth very obviously playing for free kicks that second half, but the challenge from Godfrey is stupid. He has a well-known aggressive streak and that cost him today. Got the win which is huge, but still allowed an opponent we had dominated first half run the game in the second. It's a problem. Absolutely unbelievable at this point that Farke can't see when the games are turning. All that said, today I'm just going to enjoy the 3 points.
  4. Mason 47

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Disappointed to see McLean back to one of the deeper roles. He's far too aggressive with his forward runs leaving us light in the middle. Ho hum. Come on lads!
  5. Mason 47

    Press Conference

    Everyone knows our defence isn't quite Prem standard, but in recent times I've taken to trying to look at what impact the 'business' side of things has on the footballing side. It's unlikely that anyone is going to come in with a bid that tempts us for Zimmermann, Klose or Hanley for a variety of reasons- that is to say, want to pay us enough for them so that we can get an equal or better replacement, which makes all 3 likely to be here after relegation (Klose's overtures for a return to mainland Europe aside). We know we have a very expensive asset in Godfrey, so he needs to be playing as much as possible to amp up his value (despite his vast potential he often is a step behind at the moment). I can only suppose that with limited funds we didn't think we would get a CB that would be significant improvement on the former 3, so didn't spin the wheel. As much as it's ****ty to hear as a fan, it's probably the safest option. I also agree with the sentiment on this thread that it isn't necessarily our defensive unit that causes our defensive issues. Like before, thinking of the business side of things, a good attacker will almost always fetch a higher price than a solid defender; hence why we persist in fitting as many attacking options into our XI no matter if we're playing relegation rivals or title contenders. As a result, we lack the ability to really hold the ball higher up the pitch leading to relentless pressure on the backline that we simply aren't good enough to keep out. With the funds we had available, we were always very odds-on to go back down regardless of whether or not we tried to play in a more balanced, defensively-conscious way. Ergo we're emphasising the memorable attacking traits of our best assets at the expense of a solid, competitive edge to maximise our profit for the next phase of the plan. As I said, as a fan it's ****ty to hear, but this was most likely the safest way to push towards continued involvement in the PL.
  6. I'll be happy to be wrong! I just don't think it's happening this season, particularly considering the Slovakian international we just signed.
  7. I agree in principle with what you say but where you define a traditional #10 I was looking more at our particular use of the position. Since Pukki played a few games at the start of last season there, Stiepermann and McLean are the two main incumbents of that position. Both have been preferred for their physical presence and ability to challenge in the air, ostensibly playing as the foil for the other attackers to do the damage. Playing in the centre means facing high-level defensive midfielders and centre halves, hence between Stiepermann, McLean and Leitner we've seen 1 goal and 1 assist all season (the goal being a header from a corner). Todd and Emi on the other hand have contributed to 15 goals (over half our total) and I believe moving either into the middle will stunt their ability to affect games positively.
  8. Personally I would argue caution with this 'try X at 10' thing that comes around every now and then. Buendia and Cantwell benefit massively from sitting in the half spaces, which is why both routinely pop up with telling contributions these days. Todd in particular really doesn't deal well with getting bullied and has almost zero aerial presence, both of which are a big part of our version of a #10. I'd say both players, as our 2 most productive attacking players after Teemu, are better off playing where they've been played.
  9. Mason 47


    For those of us that speak a little German, song playing basically refers to finishing work for the day. Suppose that could still suggest he's finished up his work with us completely, but just as easily is a random days-end post.
  10. Mason 47

    *IF* we go down...

    Bournemouth are pretty much Hughton-era Norwich Mk2, their rich owner just buying them an extra season. Smaller less established side that came up and stuck with the majority of that core side. Added for a few years until they tried to evolve and start lobbing big fees around like a real PL team and it's come to a stuttering halt. No reason to think they wouldn't have a similar first year back as we did.
  11. Mason 47

    Lukas Rupp

    Really weird one when every single Norwich City person would say we really need reinforcements up front and in central defence. So we sign 2 central midfielders.
  12. Mason 47

    Why we will be relegated

    We don't learn quick enough. I guarantee 100% that we would have more points without the injury crisis, but with less than 150 PL appearances in the squad (and staff) starting this season we don't adapt quick enough. I believe the attitude within the club is that this season is a free hit, we didn't expect to be here, and you can see that at times in the players. None of them are that worried about getting relegated, having secured good contracts or knowing they'll be sold. After Saturday I am also cynical about our 'style of play' story; why are we still going to places like OT and playing like we expect to outshoot them? I think ultimately it's a business plan, and with our attacking reputation none of our best assets are damaged by our losses- but a Max Aarons assist for a Todd Cantwell goal against Man U would add value to any eventual sales.
  13. Mason 47

    We failed because....

    Rewarding those players that got us here, I'm ok with. However I cannot help but feel that as a result the players have lacked that 'eye of the tiger' in those pivotal moments. Days like yesterday, nobody was playing like their PL status was under serious threat. All of the squad know that next season they're all but guaranteed upper championship football (likely on more money than they were last time). Those that attract the biggest price tags, such as Aarons, know that we will sell in the summer as part of our model. We didn't expect to stay up this season and you can see that attitude filtered down to the pitch.
  14. Mason 47

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Our two best results this season have come where we have given the opponents a bit of a respect, hitting them on quick-passing breaks to nick goals. Only reason I can fathom that we're still travelling to places like Old Trafford and playing 5 attackers with attacking fullbacks is that we're trying to highlight the positive attacking attributes of players such as Aarons rather than underlining defensive struggles. Can't remember where I read or heard it- have a feeling it was Connor Southwell's sit down with him a while back- but Webber instructs the u18 and u23 teams to play with 2 strikers where possible because strikers are the most likely to sell for big bucks if they kick on. I know we aren't the biggest or strongest side, and maybe I'm being a bit cynical, but I can't believe that professionals like Farke etc are just continually chucking out a gung-ho strategy (when we aren't even that good at gung-ho for this level) without there being a scheme like this behind the scenes.
  15. Mason 47

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    We beat Man City by being utterly and completely focused on our defence maintenance, with a slice of luck, and our surprising (to outsiders) ability to pass quickly got us goals. We beat Everton by being focused on keeping as defensively solid as we could, and got some goals on the break. Apart from that we struggle with an arrogance issue that assumes that football is fair and good footballing sides will eventually win points. Even the best league-winning sides have a different composition they can go to when Idea #1 isn't doing it for you.