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  1. I've wondered for a while if national teams will start to move away from a traditional manager model. I could see a version where you have something similar to our 'executive commitee' and a team of established coaches. I don't think that is what going to happen here, but I do wonder for the future and the changing game.
  2. I think he went to Pboro very much in the thick of a relegation clash. Difficult to justify continuing to play another clubs youth player in such a tricky situation, if they are clearly still learning. ... Good to see him doing well though
  3. When we had all those injuries the first Farke PL season, I did some saddo research and found it was generally all our heavier/ bigger players. Furthermore, there was an article on Domogalla about how we'd changed our training basis for the Prem to focus on more short sprints- I considered that these two things were not disconnected from each other (particularly with Farkes reputation for hard double-sessions). This year my witch-hunt has led me to conclude that the extended dry period has upped the amount of foot/ ankle injuries (something I've seen increase at the level I play at too). Or- sometimes your luck is just out.
  4. I've fought off two animals in my life, an Alsatian, and a goat called Cream. I didn't expect both of these to be at the same end of the threat meter and yet...
  5. Ramsey has the legs that Todd doesn't. He's look good in his reimagined role as a central midfielder but he's rather got the Vrancic issue that he just isn't that athletic. Particularly with right-footed Byram at LB, we need a bit more meat on that side than earlier in the week. It got boring seeing Sykes receive the ball in 30 yards of space and WBA have a number of dangerous wide men. Not so much a criticism of Todd, its just not his game.
  6. Good, another step along to the road to nobody caring
  7. We know all too well that going up against the best team in the league with no fit centre backs doesn't always end up the obvious way. However, this year we seem to rumble on regardless of the usual championship stories so Norwich to win/ both teams to score looks very inviting indeed
  8. Ramsey blows hot and cold as you'd expect from a player his age. We would be elated if Rowe had 3 assist in as many minutes. That being said, none of Ramsey, Cantwell, Nunez or even much-loathed McLean were that bad- but I think Sara comes in for one of them tomorrow. Might well be Nunez as he made a few 'tired' errors
  9. Having had some time digest and look at the highlights- Their first goal was a very uncharacteristic lapse by Hanley. I even said last night that he just has this knack for knowing where that big forehead needs to be, but letting Conway goalside like that was critical. Second goal I wonder if the lingering language barrier might have made an impact. Surely Omo, Hanley, McLean etc were all calling man on? At any rate, I doubt Nunez will make that error again on the edge of the box. In summary, quite a disjointed performance. I would describe it as 'dozy'. We currently have the individual quality in defence and attack to outscore most teams in this league, but the midfield continues to misfire which cedes chances. A strong presence in the middle absolutely required.
  10. Good win. Not so good performance. The metronomic role Gibbs played so effectively looks to be our key area. The midfield just doesn't fire properly without it. On the bright side, our strikers are scoring goals, we're still changing things from the bench and Sara looked determined to get himself starting. I am however bracing myself for an ACN moment on Saturday against struggling Brom- not just being negative, it's begging for WBA to turn up out of nowhere.
  11. There's always going to be a degree of hyperbole in those sorts of interviews. It has been said though by quite a few signings that our quality of facilities is surprising, at least in comparison of past examples at Colney. And the party line when talking about the next phase (the hydrotherapy wing etc) reckons we will be in the top 10 in the country on completion- again, take with a pinch of salt for hyperbole. If its the case that the only clubs with better facilities than us are Champions League elite-level teams, couldn't really ask for more at this stage.
  12. Away to Watford, Sheffield Utd and Burnley in the space of 10 days (with a home game v Luton chucked in for good measure). Arguably the 3 toughest away trips on paper? Surprised more people aren't jumping overboard about this. Ho hum. I suppose we will really see what this squad is made of
  13. Feeder clubs are no evil thing. This is however different to say, Watford, who use their affiliate club/s to game the system (paying themselves £16m to keep Kamara for example) I think the idea would like what you see similarly in Europe, like Dortmund II or B teams in Spain.
  14. Ironically my job doesn't scale with less working days (we would have the same 5-day workload regardless of a bank holiday) so as it happens I actually would rather not have one. Neither here or there really but I felt I should mention.
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