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  1. I feel it's one of those tricky ones, where if Farke had opted for like-for-like switches we would be hearing how his subs didn't give us anything different. That being said, I agree in the case of Sargent - Idah as having the physical presence up top brought a lot of our best moments. Tzolis in himself is not powder puff, but the nature of the sub (going to a 2 in CM with two players not naturally inclined to defend) definitely affected our stability.
  2. As I said on another thread, GIlmour is fast starting to look like Scottish Vrancic to me. Technical superiority and will absolutely do the running but his little legs just don't keep up with bigger, faster players. For me, if we play 3 in the centre it's PLM, McLean, Normann; if it's a 2 in the middle, it would be s u i c i d a l for BG to be one of them. By all means try him as the '#10' hook to link the midfield and attack, but relying on him to keep up with opposition counters just isn't going to work. Hoping to see Sorenson play against Liverpool- if he can prove that he can even half cut it against a side like that in a defensive midfield role, I think he goes straight into the league side IMO
  3. Some belated thoughts on yesterday- Good points, thought Sargent looked like an asset. Holt-esque physicality and work rate that helped us retain the ball higher up the pitch, but the question mark will always be over his goalscoring as opposed to his contribution to the team. Normann looked good in patches and will hopefully push on, but tired badly. Not so good points; still cannot get the midfield mix right. Kabak rusty, Gilmour is looking like Scottish Vrancic and Brandon Williams with shades of Ben Godfrey (in that he makes some cracking last-ditch challenges but almost always this is because he's out of position to begin with) Feels like the same as last time, with some great spells in there but no goal to show for it before PL opponents just run very fast and its a quick knockout. It's been a tough few games but questions can be asked coming out of Arsenal + Watford games with zero points
  4. We looked better today, but it is a little disheartening that the same errors are happening as last time. The ball gets turned over and we're 3v3 (or worse) heading into our own penalty box on soooo many occasions, wing-and-a-prayer approach to defending. We are still learning, we are still 'gelling', but we need to wise up and bloody quickly. Stop playing ourselves into trouble, stop allowing overloaded breaks on our back line- if we can cut out the amateur-esque errors, we can be competitive.
  5. In terms of the disallowed goal, could have been any player- if Tzolis had been playing instead and told to mark the keeper, same thing probably would have happened. That's VAR for you, so I'm not overly concerned about it. What is concerning is that Todd has been a passenger for 3 games now. He isn't really getting on the ball, and when he does it's usually to wander down a blind alley. We've struggled to make much of an attacking impact as a whole, but what I can't forgive is the 'Cantwell trot' when it comes to the defensive phases. Rashica breaks a nut to sprint back after the opposition, Kenny charges back, Gilmour (despite his little legs) will put the miles in to chase back, even Teemu winds up in the fullback slots. Todd goes into a jog as soon as we don't have a ball and it just irritates the hell out of me. He's looked like he's been playing on Championship speed since minute one this year and I'll be astounded if he starts the next one.
  6. Gunn- debut Williams- debut, signed yesterday U23 Zimmermann- first appearance this season Omobamidele- 8 Champs appearances ever, first this season U23 Mumba- 2 Champs appearances ever U23 Sorenson- first appearance this season U23 Rupp- 3 appearances this season McLean- first start since May Tzolis- first appearance ever, debut U23 Dowell- first start this season Sargent- first start this season U23 I don't really care- we just won 6-0- but it wasn't like we had last seasons Champions playing against Bournemouth u18s. Out of context, we also look like we played a reserve team.
  7. Great win, just what was ordered. Think it's quite understated the role Sargent and Sorenson played tonight. It was a sub-par Bournemouth but both showed individually some things that have been a bit lacking in our first games (again, with due acknowledgement of the difference in opposition) I think Williams + Mclean find their way into the XI at the weekend, but I think Cantwell + Pukki will have to make a show of being up to it- we have two expensive young signings who are banging on the door now, having wasted no time at all.
  8. First and foremost, Man City have the ability to buy our entire club as a training complex- we aren't supposed to beat a team of this magnitude. Secondly, I think this was a bit of a wake-up call for a couple of our players; Dimi in particular I would say got a harsh reminder that he is no longer playing in the Greek Super League. There is a learning curve and it's a steep one, but as DF said in his post-match, it is probably better to have this lesson in game 2 in away at Citeh as much as anywhere else. As mentioned above, Dimi got caught out a bit but I also feel Rupp, Cantwell and Pukki were passengers for the most part- you can't get away with carrying 3-4 off days at this level. The amount we got caught in possession and turned over was staggering, albeit against a side who are known for their excellent press. Finally, as I've seen mentioned elsewhere on the forum, both games so far have seen the opposition make significantly more fouls than we did- I'm all for trying to play the game properly, but there is a reason these top sides commit fouls like they do and we need to wise up. A very sobering day for us. Let's hope Bournemouth get a drubbing in the week to let out some of these frustrations.
  9. Some thoughts from myself Although the result clearly wasn't ideal I think there's a few positives we can take away- what I find interesting is a definite switch in on-pitch mentality. Cantwell went down easy in the first half and started having a little roll, and Rupp was instantly on at him to get up and get tracking back. Similar the oft-mentioned Gibson to Max for the second goal- they aren't being treated like precocious teen starlets this year, our experienced pros are holding them to top level standards (and rightly so). We had several players who have spent minutes together in a match situation with their teammates which, along with the lack of general match fitness after pre-season chaos, cannot be underestimated. Out of Liverpool's starting XI, the newest player has been there a year minimum and Klopp has his 'heavy metal' reputation that requires such high fitness and discipline- night & day contrast with our situation. I think I saw enough to suggest we're going to be competitive this year.
  10. Liverpool are a pretty tight squad at this point, with VvD they should be considered genuine title contenders- just because they were a bit of a parody last year has no bearing on their quality this year. Often times, failure and rejection are the catalyst for great strides forward (I believe Millwall A several years ago prompted us to buy our current captain) and I'm still comfortable seeing where we are come the end of September. Brentford may continue to do well, but I don't think I've ever seen a team celebrate with a lap of honour for winning the first game of the season- we beat Man City 2 years ago and then got rolled over by Burnley in the next game.
  11. Pretty confident that we are contentedly sat waiting for the DM pieces to fall into place for us, and it'll progress when the market moves a bit more. 'RE Lungi, I think it's pertinent to look at the media content around Omo (we would like a Cb but Andy is looking suitable) compared to the centre mid speculation (we need another defensive cm option)
  12. The last little bit of the transfer window is going to be mad. You'd have to be incredibly bold to sell Emi, Cantwell, Aarons and lose Skipp in this particular window. Borderline nuts. However, if there's one thing you definitely get from Webber in almost every interview (etc) he does, it's that he would absolutely do that and take the wrath of the fans if he thought he could use the money to establish us in the PL. Quite the intrigue at CR for a few weeks IMO
  13. In terms of personnel we probably don't look as strong from the outside, but there's a couple of intangibles that I think will make a big difference. The amount of top-level experience has improved all the way across our back line- we had 31 total PL appearances in the 4 that started at Liverpool, and those were all Hanley who then got injured forever. The Hanley-Gibson partnership really looked a strong one up until injury split them up, Max is at an age where he will only get stronger and faster and Giannoulis once settled looks every bit a PL fullback. In central mid I do believe we still look a little short-changed but there's a clear attitude in our recruitment for that area, looking for players that can play but also get stuck in (both Gilmour and PLM are variations on that theme) And finally, we stuck with Farke. He will absolutely know that if we push our fullbacks incredibly high in every game, we'll probably get battered; he'll also be very aware that when Pukki's form dried up we could barely muster a goal. Am I saying I wouldn't care if we didn't sign anyone else? Not at all, I think we are 2 signings away from being truly competitive. But would this team beat us from 2 years ago? Hard to see anything else as an outcome.
  14. Not really bothered for this one. Having seen what Joma has released so far this off-season for other clubs, it looks very cheap in comparison which is disappointing.
  15. Essentially yes, but keepers already find a way to get a metre or so off the line by the time the kick happens- I'd argue actually that the closer it gets from 12 yards, the better chance a keeper has of closing those odds under the current rules. It would also mean, for example, that where Sterling won his penalty last night would represent a completely different scenario than what happened (as you simply wouldn't beat a professional keeper with a direct shot)
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