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  1. Mason 47

    Wee Alex

    Alex Neil works best getting the most out of more limited, hardworking players. It was when we went up and he was given the freedom of the chequebook that he then showed his inexperience that things went backwards. I'd argue he would suit our current set-up a lot better, as a Head Coach and not a Manager so that Webber could keep an eye on him. Must also be noted that when it comes to dealing with ego, he packed a soon-to-be £22-million rated midfielder off to Aberdeen because he wasn't a fan of his attitude; take that whichever way you choose.
  2. Mason 47

    Time to shake it up at Wigan

    I think Stiepermann was kept on for his height, personally. It's odd how we all see things differently. In my view, there were 30 seconds left in a vital title-chasing game and the ball bobbles out to their left back with probably 18/19 players in our attacking third. If I'm Jordan Rhodes in that situation I put the guy on the floor and tank a booking to let us get set and waste some more seconds. Instead, he attempts for the ball but pulls out from the foul; long ball, bobble bobble, sidefoot mi**** and it's 2-2. As people have said though, these games happen near the end of the season à la Wolves and us last year. All we have to do is win 3 games. Bring on Sunday.
  3. Personally I'm just upset that using LeoVegas so rampantly hasn't paid for the travel insurance I got from Aviva to keep me safe on my many flights with Flybe.
  4. Mason 47

    Krull Footwork

    I think Tim just ****ed up his touch. These things just happen and we can probably count ourselves lucky that conceding from that maybe brought us back down to earth without losing points. You wouldn't now expect any silly passing errors like that before the end of this season.
  5. Mason 47

    McLean, Stiepermann and Buendia

    My take on it is that Leitner generally plays at a constant 7.5/8 out of 10 but without many standout moments. McLean plays at around a 5 or 6 standard but will then pop up with one of those moment Our style has seen us control games for the most part this year, which is why we have a tendency to clamour for Mo. Personally, I do think McLean is riding a wave at the moment and if it wasn't for winning 5 in a row he would have more heat on him.
  6. Mason 47

    Tonight’s games

    Leeds aren't even having to break a sweat here. Shame really, as it would be nice to hear something else from the commentary than how lucky we are to be watching a team as big as Leeds.
  7. Mason 47

    Today's games

    For the squad they have, all I've seen of WBA recently has been really, really poor. Come on Bristol, let's have something!
  8. Mason 47

    goal of the month

    An interesting commentary on the attitudes that still pervade the English game in that Pukki's first goal isn't in for this but in essence a long punt upfield by a centre-half is.
  9. Its almost strange to see a different number in front of the word 'Ipswich' now
  10. Mason 47

    Binners now THIRTEEN points adrift

    I'd say Ipswich have probably become my second team for this season. Whenever you're having a bad day, you can always count on them to pick you up!
  11. Mason 47

    Leeds v WBA

    Based on this I would argue we are the most dangerous team! In all seriousness we walked this Leeds team over and WBA don't look like contenders at all at the moment.
  12. Not being 100% sure on how it usually works, can anyone tell me if iFollow will be able to show the game to UK viewers as it isn't 3pm on a Saturday? If not will the built in VPN in Opera successfully convince the system that I'm elsewhere? Asking for a friend.
  13. Mason 47

    OT: Mings and Oliveira

    The way I see it, I've played in or watched thousands of football games in my time and I've only see a player land studs first into a players prone head twice. Most of time, in these tangles players will find a way to alter trajectory or these things would happen every week. The two times I've seen this, the offence has been committed by Tyrone Mings, and then Tyrone Mings. This tells me it isn't an accident.
  14. To anyone that recorded the game, go to around the 60 minute mark to see an absolutely 5 Star strop from Emi. He's a fiery one!
  15. Mason 47

    Pinto to Ipswich

    Think that link is about as far off the mark as Ivo usually is from his man. I guess now we understand why we kept hearing 'Pinto set for turkey move' recently. Jokes aside, he's probably quite similar to Chambers in that he's a defender that isn't very good at defending but is really good at giving the crowd a roight ol' fistpump, so he's probably a good fit. Not sure he would take a permanent move there given their likelihood of dropping, though.