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  1. They just cancelled out the extra two points from the binner game. And let's face it, that's exactly the way round you'd have wanted it! One more win needed. Maybe less.
  2. Think Wagner needs to choose between Sainz and Rowe, or try Rowe in the ten. Our best player, Sara, is at his most dangerous coming in off the right. We should make the compromise elsewhere. Personally I'm happy with the starting XI, then bring Rowe on for Sainz. Or, if we're really chasing the game, Rowe on for Barnes. It's about the most effective XI, not necessarily the best eleven players.
  3. Exactly how I saw it. We weren't great today. We would have lost this game before Christmas. There's a resilience in this team which is good to see.
  4. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-rotherham-birmingham-medical-emergency-32632766
  5. He was at the start, but dropped back to partner Kenny when Rowe came on for Nunez. He went into the ten when Barnes went off. Take the point about not wanting to play SvH, but it wasn't a defensive substitution on its own terms.
  6. Hmm. Frustrating afternoon. Have to take the point and be grateful a couple of offside decisions went our way. Bristol a bit hard done by. But if Watford can hang on then not the worst result in the world
  7. Yeah, wouldn't be the worst result at all. Think we can get all three, though. Just need to be a bit sharper. Some good signs towards the end of the first half. OTBC
  8. Not bothering with the second half at Vicarage Road today.
  9. Yeah, Goreham is absolutely excellent. You really notice the difference when your dodgy stream gives you the other team's commentators.
  10. Not sure if it's the sunshine, but feels like a real end-of-season game. Some nice stuff by both sides; some sloppy stuff by us in possession. Bristol City look the more likely at this stage: you can tell they're on a good run. We need to use the ball better in the second half.
  11. Ipswich are not playing till next Saturday
  12. Just brilliant how this story has progressed. From social media toxicity through tens of thousands raised for charity, and now this. There's so much grimness around at the moment. Great to see that sometimes good guys win out. Never Mind the Danger, Westy. And much respect to the others nominated, and to the guy on here, can't remember his name, who turned a nomination down. 😉
  13. That's quite something. The gauntlet is down, @cambridgeshire canary and @KiwiScot
  14. Sure, but given the enormous disparity between the riches at the top and the rest, surely anything that makes those pay-days less likely is a bad thing? Completely agree clubs shouldn't be budgeting for them, but do many really do that? They're a bonus which could make a big difference to a struggling team. That's why I think my idea of 'lower-league team gets the gate money' is an elegant solution to pass money down the pyramid (at little cost to the bigger clubs) while streamlining the calendar by getting rid of the replays, which I totally agree with you on.
  15. Great post: agree with all of your five things I'd add that the underlying thing that has ruined the FA Cup is the Premier League. It's hoovered up all the talent, so the same mega-clubs invariably win it in the end, even if they play weakened teams in the early round. And the huge disparity between the PL and the Championship means that if you are at all worried about relegation, or at all in the conversation for promotion (which in January is probably about 15 clubs), you basically have to prioritise the league. And those are the clubs, bottom half of the Prem, top half of the Champs, who could on their day knock a big team out. But they're not really trying any more. It's such a shame. It was such a great thing, what football was all about. Just been swallowed up by the PL behemoth.
  16. Yeah, me too. One more win should do it. The least stressful time to get that win would be today...
  17. Yeah, when you think about it for a second you realise that Man U are incredibly tinpot.
  18. Good answers on here. It's been an interesting aspect of the PL that London clubs are increasingly exhibiting a Death Star-like pull on all the talent. Arsenal, Spurs, West Ham, Chelsea, Fulham, Brentford, Crystal Palace: over a third of the league is based in London. Add that to the potential of billionaires to make essentially village teams like Brighton or Bournemouth PL clubs, and it's little wonder that there are some big cities like Bristol and Bradford unrepresented at the top. In that light, NCFC's achievement in continually swimming against that tide should probably be given more respect...
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