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  1. Do you think this has any impact of Tim staying at carrow Road, I felt he stayed so he was playing regularly on the run up to the world cap, if that is not going to happen will he have a change of plan?
  2. Van Wijk, Martin O'Neill, Gary Holt, Deehan, Crook, Gunn, Peter Grant, anndbI am sure there are more
  3. Sadly it does not guarantee their later success, but let's hope this kid is as talented as Arsenal believe.
  4. I reckon the coaching staff thought he was going to be a late bloomer we held onto him for a long time, delighted it is going well for him. Although it is a fair comment to safe he is now a better option than Jordan, he would still have Sargent Pukki, and Idah to get ahead of. I am pretty sure Adam will be looking jealously.
  5. I do not get their view either. Our new director is making a lot of the right noises, I am fearful of the choices someone (he) may make about my club when he wants out. Delia and Michael’s have never simply looked for the best deal for themselves (or at least outwardly) and you really can’t put a price on that.
  6. I am desperate to see Cantwell perform, I really do not think you can drop Ramsey and keep Cantwell in the side. If Smith is creating a competitive culture he has to reward (play) the players who get the goals and assists. With Byram he is such a professional I expect him to play, whilst Hanley sounds more marginal.
  7. I am going for; Krul Aarons Omobamadele Hanley Byram Nunez Mclean Cantwell Ramsey Sargent Pukki
  8. The squad looks pretty balanced, and I would not have said any of the players who have been left out are significant upgrades, although opinions are what make a forum. Southgate is the most successful England manager I have seen in post. Not quite sure what fans are hoping for? Seems a little like Ipswich wanting Mick McCarthy out, by any sensible measure a risky change. Although I agree he does set up a relatively safe team, I wouldn’t swap to get keegan back for instance.
  9. I do not hate Cantwell at all, I just think he needs to be more dynamic and retain the ball better.
  10. Scott looks much better than Todd. I think our midfield need to work harder, we are struggling to transition the ball to the strikers.
  11. I really do not see it….. let’s hope he show me in the second half
  12. No worries, it happens to me normally. Looking at Trevors history he clearly struggles with alcohol, not that is an excuse for what he said.
  13. This is about a Frank Sinclair……
  14. There is not many ways to dress up the tweet circulated by a very privileged ex-footballer who is critical of a woman who just passed away and has been the queen since the 1950’s when the first female member of the House of Lords was appointed, to the current day where we have our third female prime minister and a cabinet which reflects a range of ethnicities. I hope they don’t sack him, he should be free to say these things, (it just shows what he is like) and encourages people to point out how far society has come and discuss how to make things better.
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