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  1. Dion never disappoints me, still better than I would have managed.
  2. A - I think Farke is right, if a player can impress individually in their first game the coach is either incredible as they have got the knowledge into the player so quickly, or the coach is terrible as his coaching does not make the players perform better than they do as individuals, or the play is simply much better than the current incumbent. Haylock verse Culverhouse for example. B - I agree, I really can’t get my head around this, he must believe the disruption is more significant than the impact the energy new players bring, C - I agree, the first sign of madness is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. I am going to add one more, his uncompromising treatment of players when they don’t fit in. I understand it, but move them on quickly, making it open knowledge by leaving them out must have a detrimental effect on the rest of the squad and decrease their value.
  3. For once everyone agrees, we are on the fence, splinters and all…..
  4. Hi Ross, I know a few guys who live in West Kent. I will follow the group...
  5. Gunn pinto Zimmerman Godfrey Martin (I reckon he would be better than Husband at left back) tettey reid Murphy Maddison hoolhan Oliveria that would be a tough team to beat,
  6. Smalling would be in the Italian team, but he is more of a Mee type player than a Stones. I agree with every point, except Keane, I really struggle to see the potential, Gibson is better on the ball, and Keane makes regular defensive mistakes, I am surprised Everton are still keen on Keane.
  7. True but do they really fit into a team he is sculpting - I find Southgates side to be rather dull, yet he does know what he is doing and in team selection shows real leadership, it is his team and they will succeed or fail, but it is his decision. The last two tournaments have been our most successful run as a side since the Sixties, and I think he has shown that you need to select the best players for your team, not the best players and form a team around them. So hopefully the days of players like Geoff Thomas and Drinkwater getting caps are behind us.
  8. Interesting, I think your CAM’s and CDM’s are inverted, then either can break forward when the opportunity crops up. If the entire squad is fit I am expecting Krul, Aarons, Hanley, Kabak, Williams McLean Normann Rashica, Gilmour, Tzolis Pukki Although Gibson, Lee’s-Melou, Cantwell, Sargent will all get plenty of game time. It is an exciting squad, full of options and replacements - let’s hope it is good enough.
  9. I think Everton are the realistic threat, he would fit in well - possibly a bit short for Rafa’s taste
  10. We do not have enough centre backs...... 2 injuries and we are scuppered.
  11. I miss the days of signing Brellier
  12. Agreed - he is right footed but looked very comfortable on the left in those clips.
  13. I know what you mean, but these deals are definitely exciting. I just hope it is enough to make us more solid at the back. They also have their reputations on the line, Kabak did not make the grade at Liverpool, he should be hungry to prove everyone wrong.
  14. I love the optimism of aiming for European football...... I think we need to stay up first - SW has given it a real go - and Delia / Michael have backed him. OTBC
  15. If true that is an Incredible signing - I am sure there will still be fans asking how we let Ajer, Dann and Cahill through our fingers - and questioning the board's ambition.
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