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    Even the Argyle fans couldn't believe how good our away support was; knowing a few, that's the best they've ever seen. We started the game well. There you go, some positives. Apparently, this team needed experience and toughening up. Well, there was none evident based on that collapse. But this wasn't necessarily about the lack of speed in our central defenders or the missing forwards. There was a massive flaw in this formation and the manager’s ability to address it in the game. After a very positive first 10 minutes, the play became predictable moving the ball from side to side and progressing our full backs up the pitch. It became easy for Argyle to defend, they just shifted across, we were too slow at moving the ball and openings were scarce. Both Rowe and Fassnacht were forced to move inside into condensed areas where there was no space (usually close to Hwang in the hole), we couldn’t find them, they all became redundant in the game but they were committed forward. They were neither midfielders nor forwards, the only width was through the fullbacks who had no cover. When I played, if one fullback went forward the other one came across to ensure there were three at the back. That didn't happen. What we were doing was committing far too many players forward in inefficient positions and when Argyle inevitably turned over possession, there was no cover, they had overloads galore. So at 2-0 we continued the predictable possession football from side to side, we had no penetration. After 35 minutes, it was obvious we were vulnerable. At that point we needed change. Wagner had to take some action, he didn’t, we just carried on leaving ourselves exposed without creating anything going forward. We carried on with 3 redundant players and left ourselves exposed. Wagner isn’t very good. So at 4-0, the players trapse off looking very sheepish, the brilliant fans pause the singing and rightly boo. Wagner takes a few minutes to have a think before walking down the touchline. These half-time changes that followed should have occurred after 35 minutes. This is not in hindsight, I said it to my wife well before the second goal. If I could see it, Wagner should be able to! Second half we were better for two reasons, Argyle were 4-0 up and didn't need to commit players forward and we decided to play more direct passes over their defensive line to Idah or Sara in behind. We still left ourselves very open to the counter attack which in my view was staggering incompetence by the manager and cost us the 5th and 6th goals. If we’re going to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation, then two of the three forwards have to provide the width and be given the ball early, ideally with some space, then allow the fullback to overlap or under lap as necessary. We can't have our full backs being our prime defenders and attackers. What we don’t seem to have are any players (except Hernandez) prepared to commit a defender and dribble beyond them, nor did we have much in the way of overlapping as another way about this process. Some might not like this, but Bali Mumba (in the 3) commits defenders and to be fair to him he didn't defend badly either. £1m, our club really has lost its way. To back that fact up, absolutely no pace at the back…. Andrew Omobamidele! Individually, Gunn had a mixed game, two great saves but his positioning was awful. The centre halves whilst exposed on many occasions had far too many moments to forget. As for Rowe, Fassnacht and Hwang, they were pretty much anonymous but I am still trying to work out if that was entirely Wagner’s fault or a bit of both. Never been a fan of Placheta but fair play to him he came on and had a good go. As for Adam, he still looks low on confidence and desperately needs this run of games but I'm not sure the team is set up to help him. A team needs a mix, it needs experience, tenacity, athleticism, pace and quality. A clubs philosophy should be set to provide all of these. Modern football pretty much demands holding central midfielders. How we missed one of those on Saturday. … and where was our captain Kenny on Saturday? There is a reason he's been performing better of recent times. He has dropped deeper and by doing so has lots more time on the ball, time to control the ball, time to pick a pass. He's not the same player when he plays in close combat. He's in a holding midfielder position but he's not a holding midfielder and doesn’t naturally smell danger. For me, he will always be an average Championship player, yet we give him an extended contract when really ambition demands better…. If there is no ambition at the club, then fair enough. Our recruitment this summer serves absolutely no purpose if this club has ambitions to get promoted. One, two, even three older heads is fine if they are used sparingly to help the development of our young and inexperienced players, but I don’t see that happening so far. Barnes, Duffy, Hanley, Gibson, McLean and Forshaw certainly aren’t players that can play in the EPL (none are dynamic either), but if they are the mainstay of the team, then how does a club like Norwich replace them on promotion? Filling the team with them at the expense of developing our younger players is such short term thinking and against the original philosophy which Farke made work much better than this. We developed hardly any talent last year in the desperate attempt (even expectation) for promotion… we're on target to fail in that area again this year. So, does anyone have an idea of what the club's philosophy is anymore? What are they trying to do? Is it to achieve promotion? If so, Why? This weekend and results so far further evidenced the widening chasm between the Championship and the EPL. It will be interesting to see if Wagner is good enough, Saturday's result will probably ensure that we lose our place in the cup competition at Fulham but next Saturday's set-up will be interesting. I'm not convinced by him at all. The club needs to be signing (and keeping) players so that it has that mix of experience, tenacity, athleticism, pace and quality in mind, not signing hackneyed old journeymen. This last recruitment window was just desperation probably born out of what happened at the end of last season with the injuries. I said it last year and its not changed for me, the club has lost its way! Desperate for promotion, taking ill-informed decisions with promotion in mind, without the tools to achieve it or sustain it. Consequently, proper considered development for a longer term, sustainable achievement gets ignored. It’s a mess, we aren’t getting promoted with this team, if we did, we’d get absolutely smashed week in, week out. Time for a re-group usually, but when management has lost is way, they don’t have the wherewithal to see what’s evidently ahead of them. Time for complete change in my view. Them fans though, WOW!
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    The way this board reads at the minute, I just hope the club is still a going concern by then.
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    There’s a few things here worth mentioning. First, whilst interim accounts would have been preferable, they clearly weren’t mandatory. That said, it does seem odd, having sent out documentation that is intended to deal specifically with the capitalisation of less than £5m debt (which is not a bad thing) that they seemingly went “information lite” on the balance of the £33m debt finance provided by MA. Second, and I guess that we’ll have to wait for the Year End accounts next month, there should have been more information on the split between external loans and those provided by MA. Although @PurpleCanary highlighted yesterday that there’s no obligation to do so, and it’s not something that shareholders would normally have any input upon, let’s not forget that those same shareholders are being asked to forego their right to have an offer for their shares. Debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing from a corporate perspective, it’s not the total debt pile that is important, it’s the ability to pay it (or the ability to refinance it) when it becomes due for repayment. The age of openness and transparency seems to have been redefined, arguably for the worse.
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    MA has loaned the club £40 million which hasn't gone on ground redevelopment or player purchases so where has it been used and both the accountants and GOFPA question why together with the paperwork sent out to shareholders an interim set of accounts for the year ending June 2023 was not enclosed to provide further info.
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    Currently it’s hard to look past City Elite but I’d like to make a special mention for our very own Diane or CityAngel as she was. Came up with and Developed a fantastic idea in the hugely successful fans social club, a venture that has gone from strength to strength, has put on countless brilliant events for the everyday fan and does it all selflessly, committing her time and efforts for nothing other than the enjoyment of others - and that’s before we mention the charity work. I doubt there’s a woman out there that has done as much for fans as her, apart from Delia maybe but I’m sure there’s plenty that would even disagree with that. Well done, Diane, you keep going!!!
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    The pertinent point about the Farke sacking for me is that I fail to see that we have appointed an improvement since that day. Dean Smith was a disaster and the jury seems permanently out on David Wagner. If we had appointed a manager capable of improving the team, it's results, and it's make up then there would be no argument. However, I feel that we would now be in a better position had we not sacked the man. Quite frankly it has been downhill ever since and I now envy Leeds fans. The reported manner of the sacking also angers me. He had clearly dug the club from out of a hole, resurrected its fortunes and served up memorable times for the support and therefore deserved far better treatment. Webber did not
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    Yeah, that of your OneEyed Trouser Maggot where you’re pulling your plonker so hard over the scum. Dirty barsted.
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    My Grandad, was a city fan all his life from the 40's (born in 39) all the way till he passed in 2020, he took me to my first game in 98 when I was 5 years old I was hooked then and there, seeing him react how he did while there, I ended up going to a few more that season, then the following year for my birthday was my first season ticket a long with him, he went with me to every season until he became too ill in about 2010 and had to stop.... i stayed in that same seat right up till 2 years ago when i had to stop going while i had cancer treatment and couldn't go or afford to waste money on a ticket i wasn't using. I'm so grateful that I have this great club as a constant memory of a man that brought me up, memories of us going to the 2002 play off final, the following seasons promotion, my first time seeing us beat a team like man united, Fulham away 😱😱😱 and Ipswich at home 4-1 (his last ever match) my uncle took over the ticket for the rest of that season.. but all in all just the general match day experience with him, walking down through Magdalen st. Through tombland over to and down King St. Then across the bridge, the same walk every single home game at the same exact time every time... then stop for a pint in the pub on the way home. 😂😂 I still have the shirt he always wore on match days in my collection and it will forever take pride of place. Returning after coming through the same illness that he battled for nearly 10 years straight was very emotional and almost like and out of body experience, it somehow made me feel even closer to both him and the football club ( silly as that sounds ) What a journey hey... On the ball city.......
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    There will never be another.
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    I am shocked to learn that Midlands 'canary' is a closet binner.................................... I thought he had come out years ago
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    Bearing in mind how many current Met officers are suspended or on restricted duties due to being unprofessional at best or criminals at worst, its a certainty there will be some bad apples amongst the armed police too.
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    Didn't know she had stopped
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    We have to look beyond today total embarrassment and look for the response. I’m not really talking about the cup game. That’s an unneeded distraction that will only compound the problem now. I’m talking about Birmingham at home on Saturday. We need to see not only the right result but the right performance. Bite, passion some flare and entertainment. We need to see out team come together again and drag us all back in if that makes sense. The players have a responsibility to turn this around now, straight away. Anything else will not do. OTBC
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    Because it is Davitt is is clearly written, and a helpful run-through as the vote looms. One semantic point which is more than just that is that I don't think the Takeover Panel has granted a waiver, for approval. It has given permission for a shareholder vote on whether or not there should be a waiver and if the vote is for a waiver then it will be granted. The panel is totally neutral on the issue. There are two omissions. There is no explanation or even questions raised as to why Tom Smith met the criteria for being an Independent Director three weeks ago and now suddenly does not. A certain lack of curiosity there. And while Davitt explains what will happen if a waiver is agreed there is nothing on the consequences of a waiver being rejected.
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    A nice explainer posted by Paddy on Pink'Un +. I think it important enough to reproduce here below in full. It is well written, I'd suggest not by Paddy himself, but hey, what do I know. It is well focussed and now reads almost as if the current GM was always the intention in the first place. No criticism of the lack of a definitive position on Attanasio's financial investment at this moment in time however. (Apologies for the formatting)! The clock is ticking for Norwich City shareholders to cast their vote ahead of Monday’s upcoming general meeting, that could signal the end of the club’s majority ownership. US businessman Mark Attanasio’s group, Norfolk Holdings, have provided a £33m package of debt refinancing for the Canaries that also includes ratifying a share allotment process from earlier this year. Should the approximately 6,500 independent shareholders pass the five resolutions listed Attanasio’s group will increase their shareholding to just over 40pc. That will dilute the shares held by Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones to a matching 40pc, with 20pc held by smaller shareholders. But the deadline for postal votes to be received and verified by an external party is Thursday (September 28) at 6pm. Any postal votes or proxy forms received after this point will not be counted. The proposed increase in shares to Attanasio’s Norfolk Holdings group has triggered a takeover code process that applies to public limited companies. Key to this is the Canaries’ independent shareholders are being asked to approve the waiver, granted by the Takeover Panel, to their right to a mandatory offer for their share(s). Should this pass then the previous share allotment process will be authorised, and Mark Attanasio’s group will increase their shareholding to 40pc. Both the American’s group, along with the club’s current majority shareholders, are not permitted to vote in this process as they are viewed as acting ‘in concert’. The club have now also updated part of the original documentation, listed on their official web site, and published in line with the initial announcement of the general meeting, with guidance director Tom Smith is no longer deemed an independent director in this process and is unable to vote on the resolutions. Smith ‘has a conflict of interest’ as the nephew of Delia Smith. Fellow director Zoe Webber is treated as an ‘independent’ director. The general meeting is scheduled for Carrow Road on Monday October 2 at 6pm. The club’s documentation, sent to shareholders, makes it clear there will be no question and answer session, or facility to speak to directors or senior staff members either before or after the meeting. What is happening in simple terms? Shareholders will be asked to approve the waiver granted by the Takeover Panel to their right to a mandatory offer for their share(s), which was triggered by the share allotment process voted on previously earlier this year. That process, voted through earlier this year, would take Mark Attanasio’s group (referred to in the legal documentation as Norfolk Holdings) above a 30pc threshold that triggers the Takeover Code procedure applicable to public limited companies in the United Kingdom. This will be a simple majority vote put to the approximately 6,500 smaller shareholders. Should this pass then the previous share allotment process will be authorised, and Mark Attanasio’s group will increase their shareholding to 40pc. That will dilute the shares held by Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones to a matching 40pc, with 20pc held by smaller shareholders. In effect, signalling the end of majority ownership of the football club but renewing a commitment to fans retaining a share presence as a key stakeholder. An external party will be used to count and verify the votes cast. What is a takeover code? The panel on Takeovers and Mergers, or more commonly the ‘Takeover Panel’, is the United Kingdom’s regulatory body charged with the administration of the takeover code. Its role is to ensure that all shareholders are treated equally during takeover bids. Now the legal bit. Rule 9 of the takeover code requires a general offer to be made to the holders of any class of equity share capital, and also to the holders of any other class of transferable securities, carrying voting rights in a company which is subject to the takeover code, when any person(s) acquires an interest in shares which, together with shares in which persons acting in concert with that person are interested, carry 30pc or more of the voting rights of the company. The club’s official statement on September 4 confirmed the Takeover Panel has agreed to waive the obligation under Rule 9 of the Takeover Code for ‘Norfolk Holdings’ to make a mandatory financial offer to existing shareholders to purchase their shares. Now ‘ordinary shareholders’ are being asked to approve the waiver granted by the Takeover Panel at next month’s general meeting. Click here for a full legal explanation of the takeover code in practical terms. Who gets to vote and what is the offer price per share? Applying the above legal terminology to Norwich City, the Mark Attanasio group, along with Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones, are viewed as being ‘in concert’ and must take themselves out of the voting process. Tom Smith is also unable to vote as he is deemed to have a ‘conflict of interest’ as Smith’s nephew. Zoe Webber is classed as an independent director and can vote. This is in addition to ‘ordinary shareholders’. In terms of the share price the Mark Attanasio group are mandated to offer, this is set as the highest price the Mark Attanasio group have previously paid for a share. Which is £25 per share. This information is publicly available via Companies House. If the resolution(s) is passed and shareholders agree to approve the waiver to their right to a mandatory offer what does this mean moving forward? The Mark Attanasio group will get another seat on the board. This would be triggered at the point his group increase their shareholding above 30pc. Mark Attanasio (Norfolk Holdings) has made a commitment to Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones, contained in the documentation sent to shareholders, they will remain in control for a minimum of three years. A timeframe which commenced in January 2023, during the previous share allotment process. In practical terms, this means he will vote his shares in lock step with the wishes of Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones on shareholder matters eg. appointing directors, selling the club, infrastructure projects etc. This is distinct from board voting matters eg. appointing head coaches, sporting directors, etc. That remains one person, one vote. Background to the share allotment process from earlier this year The club’s last set of published accounts mapped out clearly the scale of loans taken out against future revenue streams. But higher interest rates within the United Kingdom in the past 12 months have made debt repayment more expensive generally. The club approached Mark Attanasio, who has a background in finance, with the aim of obtaining access to financing at a cheaper rate. Mark Attanasio was willing to assist, but wanted to increase his shareholding, which at that point towards the end of 2022 was around 20pc. Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones agreed to that process. Hence the creation of the specific 195,012 ordinary shares to ensure parity at 40pc. Mark Attanasio’s group have agreed to pay in the region of $6m for those ordinary shares. February’s general meeting was the mechanism to allow the club to create those shares. But in doing so Mark Attanasio’s proposed overall total number of shares triggered the takeover ode. Background to the involvement of the Mark Attanasio group The US businessman and owner of the Milwaukee Brewers joined the Norwich City board in September 2022. That came after his group had purchased 22pc of shares from Michael Foulger’s shareholding in a private transaction, and other smaller buy ups. The club also issued £10m worth of ‘C-preference’ shares, which can convert upon certain trigger events, within a seven year timescale, to 10pc of ordinary shares. This process was agreed to give Mark Attanasio’s group a route to purchasing more shares in the future.
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    Post of the week without a shadow of a doubt.
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    The best way to visualise it is demonstrated in the IFAB rules. look at the second graphic on Page 205: https://downloads.theifab.com/downloads/laws-of-the-game-2023-24?l=en
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    I'm trying not to comment on the actual case. You are right, that is now in motion and will take its course. The discussion is about the next one.
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    Nothing has changed and you're all prejudging the issue presumably because of nature of the deceased and media reporting. I'm simply neutral and want the facts not the feelings or stereotypical views. As per the article I posted above (and the last paragraph is revealing) simply let the wheels of justice play out fair to all.
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    They're very noticeable by their absence sadly. The variety of birds in my garden changes periodically. Lots of blackbirds earlier in the year including some fledgelings. Currently goldfinches, blue **** and great ****. I'm sure there were a couple of coal **** recently. Look forward to the noisy arrival of long tailed ****, that can't be far away. They definitely do a circuit of bird feeders in my locality. Oh, got Tawny owls in the woods opposite, I can hear them at night, and also the local buzzards seem to be thriving still. T.its. really? Does wanking still get through?
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    Broadly speaking, me too. We ditched Farkeball because it didn't work in the Premier League, but we've swapped it for a style of football that doesn't work in the Championship either. We're now a shadow of those teams from 18/19 and 20/21, and, judging by the latest recruitment (Duffy and Hwang) and the players we have allowed to leave, the haemorrhaging of talent hasn't stopped yet.
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    What people actually need to realize is that the internal police investigation itself must have found issues of concern for the case to then proceed to the CPS - who themselves obviously think it needs prosecuting. Without wishing to comment on the case itself its fairly obvious why, least of all why only 1 policeman was charged (what did the others present and armed think/do?). Let a jury of his peers judge with all the facts. I'm fairly certain he will receive the benefit of any doubt. As an aside - some think it's 'manslaughter' - Not sure how that can be as you don't accidentally shoot somebody like this or don't foresee the consequences. Extenuating circumstances certainly. Lastly - in this country policing is by consent. Allow the police themselves to meet a lesser rule of law as some think than the general public and that will change. We have no place in our society for policeman 007½ licensed to kill.
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    He is earning £0.00 per week currently and is desperate to find a club 2 months into the season. He has very little leverage, so if we are interested, I am sure we could put together a package. For someone in his position, a lower base salary with heavy performance/appearance bonuses would be the way to go.
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    Ooh, it would be great if only to see the comments about signing another 32 year-old and with a nasty recent injury record! Seriously though, reading the article you feel for him, there’s a decent player keen to get a game, but you (and he) can understand why no one has taken the punt on him. Hopefully for him he gets sorted soon.
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    All about the response? Well the response to the Leicester City defeat was the Plymouth debacle….….…. and the response to the appalling second-half display against Stoke was the Leicester no-show…. and the response to the garbage defeat against Rotherham was the insipid second-half display against Stoke…. and the response to being without one key forward was the Rotherham shocker….. Response? This squad of players don’t know the meaning of the word.
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    For him to be charged with murder rather than manslaughter I suspect there are facts we might not be aware of until it comes to Court.
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    Being born there. Growing up loving football. Not being allowed to go until I was 9 years old and able to stand on the River End and see the game. No replica shirts in those days so having to wear what yellow or green I had. Moving to the Barclay and the emergence of the modern group of fans acting as a choir and singing songs other than OTBC. The Canary and Dumpling. Two old codgers carrying a board round at half time with the lucky number result. Blue handicapped scooters in the corners. Worst tannoy in football. Worst floodlights in football. In fact endless memories. And in the future, others will talk of a footballer from the future and wonder what the fuss was about Kevin Keelan.
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    Problem is mate, a lot of fans didn't appreciate just how special those title wins were. They've not been commonplace for our club throughout our history. They were unique. But that wasn't good enough. I get it, we sucked in the prem. But I wouldn't have sacked him...
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    With our 'budget issues', a head coach who has a knack of developing youngsters and getting the best out of them to the point where they're valued at well into eight figures is arguably the best option.
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    The problem is, Fulham had to spend £150 odd million across a couple seasons to get to that point. Forest had to spent nearly £150 million on 20 odd players alongside ridiculous wages on the likes of Lingard on a whim. Even Bournemouth spent £80 odd million and required a miracle run from Gary O'Neil. This season, we have three promoted teams without the ability to spend nonsensical amounts of money and we are seeing the result of that.
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    Well if it isn't that means we don't want promotion, don't want mid-table and don't want relegation. But then, nothing would surprise me on here...
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    And so they should. He's a brilliant manager and we should have never fired him. I hope he takes them up and then performs in the PL after being given the correct budget. It would shut a few people up on here.
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    Hopefully they have peaked too early. Nobody wins anything in September. That and someone comes in for their manager.
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    One of the best,most accurate, posts on here,ever.
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    At odds with Plymouth fans who thought our support was far better than anything Ipswich offered last season...
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    I will never ever give Ipswich credit for anything. They could smash this league, win the premier league, whatever cup you like but I’ll never give them credit. Suffolk wildlings that need to be put behind a wall forever. I feel nothing but distain for their literal mistake of a football club in a county that should be conquered by Norfolk and used as a nuclear weapons testing ground.
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    That's a coincidence, I went to Oxford! We drew 1-1
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    I think we still need to be careful here, if we lose our armed responders then it would be down to calling in the army to respond to these firearms related incidents and I’m not sure that’s a very good thing! We need to wait the outcome but I’m still concerned that the CPS has bought this case to appease the crusaders in the family, public and press who make this guy as some sort of normal guy in a normal incident, it isn’t he was not driving his car, it was tagged as being in yin a firearm incident, pulled over after he failed to stop and when boxer in and surrounded by armed police decided he would try and ram through the blocked cars! I mean if these are as reported the circumstances then what is there to prosecute as murder! By its own definition it needs to have a motive and if the motive is self preservation then it’s ridiculous! It’s little wonder a lot of police officers are having discussions on this not only firearms but normal bobbies on the beat who now have to wear stab vests, how have we let our country become so dangerous?
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    Only one thing to take from this and it is good for Burnley, sticking to their principles and investing in youth. Why didn't we do that? 😉
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    You really do seem to be veering more and more towards that club as their success story piles up. This latest post is an out-and-out defence of the previous poster's put down. Hmm.
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    Iconic fans and local heroes it just has to be Chris and Jack Reeve.
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    Worth remembering also that if they make the mistake of not shooting when that is the right call the consequences might be far worse than life imprisonment I'm intrigued by the line in the original post : "It would be tantamount to saying to any armed officer that they can shoot to kill before they have evidence that the person they kill poses a genuine threat to their own life." Exactly what evidence should they wait for? A bullet in their head? an exploding IED? Or do we accept that sometimes the evidential threshold must be more akin to a sudden move on the other party's behalf judged in the context of the intelligence made available and the officer's professional experience?
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    Jesus,Van Wolfswinkel has scored goals at every club he has played for except us ( and Real Betis on loan). He was never going to flourish here under Hughton. Felt sorry for him here. And before somebody mentions the blind pass he made,we've seen the Buendia's and Maddison's of this world do the same.He was a decent player. We've had countless worse than him.
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    Thanks GMF. My point was that neither Smith nor Webber should have been designated as independent. Smith for obvious reasons. But Webber is the NCFC executive who has been negotiating the plan/deal with Attanasio. It is absurd to then try to portray what she says about it as independent. As someone said to me, she is marking her own homework.
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    That's not really a benchmark, is it?
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    Oh dear. The irony is if your hero Webber ended up at Leeds and had success you wouldn’t be able to shut up about it.
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    I would pose this simple question as to where we could go. If you're driving in a rental in the back areas of US do you know how you should behave if you are pulled over by the police? Be very careful what you wish for.
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    Where is the response supposed to come from? We have no firepower. Totally reliant now on the unreliable Idah. Hwang appears to be a desperate signing, unlikely to make an impact. Goals only seem likely through Rowe and Sara. The only real pace in the team comes from Hernandez and Plachetta, both of whom have zero threat of goals and assists. We are reliant on two cart horses at the back to keep clean sheets - an increasingly unlikely looking scenario. The ‘real’ Norwich have finally set their stall - an opposing manager’s dream fixture…….
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