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  1. What a great start to today's Championship games as we sit with our feet up this afternoon. Now if Stoke and Bristol City could nick at least a point each it will be a good day all round for us.
  2. Placheta i doubt will be involved and Sorensen could get a start maybe.
  3. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2021/february/over-250-supporters-attend-online-fan-consultation-evening/
  4. The marvellous old girl is 91 today and if anybody has not heard of her well all i can say is you are not really a big fan of Norwich City.
  5. Maybe if we all logged in using one of our multiple accounts City1st could be lulled into a false sense of security and make an appearance ?
  6. Watch from around 2 mins 30 secs for those of you who have not seen what the OP means.
  7. If you want me to nominate you wolfie i am happy to do so.
  8. Another step up from having your question to the club officials read out online by BK last night wolfie ?
  9. No need as he has a hotline to Stephen Graham in the ticket office if he has a problem or needs a favour on behalf of the blankets. Why have a middle man to represent you when you go straight to the horses mouth who i believe anyway will be involved in the new set up.
  10. I suppose there is a possibility that he has been looking in using another poster's log in details.
  11. This way back 47 years ago in 1974 but what a performance by him and Shirley Bassey.
  12. You will have the opportunity to vote or just maybe you could nominate somebody who you would be happy to have represent you. GPB are you one of those who do not vote at General Elections and then moan about your local MP ?
  13. Zoe Ward and Ben Kensell stated that covid has cost the club £25 million !
  14. The details of how to apply for the Official Supporters Panel will be on the club website this Sunday 28th' You can nominate yourself or another individual and these nominations will be the subject of an election and will serve for a term of 2 seasons. The Panel will consist of 15 members.
  15. I have seen him at 1p5wich and also at the O2. A classy performer indeed daly and ' Er indoors and myself were planning to see him again in 2018 but unfortunately the tour was cancelled due to him suffering the early onset of dementia.
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