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  1. TIL 1010

    Time to cash in?

    Balance the books you say so why were Barclays Bank knocking at the door to recover the short term unsecured loans he took out. As for improving the ground The City Stand was Norwich Union insurance money following the 1985 fire and The Barclay was a Football Trust grant. As you also mention Colney is that the same Colney that had to be virtually shut down after he was ousted because we could not afford to run it ?
  2. I know it is only League One but i imagine they are quite happy at the moment to sit second in the table with a game in hand while those around them flounder.
  3. Tragically taken aged just 43 with a devastating disease. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/sep/18/fernando-ricksen-former-rangers-and-netherlands-footballer-dies-aged-43
  4. TIL 1010

    Burnley Tickets

    There wasn't when this scheme was first announced but it was a concession made by the club after representations were made. Likewise with the 10+ group which now fall under the priority window on day one of ticket sales.
  5. TIL 1010

    Burnley Tickets

    Looks like loyalty is making a comeback.
  6. TIL 1010

    Burnley Tickets

    Tickets on the website in all catagories plus coach travel available, all rather strange as previously advertised as a sell out.
  7. Which do you mean, offering congratulations or be at the AGM ?
  8. I take it you will not be offering your congratulations at the AGM then ?
  9. TIL 1010

    If you weren't there....

    Personally i would rather ignore Chris Reeve. Always full of himself.
  10. However on this occasion you can see what he came up with.
  11. TIL 1010

    Aston Villa Tickets

    No idea but both supporter numbers have been issued with two tickets which surely should not happen as it is one per supporter number !
  12. As the Boy Vince is about this afternoon just a bump so he can post his thoughts.
  13. TIL 1010

    Otamendi Disaster

    You will of course be repeating all this at the AGM ?
  14. TIL 1010

    Aston Villa Tickets

    Very slightly off the topic of Villa tickets but a friend of mine who refused to pay the £50 membership has been offered two tickets for Palace away by somebody. This somebody went online with his own and a friends supporter number and was lucky enough to get two tickets. However the friend of his did the same thing at the same time with the same two supporter numbers and also ended up with two tickets. So 4 tickets purchased with only two supporter numbers. Nothing underhand in it and no deception just a desire that one or other of them might get lucky in the mad scramble that saw the game sold out within the hour. How on earth did the system allow that to happen ?
  15. TIL 1010

    Another Daniel admirer

    I am sure somebody watching that will find it funny.