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  1. Same thing has happened to her at Yarmouth racecourse.
  2. Norwich City have removed a lot of staff from the Furlough scheme with an e-mail stating it ceased at the end of July, thanking them for their loyalty and hope to reinstate them when crowds are allowed back in the stadium. Source.....' Er Indoors who is one of them.
  3. I posted on a thread somewhere over a week ago that Trybull and Leitner had been told they could leave but nobody picked up on it.
  4. Those were the results from the start of the season in the month of August 2018 but apparently we played well from the word go if you bother to read the post i was quoting.
  5. Is the model the same thing as the project ?
  6. They are probably more gutted about it than they are Norwich playing Championship football.
  7. Constant bouncing between Halls as in not since 2009 ?
  8. Yep losing 0-3 at home to Leeds and conceding 4 at home to West Brom will be remembered for the great stuff we played not forgetting the poor showing at Scum where we managed a 1-1 draw in the worst local derby in ten years.
  9. Read the whole thread and you will see this has already been covered and the reason why.
  10. Surely you don't have to agree with everything the club does to justify being supportive ? The membership scheme had thousands of critics within the fan base. Many flatly refused to join it but does that mean they are not supportive of the club per se ?
  11. I joined the day after hoggy started this thread as i was interested to see what he was on about. You have to join to read the posts and see who the other members are.
  12. So you know who all the members of the Facebook group are do you hoggy or are you taking a few posts screenshot to you as a general view of everybody on there ?
  13. Criticising and opposing the club are two different things.
  14. i suggest you revisit the opening games in the Championship season.
  15. A bog standard response from one of those on here who think that anybody who criticises the club in any way shape or form is not a supporter.
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