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  1. @nutty nigelhas the same problems at the other end of the South Stand in the blankets.
  2. @nutty nigel Here is my pick for next week as we are off to Lanzarote early doors Tuesday. A HOME WIN for SPAIN v Switzerland.
  3. I have just heard the news. What a lovely man who i worked with on the SCG for a number of years. He suffered with his health over a number of years since he stood down as Chairman. RIP Roger.
  4. People were singing it in The City Stand.
  5. Pete Raven @PeteJRaven PERSONAL NEWS Today marks my final day at the publisher formerly known as Archant after 20+ years. In that time I've worked with some incredibly talented colleagues and made some amazing friends. I've loved every minute. It's been a blast. 1:04 pm · 16 Sep 2022·Twitter Web App
  6. Greavsy posted on the Cheerio thread a copy of a Tweet from Twatter that Pete had made stating today is his last day . @Berthas about an hour and a half to hang on in there.
  7. Fair enough but i thought i read somewhere today is his last working day.
  8. Christ on a bike i thought it would wait until he cleared his desk at 5pm.
  9. Good to know you are now being selective in what threads you start and when.
  10. Looks like Cambridge at first glance up and down the front page on here is sleeping on the job today so here it is. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/team-news-uncertainty-over-hanley-for-west-brom
  11. Diane is one of just a few who do not have their age on their Book of faces profile but i suspect a bus pass is in the post.
  12. So as of today you will be known as Peter The Retreater.
  13. Good afternoon Nutty and good luck to Lakey and Lincsy not forgetting all you other lovely PUPs out there. Jockland and an AWAY WIN in the game St Mirren v CELTIC. For the Norwich bet Ramsey to score at anytime. Nutty ' Er Indoors and myslef are off to Lanzarote early on Tuesday morning so i will leave my pick on this thread Sunday evening.
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