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  1. It was a fitting tribute and impeccably observed by all in attendance.
  2. TIL 1010

    A little early

    Bob come back a few weeks before the game(s) you are interested in attending and i am sure you will be sorted by somebody as getting tickets direct from Norwich City will be impossible mate.
  3. Right then, another go at BTTS as i didn't realise Oxford Utd had internationals in their team .......Northampton v Crewe.
  4. TIL 1010

    Grow up

    Yes he did Midlands but the original offer did come from him.
  5. TIL 1010

    Grow up

    I liked a post from the poster you are talking about and it most certainly was not the one where fans were called retards.
  6. TIL 1010

    Grow up

    ' when you were having a great time liking posts of someone ' suggests there were a string of them so just stick to the facts and what exactly is a 'great time ' supposed to mean ?
  7. Forgot the BTTS so Oxford Utd v Scum.
  8. TIL 1010

    Grow up

    Suggest that you go and support a different club trotted out. Dear me whoever do you think you are David Hannant ?
  9. Nutty has told me he will be naming and shaming any dissenting voices or the raising of hands against the reappointment of Winnie at the AGM.
  10. A very good evening to you Nutty and good luck to ZLF and all you other lovely PUPs out there. Division One for me and a HOME WIN for ROTHERHAM v Accrington Stanley. Nutty as i am off to Cyprus with ' Er Indoors this weekend and won't be back until late on Saturday 23rd here is my pick for that weekend. Jockland and a HOME WIN for CELTIC v Livingstone. Finally Nutty all is well for 28th December.
  11. To think of all the grief i got for posting photos of Mrs T last season.
  12. TIL 1010


    Waveney is coming into the city especially for it.
  13. TIL 1010


    Remember it is copy and paste David Freezer you are talking about. Useless beyond words.