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  1. TIL 1010


    Rather liked Germany myself.
  2. TIL 1010

    Another gem from Paul Lambert

    I read somewhere Lambert saying just because they were relegated it was no good clubs thinking they could sign his players for next to nothing. Obviously he had forgotten several are out of contract and most of the rest are loan players.
  3. TIL 1010

    F A Cup final

    Scroll down this link and you will see why there were empty seats. http://www.clubwembley.com/events/2019/the-emirates-fa-cup-final
  4. https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/views/ex-norwich-city-footballer-darren-eadie-says-if-he-can-talk-about-it-so-can-we-1-6056889 It appears the poor man is struggling again with his mental health so i am sure every City fan wishes him well.
  5. TIL 1010

    Important Announcement from Sky...

  6. TIL 1010

    Pulis gone?

  7. TIL 1010

    Pre Season Fixtures

    That does sound a good shout Lapps as we usually start with lower league opposition before coming back to the UK to play some better teams as the season gets nearer.
  8. TIL 1010


    I bought a new telly to watch the play off final but when i got it home and opened the box there were no Leeds.
  9. TIL 1010

    Puntastic suggestions for signings

    It depends when his current contract runs out i suppose.
  10. TIL 1010

    Chris Hughton

    I thought their Trust owned over 20% of the club which if true makes their fans voice hardly worth listening to.
  11. TIL 1010

    Puntastic suggestions for signings

    We were going to sign Clive Baker again as cover in goal but he wanted too much dough.
  12. TIL 1010

    Puntastic suggestions for signings

    Back in the day there was a rumour we were going to sign Eric Gates but a lot of City fans took a fence.
  13. Looks to me that Wazzy and Diane were on the beach.