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  1. 50 other supporter groups surely is absolute nonsense ? Outside of the Trust, Forces Canaries, Northern and Capital Canaries all others are one man and his dog setups but 50 of them.......Really ?
  2. Some were saying it at the start of this season when Binners were starting to appear on here as they sat at the top of the table with Leicester claiming that they would soon be in a relegation scrap. Those same posters have a retentive memory when it comes to digging out posters for things they have said from threads of yesteryear but selective memory has kicked in over their claims regarding how this season would pan out.
  3. I think that was at the point he stated you had already been granted the floor for the 3rd time in about half an hour.
  4. I take it you won't be renewing your membership then ?
  5. I am told that the cesspit called The Station Hotel opens at 8am.
  6. Sounds like a good e-mail and i assume you have the e-mail address of the new guy from Millwall., if not Zoe i am sure would be delighted to give it to you ?
  7. Yeah but big bad Bob knew where to find you it was just that he wanted to know if you were dead or alive before scooping up your shares for himself.
  8. There was mention at the AGM from the new company secretary that would anybody present that evening who had change of personal details such as e-mail addresses inform the club staff at the desks as you left.Somebody on here has made mention a few times that there are in excess of 6,000 shareholders but nobody has made any reference since the night of the fact that apparently the club have no clue of any contact details for who were said to be a few hundred of them. Waits...............................
  9. That may well be the case but they cannot be the best supporters in the world because that is us.
  10. So ' around Christmas time ' means by Christmas ? Not forgetting of course the word ' maybe '
  11. Did their XG stats see this situation coming ?
  12. A very good evening to you Nutty and obviously the very best of luck to Indy and my gravy swilling Northern mate not forgetting all you other lovely PUPs out there. France and a HOME WIN for PSG v Nantes. For the City game Idah to score two or more goals.
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