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  1. TIL 1010


    It was obvious Vrancic and Trybull had class and Zimmerman also Steipermann very quickly stepped up to the Championship plate. If you are saying i said otherwise i am sure the quotes will be forthcoming. As for Husband and Srbeny add marshall to that list as in my opinion he was bang average and added nothing new.
  2. TIL 1010


    First i see myself as a victim and now i am egotistical, isn't the internet a wonderful place to be judgemental ?
  3. TIL 1010


    He has mentioned it once briefly.
  4. TIL 1010


    Rather an assumption there hogesar that i was talking about those players you have named and i don't think you will find any posts of mine criticising those individuals. By players of his ilk i mean of those of little ability so maybe you should have mentioned Husband for starters.
  5. TIL 1010


    Does this now mean you are an official fans representative and will go to consultative meetings Dunc ?
  6. TIL 1010


    No hogesar what i said was that if he was playing at Sloughbottom Park on a Sunday morning you would not look twice. That is my opinion and i will stick with that if you don't mind. His first touch is not good and he has no pace of any note unlike a few talented Thursday and Sunday league players i have watched.
  7. TIL 1010


    Spot on HHS.
  8. TIL 1010


    Victim act...... are you for real ? As for obsessed your posting history of following me around says all anybody needs to know. I get it you don't like me but i think i can live with that so good day to you also. You could always use the option of the ignore button.
  9. TIL 1010


    Yeah i noticed the last resort of effing and jeffing came into play Lakey in the Non Football Section.
  10. TIL 1010


    Why bother mentioning me then and if i am less important to you than L1pswich, strange especially as you also made a point of saying i had not been around for a couple of days not forgetting of course your prompt response first thing this morning within a few minutes of me putting my computer on for the first time in a week. Jesus wept i now see you have followed me again which i have yet to read. You must have been really bored this last week.
  11. TIL 1010

    Bums on Seats

    Looking forward to testing mine out.
  12. TIL 1010

    The bun fight for tickets.....

    The e-mail that i received giving details of both Liverpool and Newcastle sale dates had Newcastle as a 3pm KO.
  13. TIL 1010


    I thought it was just me who thinks he doesn't have the necessary skills to make a contribution. wcorkcanary and hogesar won't take too kindly to your judgement.
  14. TIL 1010


    Been on holiday for a week and really missed you especially dragging me into a thread i had not seen or commented on.Good that you missed me though.
  15. TIL 1010

    NCFSC News - Have a read please

    Just like me.