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  1. If you are looking for a statement i expect Mick Dennis will be along soon with a few words.
  2. Threatening behaviour by some of the protagonists needs explaining Badger.
  3. Whatever are you on about Badger or have i had a senior moment with regard to booing ?
  4. The nation gained a new sporting hero last weekend in young Emma and lost a legend this weekend. RIP Jimmy.
  5. Go back further and there was the farce that was Bryan Hamilton.
  6. What on earth do you mean it never used to be like that ? Always has been and always will be a game where booing takes place as a way of expressing displeasure at what is being dished up before your eyes.
  7. Williams is far from the problem and that problem is on the touchline and in the dugout.
  8. So at the end of the game after a pitiful performance like that how are you supposed to criticise in order that your criticism is heard ? Do you send the club an e-mail or take to social media, no Lakey you vent your criticism by booing.
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