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  1. I agree with Horse Renoir that it seems there are several players here who think they are slumming it by playing for us. Naismith and Brady are the obvious ones. Olsson agitates for a move away but usually at least puts his head down and performs when push comes to shove. Sad that it seems even Tim Klose might be losing heart. That''s really bad news.I''ve always felt that buying Naismith was the decision that took us down last year. The 8 million we wasted on him could have been used to buy a second defender to support Klose. I wish to God we had managed to sell him during the transfer window because as long as he and Brady are at the club thinking they are too good for us, we''re going nowhere. That kind of thinking is poison. Let them go to Hull and Sunderland and get another relegation on their CV. Then they can both think they are slumming it at Hull this time next year.We''re not going to get relegated if we play the kids. Who knows, results may even improve? At least they''ll put a genuine shift in.
  2. Interestingly, not a single poster has included Naismith yet in his first eleven, and I think only one had him as even a sub. If AN continues to make him first on the team sheet, he is heading for a serious confrontation with the fans.
  3. Where does this leave Naismith? First on the team sheet as usual unless AN finally realises that talking tough is easy but acting tough requires genuine courage.So he''ll play against Cardiff, he''ll be shit and spend most of the time with his mercenary ass on the grass, while he''s looking around for some poor 20-year-old he can blame for his own inadequacies.Since AN seems determined to play him every game, I think we can forget all about promotion. Buying Naismith rather than a footballer with skill who actually tries to earn his wages was probably the largest factor in our relegation; keeping him and playing him will ensure we have no chance whatsoever of going back up.For me, the worst outcome of this transfer window was not getting rid of this player who has been a totally negative influence on our club since the moment he arrived.
  4. It''s interesting. From a quick look, not a single person on this thread has said ''Oh no, we mustn''t lose him!''  Isn''t that in itself an indictment of the player and how little he has given to us or even tried to give? RvW had more people arguing his case!
  5. Please please please let this not be just a rumour. He never wanted to be here, he always thought he was slumming it by joining us, and we have a player who is much better than him (Wes) being played out of position just so we can fit this second-rate talent into the side. He has been a disaster since day one and buying him was a major reason we got relegated in my opinion and keeping him will be a major reason why we don''t get promoted. Just get rid - any money is a bonus.
  6. Moderators - I can understand why you deleted Alartz''s posts, but I personally think this is the wrong policy. Let them stay there so that everyone can see the kind of vile racism they represented. We don''t beat racism by pretending it doesn''t exist or by wiping out proof of its existence, in my opinion. Let his disgusting, stupid comments stand up there and condemn him.
  7. Thanks Bor, for posting the New Statesman article. It expresses perfectly what I feel at the moment about the UK, and the west in general. I think we''re heading for very dark times. As for the people on here who have their cushy, insulated, selfish, materialistic lives of relative plenty and yet are quite happy to support Farage''s exploitation of people who are escaping a war zone, what can you say? The generations before us had seen war and knew its horrors; my generation and the people younger than me have grown complacent and self-absorbed and proudly, defiantly stupid, and they are leaving a poisoned legacy for the poor sods who come after us.
  8. AN - please start Mbokani to see what he can do.
  9. [quote user="Joller"]Bournemouth fans sang "Lewis Grabban he would have scored that" when we missed an opportunity against them a few weeks ago. the genius bit was when we sang exactly the same chant back when they immediately missed an opportunity at the other end.[/quote]No, Grabban wouldn''t have.He may believe he''s Suarez, but he''s not.
  10. In response to your original post, Morty, I suspect there is a sense of apprehension rather than lack of interest. With a few exceptions, we are all trying to feel positive and not to judge Adams before a ball has been kicked, but there is a nagging doubt inside us that wrong decisions have again been made. That''s what I personally feel anyway. I''m certainly not going to make negative statements or criticisms, but I can''t change what I feel inside.
  11. Yes, he was, but not in the way you mean. Relegation is not worse than death: having the fresh hope wrenched out of you is much worse.
  12. Even if we assume that Lennon and Mackay turned it down, and that for some reason Zola wasn''t seen as up to scratch, why did the search stop there? Were the Board really so limited in imagination that they couldn''t think beyond these names? How much is McNally paid? A million. Tell you what, Norwich, I will do the job for a quarter of that and I will come up with the same list of names. You''ll save 750,000 and still come up with the same decisions.
  13. For me, spells out everything that is wrong with Snodgrass as a member of a team in a collective sport and is the reason I would jump for joy if it were announced that we had sold him. We will never go back up as long as that egomaniac remains, thinking he has somehow taken over Holt''s role as the de facto leader of the squad. If he stays, I pray we get a strong manager who puts him in his place from the first moment. The weakness of Hughton and the selfishness of Snodgrass were a disastrous combination.
  14. My feeling is that this group of players has never really been together as a squad and that several cliques have formed, which has effectively destroyed our spirit (which was our strongest card under Lambert). On paper, this squad should survive easily if teams like Hull and Palace can (or indeed ourselves in the season when we came up). But there has been something wrong with the unit as a group and nothing was done to stop the rot. Consequently we haven''t had the fight and the team falls apart as soon as we concede. So, yes, we deserve it.
  15. Yes, but then I think almost everyone was good enough to stay up if they got momentum. Look at Palace. If that squad can survive, any of the bottom ten could in theory if managed well.
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