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  1. We don't agree on almost anything here, but one thing nearly everyone seems to agree on is that Duffy is not very good on the ground and a bit of a liability playing out from the back, but very good indeed at coping with an aerial bombardment. It was clear from the offset of the second half that Wednesday had changed their tactics completely and were intent on playing hoofball and aiming to get set pieces, so I don't understand why we didn't react to that by getting Duffy on. If ever a game suited his talents, the second half of Tuesday's was it. I know, easy to be clever with hindsight.
  2. Wednesday looked like Wimbledon of old. Ugly industrial hoofball with a lot of thuggery thrown in. I hope they go down. On the other hand, they had a coach who saw the night was heading for disaster and did something to change things. It was excellent in-game management. I like Wagner and he has lots of important management skills. Thinking on his feet isn't one of them, though.
  3. McKenna reminds me of Lambert. Performing miracles with a team in League One and then the Championship, but a cold fish and just as unlikeable. Where he differs is I think he will not be as desperate as Lambert to jump ship and hit the big time. I think he's smarter than Lambert and will be more willing to take his time. I also suspect he has more overall talent. Wagner seems a much nicer person. I know that means diddly-squat in footballing terms, but I really hope he can come good.
  4. West Brom have a certain three points mid-week home to Rotherham and another pretty easy three points against Sunderland. Unless we win both of our away games this week, I think fifth is beyond us, which means if we make the play-offs we either get Leicester or Leeds (scary) or Ipswich (all the extra tensions surrounding that).
  5. Hardly Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen or Lou Reed or Ray Davies, is he?
  6. My turn to add my mea culpa. I was also dreading today and thought it was the day our run would come to an end. I certainly didn't expect this almost flawless performance. Big credit to Wagner for getting the players into the right psychological zone for this game.
  7. Agree. Let's get fifth and beat Southampton. Then West Brom can knock Ipswich out - they're the kind of solid team who could very easily beat them, they've already done it once this year and drawn the away game.
  8. We did it! We beat them and also the ref, who did his best to keep the game interesting. How the hell do they have 87 points or whatever it is? McKenna must be a genius, because man for man they are not very good (except for Davies, or is that Davis - can't be bothered to look it up). I'd say their level is roughly that of Bristol City or Swansea. Leicester and Leeds are miles ahead of them. Hard to understand why they're not also at least 20 points ahead of them. Oh boy, a second bottle of wine is called for, I think!
  9. I have a bad feeling about this ref. Ipswich fouled and fouled and ended up with just one yellow. One of our players fouls and this ref will give him a red once we get later into the match. He seems very poor.
  10. Nor me. That's the problem with a long unbeaten run - it means there's so much to lose. And we all know that every run has to end sometime. And if we manage not to lose this, I really don't want two games in the play-offs semis.
  11. First of all, this may not even be possible if Dusseldorf exercise their right to buy. If it is possible for him to come back here, I feel a lot depends on who our head coach is. Wagner clearly didn't regard him very highly and I doubt if he would fit into a Wagner-style approach. A coach who works in a different way (e.g. more possession-based) might bring out the best in him.
  12. All the signs are that he's something special. I think going up this season is crucial for Ipswich because if they don't, he'll be off. Even if the MU thing doesn't happen, which would he prefer: doing it all over again with Ipswich in the Champs, or having a shot at the PL at a club like Everton or Forest or Palace? Without him, I doubt if they would struggle next season, but they are extremely unlikely to repeat the success of this one.
  13. It's a bit like us in the first Farke promotion, or perhaps the second Lambert promotion that took us to the Prem. It seemed as if it was in the stars and nothing could stop it.
  14. In a way, I agree, but the problem is that we are going to lose at least one, and probably more, very good players if we stay in the Championship, so it's a bit like that dream where you're running but staying on the spot or even going backwards.
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