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  1. Leicester vs Everton - home win please. Good luck all
  2. Brighton vs Leicester - away win. Good luck to all.
  3. GMF

    Delia is 78, MWJ's is 78

    TVB, some interesting comments, both from you and others. To be honest, I don’t think your implied presumption, their stepping down as directors (rather than retirement) would necessarily mean that they’d also sell up. Previous comments also imply that they’re far more likely to pass on their shares, almost certainly to Tom, rather than just sell up. As majority shareholders, that’s their entitlement, just as it is with every other shareholder for that matter.
  4. The information is usually readily available from the previous Annual Returns and Confirmation Statements. However, the 2002 Annual Return is one of the few that’s no longer available online. I suspect (and this touches on our exchange last week on another thread) that Jimmy Jones may have agreed to sell his shares, however, Giovanni Di Stefano also expected a seat on the board too. When the Club made it clear that wasn’t happening, his interest ceased and the share sale didn’t ever complete. That’s my hunch - I’ll leave it to others to decide whether, or not, that was a good or bad thing.
  5. Not sure if that proposed purchase of shares ever actually went through though. Plenty of noise about it potentially happening, but the shares seemed to have stayed with the Jones family - unless anyone knows differently
  6. The shares are not traded on any authorised stock market, although, until the early 2000’s, could be traded via a local stock broker. They effectively stopped offering the service following the Club’s public offerings in 2002/3, when shares were offered at an allocation price of £25 each. The allocation price increased to £30 each around 2007/8 and again to £100 by the then CEO, David McNally, in 2011. There’s been no new allocations at £100 since 2014. The Canaries Trust, at the request of the Club about five years ago, offers a matched bargain platform for potential buyers and sellers via our website. Details linked. https://canariestrust.org/ncfc-shares/ Quoted share prices vary considerably - ultimately, they’re worth whatever buyers and sellers are prepared to agree between themselves.
  7. The point I was alluding to is that neither he (and they) have increased the shareholding for some time. You may indeed
  8. Simply because they are the facts.
  9. The Pleasure & Leisure holding hasn’t changed since the 1998. Neither they, the late Jimmy Jones, or Albert, have increased their respective shareholdings since then - those are the facts. Whether they, or Albert for that matter, attend AGM’s I have no idea.
  10. Unless they’ve got an NR postcode, I’d suggest they’d be wasting their time
  11. You and about 3,800 others who have 4 shares or less
  12. With my awful record for getting results wrong this season, here’s hoping for another failure. Brighton vs Norwich City - home win.
  13. For those with a little time on their hands and fancy a little light reading (just 748 pages) the Club has filed a full list of current shareholders on the latest Confirmation Statement. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/00154044/filing-history
  14. Lincoln City vs Bolton Wanderers - home win. Good luck all.