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  1. Sorry @shefcanary, the thought of the TP reading this thread has tickled me, and we all know that the delay is down to them reading lengthy emails from @essexcanary - he tipped them off… (winks).
  2. I’d suggest an element of collective responsibility here. The obvious observation is that Smith is a common name, so you can imagine it’s something that wasn’t blindingly obvious to the TP. However, you would have thought that the Club would have highlighted it too.
  3. Can’t imagine that it would make any difference to the outcome of voting, but I’m bemused by this, especially since there was extensive scrutiny of the documents before they were approved for release.
  4. Reinforces the point that you’ve made previously @PurpleCanary questioning the definition of independence directors. Awaits the inevitable post from @essex canary…
  5. The Club didn’t form the Trust, there was a group of individuals, with assistance from Supporters Direct, I believe, who formed it.
  6. Phew! Nothing to see here then, let’s all just move on…
  7. Within all the focus of the capitalisation of a £4.8m loan, is anyone remotely interested in the £33m debt financing arrangement which expired at the beginning of September?
  8. Attanasio has 75% plus of all shares, but most are non voting shares.
  9. Stop blaming Covid. All businesses lost money, NCFC continued with the season ticket renewals back in 2020, because we’re self-funded. Supporters paying the price, again.
  10. I’m blaming those who’ve voted “yes”. (Winks)
  11. And Mark Attanasio aiming to satisfy his desire for share purchases at £1.00 a pop…
  12. The inheritors aren’t happy, Tom’s still smiling, D&M won’t let go, Attanasio is doing his Nicholas Parsons impression, having bagged the Sale of the Century, but, apart from that, nothing to see here, please move on…
  13. For £1.00 a share and I’ll tell you everything that’s wrong with NCFC…
  14. Any chance we can have this in English please.
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