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  1. Cyprus v Greece - away win. BTTS Denmark v France. Good luck all
  2. Personally, I have no issues with their location, as, ultimately it’s about choosing the right person for the job. And, maybe, there was a thought that using a local firm might increase the likelihood of news getting out (although that’s a pretty feeble argument, if used). As for engagement, the whole process should evolve over the years. And, there’s always the danger, harkening back to what happened in the past, of being accused of being like the ‘history boys’ down the A140!
  3. There’s nothing like a bit of good, old-fashioned openness, transparency and fan engagement…
  4. From Milwaukee to Norwich, via Harrogate! https://www.insidermedia.com/news/yorkshire/law-firm-advises-on-norwich-city-deal
  5. The A-preference shares don’t have an automatic redemption right, like the B-preference (and now C-preference) shares have. I believe that the last time A-preference shareholders were offered a right to redeem was back in the Chase era and, (although this is by no means certain) I think that the redemption price was a £1.00, equivalent to the notional value. They are a bit like the old Government war time bonds, but whether that means that they should be treated in accounting terms any different to the B & C preference shares, I don’t personally know.
  6. You’re right, I should have said cash injection, which will be treated as a loan, repayable in 2029, unless, of course, they are converted to ordinary shares in due course. The B-preference figure was correct in 2016, following promotion to the Premier League in 2015, but there’s been two redemptions since, in January 2020 and 2022.
  7. Like many, I was initially wondering why there was a general resolution to appoint Attanasio as a club director. @MrBunce was the first to spot why, as reminded above. Did the Club produce revised Memorandum and Articles of Association that were legally compliant, almost certainly, yes, albeit with a few sloppy typos and several areas where the drafting left scope for questions, which they wouldn’t answer. Trying to unravel the changes and revisions was certainly challenging. Ultimately, shareholders were asked to make a leap of faith, without any foresight as to what was coming over the horizon, but there’s the opportunity to secure a £10m equity injection, which has to be welcomed.
  8. It’s only apples and pears if you benchmark it exclusively by numbers - I didn’t do so, you did. Likewise, it’s no great surprise that the big six clubs have more members than us, frankly I’d be shocked if they didn’t. But the point that I made, which you’ve ignored, and this is based upon actually knowing some of the fans involved at other trusts, is that their roles have definitely evolved following ownership changes.
  9. An element of crystal ball gazing here, about the future, not least because we’ve yet to hear anything so far from Attanasio himself throughout the whole process to date. Therefore, to answer your final question @Parma Ham's gone mouldy I suppose is best answered by looking elsewhere. Have the supporters trusts at the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Leicester disappeared as a result of their changes in ownership? The answer is no, but, equally, their respective roles have undoubtedly evolved as a consequence.
  10. Proxy’s need to be submitted to the Company Secretary by 17.00 tomorrow.
  11. You do realise that resolution two is completely conditional on resolution one passing? Resolution one will pass, because it requires a simple majority, whereas resolutions two and three requires a 75% vote to be passed.
  12. Where have you got your £15m from? MA is (potentially) investing £10m into c-preference shares that are capable of being converted into a 10% stake of the Club. From my distant school days, paying £10m for a ten percent stake, values the club at £100m, but you’re the accountant, not me.
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