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  1. Thank you all for your PUP picks. Over 20 different picks so far and counting, so here’s my six selections. Liverpool v Bournemouth - home win. Celtic v St Mirren - home win Swindon v Forest Green - home win Crewe v Stevenage - home win Wigan v Luton - home win Strasbourg v PSG - away win
  2. Not sure quite where this week has gone - it’s Friday already! Belated thank you, Nutty, for the introduction and really hoping to add some more monies to the PUP’s pot. Will be back this evening with my six picks - in the meantime, my selection is Southampton vs Newcastle - home win.
  3. Give Evans some credit, he’s actually ‘invested’ more than £60m over his ownership. Obviously, most of that has been, to use a Webber quote, ‘pissed up the wall.’ He’s highly unlikely to see any of that back any time soon. Shame!
  4. Best of luck to Crabby, Flying Dutchman and all PUP’s. Sheffield Utd vs Brighton - home win. Nutty, I’m okay for the 7th March
  5. Sheffield Utd vs Bournemouth - home win. BTTS - Brighton vs Watford Good luck Moo, the anons and all fellow PUP’s
  6. Whilst £7.00 is modest, every little helps! Well done Leeds
  7. Right, thanks for all suggestions. Here goes for my Norwich Picks. BTTS - £2.00 NCFC - winning HT / FT - £2.00 Over 3.5 goals - £2.00 City to win 3-1 - £2.00 City to win, Pukki to score and 2.5+ goals - £2.00
  8. Whichever tier you start next season with will remain for the duration of the season. The season after next will be assessed upon next season’s games. Hope that makes sense?
  9. Championship clubs are obliged to offer up to 2,000 tickets to visitors, although away teams often request less. Clubs can agree between themselves a higher allocation, although, typically they insist on a reciprocal arrangement for the return fixture
  10. Jim, I don’t know - that’s a question for a corporate law expert. At a guess, I’d assume so.
  11. Many thanks for the intro, Nutty. I’m looking forward to hopefully repeating last season’s success on the Norwich Match Picks. As for my final six pick, hopefully Man City will have a convincing win over Palace. Best of luck Leeds and all PUP’s
  12. To add clarity to your response, and Jim’s queries, the last time that the Club allocated any new shares at £100 each was back in 2014. Taking a couple of steps back however, to circa 2009, when the Club had just been relegated to League One and was struggling with debts of circa £23m, mainly the Aviva bond, the Board proposed an AGM resolution, passed by shareholders in 2010, enabling the Board to allocate up to 1,000,000 ordinary shares without further notice to shareholders. The resolution lasted five years and was renewed again in 2015. In theory therefore, the Board could more than double the existing share capital of the Club, with the investor acquiring an approximate 2/3rds majority and a significant cash injection. Obviously, any potential buyer, if they existed, would have to satisfy whatever conditions the existing majority shareholders would want to impose.
  13. It’s not simply a case of doing one option or the other, is it? For sure there has to be an element of asset protection (Webber’s phrase, I believe) with the youngsters, plus the likes of Krul and Pukki, but it seemed illogical to go as far as they did, with the likes of Stiepermann, for example, who had two years left on his contract. Maybe some of that money could have been directed towards new players?
  14. GMF

    Model / Plan

    It’s a minor point, but the initial Championship FFP rules (which were actually introduced during our three season Premier League stint between 2011-14) were intended at the time to reduce allowable annual losses from £8m pa to £3m pa over the course of three seasons. However, it immediately became apparent that a number of clubs were likely to smash the thresholds, so the Championship clubs agreed to increase the allowable losses to £39m pa over three seasons - to also coincide with the Premier League rolling three year review period. Personally, I find it was remarkable that FFP, originally introduced with the sole purpose of bringing some element of financial control to the way clubs were behaving, was changed so they could actually behave far worse!
  15. GMF

    Season ticket renewals

    There’s the dilemma - how can casual ticket prices increase if we’re demoted to the Championship and the (overpriced) membership prices decrease, unless, of course, season tickets increase as the consequence?