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  1. Best of luck @Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man and @Mandie Moo and all PUP’s. For me I fancy Man City to win at home against West Ham. For Norwich, Emi Buendia to score at anytime.
  2. Anything that widens the supporters consultative process should surely be a positive and, as @Diane alluded to above, is likely to include both established supporters groups, and, just as importantly, a broader section of the fan base, who may not necessarily currently associate themselves with any specific existing group. Will be interesting to see how many people will want to be involved and I’d expect some form of fan voting for the proposed members.
  3. Good luck to @Mandie Moos Mear Kat and @Crabbycanary3 not forgetting all other PUP’s. I fancy Everton v Newcastle - home win and, for the NCFC bet, Todd to score any time,
  4. There’s something wrong with this table @Kathy as I seem to be mid-table and heading downward, a bit like ‘that lot’ down the A140 #agentLambert
  5. The last time this was mentioned a couple of seasons ago, most of those on the waiting list were after seats in specific areas, like the Barclay lower tier, or central seats in either the City or South stands. If, however, you’re not overly concerned about where you sit, you’ll probably get a seat quickly, but you may have to keep an eye out for being able to relocate to a better seat.
  6. Galling to think that as we flounder in the 3rd tier on 16:33 - Jan 20 with 3245 views TieDyedIn95 Galling to think that as we flounder in the 3rd tier on 16:18 - Jan 20 by noggin I don't think they even care about us anymore. Sadly they do, and they are loving every second of us failing to compete in a league they walked out of without trying - bar the Colchester disaster. Evans is to blame. Football League First Division / Premier League Champions (1): 1961–62 - Runners-up (2): 1980–81, 1981–82 Football League Second Division / EFL Championship Champions (3): 1960–61, 1967–68, 1991–92 - Play-off winners (1): 1999–2000 Football League Third Division / EFL League One Champions (2): 1953–54, 1956–57 - Southern League Champions (1): 1936–37 FA Cup Winners (1): 1977–78 - Texaco Cup Winners (1): 1972–73 UEFA Cup / UEFA Europa League Winners (1): 1980–81 Poll: In an ideal world would you like to see Marcus Evans sell Ipswich Town? 0 The state of this bio! Premier League Champions? Does UEFA Europa League Winners make them “champions of Europe” too?
  7. Best of luck to @Parma Ham's gone mouldy and @wooster plus all fellow PUPs. Think I’ll go for West Ham v Burnley - home win.
  8. Well done @Indy Can’t believe Everton - needed extra time but not to be over 90 minutes
  9. Thank you all for all your selections, a nice mix between FA Cup ties and other ties, so, to add a bit of extra excitement (hopefully) I’ve sent @nutty nigel an extra tenner and split the selections into the groups. So, here goes. FA Cup Boreham Wood v Millwall - away win. Everton v Rotherham - home win. Man Utd v Watford - home win. Chelsea v Morecambe - home win (my pick). Man City v Birmingham - home win. Marine v Spurs - away win. Other matches Bayer Leverkusen v Werder Bremen - home win. PSG v Brest - home win. AC Milan v Torino - home win. Atletico Madrid v Atletico Bilbao - home win. Osasuna v Real Madrid - away win. AEK Larnaca v Enosis - home win. Best of luck Indy and all PUP’s.
  10. Spurs v Leeds - home win. Norwich bet Buendia to score at any time
  11. Since 2010 @PurpleCanary so this is the second renewal. What’s interesting, in the event someone actually acquired the additional million shares, they would actually have almost 62% of the enlarged shareholding of the Club, with the Board combined having over 88% in total. Something to ponder for those who already dislike a majority shareholding of 53%.
  12. This is 'old news' and a further renewal of the right first approved at a previous AGM in 2010 and, as @TIL 1010 mentioned, renewed again back 2015. The Club was questioned about this resolution at the last AGM, where it was confirmed that it was NOT in response to possible interest, merely a renewal of the previous right.
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