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  1. I enjoyed getting relegated from the Championship more than winning league One because we finished higher in the pyramid and played against better teams.
  2. I don't remember moaning that we only got a point at Anfield. In the glorious period we seem to be focusing on between winning the Milk Cup in 85 and getting relegated in 95 we played there 11 times and we did win 1-0 twice, drew 0-0 twice and lost 7 times. 6 of them thumpings. Two wins though. P11 W2 D2 L7 F7 A26 Since then we've managed a couple of draws interspersed with the thumpings, not a lot has changed. P6 W0 D2 L4 F4 A19 Suarez happened and we haven't kept any clean sheets. Interestingly, between 85 and 95 if Liverpool scored at Anfield against us they always won, in the games since then we have managed to scrap out a couple of scoring draws...progress... To be fair, however you remember it, it's not much of a measure. We'll inevitably have losing records against the biggest sides but look at our record at Craven Cottage, we must make Fulham look like Brazil'82. Since we won on New Years Day '86: P9 W0 D3 L6 F5 A21 Always a decent away day, mind. In the Premier League we've taken 2 points from 8 fixtures against Fulham, ugh.
  3. I did suspect that might be the case. They've had track trouble again this week and had to abandon racing. These racecourses are taking one hell of a hit and it's hard to see how they can reopen when the punters are always freely milling about, at least with most spectator sports people will largely stay in one place to watch it. Like I said, hopefully isn't for too long.
  4. Sorry to hear that Tilly, hopefully it isn’t for too long.
  5. I have edited my original post as I believe this is where the confusion has stemmed from, in so much that you thought all of my post was directed specifically to you when it was meant generally as I've tried to explain.
  6. I mean, I note the sarcasm, but I'm yet to hear any other credible explanation for the disparity in performances pre and post enforced break. It is the one question I'd like to see properly addressed.
  7. What are you on about? I said that I found it depressing that I was in the minority - what i meant was I'd still prefer us to play an exciting brand of attacking football and that I haven't sought to devalue what we did as title winners or conveniently forgot the good parts of the Premier League season. I find that revisionism depressing. You've then decided that I meant it was depressing that you wanted Norwich to win some games of football. I've responded by explaining I'm fed up with good things being apportioned to luck and bad things being deemed "spot on". I also pointed out that my "Jack it in" comment was nothing to do with you. I perhaps should have been clearer that I was explaining my comment, not saying you had said we were lucky. Although if I wanted an argument it wouldn't be outlandish to think that if you paper over cracks and it holds that it might be deemed fortunate. But I don't. As for your last line, and you accuse me of making things up
  8. This is incorrect. The done thing is to devalue what we achieve while maximising the sheer horror of any negative. Winning the title was lucky because some players were playing well and that papered over the cracks of truth, the truth being that we were really absolute pony. Whilst our post-lockdown performances EXACTLY mirrored those that went before and we are the worst Norwich team ever and look at all these meaningless statistics to prove it and the lockdown is NOT mitigation because look at Luton. Or something.
  9. No, depressing that when we lose we're crap and when we win we're lucky. But you're right, I should jack it in. Not because of you, though.
  10. A remarkable turnaround from the days of Hughton when the mantra was that the fans didn't care about the result, they just wanted to see good, attacking football. And you are right, scoring more goals than the opposition did paper over those gaping chasms. It amazes me, really it does. We've gone from the best team ever to be relegated to the worst side since christendom and not content with basing our season review purely on post-lockdown performances (admittedly, largely poor) we also seek to devalue what was (arguably) the most exciting season of football I've seen us play as lucky and papering over cracks. To be honest, you guys are probably right as I seem to be firmly in the minority but God, isn't it depressing. Think I'll jack it in.
  11. Yes, I meant it 'literally'. It is a metaphor representative of your flitting between loving it when we win the league and harrumphing your displeasure everywhere when we get relegated. Especially apt this time as it's essentially the same group. Same owners, same sporting director, same manager, largely the same players; City Hall "aren't they good", St Andrew's Hall "Foot stamp, embarrassment, headsa gotta rooool". I mean, I suppose I could have just called you fickle...
  12. Again, try and see beyond the final score. Agh, you know what, don’t bother. It’s like trying to teach a shark to climb a tree. Win = Good Not Win = Turrible At least your ultra-simplistic view of the game explains the constant bouncing between Halls.
  13. I suggest you try and process the idea that you can play good football and not win. We played some great stuff against West Brom and against Leeds but lost both games. The worst performance we put in was the 2-0 win over Preston.
  14. To give them credit at least they are consistent in their criticism and in wanting to get Delia out. Far more credible than flip-flopping, in, out, in, out, in, out dependent on each passing season. I suppose not knowing if you're going to be at City Hall or St Andrews Hall at the end of each season keeps it fresh.
  15. I'm glad someone has brought this up, it has gone largely unnoticed. It's not like we had our own fans scraping around for "this is worse than *pick a season*" or finding random statistics like "We've won less second half throw ins when kicking towards the Barclay than in 1938". I swear some people revel in the misery; must be some sort of coping mechanism. There's probably still some fans out there "not accepting" relegation too.
  16. Poor. If we sign him then this window will have been a complete failure.
  17. Surely this is a fantastic opportunity to rejuvenate the fan base. Out with all the doddery old blanket-covered, flask-clutching harrumphers and in with a vibrant young fanbase that can keep up with the too-fast shout/singing of the Barclay. We might finally hear something other than moaning and snoring from the Geoffrey Watling and it would be great to see the River End bouncing again. We could then have flags all the way round the ground as efforts wouldn't be hampered by arthritic limbs and general displeasure at the sight of other people having some fun. If they don't do this, give me a full refund and pay my Broadband for the season I'm going to be apoplectic and start a petition. Or hire an aeroplane or something.
  18. To be fair, you've got some work to do, a guy on Twitter had written Bali Mumba off within 4 minutes of him being announced.
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