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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50111754
  2. TIL 1010

    Mark Bowen

    According to the commentator at the game on Sky Sports when he was introduced to the crowd before the game today Bowen was greeted with luke warm applause from sections of the crowd with boo's from others. Obviously not impressed with his appointment.
  3. TIL 1010

    Stinking rich Chinese investor

    I would have thought you might have had a response by now Lapps, nod nod no names.
  4. That one fit centre back you refer to had a hernia operation just two weeks ago.
  5. A good servant during our first time in the Premiership under Lambert. > https://www.shrewsburytown.com/news/2019/october/morison-announces-retirement-with-ambitions-to-enter-management/
  6. TIL 1010

    Steve Morison Retires.

    Add to that Stoke and Blackburn.
  7. TIL 1010

    Football corruption

    I suppose the surprising thing in all this is that City1st reads The Daily Mail.
  8. TIL 1010

    Bournemouth Tickets

    All very strange as when i looked just before i posted an hour ago the official site said sold out yet now tickets are available again. Who on earth is putting the tickets on the site outside office hours ?
  9. Nutty more than happy to do the Norwich picks but you have put 9/11 so assume you have twigged we are playing on the Friday night 8/11 home to Watford ? I take it you want my picks in before you trot off to Carrow Road so sometime on the Friday afternoon ?
  10. A very good evening to you Nutty and good luck to Apples, Indy and all you other lovely PUPs out there. A HOME WIN for CHELSEA v Newcastle. For the Norwich game Pukki to score the last goal of the game.
  11. TIL 1010

    Bournemouth Tickets

    Wherever those tickets came from they have now been sold.
  12. https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/ed-balls-along-come-norwich-fanzine-interview-1-6323214 Yes i do realise Puntino has started a thread on the latest ACN magazine but one of our resident trolls i.e. Big Vince might not see this article.
  13. TIL 1010

    Bournemouth Tickets

    After 5 hours they are still available !
  14. Yep my mistake. I will alter my post .
  15. https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/norwich-fans-angrily-reject-radio-claims-1-6321741
  16. I am sure GMF will put me right if this is incorrect but don't Kerrison Holdings own the land on which The Holiday Inn stands ?
  17. Keeps it off the Main Discussion which is not a bad thing in my book and i am sure i am not alone in that thought kc.
  18. TIL 1010

    Mark Bowen

    Quite honestly when i looked at his photo i hardly recognised him.
  19. I think some of you are taking the pi$$.
  20. Well done Lessingham joining Parma in the top 4.
  21. TIL 1010

    football quiz - grounds

    Just the one attempt City1st but it helped that i had been to them all.
  22. TIL 1010

    Webbers Interview

    Apologies then kc.
  23. TIL 1010

    Webbers Interview

    If you are aiming that in my direction kc i read hogesar post and thought to myself i have read that somewhere else on another thread earlier in the day so posted the link to point it out. As for checking up on other fans a touch of irony on your behalf don't you think especially as you have not commented on the subject matter ?