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  1. Mario has no further need for this so maybe Cantwell should get in touch with him.
  2. You have obviously been talking to our old friend Tangible Fixed Assets.
  3. That is a wide ranging and comprehensive list so i am surprised you have not included The Man from Mulbarton.
  4. So what is the reason it needs a rebuild because it appears to me he inflicted it upon himself ?
  5. It takes me back to the days when RVW left us.
  6. Those seats are probably needed for the Eurovision venue later this year
  7. Maybe in hindsight i should have joined that quite significant band of posters who do not respond to your offerings on this forum.
  8. The 1,000 shares were transfered to a relative but your issue was over the seat for life unless you tell me otherwise.
  9. Your beef was nothing to do with the transfer of shares to family members.
  10. Well i for one have probably sat on more committees than you could shake a stick at so count me out from your sniping accusation.
  11. The way it works at present means that nothing at all can be discussed until the club publishes the minutes on the website by any OSP fan representatives.
  12. Those of us who go to home and away games hear it sung by Stoke fans twice a season.
  13. Now i wonder who put them under the wipers ? It was made easy by the fact he had a personalised plate.
  14. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/stoke-city-delilah-explained-wales-8103228 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-64488231 Well i for one had no idea this had been rumbling on since 2015.
  15. Yes it has on both the website and via mail which dropped through my letterbox today. Deadline dates are 14th March, 6th April and 2nd of May.
  16. I totally agree that it should be pegged to state pension age and that the further discount at 75 should be abolished entirely.
  17. A very good afternoon to you Nutty and of course good luck to @dj11, @Aggy not forgetting all you other lovely PUPs out there. League One and a HOME WIN for BOLTON v Cheltenham. For the Norwich bet Pukki to score a brace.
  18. What on earth the club will learn from that indepth survey i have no idea, Name,Supporter No,e-mail address, where do you sit and a simple yes or no.
  19. McNally removed concessions for centre block seats in both the City Stand and South Stand as he described them as the best seats in the house like at theatres where you pay a premium price for such seats. Can't really argue with that or maybe you can ?
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