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  1. Just finishing off my bacon sarnies and coffee but somehow i don't think things will be any different on here after i have done my chores and had a shower. Anyway don't peak too early as you have Monday's lecture to finalise as yet before posting it in the morning..
  2. Lakey will be along shortly to give a different view.
  3. Lakey and essex canary on another thread banging away on a Sunday morning means it is time to potter around in the garden and come back later. Ta ra !
  4. The ground swell is growing with regard to losing the support of the away following and once you have lost that support there is no coming back. Sad to see but it is history repeating itself as with Worthington, Hughton and Neil.
  5. Obviously not Uncle Fred or he would have called you out over it.
  6. As a fairly regular away attendee over the years believe me there were people there today i have never seen before at away games, quite a lot actually and like you it mystifies me how they qualified for Groups 1 & 2.
  7. It never ceases to amaze me how many '' new faces ' you see at away games and with today being my 4th game it was i am sorry to say no exception especially as it was virtually exclusively Groups 1 & 2.
  8. Not very closed shop today as buckets of people there certainly not seen this season at the other away games i have attended.
  9. You obviously have not read the thread Rhino has just started .
  10. There must have been an awful lot of binners around me at Stamford Bridge then Lakey, I expect they were the ones booing at half time and again at full time. Many others gestured to the players to get off down the tunnel when Hanley and Normann started to applaud the away following and started to walk towards them before thinking better of it. Those binners were so vociferious in their displeasure at the performance that even Farke didn't come over to us which is most unusual. Lots of those binners you mention Lakey even decided to leave over 10 minutes from the end. The same binners who started songs like ' we're $hit and we're going down ' . It all started when they sang after only two minutes ' How $hit must you be we're drawing away ' however that song didn't last too long. You see Lakey they are not only on here.
  11. Send somebody at the club an e-mail, Oh hang on a minute !
  12. The way you keep banging on like a broken record over shares and entitlements nobody would ever think it. 600 posts in 17 years about half of which must have been in the last couple of months suggests you are running out of avenues to bore the pants of anybody who you can subject to your whinging agenda. PinkUn posters have been lucky until recently.
  13. No but Sir Arthur South resigned over the contract to rebuilt it being awarded to R G Carter and it was actually built on Chase's watch.
  14. The River End was built years before Chase was the Chairman. The City Stand was built with insurance money due to the fire. The Barclay was redeveloped with a grant from the Football Trust. The South Stand he let rot away until it virtually failed a safety certificate a few short years after he quit.
  15. A very good evening to you Nutty , good luck to Lakey, NFN FC and all you other lovely PUPs out there. Off to Italy and a HOME WIN for ATALANTA v Udinese. For the Norwich game H/T draw F/T Chelsea. For the Scum game Bonne to score 3 goals.
  16. Also no requirement to pay to join any Away membership scheme that is in operation at the time ?
  17. I assume tickets will also be subject to owning a certain number of shares as well ? Apparently we have a poster on here who owns 1,000 shares and would obviously be allocated tickets first.
  18. He was too anxious to climb back on his latest hobbyhorse Graham.
  19. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/520168/cook-id-love-norwich-at-home-in-the-third-round/#7 Comments on their forum are not in favour either.
  20. Wishing him well and a full and speedy recovery.
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