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  1. Chase sold his shares to Geoffrey Watling in May1995 and it was not until November 1996 eighteen months later that those shares were purchased by Smith and Jones from Watling.
  2. You do know he is a Norwich City season ticket holder and an away member plus you must have missed his Scampigate posts from the Gunn Club.
  3. If true i don't think we will see any bigger surprise in the football world this summer apart from if Jockghanistan win the Euros.
  4. Whatever goes on in that head of yours ?
  5. Couple of points, How exactly is he " our friend " ? What exactly does him being " onside " mean ? Something tells me i will regret asking.
  6. I hope you realise the sheer number of e-mails that have been sent to the club by an influential shareholder since they have been on board as i doubt they were on the original list of recipients stating DO NOT REPLY.
  7. A question mark in the thread title would have helped.
  8. Remind me please who sat down and discussed giving him the additional two years on his contract when it was obvious he sadly was not the way forward ? The clue is neither of them are any longer at the club.
  9. How much does NCFC pay his company to operate the traffic control on Koblenz Avenue each season ? I bet that comes to more than twelve grand.
  10. Looks like Batth has said his goodbyes on social media. Batth posted a message across his social media channels on Sunday evening in which he suggested that his departure from the club was imminent. He wrote: “Thankyou Norwich. It’s been a privilege to play for the club & I appreciate all your support this season! We ultimately fell short after reaching the playoffs but it has been a new experience & I look forward to what is next.”
  11. Didn't realise your favourite lady was in charge of player recruitment and team selection, tactics etc.
  12. How many gangs do you know then who don't even know each other ?
  13. Yep a great summary of what has happened to our club these last two seasons @ged in the onion bag. We will lose the last remnants of the Webberlution and see it for what it really was as far as the big picture is concerned.
  14. Sadly i cannot see it happening.
  15. Am i the only one then but the option i suppose is to block him which more posters than you could shake a stick at have done ?
  16. The expression is obviously totally lost on you but no surprise there.
  17. At least you would get to see the games.
  18. WTF are you drivelling on about now ? Mind you from what i can see this morning on the forum sadly you have got too much time on your hands yet again and infestation of your nonsense and whining is the order of the day.
  19. That atmosphere and noise last night was something else. I predict a riot at the end of the game i have never heard anything like it before.
  20. Well done selling them all but i hope nobody was disappointed if they missed out because it wasn't publicised enough or advertised far enough in advance. You know who you are.
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