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  1. Think the podcast is great, always well reasoned thoughts and they''re happy to question one another. I particularly like Paddy''s input as he''s not as ingrained with the club on a personal level as most of our local media is. Also - Listen to the content, not the room acoustics ffs! The easier it is for them to sit in a room and chat the better.
  2. Young to me is in terms of their experience and stage of career, it can''t always be aligned with age alone. Two examples at either end of the spectrum are Ian Wright and Wayne Rooney. Ian Wright was 22/23 (i think) when he became a professional and he had unbelievable hunger and desire to prove himself, and took it with him throughout his career. Wayne Rooney on the other hand, while young in age, had so much baggage by the age that Ian Wright was then starting at, he was no longer really considered a ''young'' player - it had the opposite effect on him in fact. He has shown many periods of burn out in his career already.
  3. Redknapp returned to Portsmouth and won them the FA Cup. Pulis returned to Stoke and got them to FA Cup final, and a spot in Europe. Eddie Howe at Bournemouth currently. And without Nigel Pearson returning to Leicester they would never have gone on to win the prem. In fact, while Mike Walker didn''t have success with us on his return he brought in Iwan Roberts and Craig Fleming - both players become a huge part of our club and success leading up to the return to the prem under Worthy. As it stands Lambert could never achieve what he had previously here, so he would always be a disappointment. I think that''s the issue with most ''legendary'' like managers who return to the helm at the top flight. (Dalgish/Keegan etc.). I bet there''s tons of managers who return at lower level to have more success as their experience grows.
  4. Nope, like most internet users i''m just talking utter bollocks from my perspective... Nothing more, nothing less. It''s a simple game we play.
  5. Highland, he''s had enough opportunities in critical matches to show his worth. He came on early in the second half vs Sunderland and Villa - both huge matches for us, and achieved nothing - a lad with his ability and pace should come on and rip through teams, but he didn''t. Villa he was non-existent till the last minutes, and Sunderland we managed to go a further 2 down with him on the field. Let''s face it, he''s got serious issues to committing his talent for us, and if that''s his mentality he''ll ultimately be no better elsewhere long term. He may potentially be a potent threat - but in what terms? a goal scorer? Cause he''s certainly not provider, and he certainly doesn''t stretch defences like he could. If he expects us/another club to build a team around him like we did Huckerby, then he needs to show that he can consistently perform before anyone in the prem would take a gamble with that gameplay.
  6. You''re not forcing him to stay though, he signed a contract and you''re both abiding to that. If we decide not to sell, he stays, simple as that. If he wants to ruin his career by playing crap for us and subsequently rotting on the bench it shows exactly why he hasn''t and will never reach his potential. He''s as big a part of us being relegated as anyone else is at the club, and there''s no shame in improving his trade with another championship season to show what he''s about imo, he''s still playing U21 football let''s not forget.
  7. 15 mil!! lol - he couldn''t even hold a starting place with a now relegated team (us), was nowhere to be seen in the top 3 player of the season awards. Anyone putting serious money down (12m+) are taking a big gamble, because to get the best you have to find a way to accommodate/build around him - For me he''s not that good to justify such a risk. Shoddy WAS doing the biz, and he went for half that to Hull. Lots of potential, but no-one knows if he can achieve that elsewhere or not - he will be sold for a fair price (around 8-9m) based on whether the club think he''s worth keeping or not - that''s the long and short of it. I would say he''s of far more value to a championship side seriously seeking promotion next season.
  8. You need multiple clubs after him willing to pay more than the other to get to 12m. If it''s only Stoke coming in with serious offers AND he wants to go AND we are happy to sell, it will be way under 10m that he goes for. So, if all 3 factors are true i would expect a swap of some sort to hide the low transfer value.
  9. A years contract is barely out of the clubs hand, if they deem him capable we can make use of him next season. Financially, Whatever transfer fee we''re offered is a fraction of promotion money that we would make IF the club believed he could help us get back up. Again financially, No Premier League club is going to spend over the odds on someone who''s failed to put consistent performances in, one of the richer championship clubs would be far more likely, and we''d never sell him into the same league. I don''t think it''s as set in stone as everyone''s expecting. Particularly if the board and management hold the belief that he owes us a better season before leaving.
  10. Yeah, plus media prepared quotes are thrown out in instances like this, AN has to appease the board and the fans alike, so you can take everything at face value, certainly don''t go looking for the truths in media statements because a stray comma can change the dynamics of what someone has ''said''. I like to think that he''s putting a question mark on things in order to get the board to commit to decent resources so we can build a squad prepared for the premiership, because we simply wasn''t prepared once again this season. There''s no reason you can''t prepare that squad despite relegation either, we need a genuine threat up front, and have done since losing Holt. The players are out there, they cost money, so we''re either serious about this as a club, or we''re not. The politics of player wage structures go out of the window when you''re in lala land of the premier league, one expensive player could be the difference of the whole squad earning more or less depending on relegation/promotion, not to mention each of their careers.
  11. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]"Whatever happened over the weekend had nothing to do with me " I may be over analysing this but why would anyone think it had anything to do with AN ?[/quote] I think he means that those decisions made are above his position in the club, i.e. that he''s outside of those discussions and not well equipped to talk in detail on them. i.e. he''s not suggesting that it''s NOT related to something he had involvement in. Wow, double negatives :)
  12. Just think he''s broken, beyond repair - at least as a goal threat. And if he''s not scoring goals, what use is he? He''s not a battler, he''s not a big man, he can only potentially blossom as a cog within a well oiled machine, somewhere like Arsenal. And that isn''t going to happen. To play him correctly we''d have to throw such trust into his ability to come good and build a team around him, based on providers and a partner that he can work with up front - just too much of a risk when we could go out and buy a better (british?) forward who''s prepared to pull their sleeves up and fit into whatever system we play.
  13. Personally would''ve dropped him many seasons back. Always felt we should have gone for for Forster after he was here on loan. Ruddy''s a really nice guy and i don''t like to slam him, but he''s lacking in so many areas for a keeper. Critically his distribution is poor, and he doesn''t command the box well for a big man - now with those misgivings you would expect him to be a great one-one-one/shot stopper type - but he''s not even that. He has had a few cracking games this season which i give him credit for, but i fear they were just flashes in the pan. It wouldn''t do him any harm to be out of the team for a bit and re-assess, see how Rudd does - and maybe it will make him come back, given the chance, a much better keeper. I read on someones post that he''s more of a ''worrier'' type, and i think that is spot on assessment of his general demeanour. People who worry sometimes need something to ''worry'' about to get the best of of them and validate their fight. There''s no better time to do it than after conceding 6 goals too, not seen Rudd enough to say if he''ll be better, i don''t think he is better than Ruddy - but who knows unless we give him a try?!
  14. The problem is he needs to keep his international career alive - what use is he to us, and what good does it do him if he''s not even making the bench? Surely it''s wrong to advocate a sense where paying a player to do ''nothing'' is a sensible option, and yes players should be asking questions at the manager - that''s what a manager wants from his bench/reserves. AN is paid to manage/control that, it''s not just about match day you do realise?! Keeping players fit, interested and ready to step in to the first team at a moments notice is a huge part of the management game.
  15. There''s no comedians out there with intelligence then?! I think it''s good to see Laff enjoying his moment as a footballer, any dick can act like Michael Owen and fleece the game for every penny whilst doing their best Alan Shearer impression. Life''s for living, respect to the man and shows a burning creativity to bring smiles to people.
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