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  1. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the match. Once work is finished tomorrow, can't wait! I may only have about 10% belief right now, but that will soon hit 100% if we start well. Blind faith, great eh? When we get our first 3 points I'm gonna get absolutely smashed that evening and make a point of enjoying it. If it's Saturday I'll be singing sweet caroline, and telling people I love them while watching the boxing! ...No doubt followed by illness as I barely drink nowadays, but hey, gonna be great.
  2. Ah ok, So, Who was getting being picked for the position that he's best in? I'm curious why the manager wouldn't play his best players in their best positions? From what I've seen of him he has a lot of class in how he controls the ball and his mind is very quick to respond. Out of all our new signings most supporters have the highest hopes placed on him, but he's so young still. However, he already looks quite a solid/strong player despite his age. As with Rashica & Sargent who we've signed, there seems to be very passionate Greek, Kosovan & USA supporters that have been interested in our club, which is great. I've seen so many comments on youtube videos that the club post, it makes you want to see these players succeed for their home nations as much as for ourselves. Wow that's incredible, he seems a very rich owner. That's our biggest problem if you've not noticed - we are a self funding club so to spend on anything we need to bring that money in first. Hence why this season has been really hard, so many new players and we're not even sure what formation to play so far. Hopefully you stay around for a bit and bring us some Greek luck, it's nice hearing external opinions for sure!
  3. Sure thing, The initial photos I saw looked crazy to start with but when you watch the actual video it's not all that bad as it was reported. I'm sure it was used as clickbait many places. But it's something I always relate to PAOK as it was shocking at first sight. What do you personally think of Tzolis? We hear was considered a wonderkid in Greece, Is that true or hype? Also, we've paid for 15+ million of players from PAOK, why have they spent so little themselves? Is Savvidis famous for taking money from the club, or do you find him generous? Because he's SOOO much richer than our owners, it's mad that we got a 'wonderkid' for 10m if it's all true.
  4. Not forgetting he had a gun, of course, surprised you didn't notice that I removed it on that image ..... I hear you don't mess with Pontics, is that true? lol
  5. Ah ok, I did wonder how you differed between the two. As they're quite different. I'm curious, What does this image mean to you?
  6. 'Dominated'?? Or, Do you mean specifically teams that are around us? i.e. when you see players like Sarr at Watford who's supremely athletic. Don't know if it's determined by skin colour really, but if that's an example then yes he's a really good player that I'd love here for sure!
  7. It's how a club should be run. (IMO) You should be raging at the state of football to the FA and Premier League than a club doing it the correct way. We'd be finished as a club if we overspent. Can't even get VAR decisions, so would never count on someone to come rescue us if the board broke away from a self funded model and went for broke.
  8. Strange that, as it's clearly known that P.A.O.K is the multi-sports parent of PAOK FC. You sure you're a fan? They have different badges, different officials and operate it different disciplines of sport.. (i.e. Katsaris is P.A.O.K president vs Savvidis at PAOK FC.) Maybe you just forgot?
  9. Something that I'm always curious about is what the difference is between P.A.O.K and PAOK? And how do you verbally pronounce each to people you speak to, to know the difference?
  10. Yes this site is probably the best 'go to' for up to date articles. I'd also really recommend the talk norwich city youtube page to get a fans perspective and a feel of the local opinions. It's less stuffy and more 'real', shall we say.:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80_TD2kTwqlp_dmhWGF6cw
  11. I was thinking that, but then from an external perspective if you take our two top 'key' performers (Emi/Pukki) out, then indeed one has left and the other is ageing. Add Krul into that pot too, as Gunn didn't look too spectacular. Obviously as fans we know so much more is bubbling away in the younger ranks, but it took me a while to appreciate the view externally.
  12. Quality over quantity mate. Could smash your post count if I wanted. Fancy a wager on who can get to 10k the fastest? You got a 5k headstart but still too scared to take it up i expect. Not that it matters to me anyway, but your measly 6346 posts over a 463 day period is approximately 13.7 Posts a day so 266 days till you get close to 10k at such a sloooooow rate. I'd be banging out like 40+ posts a day on average and slice through your crappy little score like butter. I'd print it out and spit on it it's so rubbish. I'd probably get some like reward too, as my posts would not only be delivering bang on form 'up to date' topper content but also educating the wider community who read. I'd probably be put forward for a nobel prize or something, as scholars would be stood in awe as my posts generated in front of their eyes. So, yeah.. .Don't really care tbh. Plus I've got better things to be doing, don't ask what, but just know they're "better" things than you do.
  13. Fantastic vote idea, love it. Left back was the hardest choice for me, the others were relatively easy decisions. But if I had full options for RB and LB I'd play both Williams and Giannoulis and leave Aarons out. Interesting to see this early that Normann and Kabak have high votes, and they're both players we've barely seen play - Makes you wonder how much they're the default options as we've seen mistakes and poor performances with the others. Emperors new clothes etc.
  14. Look on the brightside, your post count will be a few thousand richer in that time though.
  15. It's an opinion from a rival supporter. I'd say that was pretty tame and not all that wild a claim really. End of the day, we've got a lot of hopefuls here - could be anywhere between the best or the worst team we've had. So early in their progress as yet, we can't really defend them until they've proven it on the pitch and we need to try not to grill them by the same token. If Webber doesn't renew his contract, well... That's our greatest source of uncertainty.
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