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  1. Saw him with his wife by the coast a short while back. Really lovely couple, people with us said he's suffering with dementia poor ****. Not that I want to make you feel bad, of course. But just a shout out to the guy reading his name on here, and with our recent charity match - I didn't really consider the link to football at the time. Used to play against his brother (Paul?) in local football when I was a teen - One of the village teams out Diss way, much older than me, but man were they both tough - Kind of guys where the ball THUDS off their chest. I can imagine Maguire being ever so much that stature in person.
  2. England's No.6 had some real poor England appearances. Not only did he managed to injure himself with England B and we lost him start of season, he had the gaff in the 2010 World Cup, and managed to be one of the only few England keepers to get sent off. You'd say it was more bad luck for him, but at least he had a sense of humour about it all.
  3. Is that definitely him then? I had it in my head that he was a 'marc' for some reason? edit: should've googled first really. Yes, it's definitely him. Weird one, totally out of the blue.
  4. In the same news segment I hear of clubs moving kick off times to minimise energy costs, and there's Watford pissing millions up the wall cause they get bored.
  5. You can imagine the door with a ton of different drill holes where different locks have had to be installed cause the previous occupant never returned the keys!
  6. I bet Southgate's the kind of guy who goes into the Chinese and they have his order waiting before he's even placed it.
  7. You'd think he would do all he could to support his country though, I don't get why players get snobby when not being picked.
  8. Puts things into perspective when you consider he's an U20's player.
  9. Don't think onions and spices are good for Deerhounds. May I suggest, kind sir, that you may have confused the food requirements of the two? As told previously, Staff are the ones that sleep in kennels overnight and s**t in the paddock first thing.
  10. Just don't spill it over anyone kneeling down.
  11. Old-school foul that one. Amazed he didn't see red in the modern game.
  12. If that means garages stop using the term then I'm all for it! Offside rear light my ****, It's the bloody passenger side!! I drive a LHD, any smart-**** reading
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