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  1. I can't help but think of that song at the start of White Christmas reading this title.
  2. When Forshaw came on the pitch it made me think of Tzolis, and how nice good it was when we had technically good players rather than headless chickens. Hopefully Rowe can get back on it, I didn't rate him before season started, but was pleased to be proved wrong in the opening games. I'm now worried that it was a flash in the pan.
  3. You've got to want it for sporting reasons, not financial. Clubs get there for the windfall, and many screw their finances and morals trying to get there.
  4. The amount of times Duffy's willing to get up the field right now I'd bring have preferred to put Duffy up there secondhalf, put Batth at centerback and just throw the ball up the field with Idah playing off him. Would've been more fun to watch, anyway.
  5. Anyone know what's going on here then? Has Attanasio got at least 75% of shares as per that doc? Or is it wrong?
  6. I think we were after Cannon but couldn't compete financially and so jumped on Hwang last minute. He's got some talent there, and better than not getting anyone. However, to get the best from him we need to play him more as a Pukki type I think.
  7. He strikes me as someone who goes 'all in' on his philosophy and refuses to change on that. That will ultimately be his downfall if this continues. The problem is Hwang and Idah are nothing like a suitable replacement for Sarge and Barnes, and Rowe seems to have lost his explosivenes. As a result we just have very little going forward. I just don't know if that stubbornness makes him tactically inept or is just indicative of his character.
  8. Both times he was hit with injuries to be fair, and has the likes of Sainz, Barnes and Sarge all out, who he had looked to build around. I think our current issues are more down to the concerns many had in regards to squad depth, and on that front people need to focus higher up the chain. We've been really unlucky to lose both starting forwards in a matter of weeks, and based on the results before that he deserves to be given a little more slack (imo).
  9. I'm a little suspicious of the boogie still.
  10. If they can score 4 in one half, no reason we can't do the same. Let's have this! Get an early goal and momentum will shift.
  11. Barnes out until November I just had pop up on my phone. Not good, but could be worse. On the positive, as Sarge, Barnes and Sainz return to the squad we will grow stronger.
  12. We have a supporter who will be pedalling down on his Barbie pink bike, is there secure Cycle parking around the ground, and a local Aldi that sells the cheaper, yet quite refreshing, Lucozade sport equivalents? Thanks
  13. Concern if you make it a red is that players may as well just go in with a reckless challenge as it carries the same risk. Most players do it as they haven't the energy to track the player back or wrong sided to attempt a safe challenge, so take the easy option and settle for a card. It is very annoying though and just been allowed to become part of the game, almost like a lifeline. Duffy saw yellow last night for it, and was very blatant.
  14. There's pros and cons to every tactical approach though. We've seen with this approach that we can dominate at high intensity for 20-25 minutes and create a flurry of chances. With Duffy and Gibson in the centre it's clear that our defence is strongest dealing with a threat in front rather than from behind, so that perceived hole in midfield Is perhaps designed to encourage the opposition to occupy that space, and from that we have a set of triggers where we apply the press? Allowing teams that space can be used to slow them down and allow us to track the runners and cover off targets. As we can have players drop back to cover, or those from deep to rush the opponent. There's a lot of overlapping cover in this setup which I really like, both in attack and defence. Coming up against a team like Leicester you're going to get exposed, but if we can set traps and disposes the rest then it's a good approach if you've got finishers and runners to exploit the turn around in advanced positions. Our problem was losing possession, we keep doing it too - Even Gaby is a repeat offender. I could be completely wrong, but that's how I see things. My biggest concern with our central defence is if you've got someone attacking at speed through the middle an runners looking to get behind off that.
  15. I did prefer his approach to keeping the game moving even though I felt a few decisions went unfairly against us. I didn't see what happened with Idah off the ball but he didn't look happy. It's the inconsistency that pisses me off, another week we'll have someone who blows for everything and it leaves players unable to know where the lines are.
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