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  1. Reading this, it’s just made up nonsense you’ve written there that’s totally unfair on the lad, yet it reads further on in this thread that you actually fully believe the nonsense you wrote. Remarkably someone even liked this comment! Sorry to have a go he’s one of our players that hasn’t yet had a proper chance and you have no clue on what’s happening!
  2. There are glaring differences however…. other clubs generally splash lots more cash and try to sign players who can hit the ground running!
  3. Apply that same logic to McLean, Dowell, Sargent, Lees-Melou, Giannoulis and Hayden and it’s going to be a very expensive next summer if we get promoted. Not a sustainable approach in my opinion but seems like they are ploughing on regardless. Time for youth!
  4. Well simply because I am as entitled to comment here as you are and I suspect it won't be too long before you are contradicting yourself with that one. Hardly a moan, just an observation that may or may not be accurate.
  5. I would have too until I saw the reverse and Joma written across the back... spoils the top.
  6. Wonder if our contingent of foreign players are thinking this season is going to be easy! Quite a few fans do it seems. Rude awakening incoming this time!!!
  7. Appreciate that in general play and nothing suggests he can't step up, but a free-kick is uncontested. The goals are all the same size and top corners don't move! Also if the lad can put the ball in dangerous areas, it's all improvements on what we have and frightens opponents.
  8. ... and I applaud that you do justify yourself. Like to think I do also and give valid argument based on what I can glean rationally from the information available. I stick with the point, I don't disagree that its possible he made mistakes but he's very young, he's a kid (still), that has to be expected and if we hadn't took him away from the thriving situation he had going, then he wouldn't have ended up disappointed, unhappy and likely feeling unwanted since Rowe and then Springett came in ahead of him. What's unreasonable about that. We all have views based on limited information since the club understandably don't volunteer explanations.
  9. Might disagree there, our set piece work last season was woeful. This kid has great delivery, a free-kick specialist and is creative in the central areas. He probably is better than what we have, is quite young and has great potential. I'd have him ahead of Dowell!
  10. He's 19 / 20 and very young, Webber and Farke should have known the difficulties a youngster in a foreign country would have before we signed him and also that he wasn't what we needed at the time. The club made all the mistakes that caused the problem. Yes, he has plenty of money but no doubt he would want to play and realistically everyone expected too much from him. He couldn't win unless he hit the ground running off the bat and kept a place in the side which was made more unlikely by the signing of Rashica. That he may have become unhappy, that he may have lost his way and any will as a consequence is not unreasonable or unexpected. You seem very argumentative of late!
  11. This is not the fault of Tzolis, unfair to scapegoat him. It's up to us as a club to scout well, ensure that new players (especially youngsters) settle as quickly as possible and give them opportunity and a chance to thrive. Whether he was good enough or not, anyone given such a contract and chance to play in the EPL would sign it. Not his fault either that we needed experience and players that could contribute immediately and as it happened only Normann of last seasons 9 or so signings fitted that bill. Not his fault that the team turned out so disfunctional that no forward players had any chance of thriving. It was probably a definite that the expectation followed by a lack of involvement would result in him being disappointed with the experience and wanting out! Had we not shown interest, he might have continued a rise to stardom in Greece. The club are responsible for this, not Tzolis.
  12. This isn't even for debate. Onel by a country mile. No use having all that speed without any quality.
  13. I hope Todd turns up next season and does the business for us. Won't happen if he doesn't get rid of his social media mind. 3m Euros, is a reasonable offer at the moment, not a joke. Nothing lately to suggest much value, even 3m constitutes quite a gamble for a non PSG French club! Come on Todd, make something of your ability.
  14. No thanks at any price. 100% player but average quality and will likely spend his later years in the EFL when he finds his level. He just doesn't offer the balance or offensive quality full-backs need in the EPL. Has more chance of developing as a CDM with his skill set and natural defensive tendencies.... He will no doubt retain higher ambitions than the EFL anyway.
  15. If they sign Gareth Bale, with all the euphoria, that will be extra tough!
  16. I seem to take a different view to quite a few although I agree the club will follow a route of immediate promotion and stick with many players that in my view are 1) average EFL players at best and 2) certainly not capable in the EPL where we want to be. All on that list I quoted plus Platcheta fit both categories.... not even McLean is a top Championship player.... he's simply average at that level... he didn't get us promotion last time, Skipp was our driving force in midfield and Buendia was phenomenal. I fear we get promoted again but at present the team is far worse (first-team personnel wise) than the last relegation. We need to reduce the squad anyway and start again, develop a team. That means giving opportunities along with signing a few players as we will no doubt do. For me, we could find a midfielder more productive than McLean for £2-4M who can contribute and develop. We won't be selling McLean for that much that's for sure! Because we don't have much cash, we need to develop a team and we can't do that when players get in the way and in my view all of these are in the way. We certainly have better players than those quoted (except in midfield) to be competitive enough without additions. I don't see what any of them currently offer that is going to make us any more competitive or help us develop a better team.
  17. Who in that list is 'proven'. I suspect you could argue McLean! Zimmermann is always injured.
  18. That is possible but sometimes the dynamic isn't right in certain situations, other teams play differently, the player can't settle. Fact is though that Famewo for example was performing really well for Charlton who had a long run of clean sheets until injury to him and his long time CB partner.... also McCallum is QPR young player of the season apparently. The Cally manager raved about McAlear (he would I suppose) and he did change a number of games plus was ever present. Regardless of the standard, you have to acknowledge these are still young lads with potential to develop further. Time will tell. Rather see us let McLean, Zimmerman, Platcheta, Hugill etc... go mutually than these lads. Yes, I know they have contracts but we really need to be working v.hard on offloading those players.
  19. Ha ha, but seriously.... They are young lads still learning in a tough game, they need to go to teams not under so much pressure for results and ideally teams that have more chance of getting the best out of them. If that's a league lower, fair enough... but we shouldn't be judging them on those loans, especially if that team doesn't play a style consistent with us.... should have them back and if necessary send them on a better level loan next to develop them.
  20. Thing is, they don't even get an opportunity with us. Famewo for example, never been given a chance, McAlear did really well yet we let him go for nothing! McCallum is probably heading the same way. What is the loan manager actually doing, are they the right loans? Would argue Dickson-Peters and Omotoye loans were unsuitable for them, young forwards in relegation battles and consequently likely lacking service and support.
  21. What a mess! Need to establish who is going to be in this team long-term on ability alone and who couldn't hack the EPL.... Rashica stays at all costs, none of this Emi nonsense.... he signed a contract.... Tzolis needs opportunity... Sargent sadly failed and thankfully the loans have gone. The signings have little value, at least Rashica and Tzolis have potential... We need to be concentrating on getting the deadwood out, McLean, Dowell, Zimmermann, Platcheta, Hugill, Sargent and possibly Gibson. Sadly, I suspect they will all be here getting in the way next season.
  22. Now Grant Holt was fantastic, but surely there can't be a debate that Sutton has been our best No. 9.
  23. At what level of football would you actually describe Kieron as luxury. He's not proved anywhere near capable even in the Championship to suggest he's good enough consistently let alone a luxury. A few days ago, most were vilifying this team as useless. All of a sudden we can carry players. How short memories are. Can guarantee everyone Kieron won't be ripping the championship up any time soon.
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