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  1. Where did I state that you are not entitled to your opinion ? I merely questioned the dangerous allegation made in the comment I quoted (racism) I, like many others, have watched Idah and can see that he does not have the requisite skills to play at Championship level. That has nothing to do with his skin colour. And I believe RVW was given a 3 year contract, as was Tzoilis and Rashida. Try to reply to what I axtually post.
  2. Whereas in reality he was removed - subbed off on 60 mins. Which is this side of Xmas. No player has a guanteed place, so any non selection is not a removal. Merely non selection. Once selected a removal can come about by being subbed though. As was Saturday. And I suggest you are on very dodgy ground with your claim that the motive for pointing out Idah's obvious failings are ones of people's prejudices
  3. Rowe looks an ideal replacement. Drop the useless Idah and bring in Gibbs who is versatile to cover as the game dictates. With Idah you would not put an F1 car on the grid because it may be fast enough.................eventually.
  4. bent as a nine bob note, it would seem
  5. The early kick off is down to the previous behaviour of the fans. They do not get a red card. If you must start threads to satisfy some need, try to make them accurate.
  6. They would be starting if they had that ability. The OP was more looking at Bathh, Forshaw and Sainz and wondering if they are ready to start, rather than who in the staring 11 needs replacing.
  7. Imagine being 'threatened by a Charles Hawtrey look alike, with a pair of outsize specs 2740561a-6c2b-4012-a5c4-ce8b74bf3a7e.webp
  8. That was what I as told a few years back. Unfortunately it will not stop the urban myth that us v binners is arranged to allow those in blue to enjoy a 'nice little earner'
  9. Well, they haven't for the past 5 seasons, so I suspect they did not Saturday either
  10. So, any changes to the starting 11 ? Idah, or Hwang. the latter looked like he needs a bit more to get up to speed. The former doesn't look capable of getting up to speed. That Sunderland CB. Maybe in the starting line up, a sort of early Bathh. I can't see him being signed as mere back up. Simililarly, Forshaw. Stacey looked like he was thinking 'this is my time' (mums watching). Called for the ball from pass bloke then followed into the box to see it home. Not often the RB is the furthesr forward when we score, but great to see the players fitting in and exploiting where needed. Not sure how far Sainz is to first team action. Maybe 10 mins at the end.
  11. I think that since the 'bubble' has been used trouble is almost non existent. And with the Rugby SKY wanted to avoid a clash - TV audiences. I suspect these two were lumbered with the late slot in preference to PL games.
  12. I believe these two derby games require away fans to be bussed into the stadium(bus opark outside) and do not allow independent travel car train. Meaning there are not away fans roaming around either city. Whether we would want that I am not too sure. The last time there was an evening game when we humiliayed them 5-1, in 2011. The problem there was in was the night before Good Friday, meaningno worry about a hagover. Which meant large numbers of binners committing the cardinal sin - drinking on an empty head I suspect it will be shifted to the Sunday and scheduled for 12pm/2pm
  13. https://www.skysports.com/football/norwich-city-vs-stoke-city/484768
  14. No. They already look likely to finish in the top two, so any win will prove little as it will be set against our other results. Again, if we lose then it is not going to be something highly unexpected. The litlus test, if that is what it is, was against Rotherham. You have a successful season by grinding out results against the lesser teams. Not slipping up, not looking back and thinking we lost games we should have won. Today being an example. Set off at a fast pace, then slowed down in the 2nd half. But, we did not concede, nor dropped points either. Games against the Leicesters will even themselves out. Some we will win, others not. But the real measure is whether we can keep picking up wins against the 'also rans'.
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