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  1. Yes. I am Bill (who ever that is). Easier that way to avoid the point. And I note that the figure is now 1/2 million. What's a million between friends,eh?
  2. So no evidence. Ah well. I should not have expected a sceptic to back his claims. Further. Having read through all their articles. I can find NO mention of 2or3 million. What I did find was this 'Professor Hunter said that while the 1million-per-day figure was 'theoretically possible', he believes it is too high' from the Daily Mail. What you have done is simply copied something without checking the source. Probably because it suits your agenda. The irony of that will not be lost on most.
  3. Perhaps if you just quoted the relevant part. That might help.
  4. I cannot see any evidence of 2 or 3 million. Did you just make that up?
  5. A question about your specialist subject I see.
  6. You have evidence of where there was talk of 2 or 3 million ?
  7. 'If there was a real lethal virus about then they wouldn't be laying off NHS nurses and care workers' If nothing else. Then a bare faced lie will do.
  8. No. There are Tory seats where their majority was over 50%. I am not sure if it can be taken that all LibDems prefer Labour to the Tories, either. A hung Parliament would mean the usual 'horse trading' Whereby a dozen at the most, would decide what happens. The Torys have held their fire while Johnson made all manner of promises. Lies as it turned out. The party will tear itself apart when trying to sort out it's next leader. Therein also exposes the fallacy of PR. The ERG and others should leave and join the Deform group. Much as the entryists on the left should go. Be honest and stand on what they believe. Not seek to gain control. Through all manner of tricks and deceit. They would be granted seats under PR. To what end? They would both have to align with their respective parties. Or allow the other side to form a government, by default. Johnson is doing immense harm. The longer he stays. The more voters are switching off. Permanently in many cases. Who is then acceptable to voters? Among a very sorry bunch.
  9. Sargrnt is not as bad as made out. He was not fit yesterday. Should not have played. No Idah should be sent out on loan to a LI club. He is not a PL quality player. Kabak should be returned to sender. Likewise Gilmour. Flatters to deceive. Would not object to Aarons playing right middle, He is better at attacking than defending. Should start with Sorensen. Not going to suggest a starring 11. As none of us know who is carrying a knock. But I will state how the f*ck was that not a penalty? Mclean being pulled down.
  10. That hatred and fear was there for quite a while before. The loony right have been able to play on it. For their own ends. However there needs to be a point of delivery. In our case Brexit. That was never possible. And it has already unravelled. And as the economy suffers as a consequence, rising inflation taxes and cut backs will lead to growing discontent. It will split the Tories. Between those who want even more madness. And those who want to reign back. Isolating yourself. Cutting yourself off from the world dies not work. Your isolationism policy eventually failed. It will fail here also. In the US the same will follow. The Republicans will tear themselves apart. Not exactly over the same questions. But it will be between moderates and the swivelled eyed loons. Look at the reaction to Trump and vaccination. Vaccination is merely Darwins law.
  11. No goals in four games. So he brings in 'no Idea'. Is Cantwell really that bad. Worse than Placheta or Sargeant?
  12. I think it's a case of the 'useful idiots' not being able to accept they were lied to. They were used. And have now been hung out to dry. No sunny uplands. No 40 deals on day one or even an over ready deal. Fishermen were deceived. As are farmers, exporters, small businesses and hauliers. It will get worse as the years go by.
  13. The UK becomes more isolated. As EU students turn their back on the UK: 'Post-Brexit changes to Britain’s immigration rules have triggered an unprecedented collapse in bookings for school trips from the continent, organisers say, with countries such as Ireland and the Netherlands now more popular than the UK.' 'Continental schools typically sent about a million pupils to the UK each year on organised trips, Jones said, with France and Germany alone accounting for 850,000. But for the February to June season, it was now clear that schools across the continent had “completely abandoned the UK for other countries”, she said." https://www.theguardian.com/education/2021/dec/26/school-trips-to-uk-slump-brexit
  14. Starmer needs to keep quiet, put his feet up and let Johnson do the work for him. Eight (or is it nine) point lead. A Labour majority of 28 (more with tactical voting).
  15. And on Boxing Day you can go back to peddling your racist lies.
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