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  1. All those runs Sargent made and yet nobody seemed to want to pass to him!
  2. If this was a boxing bout it would have been stopped before now. USA far superior….
  3. It’s not all bad news. At least Hayden is now playing regularly….staying ‘injury free’ …and shoring up our porous defence.
  4. Middlesbrough looked a far, far better team than Norwich. How long has Carrick been in charge? Amazing what a difference a good manager makes….
  5. 23rd competitive match of the season and this is it? Shocking! Too many players who think they are better than they are, coupled with a manager unfit for purpose = this shower of sh*te!
  6. Whatever the result today, we have had firm confirmation….…… ….we aren’t very good.
  7. I think anytime we keep a clean sheet with Gibson in the back four needs to be celebrated as the miracle it clearly is, whether that generates one point or three…..
  8. Maybe the plan should be to play Byram in the first half to give more defensive rigidity and play Aarons in the second half with the brief to offer attacking threat to a potentially tiring defence. Injuries aside, both players know they can fire on every cylinder for a 45 minute spell.
  9. At least to provide some fresh impetus. He should be chomping at the bit.
  10. QPR seem to have at least two more players than us. Has anyone done a head count?
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