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  1. So we are going to end up the only promoted club to be relegated. Has this happened to any other club that has gone up as champions?
  2. Brilliant from Hernandez. Let’s hope he’s moved into a bungalow....
  3. I think Cantwell can prove to be a great asset next season - I don’t understand why he is dismissed so readily.
  4. .....and that sums up the season..... VAR offside......concede a goal.
  5. Farke will have to perform one of his so-called miracles to shake off the losing mentality of this group of players ahead of the new season. It’s bad enough being relegated...but the way they have gone down is numbing.
  6. Assuming the result ends as expected, we have now lost every match that Klose has started. Unsurprising or coincidence?
  7. The whole season summed up in 45 minutes... S***e!
  8. Jesus wept! Solanke set up for the fourth by a Leicester player... Unbelievable! It still won’t save than.
  9. Bournemouth have had more luck in 35 minutes of football than we have had for the entire season so far.
  10. Zonal marking has failed time and time again.
  11. I fail to see how we cannot play three central defenders (injuries apart) when we have two ultra-attacking full-backs. They were two of our best attacking options last season, and their contribution to attacks is clearly stronger than their defending. Give them license and let one of the three centre-backs cover behind them.
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