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  1. “We really aren’t very good” ”Wesley was awful” ”Wes is rubbish” ”We look dull” ”We lack pace....Passing was awful all game” ”I cannot believe how bad our passing was and everybody was culpable” ” There are very few goals in this team as things stand” ”Dull and slow. So slow” Just some of the negative comments from Villa fans after their recent home match against West Ham. At least one supporter recognises that “It is early days...” , however, he continues...” but I think we will need to be spending big money in the January window to keep us up” !! There’s doing it ‘the Fulham way’, and then there’s doing a Fulham x2! It would appear that the expectations of many Villa fans that they would be challenging for European places are evaporating fast.
  2. unique

    Where do we go from here?

    Let’s not forget that Aarons was injured after giving a MOM performance for the England U21s. Lewis and Aarons have the heaviest workload in the team, and have both embraced the PL impressively. Aarons is our number one right-back, and Byram is shaping up to be a terrific deputy.
  3. Has there ever been such a vast differential in the cost of two teams playing against each other since the inception of the PL?
  4. unique

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    These injuries suck. Byram is no substitute for Aarons.
  5. This is the sort of game that is crying out for Hernandez and Roberts on the bench. Our bench doesn’t’ look ‘game-changing’.
  6. unique

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    That tackle from Freeman looked little different to Buendia’s last season.
  7. unique


    Shearer isn’t a premier league quality pundit. Not sure why the BBC keep employing him on MOTD. He would be better served on CBBC.....and even that is debatable.....
  8. unique


    It would have been nice to have remained ‘ under the radar ‘ for a little while longer. I guess Pukki’s hat-trick has put paid to that.
  9. “ We were like a thunderstorm........we created many lightenings, but only had one lightening strike. “ Will our manager fast become a media darling?
  10. unique


    Cantwell would appear to have taken full advantage of training daily with players that ooze quality. He has started the season brilliantly, and Onel’s absence should give him a good run in the team. His confidence must be sky high.
  11. unique

    Tomorrow’s national papers!

    Only three teams better than their average??
  12. Savage doesn’t need to say anything. He’s just a dinosaur like the rest of them.
  13. unique

    Injury news

    Pukki needs to be wrapped in cotton wool from match day to match day. If only Hernandez was as enamoured with bungalows as he is with Argos!
  14. Jeez! What a crappy start to the season... Zimmerman...Klose....Drmic....Hernandez...Idah... Starting to look light at the back AND front.....
  15. Klopp pretty impressed with Norwich....and he should know....