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  1. It was his daft pass to Sara in a potentially dangerous area that led to the problem.
  2. We’ll be playing Leicester’s first team after a few more substitutions.
  3. It’s the weak-willed passing and the weal-willed challenges that is worrying the weak-willed fans…….
  4. Our main source of goals this season? There we’re plenty ahead oh him in a forlorn queue.
  5. We’ll all be crying out for Idah before long, Gibbs can be such a lightweight. If Gibson slows the game down by putting his foot on the ball, you know a mis-placed pass is imminent……
  6. This is ripe for Vardy to come on second-half and get one of our clowns sent off……
  7. Deserved for Leicester. Our players have switched into moronic mode….
  8. Our final ball and decision-making around the opposition box, much like Saturday,, is well below par.
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