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  1. Swansea playing poorly yet are ridiculously lucky......soft penalties galore.
  2. Vrancic has neither the speed or stamina to play Sat / Wed / Sat / Wed. I thought he looked knackered after ten minutes against Brentford. Better to bring him on after 60 minutes when the opposition are tiring. He is clearly not an ‘80minutes’ player. His shooting has been woeful, but some of his passing has been exquisite. His minutes just need managing.
  3. Vrancic should be taken off. He’s well capable of a miss-timed challenge.
  4. We are so often poor at the start of the second-half. Need to be ‘on it’ from the start.
  5. Vrancic just isn’t quick enough for our press. Missing Cantwell.
  6. There is no hypothesis. We won’t get Skipp. Skipp is undoubtedly the biggest reason why the defence is conceding fewer goals.
  7. Unfortunately, the better Skipp plays, the less likely he’ll ever pull on another Norwich jersey once the season ends. The mess Spurs are in at the moment ensures his recall ahead of next season. For all Hanley and Gibson’s improvements, Skipp is the overwhelming reason why the defence is performing better than that of two seasons ago. He will leave a massive hole in the team which the club will do well to fill.
  8. Farke doesn’t seem to trust any of his squad outside the usual starting 11 or 12 players. Not even enough to give them 20 or 30 minutes.
  9. Exactly this. The main reason we are conceding fewer goals in the championship this season is Skipp + one other, not because the defenders are any better than two seasons ago. I believe we could create more problems for the opposition if we played three at the back and made more use of Aarons’ and Sorensen’s(?) attacking intent. Hernandez and Plachetta are not offering much at the moment, so just use the wingbacks and pack the centre with creativity. I realise Zimmerman is rather suspect, but we need to get back to scoring goals. Having said all that, we are a squad lacking goal scorers. Whatever formation we put out, Buendia and Pukki are our only reliable source of goals.
  10. There will be no problem buying a striker if we don’t go up....... The income from the sorry sale of Buendia and Aarons should bring in £65m at the very minimum.
  11. I hope there were some substantial add-on clauses to Ben Godfrey’s sale price. The way Everton fans are eulogising over him suggests we let him go far too cheaply.
  12. I believe Buendia is as close to ‘indispensable’ as you can get. Results when he is absent prove that. I would argue that Buendia is the most talented footballer to wear the Norwich shirt. Not only is he the most creative player in the squad, but often the most hard working. He always wants the ball, and if this means chasing back, harrying and tackling, he will. The danger is that those tackles will, from time to time, produce yellow cards, which then put him on the precipice of a red. Buendia is far from a dirty player, it is only frustration that can get the better of him, as well as the constant niggling fouls that are made on him. It should also be underlined that Pukki is a far less potent goal scorer when Buendia isn’t present. Watching Norwich will never be the same again when he is gone.
  13. It gives us an insight how our promotion push would have progressed had he been sold in the transfer window. It also shows us the little value in getting promoted if we end up selling him in the summer - and there will be enormous pressure to do so, promoted or not.
  14. An out-of-form Pukki is far more dangerous than Adam Idah.
  15. Line drawn. No reason not to go five wins on the bounce for the rest of February. No more tippy tappy in training - shooting practice only.
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