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  1. unique

    Sinani signed

    That’s assuming somebody manages to find him.
  2. unique

    Is it really possible

    Do you write for The Telegraph?
  3. unique

    match thread

    It would appear that Duda offers absolutely nothing to the side, with Rupp not far behind him.
  4. unique

    match thread

    It appears that both Aarons and Lewis are spending far more time in the opposition half much as they did last season. They both seem to have regained their attacking confidence, which played a major part to Norwich’s promotion.
  5. unique

    match thread

    Whatever happens, I suspect tonight’s match has cost us points on Saturday.
  6. unique

    match thread

    Hmmm? Extra-time..... I see that of all the PL teams playing in the FA Cup this week, Norwich have been afforded the least recovery time before the weekend matches.
  7. unique

    match thread

    Cantwell has become a terrific player for Norwich. Far more spark and invention than either Rupp or Vrancic.
  8. Thanks Bob - appreciate your comments. I’m guessing you’ve spent most of the season in dreamland?
  9. What match were you watching???
  10. Godfrey’s crossfield passes to Aarons are nothing short of brilliant. Great pass to assist the assisted.
  11. Aarons superb - what an engine! .Buendía MOTM.....showing exactly why he has to play every game.
  12. McLean is one helluva liability at times.
  13. Duda seems to be blunting Emi’s attacking intent. Duda off for anyone.
  14. unique

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Not only has Farke effected the least change in a match in his limited use of substitutions in the PL this season, but he must have surely offered the least inspirational half-time team talks through the entire season. He hasn’t done his squad any favours by accepting 20th spot since the start of the season. If he ever gets another crack at the PL, I hope he takes huge lessons from his shortcomings this season.
  15. unique

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Miracles are finally starting to happen....... ...two substitutes given more than 30 minutes a piece. Is the tide turning?