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  1. unique

    Match Night Thread -

    Norwich had the most difficult set of opening fixtures, the worst set of injuries that could of befallen a newly promoted side, players playing out of position virtually from the first game, and a complete loss of confidence as a consequence. They haven’t exactly been dealt a fair hand this season.
  2. unique

    Match Night Thread -

    Corner aside, Cantwell has looked far more influential than Buendia, in just a few short minutes.
  3. unique

    Match Night Thread -

    Buendia has certainly proved a liability this season.
  4. It is a must win for both sides. A draw is of no consequence to either team. If City lose, then it will be hard to shake off the tag of ‘ PL whipping boys’.
  5. unique

    What’s the problem?

    The biggest problem has been that Farke’s hands have been well and truly tied. The punitive injury list has forced him to play players out of position and unable to try out any ‘Plan B’. Maybe three central defenders and two of Amadou/Tettey/Trybull would have allowed Lewis and Aarons more freedom to attack, which was a key element to our success last season. Sheffield United have started well. But if Farke had been able to start all eleven games with the same seven defensive players, losing the first one to an injury after 78minutes yesterday, then I’m sure they would have built up a better understanding, gained confidence, and shipped fewer goals. And if they hadn’t, we would know for sure that the current group of players are not good enough for the PL.
  6. unique

    We do this every time

    Sheffield United’s 7 defensive players have started every game this season. 5 have played every minute of every game. Lundstram has been subbed off twice, Basham four times. Both players have missed a little over 30 minutes over the first ten games. Playing the same defensive unit for 10 consecutive games has given them a massive advantage compared to Norwich’s miserable run of defensive injuries..
  7. unique

    Could AD be our AC??

    Pukki is the key to our survival. Our success last season was built around Pukki playing as a single striker. I’m not sure the runs he makes and the positions he gets into would be helped by having another striker alongside him. I haven’t a clue what the stats are but Pukki seems to be the ‘ least caught offside ‘ striker ever to wear the Norwich shirt, which is testament to his effectiveness as a single striker.
  8. unique


    Norwich have three goalkeepers, four central defenders and three defensive midfielders in their squad. Seven out of ten were missing yesterday. Of the three who played, one was making his PL debut, one is about to undergo a hernia operation, and the third is clearly having to play OOP. Although the passing and general play was not good enough, there are not many PL teams that would not struggle were they to encounter such an injury crisis. It’s all very well saying that injuries don’t come into it, but if everybody was fit I’m not sure either Godfrey or Amadou would currently be selected.
  9. unique

    Match thread

    Look on the bright side - we can all avoid MOTD tonight..........
  10. unique

    Match thread

    Total humiliation. This is as bad as it will get, right?
  11. unique

    Match thread

    The Man City game seems a long, long time ago......0 goals scored and 8 conceded ago..... Has it had a bad effect on the players’ mentality?
  12. Fair to say a tad disappointing so far? Is the PL a step too far for him, or can he come good?
  13. 1) Danny Drinkwater 2) Nobody 3)4)5)6)7)8)9) Nobody That’s it. Just the one injured player. Let’s see what happens at Carrow Road if the injury situation is reversed......
  14. unique

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    Unfortunately today’s result was called correctly by all the pundits, which sadly means we were all too predictable.
  15. Six games into the season I would say that just Pukki, Buendia and Lewis (no genuine replacement) have proved themselves an automatic selection for the season. Cantwell will no doubt suffer burn out, Godfrey is still learning, and Zimmermann is still unproven in the Pl, but apart from P, B & L, the rest of the squad seem very much interchangeable.