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  1. Let’s hope so……it’s only Chelsea next week….
  2. No Tzolis…no Rashica…..no Cantwell….no flair……few chances to score, potentially…..….…… …….how depressing……
  3. Irrespective of who you support, when news like this breaks, it always touches a nerve. I am sure we, as Norwich City fans, wish him well with his treatment and recovery.
  4. At least he will be playing PL football next season, even if it’s only occasionally.
  5. Fixture timing can be helpful. West Ham played in European competition on Thursday and I don’t know how much rotation took place.
  6. His distribution has been woeful, and his efforts at preventing the goals have looked a touch feeble.
  7. Exactly how much did we pay for Gunn? What exactly did Man City see in him?
  8. If our relegation is to be swift and painful, his name should be first on the team sheet!
  9. If we can keep this down to two goals conceded, I think everyone on here has to agree that ‘three at the back’ can be considered a success….
  10. With just over 30 minutes left it gives Farke an opportunity to bring Kabak on and experiment with six at the back….
  11. This could turn out to be a good result….….…… …….we can fully focus on getting relegated….
  12. I blame Hanley. why commit the foul on the half-way line? FFS
  13. Just when you think things can’t get any worse……..
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