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  1. Our success at set pieces next season solely rests with whether Sara stays or goes. No other player comes close to the consistent accuracy of Sara’s deliveries.
  2. Only it wasn’t hindsight, was it? The evidence was there in plain sight from the previous matches. Kane should have been nowhere near the starting eleven.
  3. So what do all the knowledgeable Kane fanboys have to say about his latest performance? Plummeting to new depths, I dare say……
  4. Watkins has looked livelier and more dangerous in five minutes than Kane has in five matches. Kane has been a millstone around England’s neck all tournament. England have progressed in spite of Kane, and not because of him. He doesn’t look fit and has been well off the pace. His propensity for dropping into midfield at every given opportunity lends itself to the fact that England barely trouble the opposition goalkeeper in every match they play.. Let’s not forget that England had five penalty scorers without needing Kane. Southgate will start him on Sunday, I very much doubt England will win whilst Kane is on the pitch, if he continues to play the way he has been…..
  5. Bullard is a cracking golfer and a top bloke. Check out his golfing challenge matches on YouTube if you’re into golf and enjoy his banter…
  6. Exactly right! He played a very straight bat. Fair play!
  7. Brighton, as a club, are far too sophisticated for McKenna - no way will this happen.
  8. We bring it upon ourselves, I’m afraid. We will be the prime example, in the following years, for managers and clubs that reach the play-offs, on how not to approach the home and away legs when a game at Wembley is at stake…..
  9. If keeping Sara, Sainz, Rowe, Sargent and Nunez meant keeping Wagner….would you stick with Wagner?
  10. You have to hand it to Barnes……he never stops huffing and puffing……
  11. You’re being too kind……it should be far, far more……..
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