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  1. Having just taken up a role in Oman, I thought I’d go to the bar and take in the Arab Cup game between Oman and Qatar. Was looking good for an unexpected point for Oman til the 97th minute intervention of the dreaded VAR! The Qatari centre forward headed against the underside of the bar, ball bounced down and to me looked like it wasn’t completely over the line. The ref waved play on, and then to everybody’s astonishment after a full minute of play, awarded the goal! To say the Omani’s were devastated would be an understatement, especially as, as soon as they restarted the ref blew the final whistle! Guess where this tournament is taking place too? Yep, Qatar!!!
  2. Yes I have, but I don’t put all the vitriol on social media or a forum like the idiots on here. Do you think all the vitriol helps?
  3. As I said, 2 sides to every story and people don’t know what went on so made **** up. Strange how Gilmour and Cantwell both came back in yesterday and things changed. A lot of the problem was Farke, I said before he had fallen out with them both and got that from a member of Todd’s family. As someone else mentioned on here, maybe fans could get behind TC because on his day he is the best player at the club, but too many fans are acting the way they are actually criticising Todd for behaving, which is a bit ironic really!
  4. Why the **** do so many of our so called fans hate him so much? Its disgraceful what is said about him on this forum tbh. There are two sides to every story and yet sad so called fans make up so much bull it’s unreal. Call yourself fans? You’re a ****ing disgrace
  5. Is that you finally admitting Farke was out of his depth at this level
  6. For Gods sake why can’t you move on from the past Lakey? Farke, Vrancic if you love them so much go and follow their careers at wherever they are! THEY ARE THE PAST! GET OVER IT!
  7. Wasn’t talking about Sargent, I was talking about the pressing, something Farke didn’t get right, even you have to admit that surely?
  8. Something your beloved Farke failed to sort though, wasn’t it? Now can you accept we have a far better EPL manager please
  9. But he spoke very positively about what he wants to do, no negativity about us not being able to beat teams like your beloved Farke kept saying!
  10. What utter bollox that woman speaks! If you were hoping Farke would win the game why did you have a face that told otherwise during the game!
  11. How? Please explain as he clearly isn’t a downgrade on Farke at all!
  12. A really good appointment I feel, so much better than the unknown guy from Norway or the glitz that Lampard would bring! Has a good reputation in football, anybody who can sort out Grant Holt is great in my book! Welcome Deano and good luck for the future! OTBC!
  13. So despite TWO woeful seasons under Farke in the top flight you think he could have turned us into a top 17 club? You obviously don’t know about his record at the other clubs where promotion was always followed by relegation
  14. I’d rather have Webber running the club than the clowns on here! Does anyone truly know what has gone on other than Webber himself? It’s great when people claim to know yet clearly don’t know what’s gone on
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