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  1. But it isn’t over the season is it? It hasn’t happened, it’s easy to say it’s this or that but the fact is we are where we are, the table doesn’t lie and the whole of Wagner tenure has been poor really. We lost 7 in 9 earlier in the season, so what does that turn out over 46 games? You can twist stats to back up what you say any way you want to but the fact is we haven’t won enough games under Wagner at all.
  2. It’s why I don’t bother watching football on tv anymore, too much over analysing. I just want to see the action for goodness sake!
  3. A wage cap for all players have to have a minimum of 10 home grown players in a match day squad Offside only in the penalty area Controversial I know but think these would help the game become more enjoyable for all
  4. No different to keyboard warriors who tell everyone what they should be doing really is it? You really think you are so high and mighty don’t you?
  5. You really are a hypocrite at times aren’t you? You’ve been as vocal as anyone about getting rid of Wagner and you criticise others?
  6. Is Wagner gonna apologise for all the dire crap he’s served up this season too?
  7. Greetings from the Middle East!! Bundesliga for me please and it’s Dortmund to beat Wolfsburg For our game a red card anytime please
  8. And Ratcliffes Man United takeover has been approved within less than three months! Something doesn’t seem quite right with the so called Attanasio takeover
  9. When an inept head coach makes substitutions that cost us two points!
  10. And you can’t even spell your ex players name right ffs! It’s Colback
  11. If Stacey had been ill leading up to the game then why the hell wasnt Fisher named as a sub? Another strange decision from the Clueless German!
  12. Another loan signing keeping the bench warm! Why does Wagner continually do this?
  13. Bryan Gunn when he tried to kick Ullathornes back pass at Portaloo Road all those years ago and missed the ball completely!
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