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  1. It hasn’t been the greatest World Cup footballing wise, but it’s certainly thrown up some real shock results! Which is next, Australia to beat Argentina or Senegal to beat England?
  2. The coverage over here focussed on him blubbing after the final whistle for a good 3 minutes
  3. If you can’t find it try this one please, Serie B, Ternana to win at Venezia
  4. Waking up here to the news Germany have crashed out in the groups, just as I predicted after seeing them struggle to beat Oman! Sweet!
  5. Have to congratulate Lukaku on single handedly knocking his country out! How has he missed so many easy chances?
  6. Greetings all from a very warm Oman I’m going a bit left field this week and going to pick from Gibraltar, second in the table EUROPA FC to beat 2nd bottom College 1975 FC for the BTTS bet I’m going for League 2 with Stevenage v Barrow Good luck to all my fellow PUPs and start praying for warmer weather as I come home for Christmas in 2 weeks!!
  7. Interesting to see Kenny stating the obvious in his interview that we haven’t been good enough and should have more points than we currently have
  8. Interesting article in the Mirror that reckons our 2 refs, Taylor and Oliver, and the Dutch guy Makkalele, have been deliberately overlooked for games due to the way we have been over the One Love issue. I wonder if they will get a game soon or just come home, especially as the guy in the Saudi match from Brazil was on his second game. Also mentioned it was strange to pick 2 women officials on the list and they haven’t had a game yet either other than as 4th officials
  9. Greetings from the Middle East where football fever has hit! For me it’s the FACup this weekend with Wrexham to beat Farnborough and BTTS is Shrewsbury v Peterborough good luck everyone!
  10. Told everyone on here the Germans were poor when I watched them Labour to a narrow win over Oman, but many said no they come good in tournaments
  11. I watched the game live here in Oman, I’ve never heard a commentator like the Arab guy today! He went absolutely mad when Saudi scored their goals but best of all was, once Saudi were winning and Argentina were attacking all he could say was 5hit, 5hit, 5hit
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