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  1. No they just hate watching dour, uninspiring football when we have Bellingham, Saka, Foden, Palmer, Eze in the squad. That game was crying out for a Maddison or Grealish.😄
  2. Cole Palmer the form English player at the end of the season - not kicked a ball so far.
  3. Inept. Southgate is way out of his depth at this level. must be hard to make Bellingham, Foden, Rice look very average.
  4. The Tory party generally lives in a long forgotten Empirical past. The rest of us have to live in the current day. The two are way too far apart these days.
  5. So the binners have Liverpool at home followed by Man City away. -10 goal difference after 2 games? 😁
  6. Italy at the last Euros as well. You could also argue that Portugal, and Spain....so thats the last 4 tournaments.
  7. Better teams will score goals against our defence. We can't just invite pressure against France/Germany/Portugal etc.
  8. Despite Reform's strong showing in polls, i believe they are still predicted to win, at most, 1 seat.
  9. And just to add i am not a Labour supporter at every election. I vote with what i believe is right for the way forward. We have lived through the years since the Brexit vote was set in motion of a system full of lies, corruption and basically misappropriation of taxpayers monies by those in Office. That has to stop and the only way that will change is by a different Party in power.
  10. I would guess MPs are also subject to slightly different rules re: public access to their registered residence details for security reasons. We have already had one right wing nut job murder an MP for no reason other than he disagreed with her.
  11. From the Electoral Commission's website: Does temporary absence or presence affect residency? Being resident for registration purposes does not require actual occupation of the qualifying address on the relevant date.1
  12. Its always a sign of a failing political party when they blame everyone and anyone else but themselves for the state of the Nation, even though every law and policy over the last 13 years was instigated by them and them alone. I suspect there is a strong possibility the current Government may win so few seats, it will be a struggle to come back from it without a complete overhaul.
  13. Pointless arguing with someone who is blind to facts, laws and reality. Its everything to do with tax law. Otherwise what did she lie about?
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