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  1. No one gets relegated at the start of November. A win would be a huge confidence booster and three points but losing will not see our season over.
  2. duke63

    £34 million loss

    Reading through the accounts last night, they don't make good reading. There is no doubt that a club like City cannot do things any other way than Webber's model. My guess is that the first Championship club to go bust and not return is not very far away. Look at Bolton.
  3. duke63

    £34 million loss

  4. In one year. Now you know why we don't have bags of cash to spend.
  5. duke63

    Mainstream praise comes flooding in

    162. Posted by Rutland23 on 4 hours ago Classic commentary yesterday on the radio 'Jesus is just about to come on,' if was 3-1 to Norwich at this point. The other commentator then piped in with 'I think he's going to need his dad's help for this one!'
  6. duke63

    Alex Tettey

    When Tettey came in last season was when the results started to improve. We do need a player with that skill set to sit in front of the central defenders. Leitner and Trybull don't fit that bill, IMHO.
  7. duke63

    Player Ratings

    10 for every player. They were all exceptional.
  8. Play off final v Middlesboro is up there, simply because of the way we dominated the game. As as a standard Premier League game tho, this is right up there. Our win was no lucky fluke. We deserved it. Edit- just seen the Carrow Road bit. Probably celebrating a bit too much.
  9. duke63

    Maguire £80 million!

    So Godfrey will be worth £100 million this time next year then.
  10. duke63

    Palace to bid £10m for Max

    They can have his left boot for that. the old one he used last season.
  11. duke63

    New Kit???

    Are supporters really that bothered by who made the kit? Surely it what it looks like that is important. I like the fact ours are different to anyone else. No doubt most of them are made in the same place regardless of manufacturer.
  12. duke63

    Frank Lampard

    Can anyone show me where an ex player has had great success as a a manager at the same club? He struggled at Derby, IMHO. They had arguably the best squad in the league, certainly one of the highest spenders and Derby got nowhere near automatic promotion. Another gone by the end of the season.
  13. duke63

    Villa or Derby?

    I don't either come close to us in style of play and ability TBH.
  14. duke63

    Harry Wilson

    Undoubted talent but looks a long way from the finished article. Both him and Mount seem to make some very poor decisions at times.
  15. duke63

    Iwan Day at Crewe

    The current team would have been proud of that goal. Great passing and movement.