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  1. It was at that point as we quaffed a few beers. Drimic missing an absolute sitter.
  2. .. was the last time City played in front of a full crowd.
  3. Hopefully Colin's rant will see the next few Swansea refs even things up a bit.
  4. Giannoulis is also starting to look the part. Looks to be a great addition. Everyone puts a shift in, whether they are on for 5 minutes or 95.
  5. This one: One of Fleckie's best ever strikes.
  6. Skipp is clearly a step up on two years ago. He is a big part of our defensive resolve. Sadly not our player.
  7. Championship is more fun because we win matches on a regular basis. However, I like the way the club is currently being run and at some point i think we will have a decent chance of making a promotion stick. Then we can see if we can move to the next level. Regardless I don't want to see reckless spending and would hope that financially we do not risk too much. Get it wrong and the club ends up like Ipswich, Sunderland and Portsmouth.
  8. Training Ground? Who knew they ever did any training the way they are playing!
  9. I cannot see more than a few thousand fans being let back in this season...and i doubt even that will happen. Even next season i'm not sure we will see full stadiums til Spring 2022. There is no way they can allow this to run out of control again.
  10. So many experts here. Its time Klopp was sacked too. Not only do his team not score but they let one in as well.
  11. Wish him all the best. Flying to the West Indies in December was never a good idea and should really have not been allowed to happen.
  12. I would much rather have Emi playing for us with his temperament issues than playing for Arsenal without them. That said I thought he was unlucky today. Boro players got him sent off with their play acting.
  13. Roy Keane suggested yesterday Sheff Utd were the worst Premier League team he has ever seen. Souness seemed to agree with him. Bar about 6 clubs, all the current premier league will be relegated at some point or other in the future. It only takes, a bad decision, some bad luck, a run of injuries and most of them would be in trouble.
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