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  1. duke63

    Iwan Day at Crewe

    The current team would have been proud of that goal. Great passing and movement.
  2. duke63

    Sunday Sun

    The Sunday Sun, that well known font of all knowledge.
  3. duke63

    Parking at Villa?

    Park in Brum City centre and catch a train to the ground.
  4. Shame out last game wasn’t at Poorman Rd. can you imagine how that would have felt being crowned Champions there with the paupers being relegated.
  5. Still they have Southend to look forward too....maybe!
  6. That's another local derby L1pswich wont be having next year.
  7. duke63


    Will TWTD become a property website for when they build houses on Poorman Road?
  8. duke63

    Bamford charged🙂

    Has he been charged with simulating a footballer?
  9. duke63


    And fair play to Ipswich today. They didn’t roll over at Sheffield and gave it a go.
  10. Let us not forget the Naismith saga. We have brought in some complete wastes of space in recent promotions in an attempt to compete. I would like to see the current squad (plus just a few additions in the same mould) given a chance TBH. They have won that right.
  11. Let's make today the day. Let's roar them on to victory and hopefully promotion.
  12. Every other team in the League would love to swap places with us right now...including Leeds.
  13. duke63

    You won’t get a ticket says Paul

    I think he is going for the hat trick of relegations next season. Premier League - 2017/18 Championship - 2018/19 League One - 2019/20 ??????
  14. Ref initially started to play on and then changed his mind. It was fortunate that the **** had gone off injured when the offside goal happened as i am sure he would have changed his mind on that one too. Worst ref i have seen in a long time. Wigan's time wasting and play acting was atrocious and i don't think he ever pulled them up on it once.
  15. duke63

    Sheffield Utd’s woes

    One of them is. Saturday 27th April 2019 Championship Sheff Utd 17:15 Ipswich