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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8159281/Premier-League-clubs-want-season-CANCELLED.html ALL clubs have to plan for next season one way or another. None can finish playing one and then start another.
  2. Realistically i cannot see football being important enough to be played again until September/October time.
  3. I see Leeds have agreed a deferral on players wages. Sounds like financially they are balanced right on the edge of the precipice.
  4. The furloughed salaries to be repaid by the Government is up to a maximum of £2,500 per month per person. It would be political suicide for any Govt to promise to cover footballers high wages whilst many others are limited to the basic wage pacakage offered to all other companies. Playing just half the matches next season whilst completing this season means they would lose half of next season's money but still receiving the 25% of outstanding monies for completing this season. That makes no financial sense at all. A football club is like any other business, if the cannot pay their players wages, they will either have to make them redundant or come to some agreement about only paying percentage of their salary. Its football's moment to put its finances back in order and back in the real world.
  5. duke63

    EPL new plan

    There will be a significant wealth tax have to be applied the world over to pay for the damage this pandemic has done if it goes on for many months. As much as we all love our football, in the scheme of things right now, it's not very important.
  6. duke63

    Eddie Howe - wise words

    I wonder if Sky (and all the other TV companies around the world) and thus the PL will say to teams you have only played 29 of 38 games so you will only get 29/38 of the money for this season? That will make our transfer policy look like genius and i bet there are a number of PL clubs currently concerned that may happen (which is why we hear this insistence of finishing the season) and financial fall out as a result.
  7. I believe PL rules state that if there are no matches for 60 days then the season is null and void. I suspect that might well happen now. I can't see how they can delay the end of season til the summer, as the new season would start as soon as this one ends. It would be impossible to plan for that.
  8. FA Cup every time. It's something any fan would remember for the rest of their life whereas PL the best we could ever hope for is a top half finish.
  9. duke63


    To me he would make a better defensive midfielder. He is strong and quick and can use the ball well. It has to be worth trying him there now.
  10. duke63

    Possible postponement

    Public safety will be the criteria used to decide if the match goes ahead.
  11. duke63

    Norwich 0-9 Liverpool

    Looking at the forecast for match time, I think there is a fair chance it will be postponed.
  12. Best we can ever hope for as a City fan these days is an FA Cup win. Its the one thing i want to see before i pop off this mortal coil. Been two two FA Cup semis and we didn't really turn up in either. My poor Dad ( now sadly no longer with us) went to all three we have played in.
  13. duke63

    Tonights relegation games

    Unless we win 7 games it doesn't really matter what anyone else does.
  14. duke63

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    I often wonder what does make some people actually smile and enjoy football. We won in a game we desperately needed to win. Rather that than another top performance but a defeat. Imagine the pressure on Bournemouth now.
  15. Even teams like Spurs are now looking to loan players to avoid FFP rules. Eventually the money bubble will burst and then the **** really will hit the fan for many clubs.