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  1. The guy running this parody account isnt patron of the FA though.
  2. If his goal scoring and crossing was elite, he would be at or near the top of our goal scoring/assist charts for last season. Especially considering we scored so few. He wasn't. He is not elite level at anything at this stage, other than underwhelming after a large transfer. Time away will hopefully help him develop and come back to us a competent player that can be integrated into the team.
  3. Here's a hypothetical scenario... Let's say that Ramsey is no better than Rowe, but we loan out Rowe for a full season starting for a top league 1 team before the window closes. Ramsey contributes a bit but doesnt nail down a regular spot in the same way that Rowe probably would do here this year. At the same time, Rowe plays 40 games, scores some goals, gets some assists and takes a developmental leap over the next season down in league 1. End of the year, Ramsey goes back to Villa, Rowe comes in upgrading the squad and we have not had a significant financial outlay. Works all round, and should Ramsey actually nail down a starting spot and contribute, then we win even more.
  4. By regurgitating a twitter account. @NCFC_Transfers posted this about half hour before he did.
  5. Its more the fact that he has changed numbers from last season, to take one of the more prestigious squad numbers. If they were actively trying to move him on, then they would have left that number open or allowed one of the others to take it. Doesnt mean he wont move, but looks a lot less likely based off this new IMO.
  6. Numbers just released and they confirm Rashica has taken the number 7 shirt. Looks like he will be staying! Great news IMO
  7. The way the obligation to buy was worded "specific performance-related criteria be met throughout the 2022/23 season." makes me think that this is more based on player performance, games played post injury etc, rather than based on us getting promoted. I could be wrong, but if he is successful i see him being a Norwich player next season, regardless of promotion. Anyone else see it like this, or am i reading too much into the wording? Im sure previous obligations stated 'subject to remaining in the premier league' or similar.
  8. Don't forget though, the final decision is still down to Sinani. Hudds can trigger the clause, but if he decides hed rather come back to city, they can't force him to sign for them. It's just an option for Hudds to offer him terms at a pre agreed transfer fee as far as I understand these clauses. Although I could be wrong...
  9. Just because we have a wealth of good central players, does not mean we have to shoehorn all of them into every starting lineup.
  10. LDC, i was trying to make a point without bothering to fully explain it. With a back 4, the added defensive responsibility for the full backs means we have less width. So you need natural wide players in a 3 behind the striker, otherwise you end up with a congested midfield and become predictable. Leitner would not work as the wide left in that formation. Your 3-4-3 and my 3-3-2-1-1, as you put it, are fluid and would work either way. But the key is the 3 at the back free up the wing backs to provide width, allowing the technical guys in the center to do their thing.
  11. No, ive put him in a central 2, with the width supplied by the wing backs. You have him as the width provider of a 3. Very, very different.
  12. Sure it is. If he wanted to accept less money - Ie Norwich saying "we will only pay 50% of your wages if you go out on loan" but Hearts only being able to afford 30%, he could sign an amendment to the contract with Norwich, absolving them of obligation to pay the final 20% for the remainder of his contract. Absolutely no issues in an arrangement like that. Anything can change if both sides of a contract are willing to make said changes.
  13. We will never see Leitner play as the left of a 3 behind the striker. It just will not happen (unless for small periods of a game due to tactical changes before a sub, even then, highly unlikely.) I cannot see us ever playing all 4 of tettey, trybull, mclean and Leitner with a back 4. Mathews Hanley Zim Klose Passlack Tettey Lewis Trybull Leitner Mclean Pukki This being the only formation i can see it working, with the width provided by the wingbacks. Could slot in Marshall against weaker teams for extra attacking intent.
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