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  1. Just because we have a wealth of good central players, does not mean we have to shoehorn all of them into every starting lineup.
  2. LDC, i was trying to make a point without bothering to fully explain it. With a back 4, the added defensive responsibility for the full backs means we have less width. So you need natural wide players in a 3 behind the striker, otherwise you end up with a congested midfield and become predictable. Leitner would not work as the wide left in that formation. Your 3-4-3 and my 3-3-2-1-1, as you put it, are fluid and would work either way. But the key is the 3 at the back free up the wing backs to provide width, allowing the technical guys in the center to do their thing.
  3. No, ive put him in a central 2, with the width supplied by the wing backs. You have him as the width provider of a 3. Very, very different.
  4. Sure it is. If he wanted to accept less money - Ie Norwich saying "we will only pay 50% of your wages if you go out on loan" but Hearts only being able to afford 30%, he could sign an amendment to the contract with Norwich, absolving them of obligation to pay the final 20% for the remainder of his contract. Absolutely no issues in an arrangement like that. Anything can change if both sides of a contract are willing to make said changes.
  5. We will never see Leitner play as the left of a 3 behind the striker. It just will not happen (unless for small periods of a game due to tactical changes before a sub, even then, highly unlikely.) I cannot see us ever playing all 4 of tettey, trybull, mclean and Leitner with a back 4. Mathews Hanley Zim Klose Passlack Tettey Lewis Trybull Leitner Mclean Pukki This being the only formation i can see it working, with the width provided by the wingbacks. Could slot in Marshall against weaker teams for extra attacking intent.
  6. Doesnt really apply to football though does it, especially over here. If a player doesnt want to move, they just dont agree terms. American football is very different with wage caps, drafting etc etc.
  7. Looking at Wikipedia it looks like Wes is just shy of the 300 mark with us. Should hit it early part of next season.
  8. Had a quick look at youtube (not to be trusted for a full opinion) to just get an idea of what he is like. Looks like a carbon copy of Pilkington to me. 2 footed, strong, tall, relatively quick, good long shot and a bit of calmness where needed. Seems a lot of money, but it was going to be the case for all our targets today seeing as everyone knows we are getting 12m+ for Brady. Suggestions that hes an all or nothing player, so should fit in well with the squad this season!
  9. Base fitness is built pre-season. The fitter they can get the squad pre-season the better. Fitter players can play at a higher intensity, train harder and RECOVER quicker. With more games the players need to start off with a higher level of fitness in order to avoid injuries. There is no club out there who will deliberately not get their players as fit as they possibly can. The difference is in the level of fitness their conditioning team can get their players too. The top clubs have the fittest players as they have larger departments of sports scientists dedicated to fitness and conditioning. I would hazard a guess that ours is not up there with the best anymore.
  10. @Highland - You do realise that this is just a rumour about someone wanting one of our players... the club have confirmed that we have offered Josh a new contract. Neil also confirmed no offers for Pritchard and we havent sold Canos. Tell me all these U23 players we''ve sold?
  11. Our strikers have a champs strike rate of 69 goals in 227 games or 1 goal every 3.29 appearances. Not fantastic, but then most of that is Jeromes early career which is years ago. If you take Oli and Camerons most recent champs seasons it is 27 goals in 69 games. 1 goal in 2.56 games. Not terrible.
  12. Havent 25% of our goals this season been scored from outside the box? Haha, that may be a bit too small of a sample size to have any real meaning and i do agree we might need to have a pop more often, especially at home. if we demonstate a genuine threat from outside the box it would draw more defenders out to the ball, thus creating more holes to then pick a pass. We might also score a few more worldies!
  13. Cant see it, this new guy signed today is a lower league, old head, brought in as 3rd choice cover in case of injury, allowing Rudd and Remi Mathews to go out on loan and play. Good management.
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